The only guide to getting insurance you need to see

When it comes to personal finance, especially for millennials making adultier decisions by getting insured, things are actually easier than you think.

If you don't know much on how to get the ball rolling on this financial decision, that doesn't have to be your problem anymore because just below is the ultimate how-to for millennials itching to get insurance:

  1. Go to your nearest bank--and that's it

Wait. What?

You might be thinking you got duped into reading this list, but honestly that's all you need to know and do.
Getting insured doesn’t have to be a five-step, ten-step complicated cha-cha between you and your prospective insurance provider. There's this thing called bancassurance which basically means banks can now sell you insurance products from their partner insurance company.

What difference does that make, you ask?

On the process part, it means less hassle to find a location close to you, with more things you can get done in one spot like bank deposits, credit card payments, utilities payments, the list goes on, really.. Another good thing about it is the bancassurance firm manages your account through--big word alert--an institutional relationship, which is another way of saying the company centralizes your account so you can transact in any bank branch you choose.

Then there's the talk on what kind of insurance you'll be getting. Taking insurance through bancassurance means you'll be getting the best, and trustiest products you can choose from.

For example, ever wanted insurance while also being interested in investing, but you only had a budget to choose one? A great bancassurance firm has unit-linked products, like Life Ready Plus--an insurance product that allots a portion of your premium to investments so you can prepare yourself for future needs while building your wealth.

Even if you have other concerns you need insurance for, like protecting yourself from a humongous medical bill from critical illness or building a fund that can prepare for certain types of taxes you or your family will have to deal with in the future like estate tax, there's always going to be a product that'll fit your need. For all your questions, a Bancassurance Sales Executive, or BSE in short, will always be ready to answer your questions and pair you up with a policy that's just right for you.

They can provide a proposal for you in a jiffy with the right documents. No lengthy paperwork to deal with because you'll be using a tablet to input your details. No need to inconvenience yourself bringing photocopies of your ID either because they can include a photo of your ID in your customer file, kept safe by special encryption made especially difficult and impractical to hack.

Paying premiums is easy-breezy too. You can choose to do regular deposits or open up a bank account and choose an auto-debit option for extra convenience.

Easy, right?

Now you know finding a bank is all you need to get insured, you can start today by easily stepping into the nearest BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank near you. Discover how BPI-Philam can offer you worry-free solutions that are easy to get and have so you can live life healthier, longer, and better.

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