Friday, October 28, 2011

These days, it's not enough to be good looking. Heck! There's a new way of getting the attention of the opposite gender. I am surprised to know that I can also be like them.

Suplado is the new sexy. This catchphrase is inscribed on the Suplado Watch, Stanley Chi’s exclusive timepiece from UniSilver Time. No, it’s not just some silly slogan. Or maybe it is – and therein lies its appeal.

Suplado Tips, Stanley Chi’s most recent book, has sold thousands of copies in less than three months. As the book continued to exceed expectations, corporate giant UniSilver Time knew better than to shrug it off as a mere fad. UniSilver Time came out with a watch that just might become as iconic as the book that inspired it: the Suplado Watch by Stanley Chi.

The Suplado Watch is a digital timepiece available in black and white, with the tagline “Suplado is the new sexy” stamped on the strap.

To match the brazen humor of the timepiece, the ad poster shows local celebrity Iya Villania chasing after Stanley Chi, apparently made irresistible by his Suplado Watch.

The many retorts in Chi’s book, Suplado Tips, show off an unapologetic candor that is relatable yet funny, making suplado the new “it” thing. Being suplado (roughly translated as “standoffish”) has become an unorthodox trend in Philippine pop culture. It dares to stand on the edge of convention, a way to vent frustrations by walking away from what would have been a compromising situation, with one’s head still held high.

Because of the success of Suplado Tips, the country’s pop culture watch birds soon took notice., a top online news provider in the Philippines, lauded Chi as an unconventional hottie. To quote, “Stanley's hot factor recently jumped from being simply nerdy college-boy crush to sexy hard-to-get hottie when he started dishing out Suplado Tips that apparently drive Pinays wild.” FHM, one of the country’s leading men’s magazines, also featured and depicted a few of the suplado tips from Chi’s book. Undeniably newsworthy, Chi’s iconic book was then featured in Yahoo! Philippines.
Chi’s suplado campaign is arguably the most sellable concept to grace the Philippine market this year. People who want a copy of Chi’s book often find themselves empty-handed; despite being available at all National Bookstore outlets nationwide, Suplado Tips is usually sold out. And if everybody starts wearing the Suplado watch, it will come as no surprise. 

As Chi says with pride, “Daig ng suplado ang gwapo (Suplado beats being handsome).” Owning a Suplado Watch is then a way for a suplado to show off without saying a word. Who knows? It may even have special powers to ward off bullies and other evil spirits.

The Suplado Watch by Stanley Chi is now available at  and all UniSilver Time stores nationwide.

Get your Suplado Watch now! Hurry

Written by Stef dela Cruz

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kart Racing for the first time??? Look no further, CityKart Racing is in Park Square 1 right in the heart of Makati City.

Last October 15, a few selected individuals were invited to Bloggers Blaze Fun Cup 2011.  Almost everyone was nervous since it was our first time behind the wheel of a go-kart.  Being a car fanatic and hungry for speed, I daydreamed of kart racing and race with my buddies.

Before the race started, bloggers signed up for a race license and logged in their Facebook accounts so that records will be published on the social networking site. Right on the dot.  How cool is that?

VJ Monica from Myx hosted the event. We were also given a crash course so we'll know what to do in the track.    Finally, I understood what those checkered flags meant!   Uhmmm but I think forgot about it after the race.  I picked the name of the famous Enzo Ferrari to be my nick while I persuaded my friend Louie to be Bugatti Veyron.  I crossed my fingers  hoping not to tarnish their polished, reputable names.

City Kart Racing boasts of its state-of-the-art application that records your performance and posts it in your Facebook page right after you cross the finish line.  We can't get enough of Facebook, can we?

So there we were, trying to memorize the rules and the tips provided and we're ready to rumble.  We put on our helmets and once I got seated and started revving the engine, my nervousness subsided.  I went slow at first and when I got the hang of it, all I wanted was to go faster and faster and tell my competitors to eat my dust.

Wooooohooooo! It felt totally amazing. In the words of Ramon Bautista...I can't help but say.."It's a lot fun!"And you know what? I was fast.  In fact, I was so freakin' fast that I ended up 2nd to the last among the racers!!! So much for representing Enzo Ferrari.  I think I'll never use his name ever again or until I improve my game.

Forgetful that I was, I didn't remember that we were up for another race and this time it's a longer time on the track as we compete as a team.  Jumping Jupiters! (whatever that means) I can finally make up for my failure.  I was teamed up with 2 of the fastest racers for the day, Don and Oui Oui.  Lucky me.

We were treated to a Yellow cab lunch, which we all devoured since the race was surely tiring! To think that we only spent a total of 32 minutes --racing our brains out.  Trophies and special awards were given and my new found buddy, Alice, got the "most coveted" Flat Tire award.  I didn't care much about getting any awards or the trophy for 1st place for that matter.  Yes, I'm telling the truth . You can even put me on a on a sour graping detector.

Flat tire award (in the form of a go-kart wheel)

How I wish I could go kart racing again and this time with my pals Steve and Richard.

Below are more photos from Blogger's Blaze Fun Cup 2011

Piston Cup

Grand entrance

Cool Art


1st 2nd and 3rd placers

Piston Cup awardee

Racing Suits

is open everyday except for Christmas and Good Friday:
Monday to Thursday:3pm to 10pm
Friday to Saturday:10am to 12mn
Sunday and Holidays:10am to 10pm
           +(632) 856.9155      

           +(639) 175.859155      

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs, the person responsible for iPad, iPhone, iMac, iTunes, and iPod, has died, Apple announced.

Visit Apple's home page and you'll see the image of Steve Jobs with the line Steve Jobs 1955-2011.  When you click on his picture, it will show you additional lines which will not fail to induce you to tears.

Steve Jobs co-founded the Apple Computer in the year 1976 along with Steve Wozniak, his friend, produced the Apple II -- considered the world's 1st PC.

He fought pancreatic cancer in 2004, and by 2009, Jobs was forced to have a transplant.  After years of bad health, he announced his resignation as the chief executive of Apple on the 24th of August, 2011.

He remained private regarding his life, refusing private interviews and taking his wife and children away from the public. Industry analyst said "He's granted interviews in the context of product launches, when it benefits Apple, but you never see him talk about himself."

Jobs' career path is well-known: he was a College dropout prodigy in Oregon and by the age of 21, started the famous company--Apple with his childhood friend Wozniak back in the garage of his parents.  By the age of 25, he became a multimillionaire, appeared as the cover of the famous Time magazine at 26 years old, and was booted out of Apple by the age of 30, in the year 1984.

After a few years, he founded NeXT computers.  In 1986, Jobs bought a part of Lucasfilm, Ltd., that later became the popular --  Pixar Animation.

Some described him as a demanding and sometimes intimidating leader, orders and rejects several versions of products until the last version was just perfect.  He said the aesthetics and design of a certain device was important as the software and hardware inside.

Apple took him back by purchasing NeXt in the year 1996.  Later in 1997, he rose to become CEO and put apple on an upward path.

It became unecessary for a lot of peole to buy CDs because of digital recordings which were freely copied and shared over the internet back in 2001.

He created the iPod, a pocketable PC hard drive with simple controls plus a pair of earbuds so that hours of mp3s can be enjoyed once saved into its memory.  iTunes was set up and he convinced recording companies to sell 99 cents per song.  The need for buying CD's is no longer existent.

The launch of the iPhone posed a threat to phone manufacturers like Nokia , Motorola, and BlackBerry.  The iPhone was a pocketable PC, mp3 player, digital wallet, messaging device, and -- apparently -- a phone.

The iPad became a competitor of Apple's original business, which is the personal computer.  It was a very sleek tablet PC with touch screen.  This gizmo can be used for a wide variety of programs that software engineers could think of, from viewing movies to reading ebooks to taking photos.

Steve Jobs spoke little about his health.  But then, he was forced to announced about his pancreatic cancer back in 2004.  Later, sources say he had gone to a hospital in Memphis for a transplant (liver).

Members of the board of directors from Apple persuaded him to reveal more about his failing health as a "fudiciary issue" back in 2009.

Steve Jobs was listed as 109th of the billionaires of the world in Forbes list.  He became the main shareholder and a board member of Disney, after Pixar animation was sold to The Walt Disney Company back in 2006.

Apple did well even without Steve Jobs, but partly because of his availability for major decisions and also partly because of Tim Cook (his chief lieutenant) was there even when Jobs was around.

Apple is known to have a history of recuperating.  After announcing his 2nd leave, stocks of Apple dropped to 78.20 USD per share. It recovered quickly and became 1 of Wall Street's stocks which was most succesful.  Last summer, Apple passed ExxonMobil as most valuable company in the world.


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