Saturday, November 14, 2015

Who doesn’t like street food? At almost every corner of the city, you will find a pushcart or makeshift stall selling your favorite chow. Whether its pork barbecue, grilled seafood, a quick and affordable snack are lined up that will surely fill your tummy. You can find it here at Tutuban Center’s Foodstreet.

Open from late afternoon till late at night, Foodstreet has numerous stalls selling all the chow and snacks your family and barkada can possibly want. Choose from an assortment of grilled favorites and fried food that are cooked fresh and are guaranteed to be delicious eats.

The stalls at Foodstreet offer value-for-money food in a casual setting. You can chomp on your chosen pulutan with the whole barkada on almost any gimik night.

If dinner is on the menu, the choices are endless, too. Some stalls serve rice meals, such as tapsilog, while others dish out mami, siopao and siomai, shawarma and all kinds of sandwiches. If you want barbecue, you can choose from grilled chicken, liempo,dried squid, and even bangus.

At Tutuban Center Night Market, you are spoiled for choices. From affordable shopping to your favorite street food at Foodstreet, you’ll find everything that you could possibly want here.


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