Saturday, December 31, 2022

Volunteers from SM City Marilao brought joy to Bulakenyo kids through SM Bears of Joy Campaign at Parish of Nuestro Senor Jesucristo and Diocesan Shrine of Saint Andrew Kim Taegon. An annual project of SM Cares, SM Supermalls, and Toy Kingdom, the bear plushies donation brought smiles to 450 less fortunate children in the communities and orphanages in the province.

DECEMBER 31- SM City Marilao caps the year with SM Bears of Joy Donation at Parish of Nuestro Senor Jesucristo and Diocesan Shrine of Saint Andrew Kim Taegon in Bocaue, Bulacan.

An annual project of SM Cares, SM Supermalls, and Toy Kingdom, the bear plushies donation brought smiles to 450 less fortunate children in the communities and orphanages in the province.

This year’s collection is inspired by “family”. It features four adorable “FamBears” reminding shoppers to share the joy and love of Christmas with those in need this season.

The SM Bears of Joy Campaign also intends to bring much-needed smiles to children during the Christmas season and allow SM’s community of shoppers to contribute to spreading joy and charity to other people.

A volunteer from SM City Marilao is all smiles as he gives SM Bears of Joy to a kid. SM City Marilao caps 2022 with SM Bears of Joy Donation. The bear plushies donation brought smiles to 450 less fortunate children in the communities and orphanages in Bulacan. An annual project of SM Cares, SM Supermalls, and Toy Kingdom, SM Bears of Joy intends to bring much-needed smiles to children during the Christmas season and allow SM’s community of shoppers to contribute to spreading joy and charity to other people.

With a theme “I-share ang ligaya ng Pasko kasama ang SM Bears of Joy”, recipients who were selected by the church expressed joy when they received their toy plushies which had the names of donors.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Rewatch your favorite movies all over again on Disney+ when you #PayWithGCash

We all had our favorite movies when we were kids, along with scenes and characters we will never forget. But sometimes, even stories meant for kids hide a few lines that may not have made sense before but hit harder as an adult.

Rewatching all your favorite movies from your childhood on Disney+ is now made convenient and easy when you #PayWithGCash. From iconic Walt Disney Animation Studio movies like Beauty and the Beast or Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story to the original Star Wars trilogy, you can enjoy these favorites on Disney+ without having to use a credit card or a mobile plan.

If you’re in the mood to walk down memory lane while picking up some pearls of wisdom, here are some lines from movies on Disney+ that really make sense after hearing them again:

  • “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” - Rafiki, The Lion King (1994)

The Lion King (1994) had a lot of lessons on growing up and acceptance, especially the concept of ‘Hakuna Matata’ or as translated from Swahili, “there are no problems.” But perhaps, this is one of the greatest pieces of advice from Rafiki and applies to many challenges in life you might have had.

From getting over a heartbreak to unresolved arguments with loved ones, it’s up to you to avoid and forget these memories or to examine what you can learn from them and move on.

  • “Well there’s the usual things: flowers, chocolates… promises you don’t intend to keep.” - Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Cogsworth had a funny reply to the Beast asking him what he could do for Belle, but in hindsight, this is an interesting take on romance and relationships in general. As you grow old, you might have realized that people might make promises they don’t intend to keep because they want to impress or woo others.

This line is both a warning for you to be wary about grand statements people make but also a reminder for you to only make promises you know you can fulfill.

  • “You never forget kids like Emily or Andy, but they forget you.” - Jessie, Toy Story 2 (1999)

Have you ever thought about how much you might have impacted someone’s life? When Jessie mulled about how her owner Emily eventually forgot her, it feels just the same with people you lost contact with over the years.

You might have met a teacher or a random stranger who left a big impression on you only for them to fade away, but there are people too, who you’ve greatly touched that you might not even remember. It’s times like these when it’s important to hold onto our memories rather than dwell on the person we’ve lost.

  • “Do or do not. There is no try.” - Yoda, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

You may have written it off as a funny figure of speech after hearing Yoda say this for the first time but Yoda is wise in his own ways. Success and failure are realities of the world, and all you can do is your best to have more successes than failures.

“Trying” implies that you doubt you can do something and that you aren’t wholly committed to it.Here Yoda reminds us that there will be failures in life but that should not stop you from committing to your goals rather than always keeping one foot out the door.

  • “Your overconfidence is your weakness.” - Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983)

Similar to Yoda’s famous phrase, Luke’s reply to the Emperor during the finale of Return of the Jedi, might have appeared as a simple retort but has a lot of meaning when you look back on it.

Confidence is important to prevent doubts from clouding your ability to do things but being too confident can also lead to failure. You may miss out on details, like important instructions or extra requirements, refuse to accept further knowledge or fail to see the harm your choices are causing others.

  • “Don’t be ridiculous, Andrea. Everybody wants this.” - Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

If you’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda Priestly tells Andrea how privileged she should feel about living such a charmed life. However, living a life of luxury where everyone does whatever it takes to get ahead is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Success can have an ugly side at times, and some people will do anything to meet their goals at the expense of others. However, seeing Andrea walkaway after getting out of the car, we realize not everyone wants to have to drag others down to get what they want and you shouldn’t have to go down that path to find your fulfillment.

Hopefully, with time comes a little bit of wisdom and you can find it in the most unexpected places. With Disney+ now available in the Philippines, easily pay for your subscription with GCash and revisit all-time favorites with a different perspective.

Getting access to your favorites from the past is easy when you #PayWithGCash. Thanks to the exclusive mobile and premium subscription packages available in the Alipay+ Rewards section of the GCash app, you can subscribe to the Disney+ Mobile Plan for ₱849 annually to watch your favorite titles on the go. To bring the movie experience to your home, consider purchasing the Premium Plan for ₱2,499 annually that allows you to stream up to 4K ultra HD quality on your TV and other devices. Don’t wait too long as this exclusive gift is only available on Alipay+ Rewards until mid-December.

To avail the Disney+ special packages, tap A+ Rewards on the GCash dashboard, choose your Disney+ plan, input your phone number, and confirm and proceed to payment. To start streaming, download Disney+ on Google Playstore or Appstore, input your mobile number and input the OTP sent to your mobile number. For new users, create your profile, then select content ratings and preferred content language. If you already have a Disney+ profile, simply select your profile.

View all of your favorite movies from when you were younger on Disney+ when you subscribe with GCash, through the Alipay+ Rewards store, available on the App Store and Google Play. Download now and be #GToPlay when you #PayWithGCash!

More Sony Music Philippines artists join the Eheads nostalgia party with their fresh take on “Ang Huling El Bimbo” and “Superproxy”

Following the positive reviews that SB19 and NOBITA earned for their unique spin on The Eraserheads’ beloved classics, more OPM acts have come together to pay tribute to the country’s biggest and most influential band of all time.

Multi-hyphenate pop soloist Ace Banzuelo reinterprets “Ang Huling El Bimbo” with intimate, soul-crushing details. Transforming the epic anthem into a spacey jam, the young hitmaker peels back the layers of the original with his brooding, bedroom-pop styling. He imprints his own identity to the material, while valuing the lyrical profundity and awe-inspiring bigness of the original.

As Banzuelo puts it, “It's great that I'm allowed to give it the sound and approach that I want. A lot of the original was kept, but a lot was taken away. This project became meaningful to me throughout the process because I was producing it as if I had written the song."

Alt-rock newcomers of Mercury and Any Name’s Okay vocalist Sof Abrogar join young hip-hop virtuoso Alex Bruce in reinterpreting “Superproxy,” a cross-genre smash originally performed by The Eraserheads and legendary rap icon Francis M. The newly formed ensemble breathed new life into the timeless tune with a more jagged sonic direction that sounds both retro and futuristic at the same time.

“It was honestly an honor for us to be able to cover an Eheads song and be able to incorporate our own flavor into it,” says of Mercury in a collective statement. “I think we pretty much did our own thing, but left the structures and melody of the song. It was a pretty tricky song to work on given the genre, but we’re pretty happy with how it came out nonetheless.”

Alex Bruce was grateful to be part of this project, and considers the song one of her go-to jams. “This song is a masterpiece. It’s iconic. I wanted to add a little spice, a little flavor, and a bit of contemporary oomph to it. Our reworked version is a fusion of old school and new school.”

Growing up in a big family with a collective love and fascination for ‘80s and ‘90s Pinoy rock, Any Name’s Okay lead vocalist Sof was initially intimidated by the project, but took the challenge to heart in hopes of fulfilling her childhood dream. “Besides what I mentioned earlier about my family, I take particular inspiration from The Eraserheads’ lyricism in Tagalog or Filipino. Even in my own music career with ANO, I try to use Filipino in our songs as much as I can, and I really think the Eraserheads use the language in all its richness and strength. I also love how they are unapologetic in writing about our culture, whether that’s as shallow as UP life or as large as national politics. The band inspires me to really root my own music in my own experiences and in empathy for others’.

Apart from the revamped tracks by some of today’s biggest hitmakers, five of The Eraserheads’ legendary albums were re-released in full 360-degree spatial sound to give listeners a new immersive music experience. These influential records include Ultraelectromagneticpop!, The 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition, Circus (25th Anniversary Remastered), Cutterpillow, Fruitcake, and Sticker Happy.

SMARTPHONE brand Honor officially set foot in the Philippine market again in August 2022 and has been unstoppable since then, launching a tablet, two smartwatches, and six mobile phones in just a span of four months.

"2022 is just the beginning for Honor Philippines, and we are taking the brand to even greater heights come 2023. We have a very solid lineup for the whole year and you definitely don't want to miss what we will be bringing from the Honor ecosystem," said Honor Philippines vice president for Marketing, Stephen Cheng. "The expansion of our markets and channel partners is in the works already, and we will stay committed to focusing on creating innovations for everyone. For us, there's really no way to go but up."

Since the relaunch, Honor has opened and established more than 600 stores composed of kiosks and multi-brand stores.

In fact, Honor is now present at 17 dealers: Abenson, Cellboy, EC Panda, MemoXpress, Octagon, Present, Rules, Silicon Valley, Globe, Lazada, Shopee and Kimstore.

Honor indicated an increase of 366 percent in its manpower since its launch to augment the workforce of the company. Now, in three months' time, Honor currently has at least 1,000 employees.

Here's a rundown of what Honor has launched so far.

Honor 70 5G

Honor 70 5G carries the industry's first 54MP IMX800 super sensing main camera, bringing users incredible enhancements in smartphone photography. It also takes pride in the revolutionary Solo Cut Mode, an innovation enabling users to simultaneously produce a group video and a portrait vlog that spotlights a specific person.

#BestVloggingPhone Honor 70 5G is equipped with a 4800mAh large-capacity battery supported by high-performance 66W Honor SuperCharge power brick. The screen of Honor 70 5G supports 1.07 billion colors, 100 percent DCI-P3 and HDR 10+, bringing users vivid colors in sharp and crisp detail. Available in Midnight Black, Titanium Silver, and Emerald Green, you can get the Honor 70 5G for P26,990.

Honor X Series

Honor X6, X7, X8 and X9 boast SuperCharge feature for all-day connectivity and productivity. The series also offers big screens providing a better display, most especially the Honor X9 which has a 90hz refresh rate and 94 percent screen-to-body ratio. The X series brings promising camera features for mobile photography and videography.

Honor X6 and X7 have a 50 and 48MP main camera, respectively, while both Honor X8 and Honor X9 have 64MP. All are packed with wide and macro lenses and a bokeh effect.

Available in Midnight Black and Titanium Silver, the Honor X6 is priced at P7,490 while Honor X7 and X8 are at P9,990 and P12,990, respectively. The Honor X9 debuted at P14,990 in Midnight Black and Ocean Blue colors.

Honor Magic4 Pro

The Power of Magic. Honor Magic4 Pro introduces one of the most powerful and versatile camera systems on an Honor smartphone to date: 50MP wide camera with a customized 7P lens, 50MP ultra-wide camera, 64MP periscope telephoto camera, a flicker sensor, and an additional brand-new custom-made image processor.

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5G mobile platform, the Honor Magic4 Pro delivers blazing-fast performance and incredible battery efficiency across all typical usage scenarios. The 6.81-inch next-generation LTPO display delivers fluid, vibrant visuals with support for adaptive refresh rate to help users conserve battery.

Available in Black and Cyan, the Honor Magic4 Pro is priced at P52,990.

Honor Pad 8

As the first Honor tablet in the Philippines, the Honor Pad 8 delivers an exceptional entertainment experience with all-round smart features and a sleek and premium design.

Boasting an impressive 12-inch 2K Honor full-view display. The Honor Pad 8 pushes industry benchmarks to deliver an immersive visual and audio experience.

The tablet packs an extra-large 7250 mAh battery for all-day connectivity that supports up to 14 hours of offline local video playback or 10 hours of learning online. Honor Pad 8 is available in Dawnlight Blue for P17,990 with a free smart keyboard worth P5,990.

Honor Band 6, Watch GS3

Honor also has two affordable yet high-profile smartband and smartwatch: the Honor Band 6 and Honor GS3.

Honor Band 6 has long-lasting capabilities lasting 2 weeks compared to other available smartwatches in the market. The top-of-the-line smartwatch Honor GS3 has higher consumer expectations with its music playback, alarm clock, flashlight.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

In support of the government’s fight against online and mobile phone security threats, DITO Telecommunity reminds its nearly 15 million subscribers and potential customers to register their Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards starting December 27, 2022. Subscribers who successfully register their SIM cards will receive 2GB bonus data.

Following the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 11934 or SIM Registration Act, DITO’s convenient SIM registration process aims to give customers greater protection against SIM card-related criminal activities such as online scams, personalized text scams, smishing, fraud cases, fake news, and identity theft.

Enjoy bonus data upon sim card registration with DITO. For more information, check out Register now!

All new and existing mobile phone users are required to register their SIM cards. New DITO subscribers must register to activate their SIM cards, while existing prepaid and post-paid users will be given 180 days or 6 months from the effectivity of the law to register their SIM cards.

Failure to register will result in the deactivation of the SIM and possible penalties. A deactivated SIM will be given a 5-day grace period to be registered and get reactivated.

“SIM card registration is one big step towards strengthening security in the Philippines. As we are one with the government in fighting digital criminal activities, we are committed to providing our customers with a convenient way to register their SIMs via our online portal. Through DITO’s hassle-free registration, we hope to contribute to the success of our country’s SIM registration initiative and provide our customers a safe and enhanced digital lifestyle,” said Ms. Evelyn Jimenez, Chief Commercial Officer, DITO Telcommunity.


The online registration will be free of charge and will require customers to provide their personal information (Full Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Present/Official Address) and a government-issued identification card (ID). Minors shall register under their parent/legal guardian’s name along with any government-issued ID of the parent or guardian, and the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian to register the SIM. Multiple SIM cards can be registered under one name.

Businesses that will register a SIM card must submit additional requirements such as their Securities and Exchange Commission Certificate of Registration, Board Resolution designating the authorized representative and other juridical entities, and Special Power of Attorney. Meanwhile, a tourist or foreign national who will use a DITO SIM must submit a passport, proof of address in the Philippines, and a return ticket to own country showing date/time of departure from the Philippines.

“As much as we promote accountability on the use of SIMs, we prioritize the security of every subscriber’s personal information. We will treat the data that we get from this registration process as absolutely confidential unless disclosure is required or permitted by law,” said Atty. Adel Tamano, Chief Administrative Officer, DITO Telcommunity.”

New subscribers can register their SIM card via the SMS link they will receive after SIM card insertion. On the other hand, existing subscribers are required to download and access the DITO App and click the registration banner.

Friday, December 23, 2022

To commemorate the success of The Eraserheads’ reunion concert last night, top OPM acts such as SB19 and NOBITA have put their own unique spin on the supergroup’s beloved classics.

Released today under Sony Music Entertainment, the revamped versions honor the timeless appeal of Eheads’ music, while giving it a more contemporary flavor that resonates with the streaming audience.

P-Pop Kings SB19 captures the spirit of the holidays with their own take on “Christmas Party,” a song off The Eraserheads’ fourth studio album, Fruitcake. Turning the original into a festive banger, the five-member boyband incorporates elements of dance-pop, R&B/hip-hop, and modern funk into the mix while carrying with them the vibe and energy of the track’s nostalgic past.

“The Eraserheads are one of the most influential bands of our time,” says SB19 in a statement. “We retained everything that’s great about the song, but made sure to add our own creative direction in terms of overall sound. There’s a balance of artistic liberty and compromise in the way we approach the material, and we’re definitely happy with how it turned out.”

Stell of SB19 adds, “we feel honored that we were chosen to recreate the song. Our tour schedule was really tight, but gladly we were still able to push through with it before leaving LA. Recording in a different country also feels surreal, we didn’t expect we’d reach this far.”

The eclectic rendition of “Christmas Party,” is produced by August Rigo, the hitmaker behind some of BTS’ biggest global smashes (“On” and “Black Swan”).

NOBITA, whose single “Ikaw Lang” is the most streamed song of 2022 according to Spotify Wrapped, expressed enthusiasm and gratitude when they found out that they’re part of the music project that pays tribute to the generation-defining catalog of The Eraserheads. "We grew up listening to and playing Eheads songs," the alt-rock group says in a statement. “NOBITA heavily draws inspiration from their music, especially their brand of songwriting. Their work has shaped us into where we are now, and we’re forever grateful to their enormous contribution to OPM artists, young and old.”

For their part, NOBITA adds a little jazz-pop treatment to “Magasin” without completely losing the song’s upbeat and heavily melodic arrangement. Slightly slowing it down with stripped-down finesse, the chart-topping five-piece act puts sunshine back in “hugot” with endearingly surprising twist.

Apart from the revamped tracks by some of today’s biggest hitmakers, five of The Eraserheads’ legendary albums were re-released in full 360-degree spatial sound to give listeners a new immersive music experience. These influential records include Ultraelectromagneticpop!: The 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition, Circus (25th Anniversary Remastered), Cutterpillow, Fruitcake, and Sticker Happy.

SB19’s “Christmas Party” and NOBITA’s “Magasin” are out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Stell of SB19 adds, “we feel honored that we were chosen to recreate the song. Our tour
schedule was really tight, but gladly we were still able to push through with it before leaving LA.

Recording in a different country also feels surreal, we didn’t expect we’d reach this far.”
The eclectic rendition of “Christmas Party,” is produced by August Rigo, the hitmaker behind some of BTS’ biggest global smashes (“On” and “Black Swan”).

NOBITA, whose single “Ikaw Lang” is the most streamed song of 2022 according to Spotify Wrapped, expressed enthusiasm and gratitude when they found out that they’re part of the music project that pays tribute to the generation-defining catalog of The Eraserheads. "We grew up listening to and playing Eheads songs," the alt-rock group says in a statement. “NOBITA heavily draws inspiration from their music, especially their brand of songwriting. Their work has shaped us into where we are now, and we’re forever grateful to their enormous contribution to OPM artists, young and old.”

For their part, NOBITA adds a little jazz-pop treatment to “Magasin” without completely losing the song’s upbeat and heavily melodic arrangement. Slightly slowing it down with stripped-down finesse, the chart-topping five-piece act puts sunshine back in “hugot” with endearingly surprising twist.

Apart from the revamped tracks by some of today’s biggest hitmakers, five of The Eraserheads’ legendary albums were re-released in full 360-degree spatial sound to give listeners a new immersive music experience. These influential records include Ultraelectromagneticpop!: The 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition, Circus (25th Anniversary Remastered), Cutterpillow, Fruitcake, and Sticker Happy.

SB19’s “Christmas Party” and NOBITA’s “Magasin” are out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

It’s never too late to try to stay physically and mentally fit for all the parties and holiday feasts this season. Make it a Fitmas celebration and hype up your workouts while tracking your progress using the OPPO Enco X2 and OPPO Band 2.

Immerse yourself in your workout with the OPPO Enco X2

The OPPO Enco X2 are true wireless earbuds perfect for your sweat sessions for Fitmas. Featuring a new ergonomic design, the earbuds are made to be a comfortable fit for you to wear all day. Easily control your sound with a simple squeeze or slide of your fingers on the stems of the buds to adjust the volume and pause tracks. The overall exterior of the buds is also protected with its IP54 dust and water resistance, so you can exercise without fear of damage from sweat and rain.

The best feature of the OPPO Enco X2 is its smart adaptive active noise cancellation which automatically detects your surroundings and adjusts its noise cancellation levels. It blocks out noise from the streets, cars, and even planes while you workout at the gym or outdoors. With this, you can immerse yourself in studio-quality sound and hear your favorite songs clearly while enjoying a rich, deep bass.

Lasting all day, the OPPO Enco X2 lets you enjoy up to 40 hours of listening time with the charging case and 2 hours of music playback on just a 5 minute charge. It also supports wireless charging where you can simply place it on a charging pad or power up by putting it on the back of your OPPO phone. Hype yourself up and go beast mode with your favorite workout playlist using the OPPO Enco X2 for only Php 7,999 online and in-stores.

Better on every move with the OPPO Band 2

Together with your new earbuds, track your progress with the OPPO Band 2 as your newest fitness partner. With over 100 workout modes packed in a 1.57 inch large screen, you can see more of the data you need in one glance. Included in these workout modes are the new and upgraded professional tennis modes and running modes which can help you better understand your skills, provide professional data, and guide you to make your workouts more effective.

The OPPO Band 2 also goes beyond your sweat sessions with its high-quality sleep and health monitoring capabilities. It can track and analyze sleep cycles, snoring risks, and oxygen levels to give you a full report that lets you know if you are getting proper and sufficient rest when you sleep. It also monitors and assesses your heart rate after running, alerting you of any abnormalities for all-day protection for your heart health.

The OPPO Band 2 gives you comfortable wear for 14 days straight on a full charge that also supports fast charging. A 5 minute charge can already give you a full day use for a seamless smart experience with a long battery life. The OPPO Band 2 is available for purchase online and in-stores for only Php 3,999.

Reach your fitness goals this Fitmas with the proper gear that will make you look forward to your workouts. For more information on the OPPO Enco X2 and OPPO Band 2, visit or check out OPPO Philippines’ official social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

The history of Negros Occidental is replete with occasions to help fellowmen. What may have started as a logical act of a farm owner taking care of a farm worker has, in time, rooted itself to a psyche that leans to help wherever possible. This holiday month, the Negros Season of Culture brings to the center of celebrations the works of NGOs whose missions have become modern-day conduits of this heritage of giving.

O Senyor Tagbalay!

We welcome good tidings with a reenactment in song of the story of the birth of Christ. In Hiligaynon musical tradition, the daigon or caroling opens with the song, O Senyor Tagbalay!, echoing Joseph’s plea for a room for Mary. Against the majestic façade of the Provincial Capitol of Negros Occidental, the singers of the De La Salle Chorale lend their voices to beseech all to open their doors to love and the Christ child. Joining the chorale are singers from Kalipay Negrense Foundation and Suntown Camp Foundation. Suntown comforts children with cancer and serious illnesses. 

Kalipay is a home for abused and abandoned children. We hope you think of them this Christmas. Making Artisans of Hope In recent years, our Christmas trees have been decked less with imported stuff and replaced with ornaments created by a group of homegrown handicraft artists. Their works are boldly artistic, intent on wooing shoppers and giving artists a chance at sustainable livelihood, while helping fund feeding and educational programs. Trained and encouraged by the Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation, these “artisans of hope” mirror our collective mission to give, in turn making all of us creators of hope for others who have none. See what Santa’s elves have been busy with in Making Artisans of Hope.

Kusinera Diaries

Often we forget who puts the “happy” to our New Year’s celebration. Not this time. As we approach 2023, we celebrate one particular person who has been part of our heritage, from the kitchens of our old hacienda homes to the kitchens of our modern subdivision dwellings. Kusinera Diaries is a three-part documentary giving tribute to one of the most influential characters in the traditional home of the Negrense, the cook. For sure, this story is also about favorite holiday family food. But more significantly, we recognize the contributions and the place of the kusinera in our kitchens. Many of them have given all of their productive years to us. Many more have foregone marriage to devote their time to our families. And so, meet Dhalia, Alicia, and Dominga. Let them take you to a Happy New Year. 

Breville’s Smart Oven Air Fryer

The holidays are always such a big eating season for everyone. It’s that one time of the year when we feel extra carefree about what we eat because seriously, have you really enjoyed Christmas without jumping from one banquet to another?

But what if we tell you that you do not need to sacrifice healthy eating to enjoy the season? Even more, what if you find out that you can whip up your flavorful recipe in minutes in your own kitchen?

Breville’s Smart Oven Air Fryer should be on every Christmas wishlist of all home cooks out there. Versatile, easy to use, and very durable, this oven from the premium home brand can give you the best of both worlds in terms of flavor and ease of cooking as you cruise through the holidays.

One of the beauties of the Smart Oven Air Fryer is its ten cooking functions that can let you make to-die-for crispy treats and scrumptious slow-cooked meals. Toast, bake, roast, grill, and of course air fry without any fuss while shortening your cooking time. Equipped with Dual Speed Convection, this kitchen partner speeds up the cooking process by raising hotter air while sinking colder one. The result: 30 percent reduced cooking time as compared to regular ovens and air fryers!

Richie Zamora, the vlogger behind The Pickiest Eater in the World makes a perfect case for this when he prepared a full spread of TV chow snacks for his family to enjoy in minutes. He shares, “All these amazing snacks were cooked in the air fryer with absolutely no oil. Everything was cooked to a beautiful crisp, but you don’t even realize that they aren’t deep fried.”

Let’s Eat Pare also showed how fast and easy it is to make restaurant-level fried crispy wings with Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer. In just 20 minutes, they were able to make a big batch of chicken wings in sour cream flavor! You can check out their recipe here if you want to try their version.

Of course, preparing healthier versions of dishes is another thing that makes this kitchen must-have from Breville essential. Air frying significantly reduces—if not totally removes—the use of oil in cooking, which means that you consume fewer calories and prevent weight gain and obesity when you air-fried food. Fortunately, for the Smart Oven Air Fryer, you don’t need to worry about sacrificing flavors just to go the healthier route. Chef Beng proves this when she made a Pinoy-style whole fried chicken using it.

“Normally, I will have this deep fried, but using an air fryer is apparently so much better as the chicken is amazingly crispy, juicy, and full of flavor. Not to mention, this is a way healthier process than deep frying.”

She also shares that she loves the precision with time and temperature that this Air Fryer provides. “Just press a function and it automatically shows how long and high the cooking process will be.” This is made possible by Breville’s patented Element IQ System which is a smart algorithm that decides the ideal cooking environment for a range of different cooking techniques.

The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer is definitely the kitchen partner to have this holiday season if you want to enjoy healthy, delicious meals minus the fuss. As Richie, Chef Beng, and Let’s Eat Pare say, respectively:

“The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer proves that cooking doesn’t need to be greasy to be delicious, and preparing food with less guilt doesn’t mean less flavors either.”

“It has 10 cooking functions which makes it a value-for-money purchase. I totally love it and I highly recommend this smart kitchen appliance.”

“It’s the ultimate kitchen tool you need to put on your Christmas shopping list, pare!”

What are you waiting for? Add the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer to your holiday wishlist now. To know more about the product, visit the Breville website and follow their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Breville’s Smart Oven Air Fryer

Thursday, December 22, 2022

There’s only a limited number of days we can spend away from deadlines every year. Sure, we get days off on long weekends or special holidays, but it’s only during Christmas time that we get to truly pause, spend quality time with our loved ones, and catch up with the things that we love to do.

The holiday season is an excellent time to relax and forget about work and school, even for just a short while. A two-week break may pass by quickly, so it’s important to make every day count and be intentional with your time. This way, you get to have a more productive and meaningful break that you’ll always remember.

Catch-up with family and friends

Holidays are hectic, but they’re also the most fun with the company of the people you care about. Attend get-togethers and reunions as much as you can. Stay connected with your family members who are miles away from home through voice calls and video chats. These moments are great reminders that you are loved, no matter how much time you spend apart.

Carefully decide what gifts to get for your loved ones

You ought to sit down and think about what your loved ones would actually like to receive if you want to give them the most meaningful presents this year. Make a list of everyone who helped make this year particularly great, and use this as a moment to give them gifts to show your appreciation and love. Spend less time wandering through the mall and more time creating memories.

Pamper and spoil yourself, too

And finally, never forget the most important person that should be on your holiday list: you. Maximize the time you have this season by treating yourself with a well-deserved me-time—get to the hobby you’ve always been putting off, visit your favorite massage place, or buy yourself something new. It’s always a good idea to take breaks every once in a while, especially if it means doing things that make you happy.

Let this holiday season be a reminder that the best things in life don’t have to be the most expensive ones. Oftentimes, you find awesomeness in your family’s smiles, simple occasions shared with friends, and quality time with yourself. Of course, these moments are best remembered when you capture them with a reliable smartphone, just like Samsung’s latest Galaxy A Series devices.

Whether it’s for your loved ones or for yourself, the Galaxy A04s, A04, and A04e are ideal smartphones to make every moment count this holiday season. These devices will let you maximize your experience and do more as you embrace awesome moments. The Galaxy A04s is packed with a 50MP Triple Camera and 128GB expandable storage of up to 1TB perfect for taking snapshots with loved ones on Christmas Eve. While the Galaxy A04 and A04e sport a MediaTek Helio P35 Octa-core processor and 5,000 mAh long-lasting battery life ideal for daily-drivers who love to be productive over the holiday season.

The Galaxy A04s, A04, and A04e are available for as low as PHP 6,490 SRP at, Samsung Experience Stores, select Authorized Samsung Stores, Lazada, Shopee,, MemoXpress Online, and other accredited retailers.

To know more about the latest best-value Samsung Galaxy A Series smartphones, visit

Safe Samsung Shopping

Health and safety protocols are strictly followed in Samsung Experience Stores to keep consumers and employees safe. Adhering to the guidelines set by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Samsung has implemented the mandatory use of face masks, and performs frequent sanitation in all stores.

Samsung Experience Stores also has unique QR health declaration codes to promote a safe and contactless contact tracing process. Product demonstrations are done side-by-side instead of face-to-face while keeping the required safe distance of one (1) meter to make sure everyone is socially distanced.

Goodest Cat gives your cat all the nutrition they need

Cats make excellent companions and are sure to bring joy and laughter to your home. That’s why it’s important to make sure they get that extra tender, love, and care so they stay healthy, strong, and enjoy the best furry life.

From giving them nutritious and tasty food that they love, to watching their health and lifestyle, here are easy and useful tips from Goodest, an a-fur-dable wet cat food brand, to make sure you win your cat’s love and keep them in top shape:

Help your cat exercise more. Cats need to work out too. Regular play time can help keep their weight on the right side of the scale and work off that extra energy. Exercise is also good for their mental well-being so they don’t get depressed and bored. Play with your cat for 10 to 15 minutes at a time and give them some new toys – perhaps a mouse-shaped toy or a pointer laser that can give your cat endless entertainment. Taking your kitty on a walk for a few minutes is also a great way to keep your feline friend active. Just make sure to put on a soft harness so your cat enjoys that exciting yet comfortable “catwalk”.

Play with your cats to help them exercise


Keep up with your cat’s hygiene. Despite being known for their independent, self-sufficient ways, cats need a bit of help, especially when it comes to cleaning and grooming. Give your cat the occasional bath when their fur gets dirty, sticky, or smelly. Make sure to use lukewarm water. Don’t forget to trim furbaby’s claws to prevent dirt from accumulating - and of course, for your and your kitty’s safety. It’s also important to monitor your cat’s ears on a regular basis for debris, discharge, swelling, excess wax, odors, or pests such as ear mites. Clean your kitty’s litter box regularly to avoid risks brought by parasites and allergens.

Give them balanced and proper nutrition. Along with taking care of your cat’s active lifestyle and proper hygiene, giving your beloved cat the proper nutrition that they need for every life stage is also the key to keeping them happy and healthy. Not only does giving your cat proper nutrition help lessen the risks of them getting sick and having illnesses, but it can also save you from a trip to the vet that may often put a dent in your pocket. Good thing, Goodest Cat provides your cat a balanced and proper nutrition that they need with its a-fur-dable and 100% nutritious cat food that comes in 3 flavors – Tender Tuna, Chicken Chomp, and Meaty Mackerel!

Keep up with your cat’s hygiene

This extra scrumptious and a-fur-dable meals-in-a-pouch is made with only the freshest ingredients that your cat will surely love – enriched with vitamins and minerals for complete nourishment. One pouch contains 85g of pure goodness that’s available for as low as PHP 26.15 with a shelf-life of up to 24 months. What’s more, Goodest Cat is also fit for kittens, pregnant cats, and even for adult and senior cats, ensuring that cats get all the nourishment they need as they mature!

Goodest Cat is also approved by experts and follows the standards of quality and safe pet food set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) which establishes guidelines for ingredient definitions, product labels, feeding trials, and laboratory analyses of the nutrients that go into your cat’s food.

With the right care and love, your furbaby can stay healthy, happy, and totally cathletic for years to come!

Goodest is available online on Shopee ( and Lazada ( and in leading pet stores and grocery stores nationwide.

For more information and updates, visit and follow Goodest on Facebook and Instagram @goodestpetfood.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Global technology brand OPPO recently launched Choose Joy campaign, vowing to bring the first joy in the Year 2023 to all consumers with plenty of products and promotions, ready to take them to a better future. With the short film ‘A Miracle in the Christmas Night’ headlining the campaign for the holiday season, OPPO aims to inspire positivity in its customers, reminding them to embrace new possibilities and choose OPPO as their partner to joy.

The inspiration for OPPO’s film came directly from the different ways Christmas is celebrated around the world, filled with colors, music, celebration, and happiness for everyone, especially children. In the Philippines, one such tradition is creating a Parol, which serves as the centerpiece for the short film.

The story follows two children who participate in a Parol Star competition, and are excitedly awaiting the announcement of results. But when the day finally arrived, something unexpected happened. Instead of letting the happiness end abruptly, the children decided to use OPPO to bring the joy back.

Watch ‘A Miracle in the Christmas Night’ on YouTube or Facebook.

This season, join OPPO in celebrating the occasion with ‘Choose Joy’ and make this holiday full of inspiration and happiness with OPPO products.

To know more about OPPO, visit its official website at You can also check OPPO Philippines’ official social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. To get the best care for your OPPO devices, visit your nearest OPPO Care Center or contact us on our website, or via Facebook.

Their rendition of a Jose Mari Chan hit is part of Pentatonix’s new album, Holidays Around The World

Filipina Broadway superstar Lea Salonga has recently joined American a cappella group Pentatonix for the music video of “Christmas In Our Hearts.”

Released last weekend, the visuals have garnered more than 640,000 views on its third day of release. It also currently sits inside the top 20 of YouTube’s Trending Music Charts, and continues to gain traction on streaming and airplay.

The soaring ballad, which is a cover of a Jose Mari Chan hit, is part of Pentatonix’s sixth holiday album, Holidays Around The World.

The acclaimed catalog brings their global vision back to life with collaborations featuring some of the most iconic pop artists and established idols from different parts of the world, including Chinese pianist Lang Lang, Congolese gospel singer Grace Lokwa, Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji, Latin band La Santa Cecilia, Indian superstar Shreya Ghoshal, Japanese YouTubers HIKAKIN & SEIKIN, British a cappella ensemble The King’s Singers, and American superstar Meghan Trainor.

Apart from the music video release and a new album, the internationally renowned pop ensemble is set to embark on a global tour with multiple stops across North America and Asia.

Just recently, Pentatonix talked to People Magazine about breaking boundaries in terms of making music. According to the five-piece group, they want to experience the “cultural differences in music” and explore working with artists outside their comfort country.

Monday, December 19, 2022

To give Filipinos the most affordable rates when keeping in touch with family and friends anywhere in the world, DITO Telecommunity launched its international services promos for International Direct Dialing (IDD) and roaming services.

The new DITO IDD promo packs, available from October 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023, enable subscribers to avail more minutes for IDD calls to different parts of the world at more affordable rates.

With DITO IDD Promo Pack One, customers can make 25 minutes IDD outgoing calls to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea for only P50 good for 15 days. They can also opt for DITO IDD Promo Pack Two worth P100 to make 60 minutes IDD outgoing calls to the same countries valid for 30 days.

Those who wish to call loved ones in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Thailand can avail the DITO IDD Promo Pack Three to make 20 minutes IDD outgoing calls for only P100. This promo pack is valid for 30 days.

DITO IDD Promo Pack Four, which costs P100, allows subscribers to make 5 minutes IDD outgoing calls to Bahrain, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, Spain, Brunei, Indonesia, Macao, Taiwan, and Vietnam. This promo pack is valid for 30 days.

All DITO IDD promo packs include 1GB data for messaging apps such as Viber, FB Messenger, Whats App, Facetime, Telegram, WeChat, Line, Skype, Kakao Talk, and Zoom.

“Filipinos always have loved ones and friends living overseas whom they would want to keep in touch with, especially during the holiday season. Despite the distance, DITO wants its more than 13 million DITOzens to still feel the presence of their loved ones through long and meaningful calls and messages,” said DITO Telecommunity Chief Commercial Officer Evelyn Jimenez. “Through our DITO IDD promo packs, they won’t have to worry too much about the cost of making an international call, making it easier for them to always connect with family and friends,” she added.

DITO also launched a promo for its roaming service, which ensures subscribers’ continuous SIM activity while traveling abroad. Starting December 20, DITOzens staying in Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand can purchase DITO Roaming Promo Packs just for data use: P150 for 100MB + 100MB Bonus Data valid for 1 day, P250 for 200MB + 200MB Bonus Data valid for 3 Days, and P600 for 500MB + 500MB Bonus Data valid for 7 days.

Come January 13, they can also use their DITO SIM to make five minutes of incoming or outgoing calls and 5 SMS for only P150 (160 char/SMS) valid for three days.

For more details about DITO roaming service, visit For more details about DITO IDD promo, visit To avail the international service promo packs, download the DITO app at

Alternergy Holdings Corporation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Pililla AVPC Corporation, (“PACO is hereafter referred to as Alternergy”) and Shell Overseas Investment B.V. (“Shell”) formally announced the agreements that both parties have recently entered into a partnership to jointly explore the vast offshore wind potential in the Philippines.

The partnership of Alternergy and Shell has obtained a Wind Energy Service Contract (WESC) from the Department of Energy (DoE) to assess the feasibility of an offshore wind project in the wind-swept Calavite Passage near Mindoro.

Alternergy chairman and former Energy Secretary Vince Pérez said: “This is a partnership of combined competencies and experiences towards the goal of boosting the Philippines’ renewable energy target.”

“The Philippines’ offshore wind industry is promising and still at its nascent stage. The World Bank estimates that robust development of offshore wind could add 20 GW of installed capacity by 2040, accounting for 14 percent of the Philippines electricity needs and some USD 14 billion of value added to the economy. Shell, as our strategic partner with 50 years of deep water offshore and over 20 years of offshore wind development experience, will bring in its global track record, supply chain access, and technical expertise in developing large-scale bottom-fixed and floating offshore wind projects. Alternergy looks forward to working with Shell and jointly shaping with stakeholders the policies for a sustainable offshore wind industry in the Philippines,” Mr. Pérez added.

“The Philippines is moving towards a low-carbon future and offshore wind is well positioned to support this energy transition. As Shell has powered progress for the Philippines for over 100 years, we will continue to support the country by providing more and cleaner energy solutions to meet the needs of our consumers today and in the decades to come,” said Lorelie Q. Osial, Country Chair of the Shell companies in the Philippines.

“Alternergy is a pioneer in renewable energy and has successfully brought onstream the Philippines’ first onshore wind farm even before there was any enabling law. Shell looks forward to this new partnership to jointly explore the feasibility of one of the Philippines’ promising offshore wind projects,” said Sarah Rose Lim, Shell’s Head of Offshore Power for Philippines.

Aside from the Calavite Passage Wind Power Project, Alternergy and Shell are looking at other offshore wind sites for possible development.

This partnership is an opportunity to provide integrated value to customers through power generation as well as exploring synergies with retail electricity supplier Shell Energy Philippines, Inc. and Green Energy Supply Solutions, Inc.

Traveling or living in a different country can give individuals invaluable lessons – be it in learning new cultures, languages, skills, and values – all of which they can put to good use in making day-to-day decisions in life or at work.

That is why healthcare job applicants who are looking to further their careers while attaining personal growth, can gain all that and more by exploring great opportunities abroad. TrueProfile, a platform that provides Filipino healthcare professionals around the world with the tools they need to secure a lucrative career abroad, further emphasizes this as it lists the benefits of an international experience:

Great healthcare training opportunities. Healthcare facilities abroad are well-equipped with advanced equipment, which may be new to you. This can serve as a great training ground for you to develop professionally as you are exposed to different medical technologies and techniques that will be valuable as you continue to pursue your profession.

Great global network. Working abroad will help you gather useful insights and experience from fellow healthcare professionals you will meet along the way. You will also learn a lot by networking with fellow Filipinos in the healthcare profession. You can find connections by registering as a member at where you will get access to a community of health workers based in different countries who can share tips that can help you look for jobs abroad, first-hand experiences in your target country, and updates on the latest trends and developments within your industry.

Valuable employee traits. Living abroad puts you in various situations that will urge you to harness invaluable life skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, adaptability, and social interaction. By having an international exposure, you discover more about your strengths and weaknesses, and develop your versatility and readiness. In the work setting, these qualities will be very useful when trying to overcome challenges or when working with a team with different working styles and cultural backgrounds.

A host of better opportunities await you. If you’re a healthcare job applicant looking for better career opportunities, gaining overseas experience can greatly help you achieve just that. You can take the first step by checking out the host of job opportunities available on the website. Simply visit the ‘Jobs’ tab on page ( and explore job openings that are suitable for your skills set and expertise.

Simultaneously, you can start creating your account. To register, visit Once registered, click on “Career Toolkit” and “Verification” to see the different verification options. You can start building your digital resume and make it more visible to prospective employers by choosing the Profile Visibility Preferences on your account.

Leading global smart devices provider, HONOR, announced the launch of the HONOR Magic Vs. This all-new foldable flagship pushes industry benchmarks in design, display, performance and user experience – making it the perfect companion for business and entertainment. Empowering young budding creators to fulfill their creative potential.

“We are thrilled to introduce our next-generation foldable flagship, the HONOR Magic Vs, which packs groundbreaking innovations and exceptional user experience into an elegant and stylish design,” said Stephen Cheng, Vice President for Marketing. “The HONOR Magic Vs will be our very first foldable flagship to debut in overseas markets and we are confident that it will deliver huge advancements, transforming how people all around the world use their smartphones.”HONOR unfolds their next-generation foldable flagship HONOR Magic Vs which boasts state-of-the-art design, a revolutionary display, and unparalleled performance setting new benchmarks for foldable phones.

An Industry-leading Foldable crafted with a Groundbreaking Hinge Design and Large Dual Display

Exceptionally slim and lightweight, the HONOR Magic Vs is 12.9mm thin when folded and weighs just 261g, making it the industry’s lightest foldable smartphone currently, and a delight to carry around. It also packs with a super-light gearless hinge carefully crafted with a single-piece casting processing technology, which drastically reduces the number of components of supporting structure used in the hinge while maintaining its durability and sturdiness. The HONOR Magic Vs is able to withstand over 400,000 folds, equivalent to more than ten years of use with 100 folds per day, creating a new first in foldable smartphone design.

Outperforming existing foldables that often come with a long and narrow external screen, the HONOR Magic Vs boasts a 6.45-inch display when folded, with a user-friendly 21:9 aspect ratio and a 90% screen-to-body ratio, allowing users to view content and input text with remarkable ease. When unfolded, the HONOR Magic Vs delivers a tablet-like experience with an extra-wide 7.9-inch internal display, perfect for users who seek effortless multi-tasking and more screen real estate to enjoy all their favorite content.

Computational Photography and Unrivaled Day-long Performance

The HONOR Magic Vs features the proprietary AI-enabled HONOR Image Engine and triple-camera system comprising a 54MP IMX800 Main Camera, a 50MP Ultra-Wide & Macro Main Camera, and an 8MP 3X Optical Zoom Camera, allowing users to capture captivating images in stunning detail, delivering a superior photography and videography experience.

HONOR’s new foldable phone delivers flagship performance with Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, and enhanced GPU and CPU performance that enables a faster and smoother user experience. It also supports the 66W Wired HONOR SuperCharge enabling the battery to be fully juiced up to 100 percent within just 46 minutes.

The HONOR Magic Vs comes in stunning colors: Orange, Cyan and Black and is set to be available in the Philippines very soon. For more information and announcements, you may visit HONOR’s website or social media platforms: Facebook (, Instagram ( and TikTok: (

’Tis the season to be extra!

This Christmas, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc., the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country, enjoins Filipinos to celebrate the Holidays with gusto with “Paskong Extra Sarap with Pepsi.” This fun, vibrant Holiday campaign highlights how Filipinos go above and beyond in making every moment special with loved ones and friends, especially during Christmas and New Year.

With over 13 million views on YouTube, The #PepsiExtraSarapXmas video is top-billed by celebrity love-teams Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, and Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, as well as social media sensation Mimiyuuuh and volleyball phenom Alyssa Valdez. The #PepsiExtraSarapXmas campaign aims to empower young Filipinos to be themselves unapologetically. By making stand-out choices—in fashion, hobbies, and even their meal pairings, they can make their holiday celebrations all the more “extra” and memorable with Pepsi.

“This year’s Christmas celebration is extra special for many reasons. After two years of heightened restrictions, we have taken the necessary steps to allow for gatherings with family and close friends while still keeping each other safe,” said Frederick D. Ong, PCPPI president and chief executive officer. “We at PCPPI are excited to experience the Filipino spirit of community and thanksgiving during the ‘most wonderful time of the year,’ with our well-loved beverages as part of every celebration,” he added.

PCPPI enjoins merrymakers to embrace the season’s festive vibe by going “extra,” be it in their party attire, family games, and even the much-anticipated Noche Buena and Media Noche. “Let us remember there remains to be plenty of ‘extra’ for us to be thankful for this Christmas and in the coming New Year. May we cherish the bonds that bring us together not just during the Holidays but every day of the years ahead,” Ong said.

PCPPI is the exclusive bottler of PepsiCo beverages in the country. The group manufactures and sells well-known brands such as Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton, Milkis, Aquafina, and Premier.

NEW DISH ALERT! Panda Express®, the largest Asian dining concept in the world, is bringing a surf & turf limited-time offer entrée and one of its top sellers to the Philippines—the Wok-Seared Steak and Shrimp, which is savory with a little bit of spice, rich in flavors from top sirloin steak and succulent shrimp, and with textures from the fresh green beans, bell peppers, onions, and potatoes.

“Wok-Seared Steak and Shrimp is unlike any other item we offer at Panda Express®. Joining the Chinese wok with the American steakhouse experience resulted in a dish reminiscent of a classic steak dinner while still offering the bold flavors and fresh ingredients that make it uniquely Panda,” said Chef Jimmy Wang, Head of Culinary Innovation at Panda Express.

Starting in November, fans will be delighted to get a taste of the juicy steak and large succulent shrimp, wok-tossed with potatoes, seasonal hand-cut yellow and red bell peppers, yellow onions, and green beans. These fresh ingredients, finished with a savory Chinese-inspired steak sauce, are transformed into a searing wok that brings a hint of smokiness that only wok cooking over an open fire can create.

“The Wok Smart American Chinese dish is an indulgent experience of a quality steakhouse dinner without the guilt. Wok-Seared Steak and Shrimp is high in protein and light on calories,” Wang added.

Chinese American Classics

Panda Express® was founded by husband-and-wife tandem, co-CEO, and co-founders Andrew and Peggy Cherng in 1983. They popularized American Chinese cuisine by using authentic Chinese recipes adapted to global tastes, which successfully established the brand as the largest Asian dining concept in the US and the largest American-Chinese concept in the world.

This Holiday season, families and friends can enjoy a variety of delicious entrées with Chinese and Sichuan influences including its bestselling The Original Orange Chicken, a wok-tossed crispy chicken coated in sweet tangy sauce; and the award-winning Honey Walnut Shrimp, a mouth-watering entrée made with premium crispy shrimp wok-tossed in a honey sauce and topped with glazed walnuts. Celebrations will be extra special with these Panda Express favorites that are also available in family or party trays.

Operated by the Jollibee Group in the Philippines, Panda Express has thirteen stores in Metro Manila that are open for dine-in, take-out, and delivery through, GrabFood, and foodpanda. Delivery locations include select areas in Manila, Pasay, Makati, and Quezon City.

These stores are in Don Antonio, Quezon City; SM Megamall; SM North EDSA; SM Grand Central; SM Southmall; Robinsons Place Manila; Shell SLT, SLEX (South Luzon Expressway) Southbound; Double Dragon Meridian Park; SM Mall of Asia; Molito, Alabang; Greenhills; Greenmeadows; and Betterliving, Parañaque.

To get more information on Panda Express, you may visit (Facebook) and @PandaExpressPH (Instagram).

Friday, December 16, 2022

RAKK Gears is soon to release new and exciting gaming peripherals before the year ends, just in time for the Holiday season. Catering to the different needs of the gaming community, the day has come for all keyboard enthusiasts, as the company is launching its very first gasket-mounted keyboard, the RAKK Hanan.

RAKK Hanan, named after the Goddess of the morning or dawn in Philippine mythology, is a 75% mechanical keyboard that has a compact layout with a function row and dedicated arrow keys. It also comes with an easy-access volume knob to give you full control of your settings without losing focus on your gameplay.


RAKK Hanan was co-developed with Mr. Kevin Tan Gozu Gaming and Mr. Myk De Jesus Mykeystwo well- known mechanical gaming keyboard buffs. Their visions and insights were taken into consideration in building this product. As a result of the collaboration, customizability was given utmost importance in developing the RAKK Hanan, with its gasket mount for a slightly more cushioned feel, a screwless case for easy modding, as well as an extra top cover for added personalization. Switch and swap with convenience with its universal 5-pin Kailh hot-swap sockets. Set the RGB lighting how you want using 22 modes, Macro, and FN Layer editing with its Finetuner software, as well as Spectograph settings to vibe with your favorite tunes. Customize further with the add-on black & gold theme Cherry profile dye-sub keycaps and RAKK tactile or linear switches for the full RAKK Hanan build experience.


And it doesn't stop there— this keyboard supports a wide range of devices and its Tri-mode functionality. From Windows and Android to macOS and iOS, use this keyboard wired or wireless, with Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz connectivity.

Here's a rundown of the RAKK Hanan's features:

• 75% / 81 Keys Layout

• 2.4G wireless | BT 5.0 | Wired

• Kailh 5 pin universal hotswap

• Aluminum volume knob

• Gasket mount 30A

• North-facing RGB backlight

• 3000 mAh (battery)

• Windows, Android, IOS/MacOS

• Steel plate

• 1.6m type-C braided cable

• RAKK Finetuner

• 325x135x28mm

• 800g

• 1-year service warranty

Don't miss this affordable mechanical gaming keyboard and add this to your collection. Get them from the RAKK Official Stores on SHOPEE and LAZADA, as well as all EASYPC channels and retail stores before they run out of stock! Prices range from Php 2,995 - Php 3,995.


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