Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Most of us could not imagine living a day without the internet. Back then, telegraph, snail mail, and telephones were the means of communication. If we want to meet new friends, we'll have to see them in person. Dating was kind of primitive since we're limited to persons whom we meet only or thru refferals.  Buying something would mean physically going to a store to see the products to purchase.  Moreover, the services or items that we want to buy doesn't have available reviews for us to read.  In order to access information, one has to have a dictionary and a set of encyclopedia or one has to go to the public library. Transacting with banks also would be literally handing over your cash to the teller. And last and but not the least, most people were living in a world of commuting to and from work and were hassled by traffic jams. Definitely, it was a nightmare.

It was the 90's when the internet or the world wide web became known. Communication by email replaced snail mail and telegraph. Also, chat and video calling was possible.  Business transactions became way easier: Online shopping served the crave of shopaholics worldwide, one can purchase almost anything as long as they have credit cards;  selling has become a delight to entrepreneurs. it is so much convenient for anyone to do a garage sale (thanks Ebay). Students' way of doing homework became easier.  Encyclopedias and dictionaries became a thing of the past since information is available to everyone by way of search engines. What's surprising is, nerds suddenly became cool and rich (think Bill Gates).  Probably, one of the greatest things that the world wide web has promoted is employment.  A person from one side of the Earth can hire somebody at the other end thus, the need for face-to-face interviews is becoming obsolete.  Also, some jobs doesn't require an employee to go to an office:  this must be the most interesting part of having an online work.   The use of vehicles for going to work has seriously gone down.  Jobs were available to everyone who has internet  connection and what's more is new kinds of work sprouted.  In addtion to that, some careers does not even need a college degree.

Different online jobs are now available and The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk is one of the most popular companies that comes to mind when thinking about jobs. It is a global marketplace and their categories include: web development, software development, networking and information, writing and translation, administrative support, design and multimedia, customer service, sales and marketing, and business services. There's plenty for everybody! Many tired and underpaid people switch to online careers, and as a result, their lives turn 180 and finally give theirselves the break that they were hoping for.  Writers and bloggers for instance has plenty of time not just for theirselves but also for their families. Time is of the essence and before it's too late, some of us might need to rethink about their present job status.

Good luck with your job hunt!


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