Friday, March 31, 2017

Gen Blasurca, Corporate Pharmacist at USANA Health Sciences, recently presented Usanimals, an FDA-approved dietary supplement for children and teens, during a recent press conference at the Happy Garden Café in Makati. The multivitamin was relaunched in response to parents’ clamor for complete, high-quality and effective kids’ multivitamins. According to Blasurca, each Usanimals tablet is complete with 23 essential multivitamins, minerals and antioxidants that promote children’s healthy growth and development, a healthy immune function, balanced energy levels, bone support.

Each tablet costs only PhP18 versus purchasing discrete multivitamins and minerals which would cost more. Additional benefits of Usanimals include its chewable form compared with messy syrup counterparts, and its sugar-free formulation.

Founded in 1992, USANA Health Sciences is a U.S.-based nutritional company that manufactures high-quality supplements, personal care and healthy food products in its FDA-Registered Drug Establishment in Salt Lake City. In the Philippines, the company recently celebrated its 8th year, earning PhP4 billion in local sales last year.

Gen Blasurca (right), Corporate Pharmacist at USANA Health Sciences (USANA), leads a discussion about Usanimals, an FDA-approved multivitamin for children and teens, at a recent press conference at the Happy Garden Café in Makati.

Usanimals was relaunched locally in response to parents’ clamor for complete, high-quality and effective kids’ multivitamins. According to Blasurca, each tablet is complete with 23 essential multivitamins, minerals and antioxidants to promote children’s healthy growth and development, a healthy immune function, balanced energy levels, and bone support.

With Blasurca are two of USANA’s to-earning distributors nine-star Diamond Director Josephine dela Fuente (center) and Emerald Director Mara Pasco (left), both of whom are mothers. During the discussion, Dela Fuente and Pasco revealed that Usanimals has nearly eliminated their children’s allergies and sick days, boosted their energy, and enabled them to enjoy taking vitamins through the chewable and animal-stamped tablets.

Founded in 1992, USANA is a U.S.-based nutritional company that manufactures high-quality supplements, personal care and healthy food products in its FDA-Registered Drug Establishment in Salt Lake City. In the Philippines, the company recently celebrated its 8th year, earning PhP4 billion in local sales last year.

For more information on Usanimals and other updates from USANA Philippines, visit and follow USANA’s social media portals on Facebook (, Twitter (@usana_ph), and Instagram (usanapilipinas).

         Manila, 30 March 2017 - Are you confident that your child is getting all the nutrients he or she needs for daily nutrition and overall health? How do you encourage your child to like or even enjoy taking vitamins?

With the help of Usanimals by USANA, parents can support their children’s growth in a fun, convenient and healthful way. Usanimals is a daily multivitamin for children ages 2 to 12 with a balanced formula that contains 23 essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support healthy growth and development for healthy immune functions and energy levels, and bone support.

“Good growth encompasses all aspects in the development of children – from physical, physiological, intellectual, emotional and psychological. We are proud to say that Usanimals by USANA can support the nutritional demands of growing children by providing the relevant and the most comprehensive nutrients that result in improved overall health development,” said Gen Blasurca, Corporate Pharmacist at USANA.

Children’s nutritional needs

Children need a diet sufficient in macro and micronutrients. Macronutrients refer to carbohydrates, fats and protein needed by the body to provide the vital energy and body building elements for survival and development.

Meanwhile, micronutrients are essential vitamins and minerals children needed in small amounts to support their physical and mental development. A child’s diet must also be sufficient to provide for the accumulation of stores of nutrients in preparation for the accelerated growth spurts of the teen years.

The lack of micronutrients such as iodine, vitamin A or iron in their daily diet may result in brain underdevelopment and poor performance in school, as well as the inability to cope with stress.

Usanimals contains quality antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help ensure that the essential nutrients are present in your child’s diet. It contains vital micronutrients such as Vitamins A, C, E, and zinc to boost immunity; B6, B12, folate, and choline for healthy brain function; calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D for strong bones and teeth; and iron, thiamin, and B12 for energy. It also contains calcium pantothenate, biotin, inositol, antioxidant phytonutrient complex (blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, blueberry fruit powder), selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum.

It is free of artificial flavors and sweeteners. Each chewable tablet is easy to eat, is stamped with animal shapes and has a natural wild berry flavor, making it a yummy and fun treat for kids!

Feeding Program

USANA True Health Foundation (THF), USANA’s corporate social responsibility organization, recently partnered with Cornerstone Foundation – an education program under the group Couples for Christ, the Ateneo Center for Educational Development and the Department of Education – to conduct a six-month feeding program during their Saturday classes.

Throughout the program’s duration, the students were individually weighed and their heights measured before and after each feeding cycle, to track their physical development. It also allowed USANA’s program coordinators to monitor the other health needs of the children.

Aside from the weekly feeding sessions, USANA also generously gave each of the students a six-month supply of Usanimals. Results of the student’s physical progress, to be available later this year, will be used to improve the program further.

The USANA difference

“USANA ensures that it manufactures products that are well-researched and is backed by reliable and accurate science,” said Aurora Gaston, USANA Vice President for the Philippines and Indonesia. “We have in-house world-class scientists who test the potency and purity of USANA product to ensure complete and balanced formulas.”

“Our Scientific Advisory Council consists of independent associates whose insights into product applications and efficacy help us deliver high-quality products that promote human health.

“We work with distinguished scientific institutions who conduct research to ensure out company provides cutting-edge nutritionals.”

“At USANA, we believe that the quality of raw ingredients is of the utmost importance. USANA only uses ingredients of high quality to ensure maximum purity, potency, and bioavailability.”

For more information on Usanimals and other updates from USANA Philippines, visit and follow USANA’s social media portals on Facebook (, Twitter (@usana_ph), and Instagram (usanapilipinas).


Founded in 1992, USANA Health Sciences (NYSE: USNA) is a U.S.-based nutritional company that manufactures high-quality supplements, personal care and healthy food products in its FDA-Registered Drug Establishment in Salt Lake City. Learn more about USANA by visiting our web site or the official USANA blog

Reader’s Digest (RD), one of the longest-running and most read print publications in the world, has named LBC as one of its’ recipients of the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands 2017 Awards during an exclusive ceremony held recently at the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, Pasig City.

LBC Express was bestowed a platinum award for airfreight/courier category and gold award for their remittance segment.

This is the first time that RDTB recognized the remittance business (along with five others categories) to reflect the changes in the market and to show that these industries have made considerable impact on the buying habits of consumers.

LBC’s Chief Marketing Officer Javier Mantecon enthused, “We are humbled to be recognized at this year’s Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Awards. More than the prestige, what we hold of greater value is the confidence given to us by the Filipino people. With this achievement, we are all the more inspired to provide the best service so our customers can continue to send love and happiness from across the miles.”

Now on its 19th year, Reader’s Digest has been surveying consumers in major markets across Asia such as the Philippines, to ask them about the brands they believe and expect to provide premium value and exceptional service. These respondents are composed of Reader's Digest subscribers and random consumers.

LBC is the Philippines’ market leader in retail and corporate courier & cargo, money remittance, and logistics services. With a growing network of over 6,400 branches, hubs & warehouses, partners, and agents in over 30 countries, LBC is committed to moving lives, businesses, and communities and delivering smiles around the world. Listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange through LBC Express Holdings, Inc., LBC aims to deliver value to all of its stakeholders, as it has for over 60 years. Founded in 1945 as a brokerage and air cargo agent, LBC pioneered time-sensitive cargo delivery and 24-hour door-to-door delivery in the Philippines. Today, it is the most trusted logistics brand of the Global Filipino. LBC can move it for you: visit, or call telephone +632 8585 999 (Metro Manila), 1 800 10 8585 999 (Provincial), +632 9086 522 (Solutions) and follow LBCExpress (Facebook and Twitter).

LBC receives twin honors at the Reader’s Digest’s Trusted Brands Awards 2017. They received a platinum award for Air Freight/ Cargo category while a gold award was given for their remittance segment. Receiving the awards for LBC are (from L-R) Jesus Venice Arias, Vice President for Philippine Operations; Karen Alcazar, Senior Manager for Philippine Operations; Darlene V. Dollente, Senior Marketing Manager; Therese Ezra Castrojas, Brand Marketing and Communications Manager;

          Sleep is currently one of the easiest thing to give up by a lot of hardworking individuals. They would rather work late hours and finish the task that is required from them and miss on hours to no sleep at all. This could affect one’s health, as those who are getting less sleep could suffer from stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic illnesses. On the other hand, people suffering from insomnia are most likely to manifest symptoms of anxiety and depression, which can ultimately affect their performance and their relationships. In short, when sleep fails, health declines along with the quality of life.

As the country’s, Sleep Specialist, Uratex takes it as a responsibility to promote sound sleep among
Filipinos with their lineup of innovative and technology-rich products that could equip people with thesleep comfort that they desire. Uratex also celebrates World Sleep Day (WSD) by strengthening its
campaigns in spreading awareness among fellow Filipinos that good, healthful, and superior sleep is
always needed in recharging their bodies, after a whole day of doing stressful and strenuous activities. Because Uratex believes that whenever an individual gets a good night sleep, they could have a good day ahead, and in the long run, a good life.

The WSD celebrations has been gathering some momentum around the world and has reached many people who are challenged with issues related to sleep, brought about by stressful habits and unhealthy work lifestyles. This activity by the World Sleep Society was spearheaded by the World Association of Sleep Medicine and World Sleep Federation. WSD aims to promote sleep health worldwide, and this year marks its 10th year. “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life” is this year’s theme for WSD, which focuses on how better sleep could give people and their bodies a chance to nurture and recover itself from stress, and ultimately nurture their lives.

Uratex Premium, offers an extensive lineup high quality and innovative products that could provide the perfect sleep solutions that could cater to specific needs. Uratex Premium has the first in the market and smart innovation, the Orthocare Biorhythmic which helps in the reduction of stress from pressure points during sleep. They also have the Senso Memory Ultima Plus that is infused with hydragel beads that allows a refreshingly cooler sleep. Their Premium Touch Romance awakens the senses for a more rewarding evening for couples. And lastly, the Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh keeps the sleeping ambiance fresh and odor free.

As WSD spreads its reach across the islands of the Philippines, Uratex believes that their sleep solutions would be at the forefront of promoting overall health and wellness. They hope that with their continuous effort in spreading the message of WSD, more Filipinos would see the benefits of sleeping soundly in nurturing not just their own lives, but also lives of their families as well.

Toronto, CA, March 31, 2017 – ABS-CBN representatives, with the presence of Toronto Police Service officers, confiscated yesterday a total of 3,590 pirated DVDs of copyrighted ABS-CBN movies from Dragon Mart, Tina Shop and Unit 16B of Dragon Centre and Red Carpet Express of Oriental Centre in Toronto, Canada.

This development followed the successful enforcement effort by ABS-CBN earlier this month that resulted in the confiscation of hundreds of pirated DVDs of ABS-CBN content from six stores in Montreal and Toronto.

Some of the 3,590 DVDs confiscated from Red Carpet Express, Dragon Mart and other stores in Toronto clearly show movies from ABS-CBN.

“By now, I think pirates are aware that we are dead serious in implementing the zero tolerance policy of ABS-CBN COO Raffy Lopez when it comes to our anti-piracy efforts,” said ABS-CBN Canada Country Manager Jun Del Rosario.  “We will not let any scammer or pirate compromise the quality of our content, our distribution platforms and viewing experience, and our brand so that they can enrich themselves illegally. We will protect our property and aggressively pursue these criminals.”

ABS-CBN AVP & Head of Global Anti-Piracy Elisha Lawrence added: “We are very pleased with the excellent results. We will continue our scorched earth enforcement in Canada against the piracy of ABS-CBN’s content.”

“ABS-CBN is not prepared to tolerate the infringement of its intellectual property rights in Canada, and we are hopeful that the message is now loud and clear to all businesses that this illegal activity cannot continue,” said David Lipkus, counsel for ABS-CBN.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The multi-awarded actor joins Yen Santos and Raikko Matteo for the first time in a movie that’s both a rich narrative and a visual delight, screening starting this March

Quezon City, Philippines (March 30, 2017) 
– Celebrated actor and producer Piolo Pascual embarks on a new film adventure as he stars and co-producers the latest heart-warming drama, “Northern Lights: A Journey to Love,” screening in key countries worldwide via TFC@theMovies.

This March, Star Cinema and Regal Entertainment together with Pascual’s Spring Films bring you a story of a struggling overseas Filipino (Charlie Sr.) in Alaska who tries to be a father to his estranged child (played by child starRaikko Mateo (Charlie Jr.) from a former relationship.

In this journey, he meets Yen Santos (Angel)a woman who is also in search of herself after a broken heart and her mother also in the same land.

Even with the beauty of the country, coldness permeates the three characters with the loneliness they feel as Piolo Pascual tries to prove himself worthy of becoming a parent, Mateo yearns for the genuine love of a father and Santos tries to come to terms with Pascual’s offer of love and her own search for individuality. 

Shot mostly in New Zealand and partly in Alaska, “Northern Lights” A Journey to Love” not only presents a soulful narrative of the three lost souls but also a beautiful display of the Northern Hemisphere via the breathtaking aurora borealis.
According to director Dondon Santos, the inspiration came from a trip to Alaska three years ago.  “We conceptualized this story of a father who can’t connect with his child and we thought of Piolo.  When we pitched it to him, he wanted it.  Then we collaborated on how we can improve on the story.”

The story resonates well with Pascual because it hits home as he used to be an overseas Filipino himself.  “This is the reality – Filipinos getting separated from their families.  So I told myself, I wanted to do something real, something relatable with the audience. So when they pitched the script, something that speaks of reality, I leaned towards accepting the project.”

Meantime, Santos who considers herself lucky to be paired with Pascual in her first onscreen performance, says “I am thankful.  I believe everything happens for a reason --- why I was chosen.” 
Catch the heart-warming the story of Charlie Sr. Charlie Jr. and Angel as it screens via TFC@theMovies in the following countries and dates: Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain) on March 30; U.S. and Canada on March 31; UK April 1 and 2; Austria on April 1; Rome and Milan on April 2; Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea on April 6; Saipan on April 7; Hong Kong on April 16; Singapore on April 23; and coming soon in more countries.

For updates, visit , or the Facebook page applicable in your area.   Connect with fellow global Kapamilyas, and follow @KapamilyaTFC on Twitter and Instagram.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Nowadays we rarely eat together as a family and we do, we are busy,  glued to our smartphones that's hindering meaningful talks. It's time we do something about it and make our meals more meaningful.


Enjoy delicious conversations at Sobremesa by Chef Benjo Tuason, a fushion-cuisine concept restaurant housed in Saphire Bloc, Ortigas district. Quickly gaining a following among food fanatics and blogger and celebrity foodies, Sobremesa offers a gastronomic fusion of South American and Filipino inspired dishes lovingly and meticulously created by Head Chef and Part-Owner, Benjo Tuason. Celebrity siblings Daniel and Vanessa Matsunaga also try their hand in the food industry, joining the owners of this fresh new venture. 

Sobremesa, which in Spanish refers to the time after lunch or dinner spent talking to the people you shared the meal with, delivers its promise of delicious conversations as it offers a wide range of offerings that will suit even the most discerning palate.

The newest banner dishes, launched this February 2017 are the Grilled Chorizo with spicy tomato, white bean, caper sauce with herbed baby potatoes (Php395 and Cuban Pork CHop with garlic mashed potato and caramelized onions (Php420). Also new to the menu is our Cured Meat Selection (Php4995) which includes Chorizo Pamplona, Salchicon, Vela de Lomo, and Chorizo de Bilbao. Chef Benjo also gives a new dessert option lecheroon(200), a fusion of the well-loved leche flan and macaroon.

Rounding up the newest offerings in Sobremesa is our Unli- Steak Promo (php 750) that started March 1 featuring tender and mouthwatering Australian Rib-Eye steak which patrons can have in 3 ways: coffee crusted, herbed, or salt and pepper rub. One can also avail ala carte at php 600, served at approximately 250 grams. Both savory side dishes.

Peruvian Roasted Chicken (P380 half/P700 whole)
Spit-roasted chicken popularized by Peruvian restos. It is marinated in olive oil, lime juice, garlic and spices. Then, the chicken is roasted in the oven until it is juicy, tender and crisp-skinned. Dips included are Jalapeno, sour cream, and Chumichurri to compelement the taste of the chicken. The skin of the chicken is absolutely tasty with all the herbs and spices it was marinated with.

Queso Fundido P320

A great appetizer. The Queso Fundido is a dish of melted Colby Jack cheese and Monterey Jack cheese, cheddar cheese, and spicy chorizo with tomato, onion, chile, tequila, and spices. It is usually presented bubbling hot and served with soft fried pita or tortillas.
Australian Rib Eye Steak (P750 for unlimited steak)
The rib-eye has the boldest flavor among the high-end steaks. It is both tender and flavorful. One of the tastiest steaks and considered the king of many steakhouses. Grassfed, Australian, and super beefy!  

Cuban Pork Chop (P420)

Moist and flavorful pork. It is said that Cuban pork come from pigs fed on Palmiche which is the fruit of the palm tree. Served with mashed potato and caramelized onions. Grilled to perfection.

The restaurant also has its line of signature cocktails, with unlimited patron and php 70 cocktail promos, as well as group bundles for 4 pax(1600) and 8 pax 2800 featuring sobremesa's bestselling dishes the novel No phone challenge where visitors are asked to lock the phones in a cage until the end of the meal, in exchange for a free desert is also ongoing-giving foodies and patrons all the more reason to visit and stay.

Cured Meat Selection (P495)
Cured Meat Selection includes  Vela de Lomo and sweet sausages Filipinos love:  Chorizo Pamplona, Salchicon,and Chorizo de Bilbao 

With its rich recipes and an ambience marrying two cultures, and ever-evolving menu, sobremesa is an exciting experience waiting for those on the lookout for that rare gem of a restaurant where you can enjoy amazing food, great ambience, and hearty conversations right smack in the city.

Shrimp Cerviche Salad (250)

An appetizer composed of shrimp marinated in citrus with crisp fresh lettuce, oranges, bell peppers, ginger, chimichuri, bell pepper, and tomatoes. The amazing mixture of taste and colors makes you want for more.

Bulalo Estofado (P490)

A family recipe from Chef Benjo's mother. Beef that's extra tender and sauce that's sweet and salty with a hint of citrus. With kamote and legumes.

Lecheroon (P200)

Leche flan and Macaroon.  Sweetness that's not overwhelming. The coconut makes it distinct with its grainy texture plus the unmistakable custard taste of leche flan.
Mango Cheesecake (P230)

Genius! Go crazy with mangoes, coconut and caramel sauce on top of cheesecake. Highly recommended. 

Visit Sobremesa at the Saphire Bloc, Ortigas center pasig . Open 11am-2pm 5pm-12mn contact for reservation 09064452559

Sobremesa is a business venture of the Menu Group (TMG). Established in 2015 the menu group is a group of passionate young restaurateurs dedicated on coming up with restaurant ventures that feature exciting cuisines which cater to a diverse variety of markets. tmg is the brains and brawn behind 3 other new restaurant situated in popular and up-and-coming spots in ortigas nad mandaluyong sangkap bu chef raymar reyes at portico alveo , sasa asian cuisine at estancia mall, capitol commons and slpice event place and resto at the portal greenfield district

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It is not an uncommon scene in the house, that whenever someone comes home from school or from the office, they seem to drag their bodies in and just crash somewhere in the couch. Every day, the body tackles a lot of different kinds of stress from work or from studying. The body may take a lot of beating from every day commute or physical tasks at hand.   And when it is coupled with a mind that is beaten and exhausted, anyone could break down.

Fortunately, there is an effective way to ease stress in the comfort of anyone’s home. All it takes is a good 5 to 10 minute hot shower, and everything could feel good again. Midea, the world’s leading manufacturer of consumer appliances, understands the need for having home solutions that are not just good in fulfilling its function at home but in making  every home a place where the family can relax and do whatever a family is supposed to be doing— bonding over movie marathons, dining with home-cooked meals together, and much more.

With Midea’s lineup of water heaters, anyone from the family coming home stressed could immediately enjoy a nice hot shower. Unlike the conventional way of heating water from the stove, submersible water heaters, or even from other similar models, Midea’s water heaters have the surprisingly friendly Quick Warm Heating Element that allows it to immediately spurt out hot water. A tired body is relaxed by a hot shower which easily loosens muscles and joints. The tension and possible inflammation from overuse and strain of muscles and joints during the day is eased off, much like how a massage does, but more convenient. Hot showers also improves blood circulation, giving your body a boost in healing itself.

Quick hot showers are also good for the skin as it opens pores and clears the skin of toxins and other impurities that it may have gotten from the environment outside the house. Just keep in mind that hot showers shouldn’t go over 10 minutes or it might dry up the skin. 

Luckily, as another good practical surprise, Midea Water Heaters are equipped with Safety Sensors that regulate the temperature it applies to water that would keep the skin from getting scalded. 

Coming home with a headache, or worse, a migraine can be eased off by hot showers as well. It could easily alleviate the pain after taking that warmth in. It is also known to be a good natural way of decongesting nasal passages and in helping reduce insomnia.  All of these benefits from taking a hot shower with a Midea Water Heater could help reduce anxiety brought about different stress factors. This allows every family member to feel comfortable whenever they are home, which could even ease some stress from their relationship with each other. 

Midea definitely wants every family to experience how enjoyable hot showers are and to have peace of mind whenever the electricity bill comes because a hot shower with a Midea Water Heater just costs as low as Php 8.00 for every 10-minute turn. Feeling refreshed in the morning, the whole family is more than ready to take on any challenges of their day ahead.

For more information on Midea’s products check out their website at and Facebook page

About Midea
Midea, one of the world's largest manufacturers of appliances, covers a complete range of products from electric kettles, washing machines, microwaves to large commercial air-conditioning systems. Thriving in over 150 countries, Midea has now arrived in the Philippines!

In partnership with Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), Midea's global strength in the appliance industry infused with CIC's Integrity, Excellence and Total Customer Satisfaction give the world class brand a better understanding of the Filipino's needs. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

With just a few weeks away, moms and moms-to-be are all geared up for the first ever Mom and Baby Expo happening this April. Organized by the Perinatal Association of the Philippines (PAP), the exhibit showcases all facets of comprehensive perinatal healthcare such as products, services, technology and new methods, all of which are intended in aiding Filipina mothers and their


One of the highlights of the Mom and Baby Expo 2017 will be a series of talks from perinatal experts pertaining to maternal-fetal and newborn topics.

Some of the topics to be discussed during the event are tips on how to get pregnant; vaccines needed for expecting moms as well as their babies; exercise and proper nutrition for a healthy pregnancy; preconception tests and Breastfeeding Pearls Exercise. Other topics include skin care protection for women who are conceiving; importance of prenatals; and ways to safeguard against diseases like vaginal infection, UTI and STDs.

PAP President Dra. Belen Velasco notes the relevance of taking time to listen to the experts during the talks. She explains: “Our objective is simple yet powerful: to impart advices and traverse new ideas moms and expectant moms can use that will ultimately strengthen their maternal bond with their babies”.

For his part, PAP President Dr. Diosdado Mariano says “The Expo is an opportunity to analyze and seek solutions to existing issues pertaining to maternal-fetal and newborn areas in an engaging and fun way.”
The Mom and Baby Expo 2017 will also showcase pocket workshops, fun and informative activities, selling booths, food stalls and raffle prizes.

The Mom and Baby Expo 2017 will be held on April 21-23 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls 2 and 3. The three-day event is made possible by the PAP, in partnership with its trusted affiliates- the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecology Society (POGS), Philippine Pediatrics Society (PPS), Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine (PSNbM), Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines (MCNAP), and the Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines (IMAP).

For more details on the Mom and Baby Expo 2017, visit its official Facebook page or follow its official Twitter account @MomBabyExpoPH.


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