Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Have you ever experienced a day wherein nothing seems to go well, that no matter how you try to choose the right path, you keep making the wrong turn? Just like having a bad hair day, no matter how many times you comb your hair, it just would not budge.

Life can be challenging at times but there will always be a way to resolve these challenges and come out victorious. Having this in mind will be easy to keep your patience and continue to move forward. Just like losing strands of your hair due to factors beyond your control, you too can do something.

Eat healthy – Eating the right food can alter your mood. Having low-level of folic acid in your body can cause anxiety, hence, food such as asparagus, avocado, salmon, and almond are recommended to fight stress hormones.

Stay calm – Listen to comforting music and reading feel-good stories can help switch you to a calm mood.

Exercise – Exercise releases endorphins that can relieve you from stress and anxiety.

Supplement –Taking in Vitamins such as B-complex can alter mood swings.
Don’t let your stress factors contribute to your hair loss. Letting yourself succumb to anxiety will definitely show up to your follicles and this can lead to more hair loss. Hectic schedules and pressure from work, not to mention the pollution and filth outside easily make you feel unease and, at times, irritable. Slow down a bit, have fun and relax. There’s no better way to begin with your mane.

Tip 1:  The stroke of a comb can give you a soothing feeling while, at the same time, help unleash the natural oil of your hair.
Tip 2:  Stay away from getting pigtails, hair weaves, braids and tight hair rollers, which can pull and stress your hair.
Tip 3: Avoid perming, straightening or coloring because they contain toxic chemicals that could cause damage to your locks.
Tip 4: Choose natural. Use NOVUHAIR topical solution. Apply liberal amount on to your scalp and hair. Massage it gently for -10 minutes to help permeate deeply from root to tip. NOVUHAIR is packed with 19 natural ingredients that help promote growth, nourishment and rejuvenation of your tress.

NOVUHAIR is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. For more information, please contact hotlines 4136570 and 09228830575 from Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm or visit www.novuhair.com

Milk Magic, the milk brand that offers to fulfill every Filipino’s calcium needs, introduces its latest offering, ‘Fresh Milk from Australia’ which comes in a modern Tetra Brik® Aseptic Edge package from Tetra Pak. Under Consolidated Dairy and Frozen Food Corporation, Milk Magic has produced Full Cream, Low Fat and Chocolate Milk products for more than 15 years in the Philippines. With the launch of Milk Magic Fresh, they are expanding their current portfolio of milk products to give more choices to Filipino consumers.

Milk Magic Fresh comes in 2 carton sizes. It comes in a 1 liter TBA Edge with LightCap 30 ideal for in-home consumption by the family and in a 250 ml TBA Edge with HeliCap 23 for on-the-go consumption so that milk lovers can bring it anytime and anywhere. Both come in Tetra Brik® Aseptic Edge packaging which is the first time in the Philippines. Its modern shape comes with an angled top panel giving it an ‘edge’ design. Both also come with resealable caps allowing for smooth pouring and convenience so that consumers have a hassle-free drinking experience as they enjoy fresh-tasting milk from Australia. For inquiries, contact Consolidated Dairy at (02) 242-4305.

Every milestone deserves to be celebrated in grand fashion. On the occasion of the 13th anniversary of Wedding Essentials—the ultimate guide for the modern Filipina bride and the country’s fastest selling bridal magazine—and The Manila Hotel, the country’s premier five star hotel, brings to you another year of Tadhana.

The Grand Dame has been one of Manila’s go-to venues for luxe celebrations. From its opulent lobby to its festive ballrooms, and now Tadhana’s venue, The Manila Hotel’s Tent City – The perfect place for large events of up to 2,500 guests, from fashion shows to conventions and exhibits.

The 2-day event, featured wonderfully arranged tablescapes by The Manila Hotel, Natural Art, Scenta Creations, Joyce Aguilar, Gideon Hermosa, Michael Ruiz, Badang Rueda, Creasperson and Co., Spruce by Patricia Pastellero, Gina Galang, Teddy Manuel, and Zenas Pineda; along with creative booth setups by Nelwin Uy, Niceprint Photography, The Write Impression, Christine Ong-Te Events, Metrophoto, and Bethany Dream Cakes

One of the event’s highlight is the 35 cover reveals of 35 real couples featured in the latest issue of Wedding Essentials Magazine. The show ended with an array of bridal gowns from young designers—Khai Villanueva, Kat Corpus, Catherine Cavilte, Yeye Pantaleon, Raphael Louis Gonzalez, and Nat Manilag. While seasoned designer Pat Santos, made sure she ended the affair with sheer elegance.

“Tadhana is an event wherein we showcase exquisite Filipino talent and craftsmanship, from gowns, to table setups and food, Wedding Essentials and The Manila Hotel will always make sure to be here with you on your big day”, shares Kitten Zapata, Editor-in-Chief of Wedding Essentials Magazine.

The annual event was full of success with the help of its partners, The Manila Hotel, Manila Bulletin Online, Christine Ong-Te Events, Sensitivity Lights and Sound, 4th Wall Productions, The Write Impression, Pixel Image, Bernie Pasamba Orchestra, Teddy Manuel, Michael Ruiz, Gideon Hermosa, Vivere Salon, Randy Sta. Ana, Event Shaker, Audio Dream, Dragon Fireworks, Zbar, Panasonic, Delsey, Skyjet, Air21, Crate and Barrel, La Jeunesse, Limtuaco, Zen Institute, and Emperador.

To know more about the event and get easy wedding reads please visit www.weddingessentials.ph and follow @WeddingEssentialsMagazine on Facebook and @weddingessentialsph on Instagram.

Save the Children launches its new Christmas campaign #LahatSanta, giving everyone an exciting opportunity to become Santa to poor kids.
“In the Philippines, 1 in 3 children suffers from stunted growth due to hunger and malnutrition, and this means that they won’t be able to reach their full potential. Poor families struggle to feed their children and it’s estimated that 1.5 million Filipino children go to sleep hungry every night, not having eaten a thing all day,” says Dr. Amado Parawan, Save the Children’s Health and Nutrition Advisor.
Be a hero, wear a Santa sombrero!

Lahat Santa is a new fun way to celebrate Christmas! Save the Children encourages individuals, schools and companies to wear their Santa hats, raise funds in their own creative way and make the holidays much more meaningful by donating to Save the Children’s programs.
Upon signing up on www.lahatsanta.ph, participants get a free fundraising kit which includes a coin bank, Christmas poster, and a Santa hat. The kit includes ways you can fundraise, from bake sale to the good old Christmas caroling – it is up to the participants how they’ll spread the cheer.
On the day of action on December 15, Save the Children calls on participants to put on their Santa hats and shout out on social media how they are fundraising for Save the Children using hashtag #LahatSanta. The fun does not stop here. On December 17, a fun run will be organized to benefit Save the Children’s Christmas campaign.
Filipino artists and influencers such as Ria Atayde, Bianca Guidotti, Jeushl Wensh Tiu, and Trish Ramos have also expressed interest in the campaign. Many reputable companies have also come together to support Save the Children’s campaign, including BPI Foundation, Family Mart, Strong Media Advertising Solutions Inc., Light Network, Nyxsys, OLX, ANC, Business Mirror, Page One, Manila Scope, Philippine Graphic, Lamudi, Manila Times, Manila Bulletin, Manila Business Insight, Pilipino Mirror, Zen Health and When In Manila,
“With every Lahat Santa hat comes great responsibility. Your commitment to Lahat Santa campaign could mean life-saving support for a child. Your donation can provide treatment to babies suffering from malnutrition and help expand our programs that could impact their lives in the long run, Save the Children’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Riel Andaluz, reminds the public.
Steps to join #LahatSanta campaign:
• First SIGN UP on www.lahatsanta.ph to receive a free fundraising pack which includes your coin bank, Christmas poster, and your Santa hat for December 15! We've included some tips and ideas there too.
• PLAN your fundraising activity and gather your family and friends from work and school to help you out. Whether this is through a garage sale, good old caroling, selling artwork and doing Christmas dares. Because you are the Santa, we want you to be as creative as possible.
• SEND your donations to Save the Children. The sooner we receive it, the sooner we can put it to good use.
• WEAR your Santa hat on December 15 and have a shout out post or selfie using hashtag #LahatSanta selfie to show us how you are fundraising for children!

About Save the Children

Save the Children Philippines is part of the global Save the Children movement working in over 120 countries. Present in the country for over three decades, Save the Children delivers programs for Filipino children which gives them a better education and easier access to healthcare, supports them during emergencies while also educating communities on disaster preparedness.

Save the Children has been advocating for policies and holistic programs and projects for mothers, children and their families. We do this by training frontline health and nutrition workers on live-saving care for newborns and their mothers, promoting exclusive breastfeeding, managing community and school-based health and nutrition programs and promoting reproductive health to adolescents. Our work also includes making families more food secure and resilient, for example to natural disaster, by working with governments and other partners to generate alternative incomes and grow nutritious food.

Lahat Dapat is Save the Children’s biggest campaign yet against hunger and malnutrition. Save the Children believes that all children have the right to fair and equal access to nutritious food. We know that the rate of stunting of 33% is largely due to inequality of access to nutritious food, long periods of hunger and a lack of nutrition during the first 1,000 days. 

A new movie by Direk Chito S. Roño, known for horror flicks like "Feng Shui is going to hit theaters and will star Kim Chiu alongside the beautiful Alice Dixson who said that the project is a "dream come true" for her.

After a long hiatus, Alice Dixson has agreed to appear in this sure-hit movie. She answered some questions in a Bloggers conference held at wang Fu Bistro last October 29th.

The movie is about a poor woman (Kim Chiu) who was forced to marry a dead person in exchange for money. 

Her role in the movie

"I play the matchmaker. Isa po syang Fil-chinese. More chinese ang pagkabackground nya. We actually have a background story for her pero hindi pa naman pwede kwento ngayon kasi gusto namin magkaron ng part two based on Angie Lao."

Chinese accent

Alice was challenged and was surprised to know that she will be working with Director Chito Roño. "I was really really excited kasi I have to learn lines in Mandarin, I had to watch a lot of Chinese Movies para matuto ng accent ng Mandarin kasi marami palang klase there's Fookien, there's Cantonese, there's lots of different accents. May Singaporean Chinese, I have to get it right kasi yung mga Filipino Chinese dito mabubuking nila if you don't do it correctly, pinag-aralan ko yun."

Beauty tips

"Ang tips ko basically is stay happy, kasi if you're maraming problema all the time lagi mong dinadamdam it comes out in your face. Drink a lot of water because water is actually a cure-all for anything and everything. Exercise and also what you eat is what you are." she answered when asked about her secrets.

Ghost Bride is set for release in theaters on November 1st.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Synergy88 Digital Inc., is set to showcase and launch two of its newest mobile game application on a press conference during the E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) on October 28, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center Manila meeting rooms 2 and 3.

The two mobile games to be featured on the press conference are Barangay 143: Street League and Ang Panday mobile game.

The storyline of Barangay 143: Street League follows the story of how a young and inexperienced basketball hopeful named Joaquin “Wax” Rivera as he takes his first step into basketball greatness. In the game, he will be challenge by hardcore ballers as he tries to climb up the leagues. The game’s simple yet challenging touch mechanics allows the player to be engaged in a skill battle against other league aspirants.

In addition, Ang Panday mobile game explores the world of Panday as Flavio III (played by Coco Martin in the movie of the same title) in his journey towards becoming the Panday. It also serves as a way of bringing the classic Filipino hero to the mobile screens of the Filipinos and is conceptualized with the introduction of Coco Martin as the newest Panday. This mobile app is developed by CCM creatives in partnership with Cosyn Media Tech powered by Synergy88 Digital Inc,.

These two games will be available on the Google Play store soon. To stay updated on the latest updates about the games, like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/synergy88/ and follow us on Instagram: @synergy88digital

Friday, October 27, 2017

Moms are superheroes. They take care of you from the moment you were born until you can be independent. The first few years of life is the most crucial and keeping you free of sickness is on her checklist.

With the many roles moms have to play, keeping the family happy and healthy is always top priority. This becomes even more challenging when the rainy season ushers in even more diseases, but with the unpredictability of the weather nowadays, how can moms keep their families safe from illnesses all year round?

Mommy Mundo and the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV) has banded together to help address these concerns and educate mothers on proactive family prevention through "Mom Protect."

Recent health news on mosquito-borne diseases like Dengue and Japanese encephalitis, as well as highly-communicable ones like flu sound scary if they aren’t very familiar with ways to prevent them. But with the right knowledge and partners with the same goal, moms can rise shoulder to shoulder in protecting families against these vaccine-preventable illnesses.

“Mom Protect” highlights the importance of awareness of and access to new and better health prevention methods as family health and wellbeing is any mom's top priority.

"We've seen the effect misinformation can have on mothers like in the recent Japanese encephalitis outbreak scare," said Dr. Cecilia Montalban, President of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination. "By leading moms to helpful, effective, and efficient solutions against vaccine-preventable diseases, we'll be empowering them to live worry-free through proactive protection and prevention."

A proactive approach against unpredictable foes

The government has consistently emphasized the importance of vector control to stay vigilant and be prepared against diseases, especially those that are mosquito-borne this rainy season. Though the practice has helped communities prevent outbreaks, Dr. Montalban urges moms to take a more proactive approach when it comes to family.

"Prevention is always better than cure, especially if cure is not always available," Dr. Montalban said. “Advances in medical science have given us highly effective ways to avoid the pain and costs of diseases through vaccination."

Proactive prevention constitutes a three-pronged strategy: Awareness, Diligent practice, and Sharing.

First, moms are encouraged to become actively aware and alert by reaching out to their doctors to know more about prevention methods they can do or apply at home. This is also to ensure that they are thoroughly updated on new medical developments that might be of help in the future.

After, diligent practice of learnings received—even when children are past toddler-age—is recommended as consistency is key in building and fortifying family health and resiliency.

Finally, passing accurate information forward to other mothers is important. Dr. Montalban encourages moms to join communities online to connect with people who share the same experience and those who have successfully combatted these illnesses.

Standing together

Through the Mom Protect discussion, Mommy Mundo and the PFV aspire to give Filipino families peace of mind amid public health concerns by thorough preparation together.

"We are hopeful that with our unified and strengthened resolve as mothers to quell worries with this forum, our families can live healthy and confidently no matter what the season."

"With the information and resources already available to us moms, we know casualties of any of these diseases will lessen and lessen until there are none at all," Dr. Montalban added.

Filipinos are less happy in the workplace – JobStreet.com Correspondents said salary increase, getting a new job will make them happier in 6 months

MANILA, October 25, 2017 – The Philippines’ job satisfaction level dropped from 5.25 in 2016 to its current rating of 4.97 on a 10-point scale. According to JobStreet.com’s 2017 Job Happiness Index, the key factors associated with unhappiness at work are lack of career development and training opportunities, as well as the management style of a company’s leadership team.   

JobStreet.com surveyed 9,326 Philippine respondents from July 31 to August 31, 2017. The respondents were from different position levels (predominantly junior executives and supervisors) and represented a diverse mix of specializations. Fiftysix percent of respondents came from the National Capital Region, 12% from Southern Tagalog, 7% from overseas, 6% from Central Luzon, and 5% from Cebu City/Province.    
“More and more Filipinos are looking for career development. They want to move forward in their chosen fields, but the lack of career development and training opportunities in their current companies seem to hold them back,” jobStreet.com Country Manager Philip Gioca said.    

When respondents were asked what will make them happier in the next six months, 33% said a salary increase would help, but 23% wish to resign and get a new job.   

Colleagues and work location make Filipinos happy at work  
The respondents who said they were happy cited colleagues, work location, and company reputation as the top three drivers of workplace satisfaction. This is largely true across all demographics.   

Baby Boomers are the happiest   
According to the study, in terms of generations, baby boomers, or those born before 1960, are the happiest at 5.63, followed by the those belonging to Generation Z at 5.10.   
The same can be said in terms of position level, where the top executives or the more established segment of the workforce, which are expectedly populated by the baby boomers, as well as the Fresh Graduates, have the highest happiness score.   
Generation Xers barely managed to score above neutral at 5, while millennials, who compose the majority of workplaces, are below neutral with an average of 4.9.    
“The results of this study serve as a wake-up call for companies who wonder why there is such a high turnover rate. Career development, training opportunities, and the management style of the company’s leadership team are just some of the reasons why many Filipinos are unhappy in the workplace. It would be best if managers can get to the heart of why this is happening as each company’s DNA is unique,” Gioca added.   
The 2017 Job Happiness Index was conducted in Southeast Asia, with a sample size of 35,513. Job satisfaction is highest in Indonesia (5.27), followed by Vietnam (5.19), the Philippines (4.97), Malaysia (4.65), Thailand (4.55), Hong Kong (4.45), and Singapore (4.31).  
For more information about JobStreet.com and the 2017 Job Happiness Index, please visit the website at http://wwww.jobstreet.com.ph. 

Elisse Joson is constantly smiling nowadays. This is despite the fact that she has roles in both The Good Son and Panday, along with the MMFF entry film version of the latter. She’s also gearing up to launch her new album soon. Here, she talks about all that she’s juggling and how she keeps everything balanced.

On her acting career:
“For The Good Son, I play the character, Sabina, who is an only child. She’s from a well-off family, but not your typical rich girl. For Ang Panday, my character’s name is Wena. She’s the complete opposite of Sabina. Hindi mayaman, kabilang ng isang malaking pamilya.”

On how she prepares for these roles:
“I had to get my background story straight for each of the characters. Kailangan alam ko kung ano ang pinanggalingan nila. I read the script and memorize my lines before I even go on set para ready.”

On her first Metro Manila Film Fest movie:
“I feel very honored to be part of a big film like Ang Panday. And to be part of the MMFF, it is something surreal. I know I’m very blessed.”

On her singing career:
“I’ve always enjoyed singing ever since I was little. But when I was much younger, I was also very shy. Now I’m so happy because I get to do something I love and even record an album. I can’t really talk about it right now since we’re still in the middle of production. But I took a lot of inspiration from mine and Mccoy’s [de Leon] journey as partners. The song ‘If We Fall in Love’ is in the album, and it’s my favorite one so far.”
Elisse on keeping pretty and fresh_photo

On what she does when she has time off:
“I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I’m an only child so I really like reaching out to the people I’m close to so we could spend time. But I also like to just relax at home by myself and watch series online, and sometimes play dress up and take photos!”

On advice she would give her younger self:
“Be brave. Stop listening to your fears and doubts. Just step out and do it. Also, don’t fall [in love] too fast!”

On challenges that still excite her:
“I know I’m so blessed to do what I’m doing now. I would like to just keep being given opportunities to share my gifts and eventually really reach out to those who are less fortunate. I really believe in giving back.”

On how she keeps pretty and fresh despite her busy schedule:
“I know it might seem like a small thing, but scents are really important to me. So I’m very happy that Fiona Cologne is with me all the time. I love how I can go for something sweet like Fiona Cologne Rosy Red, and switch it up the next day with something fresh, like I just came out of the shower with Fiona Cologne Pretty Mist. I’m also in love with Raspberry Drops! It smells so yummy. I really have a hard time choosing, to be honest,” Elisse laughingly shares.

A busy schedule filled with shooting and recording days do not seem to faze Elisse. Fiona Cologne, with its charming and attractive scents, brings out the fun and beautiful in everyone and will naturally make its wearer shine in the spotlight. Girls can now be effortlessly confident just like Elisse.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Taking care of our health by eating nutritious and natural food is a big step towards a longer life. Enough sleep and exercise also counts, but there is something more to it. Whatever we do, we still get sick.

 You know the interesting fact about all these diseases? INSUFFICIENT NUTRITION causes them all; this means that the nutrients people eat are NOT reaching the cellular level of the individuals. WHY NOT? It is because of LACK OF ADEQUATE AMOUNTS OF HIGH QUALITY PRO15 PROBIOTICS

PRO15 PROBIOTICS is a product that will help prevent at least 85% of all the diseases known to man, a product that will help you restore your and your loved ones' OPTIMAL HEALTH.

There are only a few manufacturers and distributors of probiotics GLOBALLY, why? The answer is again, simple, Probiotics die easily, and once dead probiotics are NOT beneficial to the person drinking it. They have to be LIVE when they reach the small and large intestines and they have to be in ADEQUATE amounts.

Such are the characteristics of PRO15 PROBIOTICS!!! 

1. Manufactured by a Double ISO Certified Company exclusively for Cognoa International Inc. 
2. Patented Double Microencapsulation Technology - to ensure that all of the 15 Strains of Pro15 survives the Stomach Acids and Bile Salts, making its way to our Small and Large Intestines where they will colonize and proliferate. 
3. Human Origin- Our Probiotic Culture are not from Plants or Animals but from Humans. Probiotics from Humans for Humans. 
4. Endorsed, Prescribed and used by more than 300 doctors nationwide. 

Follow PRO15 Probiotics on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pro15OfficialPage/

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Manila, Philippines -- The print industry has proven itself as still alive and thriving in the age of disruption as the United Print Media Group held the 6th Philippine Tinta awards tonight at the Manila Hotel.

The annual award-giving event accepted a record-breaking 300 entries this year-the most number of entries in the award event's history.  The different nominees vied for seven categories which include Best Print/Magazine Advertising (Consumer and Public Service), Best Interactive Print Campaign, Best Special Print Media Execution, Best Online Advertising Campaign and two new categories: Best Magazine and Newspaper layout and design, and Best Special Supplements.

In addition to the competition categories, prizes were also given away for Best Copy, Best Art Direction, Best Typography, Best Illustration, Best Digital Imaging/Retouching, and Best Photography.

For Newspaper/Magazine Craft, awards for Best Overall Newspaper/Magazine Design, Best Newspaper/Magazine Supplement Design, Newspaper Sections/Feature Design, Best Magazine Section/Feature Design, Best Photography and Best Illustration/Infographic were also given away.

The entries were judged by renowned personalities in the creative business headed by jury president McCann Worldgroup Philippines executive creative director Joe Dy, together with IdeasXMachina CEO Third Domingo, TBWA/SMP Executive Director Bryan Siy, PHD Philippines general manager Mickey de Castro, OgilvyOne WorldWide Manila executive creative directro Mike Sicam, Nuworks Interactive Lab, Inc. executive director Joey David-Tiempo, Partner of Gigil Badong Abesamis Publicis JimenezBasic creative group head&head of design Alnair Langkay and Ace Saatchi & Saatchi executive creative director Greg Martin.

Angel Guerrero, this year's award chairperson and publisher of Adobo Magazine, lauded the record number of entries in this year's awards. She said that this record indicates that the print industry is still a compelling and flourish medium of communication in a global media industry that is significantly disrupted and shaped by increasing digitization in the industry.

Likewise, United Print Media Group president Barbie Atienza echoed Guerrero's optimism about the industry, and noted that the record number of entries in the 6th Tinta awards is a sign that publishers and print media firms are further pushing the envelope for creativity because of the digital disruption -- a phenomenon that is good and beneficial for the industry.

As the awards event concluded tonight, the creativity, resourcefulness and industry unity that it fostered and encourage are all clear indications that print is here to stay.

Monday, October 23, 2017

MAKATI, Philippines, October 10 2017 -- Acceler8 was a mere idea for the four founders, Mikko Barranda, Carlo Coronel, Bryant Cuison and Albert Goh. They envisioned building and managing a space where like-minded individuals could easily discuss and work together. Inspired and driven towards this vision, the founders got together and turned their ideas into a reality. Today, Acceler8 has over a thousand community members, two amazing spaces and one growing team with the passion to keep the community #hustling everyday.

Finman Centre Office in Salcedo

111 Paseo De Roxas Building Office in Legaspi

Two Branches in Two Years

Less than a year after they opened their first branch in Salcedo Village, the Acceler8 team welcomed new members to a larger, more versatile space in 111 Paseo de Roxas Building, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Their services include coworking membership plans, dedicated desks, and serviced office suites. Acceler8 also provides virtual office for those who simply need a business address and not a physical office. For seminars and gatherings, they also have event spaces and conference rooms they rent out.

Space Operator

Early this year, the Acceler8 team has reached another milestone. Ayala Land Offices, one of the biggest real estate developers in the country, has engaged Acceler8 exclusively to operate their first coworking space called Clock in located at the Makati Stock Exchange in Ayala Avenue. In just two months, Acceler8 was able to fill up the center and achieve full occupancy. Ayala Land is looking to grow and expand Clock in with Acceler8 on its side.

From Local to Global

Acceler8 has launched its partnership with serviced office provider vOffice. All Acceler8 members
are given privileged access to all vOffice’s conference rooms, meeting rooms and business lounges – other than local branches in Makati and BGC, members also get a passport access to vOffice’s branches across Asia (China, Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Turkey), Australia, and the United Kingdom. Acceler8 is proud to be the only coworking provider in the Philippines that has reach across South East Asia.

Acceler8 Turns 2!

A company that was founded through connections and further grew through its partnerships, Acceler8 celebrates its second year anniversary with a community festival that recognizes the #RealConnections it has made throughout the years. On the 19th of October, Acceler8 will be opening its doors to the public at their 111 Paseo de Roxas branch.

The event is set to let their guests experience and network with the Acceler8 community. It will begin with the community fair at 9:00 AM showcasing partner and member exhibitors, workshops, demos, games, live performances, great grub, and drinks. At 7:00 PM, there will be a talk entitled Growing Your Business Through Real Connections featuring industry thought leaders such as RJ Ledesma of Mercato Centrale, Amor Maclang of GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, and Mikko Barranda of Acceler8. Afterwards, they will throw their trademark Happy Hour over socials and networking to end a day full of celebration and collaboration.

An idea is nothing until acted upon. This holds true as the dreams and visions the co-founders once had are now a reality. There will definitely be a lot more to look forward to at Acceler8. Seeing what they’ve accomplished in just two years is proof that this local start-up is set to conquer more cities- both locally and internationally, in the upcoming years.

Acceler8 has locations at:

7/f Finman Center, 131 Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
UB 111 Paseo de Roxas Building, Legaspi Village, Makati City
Call 917-8118 or email connect@acceler8.ph for more info.

Follow Acceler8 on
Instagram: @acceler8ph with the hashtag, #acceler8ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com/acceler8.ph


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