Restore Your Health With Pro15 Probiotics

Taking care of our health by eating nutritious and natural food is a big step towards a longer life. Enough sleep and exercise also counts, but there is something more to it. Whatever we do, we still get sick.

 You know the interesting fact about all these diseases? INSUFFICIENT NUTRITION causes them all; this means that the nutrients people eat are NOT reaching the cellular level of the individuals. WHY NOT? It is because of LACK OF ADEQUATE AMOUNTS OF HIGH QUALITY PRO15 PROBIOTICS

PRO15 PROBIOTICS is a product that will help prevent at least 85% of all the diseases known to man, a product that will help you restore your and your loved ones' OPTIMAL HEALTH.

There are only a few manufacturers and distributors of probiotics GLOBALLY, why? The answer is again, simple, Probiotics die easily, and once dead probiotics are NOT beneficial to the person drinking it. They have to be LIVE when they reach the small and large intestines and they have to be in ADEQUATE amounts.

Such are the characteristics of PRO15 PROBIOTICS!!! 

1. Manufactured by a Double ISO Certified Company exclusively for Cognoa International Inc. 
2. Patented Double Microencapsulation Technology - to ensure that all of the 15 Strains of Pro15 survives the Stomach Acids and Bile Salts, making its way to our Small and Large Intestines where they will colonize and proliferate. 
3. Human Origin- Our Probiotic Culture are not from Plants or Animals but from Humans. Probiotics from Humans for Humans. 
4. Endorsed, Prescribed and used by more than 300 doctors nationwide. 

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