Starting them young: how to chart and achieve your ambitions at an early age

We all have dreams and ambitions in life. Some have more modest aspirations; others dream bigger and aim higher. But one thing’s for sure, it’s never too early to start planning – and preparing — to achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they are.

Two young and very successful individuals know this to be true: Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, founder of social enterprise Rags2Riches, and Gian Javelona, CEO of Orange Apps, participated recently in a panel discussion organized by AXA Philippines, the leading global insurer. The two entrepreneurs shared their own personal stories of success and achievement, the paths they took to get to where they are right now.

Don’t underestimate the little things,” says Ruiz, who started as an assistant to her missionary mom. It also pays, she says, to have faith and endurance to be able to face the challenges that
are sure to come. “You really have to plan and invest for the long term.”

Even before she founded Rags2Riches some nine years ago, Ruiz knew she wanted to provide opportunities for others, “to make an impact in the country and world.”

Javelona wanted to build something useful and to prove that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. ”I really wanted to give hope and provide jobs,” he says of his company OrangeApps, a mobile app for schools. At the same time, he wondered why there isn’t a tech company in the Philippines. He set out to fill the void.

Both Ruiz and Javelona, whose experiences provide valuable lessons to aspiring entrepreneurs, believe that “you don’t put your eggs in one basket,” or you don’t spend all your money in one go and in one place, and that “the sooner you start, the faster you learn.”

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