Elisse on keeping pretty and fresh

Elisse Joson is constantly smiling nowadays. This is despite the fact that she has roles in both The Good Son and Panday, along with the MMFF entry film version of the latter. She’s also gearing up to launch her new album soon. Here, she talks about all that she’s juggling and how she keeps everything balanced.

On her acting career:
“For The Good Son, I play the character, Sabina, who is an only child. She’s from a well-off family, but not your typical rich girl. For Ang Panday, my character’s name is Wena. She’s the complete opposite of Sabina. Hindi mayaman, kabilang ng isang malaking pamilya.”

On how she prepares for these roles:
“I had to get my background story straight for each of the characters. Kailangan alam ko kung ano ang pinanggalingan nila. I read the script and memorize my lines before I even go on set para ready.”

On her first Metro Manila Film Fest movie:
“I feel very honored to be part of a big film like Ang Panday. And to be part of the MMFF, it is something surreal. I know I’m very blessed.”

On her singing career:
“I’ve always enjoyed singing ever since I was little. But when I was much younger, I was also very shy. Now I’m so happy because I get to do something I love and even record an album. I can’t really talk about it right now since we’re still in the middle of production. But I took a lot of inspiration from mine and Mccoy’s [de Leon] journey as partners. The song ‘If We Fall in Love’ is in the album, and it’s my favorite one so far.”
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On what she does when she has time off:
“I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I’m an only child so I really like reaching out to the people I’m close to so we could spend time. But I also like to just relax at home by myself and watch series online, and sometimes play dress up and take photos!”

On advice she would give her younger self:
“Be brave. Stop listening to your fears and doubts. Just step out and do it. Also, don’t fall [in love] too fast!”

On challenges that still excite her:
“I know I’m so blessed to do what I’m doing now. I would like to just keep being given opportunities to share my gifts and eventually really reach out to those who are less fortunate. I really believe in giving back.”

On how she keeps pretty and fresh despite her busy schedule:
“I know it might seem like a small thing, but scents are really important to me. So I’m very happy that Fiona Cologne is with me all the time. I love how I can go for something sweet like Fiona Cologne Rosy Red, and switch it up the next day with something fresh, like I just came out of the shower with Fiona Cologne Pretty Mist. I’m also in love with Raspberry Drops! It smells so yummy. I really have a hard time choosing, to be honest,” Elisse laughingly shares.

A busy schedule filled with shooting and recording days do not seem to faze Elisse. Fiona Cologne, with its charming and attractive scents, brings out the fun and beautiful in everyone and will naturally make its wearer shine in the spotlight. Girls can now be effortlessly confident just like Elisse.

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