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Liza takes on the TechnoMarine “What’s In A Box” Challenge

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Ever so game, Liza Soberano takes on the TechnoMarine ‘What’s in the box’ challenge that has become a viral hit! See how Liza, sporting her favourite TechnoMarine watch, the perfect partner at work or play, takes on creepy and other freaky stuff without fear and hesitation. Click on the link to watch the vids that has taken social media by storm!

TechnoMarine timepieces encourage a change of attitude with their infusion of a carefree coastal resort spirit and water-inspired elements. A bright mix of colors and premium components let urban souls dream international destinations while sporting watches from innovative designers who are enthusiastic about every concept.

TechnoMarine can be found in Greenbelt 3, Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Magnolia, Shangri-La Plaza, SM City Cebu, SM Lanang Premier Davao, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, TriNoma, and Uptown Mall.

Miss Earth Brazil Sayonara Veras extends stay in the Philippines

BATANGAS, Philippines – Miss Earth Brazil Sayonara Veras extended her stay in the Philippines citing warmth and remarkable hospitality as primary reasons. With only 3 days left in the country, she visits Playa Calatagan in Batangas. She made a courtesy call to the management of Landco Pacific Corporation where she was greeted by CEO and President Maria Cristina M. Zuluaga, Managing Director Erickson Manzano, and Vice President Gerard Marcelo.

“I really like the Philippines, this is like my second home already. I am really looking forward to come back. I really love the food and the people are so nice—very warm and welcoming. The hospitality is amazing,” said Veras.

Prior to her visit to Calatagan, Batangas, Veras and her boyfriend Thiago Soares also stayed in El Nido, Palawan right after the Miss Earth pageant that was held in Manila. The 25-year old model will be flying back to her hometown in Olinda, Brazil on Saturday, November 17.

Building a Brighter Future with Canvas

Students engage in transnational collaboration to save the environment 
The world is getting smaller and smaller every day. In the age of social media and rapid advancements in digital communications, a new generation of students is growing up conscious of their connection with everybody else in the world. Reaching across geographical borders through the internet is now the way of life for most of the world, and we are already seeing advantages and disadvantages of living in a digital age.

The people behind Instructure saw an opportunity to build a learning platform that would make teaching and learning easier in today’s global village. They made Canvas, an open-source software and the only true native cloud learning management system (LMS). To further demonstrate the ways Canvas could empower students all over the globe to “change the world,” Instructure launched the very first “K12 Buddy System.”

The K12 Buddy System is a cross border project that demonstrates what can be achieved in a truly global classroom and a collaborative learning environment. Forty-five students, aged 15-16 years old, from De La Salle Lipa in the Philippines and Callaghan College in NSW, Australia were given a problem to work on together for eight weeks, from August 20 to October 24, using Canvas under the supervision of selected teachers. The problem they needed to solve is “The Culture of Throwaway Plastics.”

Despite living in two different continents and time zones, plastic pollution is a shared concern. The students, working in groups of four — two students representing each school — came up with three solutions to persuade people, businesses or the council in their local area to reduce their reliance on single use plastic. These solutions must be actionable, practical, and solve a specific problem concerning single use plastics. All actions must be backed up by research and strong rationale.

The top 10 submissions proceeded to the final round on October 24 where the teams presented their strongest solution to the judges from both the Philippines and Australia using a Canvas classroom in real time through video conference. The judges include Troy Martin, General Manager, APAC; the principals and project lead teachers from both De La Salle Lipa and Callaghan College; and Raf Dionisio a social and environmental entrepreneur and co-founder of The Plastics Solution volunteer movement.

The third place winner is Team Wallsend DLSL 6 composed of Olivia Staub, Jose Miguel S. Villegas, Edward Augustine O Tullao, Danya Best, and Isha Prasad. The team proposed a stricter implementation of zero-plastic policies by creating a watch group called “Guardians of the Plastic Bag.” The group will encourage people to use alternatives to the single-use plastic bag such as “bayong” which is a durable reusable shopping bag, beeswax wraps, newspapers, and banana leaves. Incentives will be offered to encourage more people to join the program.

Team Wallsend DLSL 8 with Keely Harris, Kim D. Ditan, Josh Aldrich P. De Villa, Olivia Beck, and Chloe Speering won second place with their proposal for an alternate material to plastic: Seaweed Bioplastic. It is a bioplastic that is a completely and easily biodegradable plastic with an environmentally friendly production process. Seaweed bioplastic is versatile and is already being produced in Indonesia has been proven to be both sustainable and profitable.

The first place winner is Team Waratah DLSL 2 made up of Danielle Lei R. Araez and Jesse A. Candelario. Their presentation to create eco bricks with single-use plastic waste won over the judges and the competition. Eco-bricks are plastic bottles stuffed solid with non-biodegradable waste to create building blocks that utilizes the longevity and durability of plastic. They seek to inspire local communities and institutions to see their trash as something that could be literally constructive. Eco bricks have been proven to be cheaper and safer than hollow blocks. Team Waratah has even included in their presentation solid and actionable plans to get schools and communities mobilized to realize their goals.

“The K12 Buddy System opens up a whole new horizon for learning for both students and teachers,” said Troy Martin. “And this is just the beginning! We hope to do more projects like this that pushes the boundaries of conventional education and encourages learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.”

Cross-cultural, transnational collaboration takes getting used to, but the students, through the competition, learned that with a shared goal, they can come up with ways that they could change the world. Canvas easily bridges the divide between the students living in different sides of the world through technology. Students are learning, as one teacher had put it, to be “locally competent and globally competitive,” and the world is all the more better for it.

Start your fitness journey at Fitness Revolution!

Invite your friends and head on to the ABS-CBN Vertis Tent at Ayala Malls Vertis North, Quezon City on November 16, 17 and 18 to have a weekend of fun and excitement at Fitness Revolution Health & Wellness Expo.

Fitness Revolution is a gathering of the entire fitness community led by our country’s top gyms such as Fitness First, Anytime Fitness, etc. These gyms will be facilitating group classes to the public for free during the 3-day expo. On top of that, they will also be handing out vouchers and amazing deals on club memberships.

The fitness industry is truly tight and competitive. With that said, my team and I created Fitness Revolution to foster camaraderie and support with the end goal of promoting the concept of “health and fitness as an investment” rather than expense,” said Nesh Zamora, creator of Fitness Revolution.

It will be an interactive weekend filled with free activities to highlight and promote various classes offered by our participating gyms. There are lots of activities to choose from such as zumba, cage fitness, HIIT, parkour fitness, belly dance, pound rockout workout, body combat, women’s self defense, circuit training, and many more.

Fitness Revolution will also be the host of major activities such as Archery Attack, indoor obstacle course, and workshops on striking protocol, poi, pole and aerial arts.

This expo will also have our leading fitness brands such as McDavid, Reebok, Roxy, Quiksilver, among others, to sell products and merchandise with huge discounts.

Entrance fee is P200 only. You will get a lot out of your money at Fitness Revolution granting that a per session walk-in rate on gyms would usually cost around P500 to P700. Aside from achieving your health goals in one weekend, you also get to shop for loved ones there if you’re looking to avoid the holiday rush,” added Zamora.

Every ticket purchase will include a discount stub for Intersport Philippines. You can purchase your favorite brands such as Nike, Adidas and Asics at discounts up to 20%.

Follow Fitness Revolution on Facebook and Instagram to watch out for promotions, freebies and contests. For exhibition and sponsorship, please contact 0917-890-0757.

Schedule of free activities:


11:00 - 12:00

12:00 - 1:00

1:00 - 2:00

2:00 - 3:00
ZUMBA (Reebok)

3:00 - 4:00

4:00 - 5:00

5:00 - 6:00

6:00 - 7:00

7:00 - 8:00

There will also be paid workshops on poi, striking protocol, pole and aerial arts.

Health & Wellness Expo
November 16, 17 & 18, 2018
ABS-CBN Vertis Tent
Ayala Malls Vertis North, Quezon City
(Beside Trinoma Mall)

Filinvest City spreads holiday cheer with weekend concerts

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Filinvest City, the premier lifestyle destination in the Metro South, spreads holiday cheer with “Christmas Comes Alive,” its extraordinary holiday celebration this 2018.

With “Christmas Comes Alive,” Filinvest City residents and employees as well as guests from other parts of the metro can catch a line-up of exciting activities and entertainment starting November 17, 7 p.m., at the Spectrum Linear Park.
BP Valenzuela
Taking this year’s festivities up a notch are weekend performances from local favorites: indie electro-pop artist BP Valenzuela on November 17, solo folk project I Belong to the Zoo on November 24, indie rock band December Avenue on December 1, pop band Autotelic on December 8, singer and rapper Quest on December 15, rock legend Rivermaya on December 22, and indie folk band The Ransom Collective on December 29. Goers will also be treated to a special performance by rising electronic DJ Wicked Adobo. Ending each performance on a high note is a grand fireworks display.
December Avenue

Also keeping the holiday mood extra-festive is Filinvest City’s Christmas wonderland, which will allow city dwellers to experience the Christmas of their dreams with one-of-a-kind outdoor installations at the Spectrum Linear Park. Open to everyone, near or far, are four themed sections: the “Christmas Tree” featuring a giant holiday staple, the “Once Upon A Christmas Dream” that has life-sized Christmas displays, the “Aboard the Christmas Train” that will take you to a trip down memory lane with colorful lights and holiday music, and the “Up, Up, and Away” that lets you enjoy a large hot air balloon, evoking a feeling of wonder and utmost excitement. This Christmas spectacle can be enjoyed starting November 16 until December 31.
I belong to the zoo

What’s more, friends and families can bond over good food offered at the weekend bazaar, together with a wide variety of gift ideas.

This holiday season, Christmas truly comes alive at Filinvest City! For more information on its holiday activities and events, visit

OLX Philippines reveals vehicle types with the best resale value

Is a vehicle’s resale value one of your considerations before purchasing a car? If it is, your best bet is a pickup truck, according to data released by the world’s leading classifieds platform, OLX. Vehicles in this particular classification, on average, take about 9 years to lose 50 percent of their suggested retail price (SRP).

Based on a sampling from OLX’s secondhand car listings in the country from August 2017 to August 2018, the extensive data comprises the top 11 automotive brands based on 2017 sales volume. On average, it takes 5.10 years for a vehicle’s SRP to get slashed to half, according to this sampling. Pickup trucks, multipurpose vehicles (MPVs), and vans, however, performed above average and take more time before they lose 50 percent of their value.

“A number of factors affect the pickup truck’s robust resale value,” says Manuel Roman, OLX Philippines’ Head of Cars. “The versatility and reliability of pickups make them desirable vehicles. In the brand-new vehicle market, light commercial vehicles--one of which is the pickup truck--are popular choices among consumers. In the secondhand market, the demand for pickups remains high. Without an oversupply in the market, they keep their value well.”

Meanwhile, car buyers looking for seven-seaters should consider including MPVs on their shortlist if they want a vehicle that doesn’t depreciate fast. Compared to sport utility vehicles (SUVs), MPVs keep their value longer: It takes 7.06 years on average before they lose half of their SRPs. SUVs, on the other hand, slash their value by 50 percent after 5.04 years. The infographic below shows the average number of years it takes before a particular vehicle classification loses 50 percent of its SRP.

The OLX data shows that on average, three-year-old vehicles retain 62 percent of their SRPs. When automobiles reach their fifth year, they keep 52 percent of their value. On the 10th year, the vehicle’s value becomes 33 percent of its SRP.

OLX Philippines’ analysis of the data found that Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles do not depreciate as fast as other brands. It takes Mitsubishi and Isuzu vehicles an average of 6.03 years before their price reach 50 percent of their SRP. Nissan-badged vehicles take 6.02 years before they lose half t of their value, while Toyota cars take 5.89 years.

It is important to note that just because a particular brand cuts its SRP by 50 percent earlier than average doesn’t mean it’s a substandard one. One of the factors that can affect a car’s depreciation is demand. The desire for vehicles bearing the badge may not just be as high as the other brands. In addition, o wners of these vehicles may be keeping their cars longer and sell only when the cars are older. Hence, the listings under these brands have relatively lower value compared to other marques.

OLX Philippines connects millions of Filipinos to buy and sell brand-new and used items, including automobiles and motorcycles, via their mobile phones or the web. Every month, around 45,000 vehicle listings are posted on the OLX platform. More than 1.4 million users log in to OLX monthly to check out the cars available or to post one for sale.

OPPO transforms smartphone portfolio with premium, trailblazing R17 Pro

Monday, November 12, 2018

MANILA, November 12, 2018 – As consumers’ expectations on smartphone continue to rapidly grow in a digitally savvy world, global technology innovator OPPO paves the way for new and advanced technologies with the launch of the premium R17 Pro.

Ranked number 1 in the Philippines in Q3 of 2018 with 20 percent market share, OPPO is steadily upgrading its brand image, and the R17 Pro highly benefits the brand from a product perspective. The R17 Pro positions OPPO as a brand which combines artistic design and innovative technology to engage the ambitious and energetic working millennials.

“The OPPO R17 Pro serves as our deep thrust in the high-end smartphone industry, satisfying varied market needs. It is a result of our understanding of what consumers look for in a premium, competitive, and cutting-edge smartphone,” said Zen Han, OPPO Philippines VP for Channel Sales. “Filipinos would invest in a smartphone with an attractive design, top-quality camera, and powerful battery and hardware. The R17 Pro, priced at only PHP 38,990.00, was meticulously crafted to make the investment worth their while.”

The R17 Pro packages together a unique gradient design, SuperVOOC technology to charge your phone up to 40 percent in only 10 minutes, and top-notch camera features for exceptional photography even at night. After OPPO had already launched its premium Find X model earlier this year, highlighting its Panoramic Arc Screen, 3D Stealth Camera, and SuperVOOC, the R17 Pro establishes OPPO’s devotion to strengthen and diversify the premium smartphone industry even further by offering a variety of features for a more widespread market.

“We are pleased to present this new device to Filipinos, as it also signifies OPPO’s transformation as a brand, penetrating the bigger aspirational community,” Han added.

The R17 Pro will be available in selected OPPO stores nationwide, Home Credit via 9-month instalment at 0% interest, Globe Plan 2499, BDO credit card via 24-month instalment at 0% interest with free Bluetooth earphones. Pre-orders will run from November 8-23, 2018.

Today, OPPO provides excellent user experience in more than 30 countries for over 200 million young people worldwide. In the Philippines, OPPO continues offering its advantageous mid-range models from the A Series to the F Series, and now fully expands the high-end powerhouses from the Find Series to the R Series. OPPO adheres to its brand philosophy of combining design and technology to benefit the diverse, digitally driven Filipinos.