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A Newbie Cupid's Guide To Matchmaking

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Reality TV show First Dates reveals the ins and outs of matching potential lovebirds

We all have that one datable colleague who seems to be the perfect match to that single, lovelorn friend from college. Playing the matchmaker sounds like harmless fun, but setting them up without knowing what they want in a partner, or whether they have anything in common, might just put them in an awkward situation that you unwittingly helped make.

Without practice and experience, you might end up with more misses than hits that could have terrible consequences on your friendships. It would help to pick up a few tips from the pros, like maître d’ Fred Sirieix and his crew on Blue Ant Entertainment’s British reality show First Dates. Not only do they give romantic hopefuls a chance at love over cocktails and dinner, they also pair people based on their personality and what they’re looking for in a partner.

So don’t let the excitement of romance get ahead of you. Before letting loose Cupid’s proverbial arrows, there are a few basic things to keep in mind that will up your chances of successfully matching singletons in your circles, or at least convince them to go on a date without risking your friendships with them.

Are they interested?

You might think it’s sweet to set single friends up behind their backs. NEWSFLASH: Not all singles are unhappy being single! They may not even be ready to date, so your “sweet gesture” might just turn against you. If you think two of your friends might work out as a couple, best to ask them first if they’re interested in dating.

No two singles are alike

Singlehood won’t automatically match two people. Find out what your single friends are after in a date, like personality, hobbies, or career, so you know who among them are compatible. Be detailed. Don’t just tell them you know someone who looks great and is looking for a relationship. Still, be ready with a few pictures—with consent, of course.

Movie vs. coffee date

You wouldn’t want the first date in the movies where your potential lovebirds will end up glued to the big screen and not talking to each other. Encourage conversation by having them meet in a cozy café or a hip but family-friendly restaurant. Just avoid locations that are too “off the beaten path” so they don’t feel trapped or forced into a romantic situation.

Want more tips on matchmaking? Catch First Dates every Tuesday at 8:50PM (7:50PM JKT/BKK), first and exclusive on Blue Ant Entertainment. Blue Ant Entertainment is available on SKYcable channels 53 (SD) and 196 (HD), SKYdirect channel 35, Destiny Cable channel 53, and Cablelink channels 37 (SD) and 313 (HD).

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Mom on the Move: Catching Up with Fashion Mom, Rina Santos

Friday, August 17, 2018
MANILA, Philippines – Mom, blogger, entrepreneur, and fashion icon. These are some of the words people have used to describe Rina Santos. In the last few years, Santos has become a prolific figure on social media due to her aesthetic style and her adventures with daughter, Rafa. This August, Melissa Shoes recognizes this power mom as a #MeInMelissa Style Maven.

“I had no idea we were even popular,” shares Santos. “It started when she was really small. I would always dress her up in something weird or fun. Then eventually, people started asking me, ‘Oh, how’s Rafa?’. So I changed my IG account’s name because more of my followers are actually following Rafa!”

#MeInMelissa is the new campaign by Brazilian footwear icon, Melissa Shoes. The campaign empowers women across the country while highlighting pieces from the brand’s 2018 collection, Open Vibes.
For her #MeInMelissa Style Maven shoot, Rina Santos donned a pair of Melissa Classic Brogues. Santos has found her personal aesthetic by mixing androgynous stylings with vintage, yet feminine touches. “(the pair) exudes manliness, at the same time if you mix it up with different kinds of styles, it brings a different kind of take in fashion.”

Due to the popularity of her Instagram account, @rinaandrafa, Santos launched a supporting video blog, The Rina and Rafa Show, which has become an instant favorite. Through her social media accounts, viewers have a chance to witness the Santos family’s trips all over the world.
“Travel is important to us. Not just for fashion, but for Rafa,” says Santos. “It opens a lot of ideas for her. She has an open mind and she’s not discriminating. She doesn’t feel scared going to different places. But if we have a super favorite place, that would be Japan or Seoul, South Korea. We like the food and they have a lot of vintage stores there. We love mixing vintage and store-bought clothes!”
For Santos, travel isn’t just a means of exploring new worlds or rediscovering long-forgotten favorites. “Most of our inspiration actually comes from traveling. We see a lot of styles along the way, and eventually that brought us to zeroing into our individualities. We’re different and that’s okay.”

Because of their increased presence on social media, both Rina and Rafa have both become ‘Aesthetic Goals’ for mothers and daughters all across the Philippines. This comes through most prominently through the tandem’s now-famous rotation of complementing outfits.
“It was just me wanting to dress her up and later on, it eventually grew on her and we bonded,” Santos shares. “It’s a conscious decision to coordinate. Not more on twinning, but coordinating through colors and structure of the fabric. We have fun in planning our outfits.”

Because of her constant movements, whether at home or across continents, Rina Santos understands the need for footwear choices that are long-lasting, stylish, and comfortable.

“You can go to a lot of places with good and comfortable shoes,” Santos adds. “Comfort is the main priority and then style, of course. If style and comfort mixes together, that’s very good. But at the end of the day, comfort will bring you a different perspective on life.”
Rina’s philosophy towards footwear extended into her choice for her #MeInMelissa shoot, the Melissa Classic Brogues. This new twist on the classic Oxford has become a favorite among men and women alike.

“I like the comfort (of Melissa Shoes),” says Santos. “And actually, it's really low maintenance. It's nice. You can bring it to your travel. It doesn't take a lot of cleaning. I really like the collaborations with different artists nowadays. Melissa opens doors to artists and different collaborations. People can also try it from the different designers.”
Rina Santos is a woman who has found incredible success in both her private and professional life. And yet, despite of all her accomplishments, Santos remains grounded by her dedication towards her family.
“My priority is family,” says Santos. “The second is career. So either way, whatever happens, I can sacrifice whatever it is for family.”
And because of this, Melissa Shoes is proud to recognize her as one of their Style Mavens for #MeInMelissa.

Red Bull Kumite Launches Qualifiers Around the World

MANILA, Philippines – For the first time ever, Red Bull Kumite is coming to the Philippines! Red Bull Kumite is a showdown between the best Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players in the world. The tournament is returning for its 4th year on a global stage with the finals taking place in Paris, France.

Red Bull Kumite is the best international invitational Street Fighter V tournament! The contest has reached gamers all over the world, with qualifications now open across new territories. Each game takes place inside a cage until only one player is left standing.

This will be the first time the Philippines will be sending a regional representative – happening on September 29th, 2018, at Chaos Nightclub, City of Dreams in Manila, one (1) winner will be flown to Paris, France, to represent the country on November 10th for the Last Chance Qualifier.
The tournament is now on its 4th consecutive year as a global e-sports event. Qualifiers have been taking place all over the world since April, with national qualifiers expected to finish on October. Seven (7) other countries including Japan, The United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Belgium host pre-qualifiers wherein winners get a trip to Paris and a secured slot for the Last Chance Qualifier.

The tournament will take place in three parts:

QUALIFIERS – Eight (8) countries will be hosting offline tournaments, taking place across the world from April to October.
LAST CHANCE QUALIFIER – 256 players will battle for the last two (2) remaining spots in Paris, France on November 10, 2018.
WORLD FINALS – A total of sixteen (16) players (2 from the Last Chance Qualifier; 14 of the best Street Fighter V Players invited by Red Bull) will square off in a series of head-to-head battles on November 11 to determine the 2018 Red Bull Kumite Champion!

Players must pay a registration fee of PHP250.00. Filipino registrants are strongly required to present a valid passport upon registration, while non-Filipino (foreign) participants are strongly required to present a valid passport and any supporting document of their stay in the country (Visa).

Do you have what it takes to represent the Philippines in Paris, France, for the Red Bull Kumite Championship?

Participants may enter at #rbk2018

Why debit cards are a millennial’s best partner in adulting

Grab your own CEB GetGo Debit Card and enjoy exciting rewards – from 5% rebates, to exclusive alerts on seat sales, and even points to fly for free.

Millennials like to do things in their own way. Unlike the generations before them, these passionate young adults do not follow a specific formula for their lifestyles. They are spontaneous, excited, and always going against the flow in search for experiences that will make their lives worth living.

But if there’s one thing that millennials have in common with other generations, it is that they are also financially conscious. And in this modern age, millennials can enjoy the convenience of saving money and shopping for their needs and wants using a trusty debit card. Here are a few reasons why debit cards are preferred by many young Filipinos:

Easier way to save cash
With a debit card, you can simply go to the bank and deposit cash to your account. This way, you are assured that your money is safe and secure; it even earns interest so you can grow your savings. Debit cards also teaches you to spend wisely because, unlike credit cards, you can only use what you have in your account. So the more you deposit and save money in your card, the more you can go on shopping sprees and planning for your next out-of-town-trips.

Convenient and safer transactions
Debit cards also provide an alternative way to carry money anywhere you go. Instead of bringing large amounts of cash in your wallet, you can just bring your debit card and swipe it for instant purchases. You can even use it for online shopping with your favorite brands and stores. Just make sure to secure your debit account with a PIN code so your savings stay safe.

Rewards for your spending
And what better way to enjoy your debit cards than by getting perks for every purchase. Some card providers offer exciting rewards and promos on shopping, dining, traveling, and grocery transactions with your debit card.

The CEB GetGo Debit Card, the first and only debit card that earns GetGo points for free flights, earns 1GetGo point for every PHP 88 spent. With CEB GetGo Debit Card, you also receive alerts and have the first dibs on Cebu Pacific’s exclusive seat sale offers and upcoming promos. Cardholders can also get discounts when purchasing flights via GetGo and experience cashless Visa transactions on trips locally and abroad.
Starting this month, new cardholders are up for even more exciting rewards with its Take 5 promo! Every Visa transaction made on the first month of the newly-approved CEB GetGo Debit Card will earn 5% rebate for the cardholder. It’s like you spend some, you get some -- and even more!

Interested individuals can apply online via and pick up their cards at any UnionBank branch. Upon receiving the card, they can enjoy purchases that can reward them with a maximum rebate of P500 for more savings. Rebates will be instantly credited to members’ GetGo savings account within the first week of the next calendar month.
For more information on memberships and partners, visit Stay updated on the latest promos by liking GetGoPH’s official pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How to play like a pro: Gatorade ambassador Scottie Thompson shares his top tips

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Ginebra shooting guard Scottie ‘The Hustle Man’ Thompson knows a thing or two about working his way to the top. At 24 years old, he is playing for one of the country’s most loved basketball teams and is already making a mark that he’s been dubbed one of the PBA’s fastest rising stars.

On the side, Scottie has shown a flair for entrepreneurship. He has his own barbershop—Thompson’s Sports Hair Shop; Wok Your Way, an Asian food stall; and a Pound for Pound Gym franchise.

You’re probably wondering: What’s the secret to his success?

Wonder no more. Here are top tips from The Hustle Man himself on how to play like a pro.

  • Learn from the best. When it comes to Gatorade ambassadors, Scottie looks up to the one and only, Michael Jordan, whose passion for the game and resilience amid challenges inspire future stars like Scottie.

And just like Jordan, Scottie is well on his way to defying odds and setting records. In a Game 3 win versus San Miguel Beermen during the 2016 PBA Governor’s Cup, Scottie tallied a triple-double with 12 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. This was the first time a rookie has done the feat since Johnny “The Flying A” Abarrientos, the shortest player (at 5”7) to win PBA MVP, did so 23 years ago.

  • Hydrate. Just as important as good nutrition is proper hydration. Proper hydration enables top-caliber athletes like Scottie to stay on top of their game especially during crucial moments of competition. Hydration also allows athletes to recover properly after physically demanding workouts or contests.

  • Practice, practice, practice. Like any top athlete, Scottie understands one fundamental truth—there are no shortcuts to success. You have to put in the long hours and the hard work. You have to make the most out of every opportunity, just like Scottie did when he helped the Hapee Fresh Fighters win their first ever PBA D-League title.

Scottie has demonstrated remarkable athletic talent and elite level skills in his young basketball career,” Pepsico Philippines Marketing Manager for Gatorade IC Sta. Maria said. “His relentless desire to succeed, on and off the court, is a valuable trait that all our Gatorade ambassadors share. We’re confident that he will inspire young athletes, especially in understanding the value of proper hydration in fueling sports greatness.”

Citi sees sustained economic growth and investment opportunities despite global market volatility

Citi Philippines consumer banking head Manoj Varma (2nd from right) joined speakers who shared their expertise with Citigold clients at the 2018 Mid-Year Market Outlook (L-R): Kelvin Lam of Allianz Global Investors, Anis Tiasiri of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Julian Tarrobago of ATR Asset Management Inc., and Ramon Tejero of Citicorp Financial Services and Insurance Brokerage Philippines Inc.

Citi, the country’s leading foreign bank, remains positive about economic growth in the Philippines despite current global market volatility. At a series of mid-year outlook events, Citigold clients heard expert views on the current market environment and implications for investment strategy shared by Citi and guest speakers.

Citi’s consumer banking head Manoj Varma opened the sessions and explained the importance of understanding risks and opportunities when investing. Varma said, “Citigold clients look for trusted advice and up-to-date information, especially during times of market volatility.”

According to Ramon Tejero, Citicorp Financial Services and Insurance Brokerage Inc. (CFSI) investment product head, market data shows that we are in the midst of the second longest and third strongest equity bull market since 1970. Recent market volatility has been primarily caused by rising interest rates, potential trade wars, and geo-political tensions.

Despite market concerns, there appears to be opportunities in technology, financials, healthcare, and industrials due to continued earnings growth in these sectors,” said Tejero.

Citi Philippines Retail Bank head Rene Aguirre (right) welcomes clients to the 2018 Mid-Year Outlook along with Citigroup Financial Services and Insurance Brokerage Philippines president Lester Cruz.

In the Philippines, Citi believes the country’s economic growth momentum will be sustained in the coming years. Citi forecasts GDP will grow by 6.8% in 2018 and 6.7% in 2019. A primary source of growth will be the government’s infrastructure program.

However, businesses and consumers are showing cautious optimism on the back of ongoing inflation concerns. Citi expects inflation to top 5.3% in the third quarter of 2018 before declining to below 5.0% in the following quarter.

Investors can focus on diversification across asset classes and geographies and income themes, while watching out for tactical opportunities,” concluded Tejero.

The world is indeed shrinking and when, where, and how we invest is largely influenced not only by domestic factors but also by global market events,” said Rene Aguirre, Citi Retail Bank head. “As trusted advisors, we help our clients grow and protect their wealth. In recent months, 10 new investment products have been launched and digital innovations continue to be developed, such as the recently unveiled next generation Citi mobile app.”

For more information, visit

Tamago and eGG Network present the most exciting Filipino coverage of Dota 2 The International 2018 featuring Royale Rumble and Execration

100 Arcana skins and HyperX gear to be given away to fans throughout the stream on Tamago. 

  Tamago in partnership with eGG Network, Rumble Royale and Execration, is bringing the most exciting localised The International 2018 (Ti8) coverage to Dota 2 fans in the Philippines. Spanning across the Group Stage and Main Event, this broadcast will feature an all-star line up of the Philippines' most recognised gaming personalities, such as Rex Kantatero, Gloco Gaming, Eenpanda, Kimo and many more. 

Fans will be treated to commentary and analysis by top Filipino hosts and shoutcasters, with familiar faces like Kikaye, Rhys and TrinHil, as well as up and coming casting talents BCY, Young Rafiki and Seth. The analyst panel is populated by Execration’s Kimo, Ewe, Fox and Yaha, so fans can expect top notch analysis from some of the best Dota 2 players in the Philippines. 

Dota 2 fans like us have been following The International since the very beginning. It’s exciting for us to have the opportunity to put together such an exciting production in collaboration with Tamago, along with some of the top names in the local Dota 2 community. We’re also uncovering some up and coming casting talent in the Philippines who we believe will be the next big thing, so be sure to look out for the boys from Unity Casting Team: BCY, Young Rafiki and Seth throughout the stream. We can’t wait to bring this to you, it’s going to be fun!” said Gloco Gaming. 

As we have been casting for some time, it’s super exciting for us to be given an opportunity to cast on a big stage alongside the likes of Rumble Royale and Execration. Be sure to catch us on Tamago,” said BCY.  
This broadcast is available for free on Tamago. Fans can simply download the Tamago app from the App Store or Google Play, or watch on desktop by visiting Look for room 2098 (Group Stage, Main Event) and 2198 (Group Stage) for Tamago's exclusive coverage, or visit room 808 for eGG Network's official English coverage from Ti8.