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Allianz PNB Life Unveils the Philippines’ First Solar-Powered Bike Pit Stop in San Juan

Thursday, November 26, 2020

In line with its commitment to sustainable mobility, Allianz PNB Life, through its Ride Safe Movement, unveiled the country’s first solar-powered bike pit stop in San Juan.

“We commend San Juan for taking the lead in establishing biker-friendly areas and it is only fitting that we put up the Philippines’ first solar-powered bike pit stop here. Biking is not just an alternative but an imperative transport solution during these times when we are facing challenges in mobility. Through this pit stop and other safety infrastructure we have put in place in partnership with the city, we hope that more people will be encouraged to use bikes,” said Allianz PNB Life President and CEO Alexander Grenz.

San Juan is known for its Bike Safety campaign. It has been awarded as one of the Most Bike-Friendly Cities in Metro Manila by the Mobility Awards. The city has designated bike lanes with corresponding safety infrastructure along its major thoroughfares. It has also deployed bike patrollers to ensure the safety of bikers and enforce the city’s strict quarantine protocols. In October, Allianz PNB Life became the exclusive Life Insurance Partner of its Bike Safety campaign.

“We’re very thankful that Allianz PNB Life has chosen the city of San Juan to be their partner for this very innovative, very progressive project,” San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora said during the unveiling ceremonies.

“Ang pagbibisikleta po, minsan iniisip ng iba, nakakatakot at delikado. Delikado, kung hindi tayo magbibigay ng proteksyon sa ating mga nagbibisikleta. Ngunit dito sa San Juan, bahagi na rin na bakit tayo nahirang na Gold Awardee ng Mobility Awards, ay dahil binibigyan natin ng proteksiyon ang mga nagbibisikleta. (Some people think that biking is scary and dangerous. It can be dangerous when there is no protection for our bikers. Here in San Juan, part of the reason why we are a Gold Awardee at the Mobility Awards, is that we give protection to bikers),” he added.

The design of the bike pit stop was patterned after the Allianz race car pit stops at Formula 1 races. It has bike parking, bikers’ resting area, and a small footprint bike repair station complete with hanger arms, repair tools, and an air pump.

San Juan City First Lady Keri Zamora, Vice Mayor Warren Villa, and city councilors were also present during the bike pit stop’s blessing and unveiling. The event also included the blessing of the 105 bicycles for San Juan’s Bike Sharing Program for its government employees.

After the ceremonial turnover of the pit stop to the local government of San Juan, Allianz PNB Life executives joined San Juan officials for a bike tour of the city. According to Mayor Zamora, the city government will be launching a historical bike trail of the city in January next year. The trail includes the historic Pinaglabanan Shrine, Museo ng Katipunan/El Deposito Museum/El Deposito Underground Tunnel, St. John the Baptist Parish, Ortigas Avenue, Santuario del Santo Kristo, Iglesia ni Cristo Property – F.Manalo (Gruet St.), Marcos House (P. Guevarra St.), Mini Park, Club Filipino, and the Greenhills Loop.

The bike pit stop is not the first project that Allianz PNB Life has worked on with the city of San Juan. Last month, one of the world’s leading sustainable insurers also put up signage and safety bollards in the city’s biking lanes.

“Sustainability is part of the Allianz DNA. Globally and locally, we have taken part in initiatives that promote environment-friendly solutions. We are looking forward to work with more local government units that share our ideals of providing a safer and healthier planet for our future generations,” Grenz concluded.

Herbalife Nutrition Leverages Digital Technology to Make Fitness an Achievable Goal During and Beyond the New Normal

As social distancing and other health protocols that prevent most people from going to the gym remain in place, premiere global nutrition company Herbalife Nutrition leveraged digital technology to bring fitness to people through videos, virtual events, and other interactive platforms. One such platform is its Fitness Portal, which features workout videos that range from beginner routines to advanced workouts – making fitness an achievable goal for everyone. All videos can be accessed for free.

“Three years ago, we started to work on our digital platform for fitness. It’s a free resource that’s for everybody,” said Samantha Clayton, Vice President, Worldwide Sports Performance and Fitness, and Chairwoman of the Fitness Advisory Board of Herbalife Nutrition.

Clayton spoke before members of the media and the blogging community during the Virtual Wellness Tour of Herbalife Nutrition Philippines. The forum was held in line with Herbalife Nutrition’s Get Moving with Good Nutrition, a campaign that aims at breaking health inertia and fostering communities to support one another on their healthy living journey. It was launched as part of Herbalife Nutrition’s 40th anniversary celebration.

“Digital has been driving fitness for a long time. It really amplified the average everyday fitness professional’s voice. If you see a lot of the content that’s on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, the content that gets the most amounts of likes tend to be fitness-based content, so the digital transformation of the fitness world has been happening for a long time. It has always been supported hand in hand with going to a location to exercise, but as this year has gone on, the physical getting together piece has gone down a little, which has made the digital transformation of fitness move at a more rapid pace,” Clayton said.

She added that even when gyms start to open and people get back outside, people have realized the convenience of online workouts and that they could do it in their own time and in the comfort of their own home. For companies that create content, the challenge lies in making it interesting enough for people to consumer.

“When the sports world kind of stopped this year, we really had a challenge to put out a really interesting and engaging content with our athletes to meet our consumers in their homes, meet our distributors, and people in the community in a space that we know,” Clayton said.

To address this challenge, Clayton and her team came up with a 2020 Quarantine Sports and Fitness Content that comprised of athlete cook-off contests, social media workout videos, sports nutrition blog series, Facebook live workout series, and social media workout graphics. A former Olympic athlete, Clayton added that the audience for fitness and sports nutrition has never been wider until today.

“For many years, the fitness industry and the sports nutrition industry, in particular, was all about the athlete. Everything was geared towards speaking to the athlete, a person that was really striving to be the best at their sport. What’s exciting for me today is to share with you that the audience not for fitness and sports nutrition has really expanded,” she said. “People are truly inspired and interested in what good nutrition has to offer.”

Citing data gathered by Herbalife Nutrition between February 23 - March 25, 2020, Clayton shared that key categories of conversation in Sports Nutrition International Online listening are: health (37%), market growth (28%), food (15%), science (10%), and nutrition (10%).When it comes to what gets people moving, running and endurance training ranked highest at 26%,followed by bodybuilding/weightlifting at 23%, cycling at 13%, and plyometrics at 12%.

“I believe that it’s important that people subscribe to a healthy active lifestyle, which is not necessarily striving to be the best athlete in the world. It’s not about reaching peak performance; it’s about having simple daily habits each and every day so that you could be at your best. So whether that’s having a healthy breakfast or getting your minimum amount of exercise, a healthy active lifestyle is about sustainable healthy habits that last a lifetime. Your body is your one vehicle that will last you for the rest of your days. A lot of how that vehicle operates relies on you,” Clayton said.

A mother of four, including a set of triplets, Clayton holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health with a concentration on Nutrition and Wellness. She has competed in the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and is an Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)-certified personal trainer and group exercise specialist and International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)-certified personal trainer, group exercise specialist, and youth fitness specialist.

Robinsons Bank wins Omni-Experience Innovator Award for RBank Sign Up

In creating a better normal for every Filipino, Robinsons Bank has accelerated its digital initiatives while continuing to put customers at the heart of their business development.

As a testament to this, Robinsons Bank was awarded the Omni-Experience Innovator Award for its RBank Sign Up in the recently concluded IDC Digital Transformation Awards 2020 Philippines held by
leading IT market research and advisory firm International Data Corporation (IDC). Similarly, it was also recognized by the International Business Magazine as the Most Innovative Retail Banking Product Philippines 2020.

The RBank Sign Up app is one of the newest products launched during the pandemic as a response to the needs of many Filipinos. The Sign Up capability lets customers open a bank account through an all- digital and online process. With just one (1) ID card, e-KYC, and internet connection, customers are sure to have their account details within minutes of completing the application.

“Robinsons Bank takes customer-centricity seriously. Traditional banks develop processes just to re- engineer themselves internally but nowadays we are re-engineering primarily to improve our customer’s experience and to enable them more in a digitized environment,” Mr. Ramon Abasolo, RBank's Chief

Digital Officer explains that one of the main drivers for this initiative is to service the needs of their clients. Through the app, customers can now open a Simple Savings Deposit Account, Regular Savings Account, Passbook Savings Account, and a Payroll Account with unique paths depending on the selected bank product.

“RBank Sign Up’s fully digitized and agile banking process helped clients utilize online banking at their own convenience. The variety of products offered in just one single app made it more beneficial not only for personal banking, but also for corporate clients and soon to sole proprietors and micro-enterprises.

As the pandemic changed the way how we do banking, it only showed that they are more than ready for the future of banking.” Lilibeth Agudo, Market Analyst and DX Awards Lead for IDC Philippines, states.

Bank beyond the ordinary

RBank’s mobile banking has taken a new form with the new RBank Digital! It has been designed to give users a smooth experience with its user-friendly and more responsive interface. Being a full-featured mobile banking application, the RBank Digital gives users the power to do all of their banking needs anytime and anywhere.

Easily enable the RBank QuickR to generate a unique QR code to accept payments or fund transfers via cashless and cardless transactions. Skip the hassle of enrolling billers online because RBank Digital has over a hundred listed billers-- from utilities (electricity, water, cable) to insurance, and more!

Furthermore, there’s nothing more convenient than being able to monitor all accounts in one place. Manage your savings account, credit cards, Time Deposit accounts, and more in just a single RBank

Digital account.

Ensuring safety and security at all times, the new mobile banking app has security features which users
can enable and manage, allowing them to have full control of their bank accounts!

With the significant boost in digital transactions that the Bank has seen in the past months, expect more
to come as Robinsons Bank continuously rolls out digital initiatives putting the customer at the center in all its innovations.

Robinsons Bank is the financial services arm of the JG Summit Group of Companies, one of the largest
conglomerates in the Philippines. It currently ranks 18th among universal and commercial banks in the
country, with assets amounting to Php 131.088 Bn as of December 2019. The Bank is recognized as the
Fastest Growing Commercial Bank in the Philippines for 2020 by the Global Business Outlook; and the
Best Commercial Bank in the Philippines for 2020 by the International Business Magazine. RBank was
also recognized as an Outstanding Employer at the PH Best Employer Brand Awards 2020.

For inquiries and concerns, you may reach Robinsons Bank through its Customer Care Center at (02)
8637-CARE (2273) or domestic toll-free 1-800-10-637-CARE (2273); or visit its website at Like us on Facebook at and join our

Viber Community at to get the latest updates.

Head & Shoulders Gives Exclusive Sneak Peek to Bea And Alden's Movie

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Staying at home for months has had us bawl and cry our hearts out over a number of love teams in the numerous romcoms and dramas we’ve binged over the quarantine. But with the current situation, there has been a lack of local films as our favorite OTPs are on hiatus in the big screen. Like their dramas, the lack of local romcoms has been heart breaking, gut-wrenching, and has left us craving the kilig.

But that didn’t stop Head & Shoulders from serving us with the electrifying on-screen chemistry of Alden Richards and Bea Alonzo. With their new endorsement and the release of their advertisement, Bea and Alden gave us all the kilig we’ve been wanting to feel and that made them undeniably one of the biggest love teams to date!

The comments sections of their Compliment Wars and First Impressions videos blew up with fans raving and requesting for a movie team-up. While we’re not able to enjoy a big screen release with Bea and Alden as a love team yet, we actually get to see them test their chemistry with a short “itch not you” skit. We don’t want to spill all the beans for you, but Alden had a valid reason why ‘itch not Bea.’

You don’t want your loved ones to leave you for itch. When you itch, it’s time to switch to Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo! Head & Shoulders always has our scalps covered with protection against scalp germs, itch, and an oily scalp. They even upgraded with a new formula that features new, and better scents. What more can you ask for in an anti-dandruff shampoo when Head & Shoulders can keep you itch-free, 100% dandruff-free, and maintain fragrant hair all day!

Itch Not You, Itch a Challenge

Ignite the inner Bea or Alden within you and get a chance to win 1-year supply of Head & Shoulders products and the Oh! Scratch package!

Just duet with Andrea Brillantes or Kyle Echarri’s #ItchNotYou TikTok video and post it on your TikTok or Twitter with the hashtag #ItchNotYou. Kyle and Andrea will be choosing the 6 lucky winners of 1-year supply of Head & Shoulders products. Entries are valid until December 16. Duet now for more chances of itch-free moments.

You might just find your Alden or Bea and experience kilig that’s dandruff-free and itch-free. Save yourself from itch-uations when you use Head & Shoulders!

Adidas Launches First Regional Shopee Super Brand Day in the Philippines

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, collaborates with adidas to launch “Ready for Sport,” its first regional Super Brand Day (SBD) in the Philippines and across five other markets. Through this collaboration, adidas aims to reinvent the online sports shopping experience to reach and engage more mobile-first shoppers. This effort is part of its growth strategy for e-commerce in the region.

More people are working out and shopping from home in this new normal, which has led to a boom in demand for athleisure products and sports gear. The adidas Super Brand Day serves to excite users with a fun and interactive shopping experience on Shopee. For instance, users can participate in sports challenges led by KOLs and celebrities to win prizes and access fitness-related content. As live stream shopping continues to gain prominence among shoppers, adidas will host a free workout session on Shopee Live, where users can score discount vouchers and purchase exclusive adidas products.

Martin Yu, Associate Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “Sports and athleisure is a growing category as more of our users turn to online shopping for convenience and to get the best deals. We’re excited to partner with adidas in bringing their first Super Brand Day to Shopee, where users can enjoy a more interactive experience when shopping for adidas products. We’re confident that our Super Brand Day campaign’s popularity will boost their online visibility, traffic, and sales. We remain committed to supporting brands in achieving their e- commerce ambitions through our robust suite of brand solutions.”

Starting November 26, Shopee users will get to access three days of special features on Shopee Live, take part in games and activities, and enjoy promotions on the official adidas store. Users can look forward to:

● Exclusive adidas originals on Shopee: The adidas Originals Flower Pack for women and Patch Work Pack for men will be available exclusively on the adidas official store on Shopee.

1. Adidas ORIGINALS Stan Smith Shoes Women White Sneakers

2. Adidas ORIGINALS Superstar Shoes Men White Sneakers

3. Adidas ORIGINALS Superstar Shoes Women White Sneakers

● Special Promos: Shoppers can also enjoy up to 50% off and a “Buy 3, get an additional 55% off” promo. On November 27-28, users can look forward to discount vouchers up to 15% off.

● adidas ‘ReadyforSport’ LIVE workout on Shopee Live: Viewers can join a 20-30 minute workout session led by a qualified instructor. They can enjoy vouchers unlocked at the end of the session as a reward for completing the workout. Shopee Live viewers can also win exclusive adidas originals. All featured adidas products will be available for purchase on their official store on Shopee Mall.

● Special adidas edition of Shopee Catch: Users can earn points by playing the in-app game, where they will have to catch adidas merchandise using an adidas sports bag while avoiding bombs. Users can exchange points for Shopee coins and adidas discount vouchers. In addition, players can also win discount vouchers of up to 30% off.

Check out the official Shopee store of adidas at Download the Shopee app for free on the App Store or Google Play Store.


Just in time for Christmas, WalterMart is set to pass the love with the opening of its 33rd mall at Malolos, Bulacan on November 24, 2020.

Shopping at WalterMart Malolos is convenient, fun and safe. As a community mall, it stays true to its commitment to uplift lives by providing livelihood to residents in the area.

WalterMart will provide Malolos shoppers with great merchandise and convenient services with anchor tenants like WalterMart Supermarket, W Department Store, Abenson, Homeplus, Food choices, and Services.

Prep your Christmas feast and parties at home with WalterMart Supermarket. You can purchase fresh, bakery to wide assortments of groceries and imported items.

Dress in holiday style with W Department Store’s fashion and beauty brands like Freego, Freshgear, Handford, OMG!, Caribbean, Islander, Hawk, CNA, Ever Bilena and Careline. Homeplus, on the other hand, has affordable but quality home essentials and furniture.

Gifting appliances or gadgets to your loved ones for Christmas? Abenson with over 100 stores nationwide, is your trusted appliance store for original brands at affordable prices. It also offers easy payment options, delivery and installation service and other applicable home furnishing and business solutions.

WalterMart Malolos will also have food choices for the family, such as KFC, Cindy’s, Black Scoop, Potato Corner, Turks Shawarma, Siomai House, Lugaw Republic, Okaymiyaki and a food court for peers to meet up and bond.

Enjoy convenient shopping with WalterMart with their BogiWogi Online Booking services. Once they sign-up, customers can schedule their visit and go directly to their preferred stores without lining up. Also, shoppers can pay thru cashless transactions.

Malolos residents can experience a #HappyAndSafeWalterMalling with all health and safety protocols in place. Exclusive promos such as buy 1 take 1, sulit deals, awesome discounts are coming your way on November 24!

WalterMart Malolos is located at KM 45 McArthur Highway, Brgy. Longos, Malolos, Bulacan.

TECNO Mobile launches new AI-powered, revolutionary TECNO Spark 6 Series - A smartphone for the masses

Monday, November 23, 2020

6 new enhancements bring users an elevated immersive experience, along with more powerful cameras, multiple Bluetooth sharing, bigger screens, higher capacity and faster speeds 

Recognizing the evolving need for high-performing, multi-tasking and affordable smartphones during these challenging times, global premier mobile phone brand TECNO Mobile has launched its latest innovation, the TECNO Spark 6 Series. 

The TECNO Spark 6 Series is smartly designed for work and play, and is competitively priced to give locals the best value for their hard-earned money. Price ranges from PhP3,990 to PhP6,490. The Spark 6 Series is packed with six upgraded features - a unique camera system designed to elevate photographic immersion to the next level, bigger screen, more generous memory and storage, boosted processing speed, enhanced video call experience, and a fun Bluetooth audio share feature. 

Ye Yuan, Deputy General Manager of TECNO Mobile, said: “Now more than ever, the smartphone is a necessity. It is an essential link to the outside world – for remote working, online learning, staying in touch with loved ones, getting news, and for entertainment. Our goal is to make advanced, innovative smartphones more accessible to more people. TECNO Mobile’s smartphones are affordable, and that includes the latest TECNO Spark 6 Series. We continue to develop our smartphones with the consumers’ changing needs.”

The Spark 6 Series comes in three (3) amazing variants – Spark 6 4GB RAM+128GB, and Spark 6 Go in 4GB RAM +64GB and 2GB RAM+32GB. These all have a high performing, impressive battery life, and a sleek, simple yet bold design. The Spark 6 Go variant was the first to be released this November, and is available in all TECNO Mobile partner retail stores.

Here are some of the features packed into the powerful Spark 6 Series that everyone can enjoy:

Spark 6 Go

  • A 13-megapixel AI Dual camera and 8MP front camera, AI lens with 18 different scene detection, up to 95% recognition rate and upgraded algorithms. The 13-megapixel primary lens supports 4x digital zoom with F-1.8 big aperture that captures more light at night, and processes image details more finely. 

  • Various shooting modes for the AI Dual camera, including Bokeh, AI Beauty, and AI HDR, among others. Full picture details and quality are greatly improved, plus a dual rear flash fills light in dark environments to ensure better photos.

  • A Bluetooth Audio Share feature that can connect to multiple wireless Bluetooth headsets at the same time, enabling users to listen and watch with friends.

  • A 6.52 inches dot in display screen with 20:9 screen aspect ratio and 720 x 1600 resolution for a wider, clearer, immersive display effect, rich color contrast, and great visual experience.

  • A 5,000 mAh battery that stays charged longer, ideal for photography, gaming, browsing, video streaming and music.

  • HiOS for a more intelligent and convenient user experience, with a brand new dark theme feature that uses less phone battery and causes less eye strain.

Spark 6

  • A 16-megapixel AI quad camera with a depth lens. This 16MP primary lens can work as a macro lens, and AI lens with AI Scene Detection that can recognize 18 different scenes with a 95% recognition rate.

  • Quad lens that provides high definition portraits, macro photos, and immersive AI video experiences with features like ‘Video Beautify’, ‘AI Beauty’, ‘AI Body Shaping’, and ‘AR Interaction’.

  • Android Q with a G70 processor, and 4G long-term evolution (LTE) network connectivity for improved performance, and allowing for a wide range of user customization. The operating system is also equipped with utility applications that allow users to free up memory, freeze applications, limit data accessibility for specific applications, and other useful features.

  • A Bluetooth Audio Share feature that can connect to multiple wireless Bluetooth headsets at the same time to enable users to listen and watch with friends.

  • A 6.8-inch high-definition (HD) dot in display screen that gives a perfect screen ratio for an extremely sharp display and much broader viewing experience.

  • A 5,000 mAh battery that ensures top conditions for photography, gaming, browsing, video streaming and music with every full charge.

The Spark 6 Series is available at TECNO Mobile partner retail stores, and comes in three models – Spark 6 4GB RAM+128GB priced at PhP6,490, Spark 6 Go 4GB RAM+64GB at PhP5,490, and Spark 6 Go 2GB RAM+32GB for only PhP3,990. For a complete list of stores, visit

To stay updated on products and the latest offering from TECNO Mobile, visit and follow TECNO Mobile Philippines on Facebook.