Rumbly in your Tummy? Pass by Food Alley In Marikina

Having everything in one place makes it so easy to make choices and food parks are here to make dining an easy task. The addition of new places like this is always welcome. When we want to de-stress, we look for food, so as when we're bored. Heck, we find reasons just to eat! 

February 28th, 2017. Food Alley in Bayan-bayanan, Marikina was opened to the public and the owners Randy and Theresa were there to cut the ribbon.

A playground is provided for the kids. Taking them to this place is "no problemo". Clowns are there to welcome us too. Below are the food stalls I have tried:


Coz we love streetfood. Fish balls (P25), Shrimp balls (P25), Squid balls (P25), Quikiam balls (P25), Kwek-Kwek (P25), Chicken balls (P25) and Crab balls (P40). What makes the difference is the sauce that they use and it is a bit sweet which just hits the spot. 


Pinoys love to grill. Pork barbeque, Isaw (P15), Dugo, Tuna belly, and Bangus. Add some condiments and you're all set.  Leche flan is even included in the menu.


Strawberries & Cream (P140) and Choco Oreo shakes (P140) have just enough sweetness that is perf after a good meal. Marshmallows, Chocolate candy sprinkles on top, and wafer sticks makes it more delectable.

Berry Lychee, Four seasons, Lime cooler, and Blue Lemonade which is the bestseller (P50 for solo and P100 for the pitcher) . Colorful and sweet. They only offer drinks and they're great at it.


Tenderloin Salpicao (P130)

T-bone steak (P150). If you're looking for tasty and affordable steaks then this is the right place. The meat was just easy to slice and the serving is enough. Meal includes java rice, vegetables, soup, and gravy.


It is breakfast all day at Sweet Silog. Their place is cozy, complete with the dimmed lights provided by the chandelier, and an entrance with balloon decor all in Pink motif. Salsilog is a must-try. This Tapsilog is priced at P130


Burgers are always in. This serving right here might make you tap out from being full. Look at all that cheese smothering three decks of patties. Above is the Tapout Heavy Weight Burger (P120) served with potato chips.


Here's Pork Sisig Solo. You might want to consider bringing medication with you coz one serving of Sisig will get you craving for more.  Unli-Sisig (P249) :)


Seafood galore. Chili Buttered Crab (P165), Boiling Crab, Shrimp & Sausage (P175), Chili Garlic Shrimp (P155)


Hazelnut - Pepero Ice Cream (P140) Cookies and Cream (P130)

Liquid Nitrogen ice cream is so cool err cold that it gets hard and brittle. Nitrogen Smoke, 6 pieces for P90. Curiosity will get to you.


Fried chicken and their special sauce. The secret ingredient of the sauce can also be tasted in the chicken. Serving is just right and the taste will leave you coming back for more. Never tasted anything like it.


Poached egg-topped white Pasta (P190). The egg and toasted bread included complements the pasta.

You might want to try unique noodles from Cargo. This one's Diablo Black Pasta (P180)


Bacon Hungarian Sausage with Fries and Mayo dip (150) just might be your cup of tea. Tasty as expected!


Genghis offers Mongolian rice bowls and the toppings are plenty.


For Korean food look for Kingbap. This one's Tteokbokki (P100). I honestly did not try it because I was warned extreme spiciness.

Food review would not be complete without our own pics taken. Here I am with blogger friends Kim and Natalie.

Food Alley is located at Lot 20 Blk 2 Bayan-Bayanan Ave, Marikina, Metro Manila and is open from 4pm to 12am.

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