My Buku-Buku Cafe Southmall branch Visit

Rarely do I visit Las Pinas and it is no surprise to find another SM branch. I was on my way to a food review at Tahong Island (where you can find the best Baked Mussels!) and SM southmall was our pickup point.  I kill time by reading e-books at cafes. It's my first to see this place and the interior design is something else. The ceiling is high, it has a second floor and it is comfortable.

Impressive ceiling. I am in love with books and I prefer this over the Sistine Chapel :)

Stairs leading to the second floor where more seats are available.

The walls are made of corrugated steel similar to container vans and decorated with Black and White photos.

Another unique design is the Graffiti decorated wall on the right. Talk about freedom of expression.

Space, space, space.

Attention to detail. Here is a an audio player with a British flag design. It plays CDs and has a radio as well.

This extra long table is ideal for business meetings or small gatherings.

Candle-lit. Plants and artsy decor makes dining more comfortable.

The best part of the cafe is the view. Look up and you might see your favorite book.

Sandwich. Noodles. Dimsum. Seafood. Coffee. The menu is versatile

Visit the nearest Buku-buku Cafe now!

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