5 Tips for crushing your first big interview

We all go through interviews to land jobs and most of us have gone through countless interviews to get to the job of our dream. Many candidates would be applying to fill the job vacancies through employment agencies and the best will be chosen out of the whole lot. The best may not be the most experienced or most qualified for the job. Usually, the best is those who gave the best impression to the interviewer and convinced the interviewer that he or she is the best and if he or she is offered the job, it is to the benefit of the company.

Our vision is aiming for the top position in the field we specialized in. When that opportunity arises for you to see that dream comes true through a call from the finance recruiters for your first big interview, you will have to be well prepared so as not to let that big chance slip through your fingers.

Here are 5 tips for crushing your first big interview:

  1. Be well prepared

Once your application with your resume has been received by your prospective employer or interviewer, everything about you has been assessed such as your personal and professional resume, your experience, your previous employers and companies, etc. When you have done your homework such as checking up on both the new company and the interviewer’s profile, etc. you show that you are serious and interested to land the job.

  1. Be real, be authentic.

If asked, or when the need arises, be honest about your weakness. It shows humility, self-awareness, and the willingness and ability to grow. Responses such as you have received feedback on certain things about yourself and you have taken steps on improving on your area of weakness.

  1. Find out the responsibilities of the accounting jobs offered, and show them that you have the necessary skill for the job. If it is a totally new field from your current job, you can explain how your experience can be used or help you in the new job.

  1. Prepared the questions you want to ask concerning the company and the job. Do not ask questions that you can get from the internet.

  1. Look your best and dress to impress.

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