Treat the Family’s Superhero on Father’s Day



There’s something about fathers that inspires awe and wonder. They are usually their children’s first hero, first love, silent defender, and indulgent spoiler. From childhood to adulthood, their endearing (and sometimes exasperating) qualities have shaped how their children look at themselves and the world.

This Father’s Day (June 16), take the time to really make your father feel loved, recognized, and appreciated. This could often be a challenge because fathers come in so many shapes and sizes. Some are the quiet type and shy away from attention, some are grumpy or temperamental, some are outgoing and expressive, some work so hard they turn days into nights, some are sporty, while some are just happy to veg out in front of the TV.

No matter, here are some tips to make Father’s Day extra special for the family’s superhero: 

  • For the foodie dad: Surprise him with lunch or dinner in his favorite restaurant. Try out a new place that serves his favorite cuisine or dish. If he enjoys cooking, get him a kitchen gadget or appliance that will elevate his cooking even more. For brew masters or coffee lovers, nothing beats driving up to old haunts or new finds for a glass (or two) of craft beer or freshly brewed coffee.

  • For the stylish dad: Branded or not, formal or casual, your dad always looks dapper in whatever he chooses to wear. Why not take him out shopping and then surprise him with a special Father’s Day treat? A branded pair of shoes he has mentioned quite a few times, a classic watch, a pair of jeans and shirts that will make him look groovier and younger. There’s nothing like seeing your father’s face when you hand him your gift. Perhaps because he is so unbelievably touched the child he once carried can now afford to give him gifts.

  • For the music-loving dad: Take him to a vinyl store so he can pore over to his heart’s content all the music albums of his youth. If budget’s not an issue, get him a turntable as well so he can enjoy listening to the first batch of his vinyl collection. Or simply get him a new Bluetooth speaker or earbuds so he can listen to his playlist anytime.

  • For the sporty/adventurous dad: Join him in a round of golf, play pickleball together, go camping or biking with him, join him test-drive a car he has been eyeing, or better yet, surprise him with a local or overseas trip.

  • For the techie dad: If he loves to tinker with gadgets, it may just be the time to upgrade his phone, tablet or laptop. You can also get him a TV stick or smart TV so he can watch movies, documentaries, or sports games.

Yet regardless of what your father is like, giving them the gift of health will always be a good idea. Parents in their pink of health are a family’s wealth. What better way to celebrate than to accompany your dad in his regular medical check-ups or in his first annual physical check-up in a long time. As a practical gift to your ever-pragmatic dad, get him a Sun Grepa Senior Care offered by Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc., a major life insurance company in the country. Sun Grepa Senior Care addresses the life and health protection needs of senior adults by providing financial security for medical issues that may happen. Your dad will gain security and peace of mind as it protects his hard-earned savings so he can continue enjoying his senior years without any worries. For more information, visit

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