Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yes, you read it right!

Chromebook.... It's the first time I've heard it too. Samsung is known for its mobile phones, TVs and a lot of other gadgets and I'm pretty sure this is a good one. Who would ever think that Google and Samsung would tie up? 

The concept behind this gadget is having a laptop which is very streamlined for working on the world wide web and for browsing that it starts up in a few seconds.  What's more is it can run on a single charge--all day.

Google's known browser, Chrome, is a light fast and versatile application for surfing the web.  Creating an OS around it, and at the same time integrating Google's cloud services like Google Docs, is one great idea.

This is why Chromebooks had the capacity to succeed where some netbooks failed, and may even take on the ever popular tablet.

Follow this link to win yourself a Samsung Chromebook. Just use the Rafflecopter found on this page.


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