Friday, June 28, 2019

New ad in the JolliSavers horror parody series continues to dispel the fears of dining outside!

The thought of eating out gets scarier by the day. Prices keep rising and won’t seem to stop, and that sweldo just won’t catch up to it. What should an ordinary Filipino do?

You know those moments when you plan your budget for your lunch meal, but then someone else turns it into an utter nightmare with the four scariest words: ”kain tayo sa labas”? Jollibee knows the feeling all too well, and that’s why they’re here to the rescue with JolliSavers!


Jollibee continues its hilarious JolliSavers commercial series featuring legendary comedy queen Eugene Domingo as the boss of a team who’s absolutely scared to eat out. This time around, there’s a special visitor in the office today, but the team senses there’s something not right with her when she whispers to them about dining outside!

Thankfully, even the mysterious visitor knows there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to eating out, thanks to the absolutely delicious and budget friendly JolliSavers meals you can get for only P50.00 or less!

“We want to remove our customers’ perception of fear of eating outside due to rising prices,” said Joseph Aruta, Senior Marketing Manager for Jollibee Value Platforms Category. “With JolliSavers, we assure them that they can still experience and enjoy the tasty and scrumptious Jollibee meals they know and love without breaking the budget.”

JolliSavers gives you the courage to brave mealtimes outside with the Beefy Langhap-Sarap Yumburger for only PHP 35.00*, the Meatiest, Cheesiest Sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti for PHP 50.00*, and the beefy-saucy Linamnam Ulam Burger Steak for only P50.00*.

JolliSavers is available for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru transactions in all Jollibee stores nationwide.

For more details and updates on Jollibee products including JolliSavers, like Jollibee Philippines on Facebook, subscribe to Jollibee Studios on YouTube, and follow @Jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.

*Prices may vary

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Filipinos who want to contribute to environmental preservation can now conveniently use an innovative mobile phone app to help plant trees and increase the Philippines’ forest cover.
Leading mobile wallet, GCash, is introducing an exciting “green” feature on the app called GCash Forest, which lets subscribers plant virtual trees that will have real-life counterparts. By the end of 365 days,

GCash Forest aims to plant 365 thousand trees with the help of GCash subscribers. According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Forest Management Bureau (FMB), the Philippines is losing 47,000 hectares of forest cover every year. The FMB also reported the need to rehabilitate 1.2 million hectares of forest lands by 2022 to prevent landslides, ensure water availability, and preserve biodiversity..

“GCash Forest is about making it easier, more convenient, and even rewarding for everyone to take care of our environment for the benefit of future generations,” said Mynt CEO Anthony Thomas. “GCash is no longer just providing an excellent platform for accessible financial products and services but also enabling Filipinos to be more active in responding to real-life issues, such as climate change mitigation through reforestation.”

GCash considers GCash Forest as a last mile initiative that fully recognizes the emergence of an all-
digital Filipino lifestyle. To implement its tree-planting initiatives, GCash Forest partnered with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN). The DENR will provide land resources in Ipo Watershed, an essential component of the Angat- Umiray-Ipo watersheds system supplying 98 percent of Metro Manila’s water. WWF will be providing trees and manpower while BIOFIN will provide expertise on monitoring.

Thomas added that recent findings on the Philippines’ vulnerability to climate-related hazards call for
greater collective action. Results of the Global Peace Index 2019 identified the Philippines as the most susceptible country to the adverse effects of climate change. By leveraging the GCash platform and scale, GCash Forest aims to rally a coalition of individuals, non-government organizations, and
international organizations to meet its 2020 targets. To plant trees through GCash Forest, GCash users need to collect “green energy” by frequently using the app. Users who get enough green energy can choose which species of trees they want to plant in a selected area at the Ipo watershed. Once the trees are physically planted, users get to receive a certificate of ownership with a serial number, fun facts and updates on the growth of their trees on their GCash apps.

“Many Filipinos, especially the younger ones, care about the environment but a lot of them don’t know how they can actively take part in environmental protection. This is a barrier that GCash Forest
addresses because they only need to use their smartphones—an already integral part of their daily
lives—to make a difference,” concluded Thomas.

The new feature is inspired by Alipay Ant Forest, a product operates by Ant Financial, an Alibaba affiliate and the parent company of the world’s leading payments and lifestyle platform, Alipay. Via the mobile platform, more than 500 million users have planted 100 million real trees and advanced a shared vision of sustainable and inclusive development.

“The GCash Forest shows digital technology holds a huge power to mobilize people in support of
sustainable development and the fight against climate change. And this power goes beyond border and is at our fingertips through our mobile devices,” said Yan Meng, Ant Financial’s Global Head of
International Partnerships. “We’re more than happy to open up our technology and expertise to current and potential partners to make the world a better place.”

“As we work on rehabilitating the Ipo watershed and securing Metro Manila’s water supply, partnering with GCash enables us to continue rallying a vast network who could grow our
movement of restoring our forests and protecting our biodiversity.”  -Joel Palma-President, WWF-Philippines

“We are depleting our natural wealth at an unimaginable rate. While the Philippines is mega
diverse it is also a hot-spot given the extent of the threat to our natural environment.  There is
no one magic bullet that can turn the situation around.  We need diverse actors to engage and
find diverse solutions. And we need unusual partnerships – which in time will become usual
partnerships.  GCash, WWF and DENR are now embarking on one to reduce our carbon
footprint and help the Philippines meet its reforestation targets.  UNDP through BIOFIN is
delighted to bring these actors together to stem the tide on our rapid loss of forest cover.”
Titon Mitra-Resident Representative UNDP

Philippine Biodiversity
 The Philippines is one of the 17 mega biodiverse countries. It is among the countries that
contain two-thirds of the Earth’s biodiversity and 70 percent of world’s plants and animal
species due to its geographical isolation, diverse habitats and high rates of endemism.
 Thirty percent of the population, including 12 to 15 million indigenous people, resides in the
uplands where most of the forests are located.
 Haribon Foundation forester Thaddeus Martinez said the country needs 54 percent of forest
cover to protect against landslides and ensure water availability from watersheds, but currently
we are at around 22% forest Cover
 Around 1.2 million hectares of denuded and degraded forest lands of the country need to be
rehabilitated by 2022
 The Philippines is one of the world’s hotspots with a large number of endangered and
threatened species–making it a top global conservation priority area.
 The country hosts more than 52,177 described species of which more than half is found
nowhere else in the world. On a per unit area basis, the Philippines probably harbors more
diversity of life than any other country on the planet.
 According to 2011 FAO data, the forestry sector contributed US $ 528.7 million to the economy,
which is approximately 0.2 percent of the GDP.
 At least 49 thousand people are directly employed by the forestry sector.
 The Philippines is losing approximately 47,000 hectares of forest cover every year
 There are 237 terrestrial fauna (animals) are threatened with extinction and - 984 threatened
Philippine plants
 The Philippines still ranks among the top ten countries with the largest number of species
threatened with extinction (CI, 2013)
Ipo Watershed
 Ipo watershed is a vital link in the Angat-Umiray-Ipo watersheds system which supplies around
98% of the water needs of Metro Manila.
 Primarily consisting of public forestlands, forest cover in the area has dramatically dropped from
85% to just 40% in recent years.
 The main thrust of the project is to go beyond the usual tree planting activities and expand it to
forests management to help ensure that the planted trees will actually grow to provide their full
benefits to the environment and the different stakeholders. This will include rehabilitation and
enhancement of existing forests and not just the reforestation of denuded areas. A long-term
sustainability plan will be put in place, managed by an effective management body.
 Philippine watersheds and aquifers could supple 479 billion cubic meters of water annually for
domestic, industrial and agricultural uses.
Philippine Forests
 Philippines lose 47k hectares of trees annually.
 Haribon Foundation forester Thaddeus Martinez said the country needs 54 percent of forest
cover to protect against landslides and ensure water availability from watersheds. Forest
Coverage is currently at around 22%.
 Around 1.2 million hectares of denuded and degraded forest lands of the country need to be
rehabilitated by 2022.
 Total Forest Cover has decreased from 7,168,400 (2003) to 6,839,717 (2010)

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

25 lucky GetGo members can win points and fly to more destinations faster with #GetGoTheDistance: Points Boost Promo. The more GetGo points you earn, the further you can #FlyForFree! 

There’s no better time than now to start making holiday adventures and weekend getaways happen. For any Juan who has been waiting all year for a sign to travel, GetGo’s latest #GetGoTheDistance: Points Boost Promo will have you marking your calendars with plans to visit your dream destinations.

With the #GetGoTheDistance: Points Boost Promo, GetGo is not only turning everyday activities more rewarding with points to fly for free, but also more exciting with a chance to turn purchases to flight tickets. From now up to August 31, 2019, points earning transactions will earn members a chance to be one of the 25 lucky winners of up to 300,000 bonus GetGo points.

Joining the promo is easy! Existing members who will shop, dine, and fuel up with GetGo’s lifestyle partners, or even book flights with Cebu Pacific will receive raffle entries based on actual points credited during the promo period, following the conversion rate and turnaround time of the program partner.
Shop and earn points from GetGo’s roster of lifestyle partners and you can spend a weekend with the family at the rejuvenated island of Boracay! 

Meanwhile, new GetGo members who will earn points for the first time can enjoy twice the raffle entries on their first points earning transaction. So that’s 2 raffle entries for every 1 GetGo point earned from every transaction, giving new members a taste of the exciting GetGo lifestyle.

The higher the points earned, the higher the bonus points that may be awarded to participating members following this prize scheme:

Number of points earned      Prize

1 – 500 points                       5 winners of 50,000 Bonus Points

501 – 1,000                           5 winners of 75,000 Bonus Points

1,001 – 5,000                        5 winners of 100,000 Bonus Points

5,001 – 10,000                      5 winners of 150,000 Bonus Points

10,000 and up                       5 winners of 300,000 Bonus Points

Aside from earning points through partners and Cebu Pacific flights, members can also use their CEB GetGo Visa Cards to receive points from daily purchase. Every successful swipe of CEB GetGo Prepaid, Debit, Credit, and Platinum Credit Cards with GetGo’s program partners will earn more points, giving more raffle entries for a chance to win massive GetGo points boost!
Winning members can use their GetGo points to book a free trip to the City of Gold, Dubai!

With this much GetGo points, you can treat yourself to that solo trip you’ve always wanted or you can surprise your family and friends with an unexpected getaway to the most beautiful places in Asia and around the world. Already bought your Cebu Pacific ticket? No worries, you can also use your GetGo points for add-ons such as baggage allowance, pre-ordered meals, and even seat selector so you can enjoy a more comfortable flight experience.

Hurry and start earning points with GetGo’s lifestyle partners and you might just get that much-needed boost to make your travel goals come true! Promo runs until August 31, 2019. Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 10737 Series of 2019.

For more information on promo mechanics, visit Never miss out on exclusive member offers and the latest news on partner promos by subscribing to GetGo email alerts. Just log in to your account, go to ‘Profile’, select ‘Preferences’, click ‘My Settings’, and choose ‘Count Me In’. You can also like and follow GetGoPH’s official pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

SM Supermalls nationwide celebrate #DadsDayAtSM2019 with everything that SuperDads love. The season kickstarted via a special media conference co-presented by SM City Fairview and Toy Kingdom.

SM Supermalls nationwide made fathers feel extra special by throwing a feast fit for kings this Dad’s Month!

“This year, SM puts the spotlight on our Super Dads who have brought nothing but laughter and love to our homes. We celebrate them through exciting deals, events, and fun feasts made especially for them,” said SM Supermalls SVP for marketing Jonjon San Agustin.

Beers and barbeque, haircut and massage deals, cool cars and bikes exhibit, dining deals, in-mall dance challenge and digital games were among the many #DadsDayAtSM2019 treats that made dads of all ages feel rewarded, pampered and loved.

SM Supermalls’ latest addition to its internationally-acclaimed #SMoments digital video series is a comedic yet heartwarming short film titled “Gotcha!” about the unique bond between a dad and his daughter who got each other’s backs.

Further, a special digital video was launched in honor of the Filipinos’ silent superheroes.

This June, let’s extend the celebration of #DadsDayAtSM2019 by rewarding, pampering, playing and bonding with our Super Dads at their favorite SM Supermalls nationwide! For more information, visit

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Over the years, we are met with the constant evolution behind today’s fast-paced lifestyle. In keeping up to speed with the ever-growing possibilities of technology, Rock Space provides innovative solutions that puts the spotlight on further pushing the envelope behind today’s digital advancements, while keeping in touch with contemporary tastes.

Rock Space: Your Go-to for Innovative Tech Accessories

Rock Space is your ultimate source for stylish mobile accessories, with a wide range of designs made to suit diverse lifestyles, focused on the commitment to provide innovative and user-friendly products.

Established in 2009, Rock Space is a brand that embodies the power of simplicity and performance, all the while promising to provide value for money to all its consumers. Rock Space has made a name for itself both locally and internationally, backed up by recognition from various prestigious international product design awards. 

Last year, Rock Space entered the Philippine market as they saw an opportunity to become an essential part of the Filipino’s everyday life. 9 months since their local operation, there are over 27 concept kiosks, 3 concept stores, and 1,377 retail stores established nationwide. In the years to come, more and more branches will be rolled out to reach more Filipinos.

In line with the latest needs and trends, Rock Space stays at the forefront of what the modern-day progressives are keeping an eye out for. When it comes to finding the right balance between maximizing technological innovation and practicality with fresh and stylish looks, Rock Space provides just that for tech-savvy individuals that opt for both function and fashion.

Sleek, Stylish, and Fit for your Lifestyle

The brand’s diverse portfolio has something to offer to individuals of varied lifestyles from fitness, gaming, travelling, and music. One of the highlight accessories is the new EB 70 True Wireless Stereo Earphones.

For a great audio experience, it is equipped with Hi-Fi Speakers and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) allowing for clearer sound transmission. The Rock Space EB 70 is also powered by Bluetooth 5.0. This latest Bluetooth capability is guaranteed to be 2x faster than the previous
version, giving users faster and better connectivity. It also improves battery life so users can enjoy the device for 4 hours of continued use and can last up to 17 hours!

Users can now be worry-free with using their earphones even during active sessions, as the new Rock Space EB 70 is IPX 45 Waterproof. Users can work out and go about their daily tasks without thinking about damage from water, sweat, and dust. The EB 70 earphones are priced at Php 3,999.00 SRP.

Next up is the Rock Space P66 Power Bank. Power banks are definitely a must-have nowadays, because no matter how big your phone’s battery is, it’s best to always be ready to juice up your mobile phone with power to get you through long periods being out and about.

What’s unique about this power bank is that not only does it carry the capacity of 10,000 mAh, but it also holds this up in such a convenient and handy package at only 182 grams, and in a size that’s smaller than your palm. It also has an LED display and is equipped with protective features from overheating and short circuiting. The P66 Power Bank is now available at Php 1,299.00 SRP.

Rock Space also offers the new W20 Quick Wireless Charger. Setting it apart from other devices, it is equipped with a smart chip phone protection which automatically identifies the charging current of the devices. It also sports the same protection as the P66 Power Bank, avoiding incidents of overcharging and short-circuits. This device is supported by 7.5W/10W for a convenient fast-charging experience. Its slim and compact design makes it easy to be installed over your car’s AC vent, allowing you to power up your phone even while on the road. The W20 Quick Wireless Charger is priced at Php 1,299.00 SRP.

Up your game, and discover how you can opt for Rock Space’s premium and fashionable mobile accessories, now available in multiple kiosks and stores nationwide, and online via Lazada and Shopee. Through a brand partnership with OPPO Philippines, you can also check out Rock Space’s products at OPPO concept stores.

Get the freshest news on Rock Space on

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In a gathering of creative leaders, trendsetters, and tastemakers last June 19, 2019, OPPO Philippines officially launched the much-anticipated Reno series. Literally a canvas brought to life by creativity, One Canvas Events Place in Makati City set the stage for the launch of the new flagship smartphone series, comprised of the OPPO Reno and the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom. Pre-orders for the Reno start on June 15 until June 20, and it will officially be available locally in 500 select OPPO stores starting June 21 with an SRP of P26,990. Pre-orders for the Reno 10x start June 21 until June 30 and will initially be available in 100 select OPPO stores on July 1. The Reno 10x Zoom will retail for P45,990. The Reno series will be available through Globe,Smart, Lazada and select OPPO concept stores.

Local creative icons gather for OPPO Reno

The local music scene’s crowd favorite IV of Spades who was also present as official RENO brand ambassadors, treated the attendees with a live show of their hit songs. Additionally, also present at the creative affair were The Reno Collective headliners: contemporary artist Dex Fernandez, film director Treb Monteras, photographer Magic Liwanag, plus fashion-forward sibling duo Daryl Chang and AndrĂ© Chang. The Reno Collective was curated to shed light on what the Reno series embodies and values: creative freedom and artistic expression, taking shape in all forms and aesthetics. The brand collaborated with many artists from different facets of art all housed under The Reno Collective to help bring to life the campaign’s vision – to spark creative inspiration.
At the event, notable artists Dex Fernandez and Treb Monteras unveiled their commissioned artworks depicting their own definition of creativity with the OPPO Reno series through a series of art installations that integrates the highlight features of the phone: 10x Hybrid Zoom, Wide Angle and Ultra Night Mode. The immersive art installations enabled the guests to test the different key features of the Reno 10x Zoom smartphone much to their delight.

A thrust in photography: bridging the creative gap from all focal points

Photography is the series’ main thrust, and is the most obvious tool for creativity and artistic expression. The lineup’s cameras are bound to defy limits: the Reno comes with a 48MP plus an additional 5MP PDAF; while the Reno 10x Zoom takes it a step further with OPPO’s first full- focal-length triple camera system featuring 48MP(IMX586), 8MP(wide angle), and 13MP(telephoto). The Reno 10x Zoom also features the much-talked about 10x hybrid zoom and 60x digital zoom - the first of its kind in the smartphone industry, allowing users to bridge any gap that limits their creativity.
Both units are also equipped with OPPO’s iconic Ultra Night Mode 2.0, Color Mapping, 4K video, and Dolby Atmos speakers. The Reno 10x Zoom is even accompanied with Audio 3D and Audio Zoom to capture rich and true-to-life audio output.
With larger AMOLED screens that completely do away with the notch, this series allows for a full panoramic and immersive view that makes the most of their screens - 6.6-inches and 6.4-inches on the Reno 10x Zoom and the Reno respectively. This notchless design innovation is made possible by the exquisite new pivot rising camera.

Creative inspiration delivered in peak performance

To defy any limits against creativity, the Reno series is powered to aid and inspire the creative soul in you. The Reno 10x Zoom delivers peak performance through its Snapdragon 855 chipset while the Reno runs on the Snapdragon 710. Both units carry 256GB ROM and feature VOOC 3.0 fast charging which allows low-voltage fast charging while gaming or streaming video, without emitting excess heat or limiting performance.
OPPO’s Reno series is a breakthrough in smartphone technology, indeed an innovation that allows OPPO to assert itself as a leader in the tech industry. Big things and new opportunities are bound to be made creatively with the OPPO Reno, opening a whole other world of artistic possibilities brought about by this ultimate creative tool and the newfound creative freedom it grants.
The pre-order for the Reno starts from June 15 to June 20, and it will officially be available starting June 21 in 500 select OPPO stores for P26,990. Those who pre-order get a free Rock Space Muse Bluetooth Speaker worth P2,499. Meanwhile, pre-orders for the Reno 10x Zoom starts from June 21 to June 30 and will be initially available in 100 select OPPO stores on July
1. Reno 10x Zoom will retail for P45,990. Those who pre-order will get a free Gimbal Stabilizer worth P5,999.
The Reno series will also be available through Globe and Smart starting July. Lazada will also be offering exclusive pre-orders from June 21 to June 30. The Reno will be available through Home Credit at 0% interest in 9 and 12-month installment plans. The series will also be available via Metrobank at 0% interest with Reno payable in 12-months and Reno 10x Zoom in 24 months.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Vivo continues to introduce top-notch features in its latest line of entry-level handsets, such as the Y17, to enable more Filipinos to level up their lifestyles and discover the premium smartphone experience.

The leading global technology company has equipped the Y17, available for just P12,990, with an AI triple rear camera setup—which includes a 13MP main camera, 8MP super wide-angle camera, and 2MP depth camera—so users can effortlessly capture Instagram-worthy portraits and sceneries.

To maximize the premium camera experience, the newest smartphone even allows for a 120-degree super-wide angle shot, courtesy of a 16mm ultrawide camera, to enable users to capture not just group photos but fascinating landscapes, in just one click.

More than showcasing a modern yet elegant design accentuated by its Mineral Blue and Mystic Purple colors; the smartphone brings the best viewing experience to its users, boasting of a bigger 6.35-inch screen with a 720x1544 pixels resolution, offering a Halo FullView™ Display that is ideal for watching videos and playing games.

The Y17 also has a big memory storage and bigger battery capacity that add to the users’ premium experience. With a 4GB RAM and 128GB memory powered by an industry-leading 5000mAh massive battery and bolstered by an 18W dual-engine fast charging technology, users can store more apps, photos, and videos, do more tasks, and play more games, for longer hours.

So, what are you waiting for? Level up your lifestyle and experience premium smartphone features by getting the Vivo Y17 today, available at all authorized Vivo dealers nationwide.


Select Jr. NBA Philippines 2019 All-Stars, comprised of three boys and one girl, will represent Asia Pacific at the Jr. NBA Global Championship, a youth basketball tournament for the top 13- and 14-year-old boys and girls teams from around the world that will be held Aug. 6-11 at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida.

Camille Nolasco, Heinz Gabriel Demisana, Sebastian Reyes, and Lionel Matthew Rubico were recognized as part of the top performing players of the first-ever Jr. NBA Asia Pacific Selection Camp staged June 15-16 at the Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) in Jakarta, Indonesia, which featured 34 boys and 34 girls from Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Led by Jr. NBA coaches Carlos Barroca, Rob Newson and Natalia Andre, the two-day camp lessons to the participants including how to execute technical and tactical skills and develop teamwork among players of varying languages and cultural backgrounds.

In addition, Jr. NBA athletes participated in the skills challenge during the Jr. NBA All-Star Saturday Night event that featured Jr. NBA Indonesia alumni and Indonesian personalities including professional basketball player Daniel Wenas, actress and singer Mikha Tambayong, and social media influencers Hadi al Ghifary and Reynal Abipraya.

Jr. NBA Philippines 2019 is presented by Alaska, with AXA, Gatorade, Globe, Panasonic, Rexona and Vivo as official partners. ABS-CBN S+A, Basketball TV and NBA Premium TV are the official broadcasters of Jr. NBA Philippines.

Fans can learn more about Jr. NBA Philippines at and on Facebook and the NBA at and on Facebook and Twitter. Visit to learn more about Alaska Milk Corporation, and follow Alaska Milk on Facebook for more information about Alaska Sports.


Henjz Gabriel Demisana
Basketball has given me many opportunities with one of them being able to play in the Jr. NBA program. I’m very proud to join the Asia Pacific team competing in the Jr. NBA Global Championship.”

Diane Camille Nolasco
When I first saw my opponents, I didn’t expect to be here since they’re so tall, but I brought the Filipino mentality ‘puso’ which helped achieve my goal of being part of the Jr. NBA Asia Pacific girls team.”

Sebastian Roy Reyes
I’m excited for the competition in the United States because it will be a lot harder than in Asia. Representing the Philippines is a big deal for myself because not all kids have an opportunity to play for their country.”

Lionel Matthew Rubico
My coaches always reminded to go hard to the basket, not be afraid, believe in myself, and fight with all my heart. I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and challenging the talented players from around the world.”

The following is a complete list of Jr. NBA Global Championship Asia Pacific Team members:


First Name
Last Name
Henjz Gabriel
Tan Zi Sheng
Email Ajmal Bin
New Zealand
Sebastian Roy
Lionel Matthew


First Name
Last Name
Angelica Jenifer
Chong Pui
Phung Trang
Diane Camille
Vanissa Renata
New Zealand

Manila exhibits ‘accelerating ecosystem,’ 4 other cities reveal potential

The 2019 Startup Ecosystem Mapping is participated by startup representatives, accelerators, public and private incubators, community builders, venture capitalists, angel investors, government, and private companies—all working together to uplift the Philippine startup ecosystem.

The Philippine startup industry is reaching new heights but aspiring tech entrepreneurs still face certain challenges—from business conditions to regulatory requirements and gender disparity.

To assess the country’s current startup ecosystem, QBO Innovation Hub, in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), conducted a Startup Ecosystem Mapping exercise which identifies areas that need to be improved and available resources in order to help make the Philippines a globally competitive place for startups. The initiative is also part of QBO’s Startup Pinay program that encourages and supports increased female participation in the startup industry.

DTI acknowledges the importance of a thriving, science and technology-based startup ecosystem to achieve the country's goal of growing globally competitive and innovative industries. Our focus is on S&T-based solutions in sectors that need innovative solutions such as communications, agriculture, health, AI, IoT, among others. and covering not only software but also hardware and business model. Having an innovative tech and services industry contributes to inclusive growth and employment generation of the Philippines as a whole," said DTI Undersecretary of the Competitiveness and Innovation Group Rafaelita M. Aldaba. "We partnered with QBO to support startup development by building the startup ecosystem; bridge the gap between innovative technological seeds and commercialization; and help create global Philippine startups."

In 2016, only two cities—Manila and Cebu—were mapped. But with Philippines startup exhibiting growth in other areas, the 2019 Startup Ecosystem Mapping extended to three other cities: Legazpi, Bohol, and Naga. Similar mapping efforts are to be conducted in Zamboanga City, Puerto Princesa, Pangasinan, and Dumaguete by the Department of Information and Communications Technology with Ideaspace Foundation, making it an unprecedented countrywide effort.

The mapping sessions were participated by startup representatives, accelerators, public and private incubators, community builders, venture capitalists, angel investors, government, and private companies. The cities were categorized based on Techstars’ 7 Stages of Startup Communities: Nascent, Foundational, Accelerating, Established, High Functioning, Progressive, and Aspirational.
Aside from assessing the health of the startup communities in these cities, we also put together a set of recommendations after each mapping session to help them move to the next stage,” said QBO President Rene “Butch” Meily. “We’ve seen remarkable changes from 2016 to 2019 and ultimately, our goal is to promote and encourage collaboration to address the pain points experienced by startup founders and identify initiatives that will enable them to grow.”
Manila: A Place Where Startups Accelerate and Thrive
Home to most successful startup stories in the country, Manila’s landscape has improved remarkably. The 2018 Startup Ecosystem Canvas revealed Manila as having an “Accelerating Ecosystem” because of the increasing support it is getting from the government, investment groups, and other stakeholders. Recent exits from startups such as ChatbotPH, Teko, and have also contributed to the stronger awareness about startups in the city. Recent findings of the 2019 StartupBlink Report revealed the Philippines ranking 54th among 202 countries, with the strongest startup ecosystem, Manila, as its frontrunner breaching the global top 100 for the first time.

In order for Manila to move to the next stage, we recommend verticalization of support programs that specialize in specific industries such as FinTech, HealthTech, and PropTech and creation of a density center or cluster for housing, services, and spaces to increase collaboration among startups and ramp up their productivity,” said Meily. “Corporate engagement must also be strengthened and entrepreneurs must be engaged in the development of a favorable regulatory environment that addresses concerns relevant to the tech industry.”
Cebu, Bohol, Naga, Legazpi: The Next Wave Cities for Startups?
Aside from Manila, four other cities exhibited growth potential in their respective startup economies: Cebu, Legazpi, Bohol, and Naga.
Cebu is categorized under the Foundational Ecosystem due to an increasing density of startups, considerable number of co-working spaces, and strong regional networks with connections with Manila, the rest of Southeast Asia, and Silicon Valley. The city also benefits from the strong support from the government, with local officials taking the lead in developing the local startup ecosystem. To further elevate Cebu’s ranking, recommended key actions include the establishment of local incubators with accessible mentor networks, stronger support for local businesses, as well as more dynamic engagement with universities.

Bohol’s potential to be a travel tech hub is also evident with efforts to develop the local talent and inspire Boholanos to be more involved in tech. The mapping effort revealed that these programs must be made sustainable for Bohol to reach its full potential. “Bohol has a lot of potential and this can be fully achieved by inspiring and mentoring young talents to build their own startups,” added Meily. Currently, Bohol is categorized as a Nascent Ecosystem characterized by a group of passionate people pushing to build a stronger startup community.

Visible support from local businesses and involvement of local universities is pushing Naga to be categorized as a Foundational Ecosystem. Additionally, the efforts of Naga’s local government units contribute to its fast-growing startups. Similarly, Legazpi’s startups are benefitting from programs with fund allocation and support from different government agencies. To continue this momentum, recommended actions include putting up an online information portal related to the local startup ecosystem and organizing more collaborative and networking events.
The Philippines has a lot of potential hubs for startups—all it takes is for all stakeholders to come together and realize that great ideas can come from everywhere. To achieve our goal of advancing the Philippines’ startup ecosystem, there must be a concerted effort not just from Manila but from the countryside as well to cultivate talent and support burgeoning businesses locally” said Meily.
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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Jollibee Burger Steak’s appetizing combination of 100% beef burger patty topped with mushroom gravy is still within your reach

While the price of goods continue to rise, looking for something beefy, saucy, and malinamnam to complete your day is still within your reach. Don’t worry - Jollibee Burger Steak is here to indulge your craving for a super affordable price that is still only at PHP 50!

Waiting for you at the nearest Jollibee store is the delicious and appetizing combination of the beefy-linamnam 100% beef patty and the saucy-linamnam mushroom gravy on a comforting cup of steamed white rice. Not to mention, its economical price tag means that treating yourself to a beefy-saucy linamnam ulam meal whenever you want is always easy on the budget!

“When you’re on a budget and the craving for something delicious kicks in, there’s no better way to fill yourself up than with the Jollibee Burger Steak” says Jollibee Marketing Director for Core Products Mari Aldecoa.

What are you waiting for? Give in to your beefy-saucy linamnam ulam craving and get a Jollibee Burger Steak at any Jollibee store nationwide through dine-in, take-out, delivery, or drive-thru starting at PHP 50.00 only!

For more information on Jollibee’s products and promotions, like Jollibee Philippines on Facebook, subscribe to Jollibee Studios on YouTube, and follow @Jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.


Shoe Makers Shop Inc., in cooperation with Metro Creative Themes Inc. will feature the best brands in a back-to-school sale that will welcome the rainy season. Mark your calendars for the biggest sale this June 21 to 23. A weekend 3-day GREATBRANDS SALE welcomes smart shoppers at the Megatrade Hall 2 of SM Megamall Building B.

Brands like HUSH PUPPIES, SEBAGO, PETITE JOLIE, CUSHE, ADIDAS, G. H. BASS are up for grabs with up to 70% off!

And there’s more! SKECHERS, KEDS, POLO RALPH LAUREN, MERRELL, S&H, ITALIANOS, IPANEMA, GRENDHA, ELLE and ECHOLAC are just some of the participating brands that will offer marked down prices on their items. Fashion accessories, personal items, apparels and other great finds are also on sale to complete your shopping list.

ADMISSION is FREE and shoppers are welcome from 10 AM to 10 PM during the 3-day GREAT BRANDS Sale.

The third leg of its mall series, the GreatBrands Sale event is organized by Shoe Makers Shop Inc., and managed by Metro Creative Themes Inc. For more information and inquiries, please contact Jonathan Roxas or Vilma Baculot through 0917-5365473 and 09171633597 respectively. You can also email MCT Inc. at for details.

For updates please like and follow MCT Events on Facebook
 GreatBrands Sale
June 21 to 23 opens daily from 10AM until 10PM
Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall Building B

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

This June, JolliKids are sure to have more exciting afternoon playtimes as they build and enjoy their own campsite with Jollibee and Friends, in the latest Jolly Kiddie Meal toys – the Jollibee Fun Camp!

With Jollibee’s newest set of connectible toys, kids will surely enjoy building their own fun camp as each toy features a different, enjoyable activity! With Jollibee at the tire swing, little campers can delight in playtime adventure as they watch him glide by simply moving the lever. They can also join Hetty for an amusing lakeside fishing session by casting her rod with a push of a button. Popo, together with his guitar, can play campfire music for the kids, as they gently push him forward with every strum. Joining Twirlie by the bonfire, young campers can help her roast some marshmallows by pressing a button. Lastly, with Yum at the raft, kids can help him navigate the waters by attaching the paddles to help him row his boat.

Let your little ones explore and discover the great outdoors with Jollibee and Friends as campfire buddies! Collect and connect the Jollibee Fun Camp toys, available until June 30 only, with every purchase of a Yumburger (P80), Yumburger Meal with Drink (P100), Jolly Spaghetti (P95), Jolly Spaghetti Meal with Drink (P105), 1-pc.Burger Steak (P95), 1-pc. Burger Steak Meal with Drink (P105), 1-pc. Chickenjoy with Rice (P120), or 1-pc. Chickenjoy Meal with Drink (P135), each with its own Jolly Joy Box.

Start collecting all five toys today by visiting the Jollibee branch near you!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Upcoming singer-songwriter Syd Hartha breaks out from the mold with the release of her new single, "ayaw."

Known for her intricate folk-pop sketches and disarming vocals, the 17-year-old artist takes a step back from her confessional musings to affirm her stand against sexual harassment and abuse towards women in general.

The empowering number, which Syd Hartha wrote as a reminder for people to respect boundaries, delivers an inspiring message that puts into light the importance of consent. "It is undeniable that sexual harassment continues to be a prevalent issue that we face today," Syd Hartha points out. "I feel for the victims of catcalling and rape, and understand how hard it is to talk about their experience. As a musician who some people look up to, I know I have to use my voice in behalf of all the victims and survivors. This inspired me to write ayaw."

A well-conceived effort that embraces her newfound strength as a singer-songwriter, "ayaw" suggests lyrical confidence and maturity that's beyond her age. Production-wise, it's her most sonically adventurous release to date: an excursion to a more bluesy territory, a more organic vibe that gives her personality the spunk and edge it needs.

"Ayaw" is Syd Hartha's third single, and her first official release under Sony Music Philippines. The song is now available on streaming and download platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes store and Deezer.

PayMaya Philippines, the country’s leading digital payments company, regaled the UP Fighting Maroons with a vigorous and enthusiastic welcome at its office at Launchpad Building in Mandaluyong complete with drums, yells and cheering paraphernalia as it formally sealed its support of the University of the Philippines Men’s Basketball Team (UPMBT) in the coming Season 82 of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) on Thursday, June 6.

Led by its Founder-CEO, Orlando B. Vea, a UP alumnus, Pay Maya signed the Memorandum of Agreement with nowheretogobutUP Foundation (NTGBUP), a volunteer group assisting the advancement of UP’s varsity programs. Present in the event were UP President Danilo Concepcion, UP College of Human Kinetics (UP CHK) Dean Francis Diaz, NTGBUP Chairman and UPMBT Team Manager Atty. Agaton Uvero, Maroons coaching staff, and the whole Fighting Maroons squad.


Now on its 33rd year, the longest-running comedy variety show in the Philippines is set for its funniest, most endearing, and most memorable installment yet! Taking place on June, 21, 22, and 23 of 2019, Live AIDS: G na G sa 33 is sure to give every audience member their time’s worth within the first couple of acts alone!

Live AIDS (Ang Istoryang Dinebelop ng SAMASKOM ) or Acts, Improvisations, Dances and Songs, is an annual musical-comedy series mounted by UP SAMASKOM. What started as a mere applicants’ batch project back in 1983 has grown into one of the most awaited events in the entire Diliman community. With each successive installment, the team behind Live AIDS continues to step up its game, and raise the bar both in terms of audience size, and on how sharp and relatable, yet satirical and enjoyable Philippine comedy can be.

However, more than just comedy, Live AIDS is an analysis, exposure, and creative satirization of the modern socio-political sphere we live in as well as the pop culture that has become so ingrained in our lives. Essentially, it parodies the experiences of modern-day Filipinos in our diverse society. Run by a company comprised of both young, talented students and experienced professionals, Live AIDS boldly tackles the present, trending, and viral. It portrays on stage social realities mixed with comedy, spectacle, and entertainment that everyone is certain to enjoy!

As a result of its unique and unbridled brand of showmanship, Live AIDS has continually garnered fanatics and avid viewers who have regularly flocked to the show over the course of three decades of production. These include big names such as Vice Ganda, Bianca Gonzales, Ricky Lee, Lani Misalucha, Icy Mendoza, John Lapus, Rajo Laurel, BJ Pascual, and Tim Yap.

Live AIDS remains a popular avenue for individuals from all across the university to hone their talents, celebrate their diversity, and showcase their creativity through the gift of self-expression. Its staying power can be attributed to the teamwork of the residents and alumni of UP SAMASKOM. The bonds that are built within the “samahan” and the trust that is fostered among the members do not only keep the show alive, but allow it to kickstart the careers of comedy stars like Giselle Sanchez, Ate Glow, Michelle O’ Bombshell, Tuesday Vargas and KaladKaren Davila to name a few.

The 33rd edition of Live AIDS will be quarterbacked by Director Deo Divinagracia. A bona fide veteran of the show both in terms of performance and production. He looks to incorporate both classic and modern methods of direction, stage production, and writing in order to create an even bigger explosion of social commentary and parody combined.

Mounting this show yearly comes at the cost of blood, sweat, and tears from the members. Director Divinagracia stated that, “The biggest challenge in directing and staging a LIVE AIDS production is staying relevant and meaningful while delivering the laughs that our loyal viewers are always expecting. Logistically, gathering students and alumni who have different priorities, interests, sensibilities, and schedules is also a huge challenge for a director.”

This 2019 installment of Live AIDS is filled top to bottom with satire based on trending topics and viral content kept very relatable all throughout. It is both a sharp commentary, and just an all- around good time for anyone who watches. LIVE AIDS: G na G sa 33 is sure to leave a mark on both the show’s devoted fans and on first-time viewers all the same.

Promising to be nothing less than the most fun and memorable nights of your life, LIVE AIDS: G na G sa 33 is an event not to be missed!

For tickets, log on to

For more updates on UP SAMASKOM and Live AIDS 33, please follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @upsamaskom, and like us on Facebook at


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