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As we gear up for another school year, we face piracy threats with online publications at our fingertips. Books and other learning resources are becoming increasingly accessible, influencing how we study and learn. How safe are our learners, teachers, schools, publishers, and institutions in this environment? The recent cyberattack on the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) reveals the serious risks we face.

On April 2, local hackers breached the DOST network, compromising two terabytes of data, including personal information of employees and research plans, designs, and schematics. This incident underscores the vulnerability of online platforms to data breaches, particularly when cybersecurity measures are not regularly maintained, monitored, updated, and enhanced.

Protecting our online identity, fighting piracy, and supporting copyrighted content are crucial. Individually, we can secure online learning environments by teaching students to safeguard their personal data. This includes securing devices, avoiding public Wi-Fi, using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and accessing only licensed learning management systems. Schools can configure desktops and laptops to prevent downloading certain file formats, especially scanned PDFs of textbooks. Learners and school personnel should practice these precautions at home and report suspicious websites.

Beyond data security and piracy risks, there is an important ethical aspect. Using pirated content infringes on copyright, undermines the hard work of content creators, jeopardizes their livelihood, and diminishes the recognition of their creativity and original work. Buying original content from legitimate sources shows respect for intellectual property rights, promotes integrity, and supports content creators.

Moreover, opting for original content benefits users, given the rigorous book development processes that help ensure high-quality, accurate information. By sourcing textbooks from legitimate providers, we can contribute to the fight against piracy, and at the same time, secure better learning experiences.

In addition to individual efforts, the government must advocate for and support content creators and book developers. Stronger anti-piracy laws and rigorous enforcement are essential, and public support and vigilance are crucial.

We must unite in this fight—society needs to stand together against piracy and uphold integrity in education.

As we start this new academic year, let us commit to being cybersafe and ethical in our use of online content. We can make smart, ethical choices. Say NO to piracy!

For a comprehensive lineup of legitimate educational resources, browse Rex Education’s 2024 Higher Education Catalog [here](

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The prestigious CVPR (Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition), a leading global event in computer vision, officially commenced in Seattle. This year, OPPO made a significant impact with several of its latest research papers being selected for presentation, encompassing a range of AI-related topics. Moreover, OPPO’s flagship AI phone, the Find X7 Ultra, and the newly launched OPPO Reno12 were demoed at the conference, showcasing numerous innovative AI phone features. Through these contributions, OPPO continues to influence the global advancement and democratization of AI phone.


“OPPO is deeply engaged in the CVPR each year, and this year, our achievements are particularly noteworthy,” stated Billy Zhang, President of Overseas MKT, Sales and Service at OPPO. “AI has always been a pivotal area of investment for us, and the rising trend of AI phone enables us to innovate the user experience once again. CVPR provides an excellent platform for OPPO to discuss and exchange ideas with global partners about our latest advancements in computer vision and other AI-related fields. Our involvement in CVPR also underscores OPPO’s strong commitment and determination in the realm of AI phone.”

With Major Papers Selected for Conference, OPPO AI Research is Flourishing

This year, OPPO Research Institute and various R&D teams achieved significant recognition with 11 papers selected for presentation at CVPR. These papers span key research areas including image restoration, digital human generation, video segmentation, dynamic motion capture, dynamic scene image synthesis, multi-view 3D object detection, and 3D rendering, highlighting some of the most innovative directions in AI phone.

In the field of digital human generation, OPPO has introduced a groundbreaking approach with UltrAvatar—a method for creating drivable 3D virtual humans. Utilizing a diffuse color extraction model and an authenticity-guided texture diffusion model, UltrAvatar can generate drivable 3D virtual humans from a single image or a line of text. These virtual humans are indistinguishable from real human features, achieving a level of detail that captures every inch of skin color and texture on a person’s face, significantly enhancing the realism of virtual interactions.

Another notable contribution, the UniVS, presents the industry’s first universal large model for video segmentation. This model is uniquely capable of meeting diverse real-world video segmentation needs, allowing for the segmentation of all objects within a specified category and responding to textual descriptions for targeted segmentation.

These selected papers not only represent cutting-edge advancements in AI but also position OPPO as a leader propelling the mobile industry into the AI-driven era.

Additionally, the CVPR 2024 NTIRE RAIM (Restore Any Image Model) challenge, co-organized by OPPO Research Institute’s Y-Lab and the Visual Computing Laboratory at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, was a resounding success. This challenge encouraged researchers to address real-world industrial challenges, develop methods for accurate high-quality image restoration, and promote the application of these technologies in industry. The NTIRE RAIM challenge attracted participation from over 200 teams globally. And finally, Team MiAlgo’s research emerged as the winner, clinching first place in the competition.

Going forward, OPPO will robustly support the AI developer ecosystem, fostering close academia-industry collaboration to bridge the two.

Find X7 Ultra Debuts at CVPR, Sparking Interest in AI Phone Innovation

OPPO’s flagship AI phone, the Find X7 Ultra, made a remarkable debut, quickly becoming a highlight of the event. Additionally, Liang Jie, the senior imaging algorithm engineer at OPPO Research Institute’s Y-Lab, was invited to present a report on OPPO’s imaging technology at the conference. The powerful AI imaging capabilities of the Find X7 Ultra and OPPO’s innovative generative AI applications captivated both the academic and industrial AI communities. 


This year signifies OPPO’s official foray into the AI phone era, with the Find X7 Ultra emerging as the most advanced AI phone from OPPO to date. It boasts the OPPO HyperTone Image Engine, the most sophisticated computational photography system currently on the market. This engine enables OPPO Find X7 Ultra to produce exceptional photos with minimal computational footprint, turning every shot into a masterpiece.

The OPPO AI Eraser feature, launched alongside the Find X7 Ultra, showcased to CVPR attendees OPPO’s ability to seamlessly integrate AI technology into consumer devices for user-friendly experiences. The OPPO AI Eraser allows users to easily remove unwanted elements from an image and generate replacement content with a single click. Since its introduction, this feature has revolutionized photo editing, averaging 15 uses per day per user, making it one of the most popular features.

OPPO also showcased several exploratory features through real device demos at CVPR, highlighting the future direction of OPPO’s AI technologies. Among these was the Style Transfer Demo, which utilizes the ShaderNN lightweight deep learning architecture. ShaderNN represents the first inference engine supporting the full graphics stack (OpenGL & Vulkan) for real-time mobile graphics and imaging applications, showcasing OPPO’s strengths in on-device generative graphics AI processing.


Solidifying Foundations, Continuously Promoting the Democratization of AI Phone

At the beginning of the year, OPPO strategically established OPPO AI Center, directing company resources towards enhancing AI capabilities. This initiative has not only integrated and strengthened OPPO’s research across various AI fields but also aimed to deliver the ultimate AI phone experience. It has bolstered OPPO’s technical foundation in the AI phone sector and showcased impressive research outcomes at this year’s CVPR.

This year’s CVPR also marks OPPO’s continued presence at top international AI conferences, following the participation at events such as MWC, Google Cloud Next ’24, and Microsoft Build. OPPO is actively collaborating with global partners to advance the development of AI phones.

In early June, OPPO officially announced its strategy to make AI phones accessible to everyone, targeting the equipping of approximately 50 million OPPO smartphones with generative AI features by year’s end, spanning all OPPO’s smartphone product lines. This move underscores OPPO’s long-term commitment and strategic determination to enhance AI integration in smartphones.

Looking forward, the innovative research outcomes from OPPO, combined with advanced technologies from partners like Google, Microsoft and MediaTek, will further propel OPPO’s mission to spearhead a global movement in the democratization of AI phone.

Both entities also mounted a public event that translates the campaign’s sonic vibe into an immersive on-ground experience


Filtr and Sony Music Entertainment have recently teamed up for the ‘Summer POPsicle SZN’ playlist, a curated mix of chart-topping hits featuring some of the biggest international acts.

The playlist includes fan favorites such as “Greedy” by Tate McRae, “Water” by Tyla, “Saturn” by SZA, “drunk text” by Henry Moodie, “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield, “double take” by Dhruv, “Stargazing” by Myles Smith, and local hits from BINI and Maki.

This initiative is part of the ‘szn’ (seasonal) campaign that started in October 2023 for Halloween, December 2023 for Christmas, February 2024 for Grammys, March 2024 for International Women’s Month, and April to June for the hottest summer.

To promote the global music campaign, Filter and Sony Music Entertainment recently mounted a public event that allows fans to experience their favorite pop hits this summer via an on-ground experience.

Both entities created Summer Popsi-Skate, a gathering where music fans get to enjoy a day out at the SM Megamall Skating Rink. Participants received freebies and prizes like premium vinyl, and enjoyed various fun activities set to the soundtrack of this generation’s biggest pop anthems.

As a celebration of music, community, and the joy of summer, Summer Popsi-Skate left everyone eagerly anticipating the next installment of this incredible initiative, with some of the attendees gamely skating to the rhythm and pulse of their favorite tracks. Capturing the essence of summer, the rink also served as a perfect backdrop for selfies and group photos.

Check out the ‘Summer POPsicle SZN’ playlist on Filtr Asia’s Spotify page. Stay tuned for the upcoming szn playlists in 2024.

Discover how Power Meets AI with the all-new realme GT 6 and score P5,000 OFF as an early-bird offer

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realme Philippines, alongside Global HQ, officially launched The Flagship Killer via a livestream event on June 20. The all-new realme GT 6 is set to change the flagship smartphone landscape with its impressive performance and power efficiency.

Under the hood, the realme GT 6 is backed up by a Qualcomm Snapdragon® 8s Gen 3 and is fabbed at 4nm. It comes with 5G connectivity, boasts a 1,500,000 AnTuTu benchmark score, and has a clock speed of up to 3.0GHz. 

This latest smartphone addition from realme redefines user experience with its customizable frequency or clock speeds for the processor’s cores. Depending on preferences and gaming habits, users can toggle higher frequencies for more demanding games or set lower frequencies to save power when playing compatible games such as PUBG: Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, among others.

Regarding display, users get a large 6.78-inch 62° Curved 8T LTPO Panel with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2. The realme GT 6 offers a 120Hz Refresh Rate and a 360Hz Touch Sampling Rate with 2,500Hz Instantaneous Touch Sampling for smoother graphics. 

Even under direct sunlight, it’s easy to use because it has SGS Sun Glare Certification with up to 6,000 nits and SGS AI Eye Protection Certification that was granted since the realme GT 6 includes Nature Tone Display, Eye Comfort, and Sleep features. On top of this, the realme GT 6 is flicker-free certified by TÜV Rheinland due to its 2160Hz PWM Dimming.

Available in the 12GB+256GB storage variant and two colors, Fluid Silver and Razor Green, the realme GT 6 retails for P34,999 SRP at select realme official stores.


Score the realme GT 6 at only P29,999 during online first-selling

As an exclusive introductory offer, the realme GT 6 can be purchased at P29,999 in the realme Flagship store on Lazada only from June 21-27. The first lucky customers will get exciting freebies such as realme Buds T300 and a Globe Prepaid 5G SIM while enjoying a 1-year realme Care for FREE.

On top of this, the Squad can also revel in amazing bundle deals during the Lazada Super Brand Day happening until June 27. During the campaign duration, every purchase of the realme GT 6 comes with an exclusive discount on the newly launched realme Buds Air6 and realme Buds Air6 Pro. In this bundle deal offer, the Squad can get the realme Buds Air6 for only P1,999 (P3,499 first-selling price) and the realme Buds Air6 Pro for P2,999 (P3,999 first-selling price). The Squad can also opt for a flexible payment via LazPaylater.

Meanwhile on Shopee Flagship Store and official TikTok Shop, the all-new realme GT 6 will be available starting June 28 and will retail at an early-bird price of P29,999 until July 4 only. Similarly, the first customers to purchase will enjoy a FREE realme Buds T300, Globe Prepaid 5G SIM, and realme Care.


Don’t miss out on promos in selected realme physical stores

Those who placed a pre-order of the realme GT 6 from June 21 to July 4 can claim their product on July 5 onwards, and can take home a FREE realme Buds Air 5 or a TechLife Multi-Capsule Coffee Maker while stocks last.

Furthermore, each purchase of the realme GT 6 on July 5-7 comes with a FREE TechLife Portable Steam Iron or TechLife Foldable Trolley while stocks last.

realme also offers flexible payment options for the Squad. Fans can enjoy an 18-month 0% rate using Credit Card when purchasing from June 20 to July 31. Meanwhile, the Squad can get an 18-month installment plan with 0% interest in Home Credit when they buy from June 20 to July 31.

Keep posted on the latest news on realme GT 6 by visiting the realme official Facebook page or website.


Partners for Growth. The Jollibee Group has gathered 600 local and global suppliers for a Supplier Summit to unveil the company’s business practices, directions, and innovations. The summit culminated by recognizing the strong supplier partnerships that has fueled Jollibee Group’s success and growth.

MANILA, Philippines. – Anchored on its long-term goal of building a resilient supply chain to ensure better service and quality products in the future, the Jollibee Group has gathered 600 key global and country suppliers to foster a more robust and effective partnership by aligning with them the company’s business priorities and innovations in the years ahead.

With the theme “Accelerating Growth Through Partnership,” the recently concluded event also underscored Jollibee Group’s pivotal steps in enhancing customer experience and upholding the highest food safety and quality standards together with its suppliers. It also reiterated Jollibee Group’s commitment to sustainable business practices, as embodied in its ‘Joy for Tomorrow’ global sustainability agenda, as a company that partners with reputable suppliers who share its principles of serving food people trust, helping improve people’s lives, and treating the planet responsibly.

Jollibee20Group20Brings20Together20Local20Global20Suppliers20to20Bolster20Collaboration20for20Innovation20and20Adaptability202Business outlook. Jollibee Group chief executive officer Ernesto Tanmantiong shared insights on the Company’s business performance and future strategies.

Our suppliers have been one of our greatest resources, playing a crucial role in helping us meet our operational and sustainable business goals. As partners in our growth, we aim to keep them informed of our directions and initiatives, and to communicate our commitments to quality, consistency, and excellence,” Jollibee Group President and Chief Executive Officer Ernesto Tanmantiong said.

Tanmantiong, followed by William Tan Untiong, Jollibee Group’s Chief Business Support Office, and other Jollibee Group executives each gave their business presentations, which aimed to empower the suppliers with new knowledge as they continue working with Jollibee Group to provide great tasting food that people can trust.

Recognition of Quality and Reliability


Culminating the summit is Jollibee Group’s first-ever Supplier Awards Night, which honored its suppliers’ outstanding performances in reaching elevated supplier targets and metrics as well as suppliers’ innovation, and sustainability efforts.

The top recognition known as the Champion Partner of Joy award was presented to Kerry Manufacturing (Philippines), Inc. for embodying the highest standards of quality, innovation, sustainability, and partnership, as well as a sustained high-level performance in the Procurement Value Matrix and supplier scorecards.

Arla Foods Corporation received the Special Award for Innovation for providing creative solutions, products, or processes that have notably enhanced their operations or customer experience. They also received the notable Special Award for Sustainability for demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility and contributing to a more sustainable future for communities and the planet. 

Jollibee20Group20Brings20Together20Local20Global20Suppliers20to20Bolster20Collaboration20for20Innovation20and20Adaptability203CSR at the forefront. Jollibee Group Foundation Chairperson Grace Tan Caktiong (first row: seated, third from left) and Jollibee Group Foundation president Gisela Tiongson (first row: seated, second from left) led the recognition of FEP partners for their dedication and unwavering commitment at the Supplier Awards Night.


Meanwhile, Alaska Milk Corporation and Nueva Ecija-based farmer group KALASAG Multipurpose Cooperative, along with two other companies, were given the Special Award for Quality for exhibiting exceptional standards in delivering products or services that consistently meet or exceed the company’s stringent quality standards. Finally, marketing services suppliers DDB Philippines and Widescope Advertising Agency were given the Special Citation for Quality.

The Supplier Awards Night is a celebration of excellence and shared commitments. It also highlights how powerful collaborations truly accelerate growth. We hope that these recognitions will boost the trust and motivation of our suppliers, as well as reinforce the strength of our partnerships as we expand the business with our common goal: To serve great-tasting food and bring the joy of eating to everyone,” Tan Untiong said.



OUR HOME has always been the go-to resource in quality and comfortable furniture, a name synonymous to prestige, befitting our status as the premier brand in furniture and furnishings. Perfecting the art and the science of comfortable, quality sofas that appeal to a discriminating audience, whose tastes are refined, distinguished and cultured, we proudly present the OUR HOME PRIVATE LABEL COLLECTION.

Highlighting a series of designs that are curated for a discerning palate, OUR HOME’s Private Label Collection sofas are functional, luxurious and designed to provide the utmost in comfort. Borne from two decades of excellent craftsmanship, our Private Label surpasses expectations in style and substance, with a wide array of customizable designs to choose from. Choices of footings, colors, fabrics, size and proportion serve as tools to be creative and explore different possibilities, all within the preface of providing the best in furniture selection. The collection drives both inspiration and aspiration as it cultivates the designer in you. Be inspired to experience the ultimate in meaningful living, set in a backdrop of an urban setting; cosmopolitan, chic and modish. Aspire to evoke a sense of exclusivity that borders on the unique and the bespoke. This is what our Private Label Collection offers – an opportunity to empower individuals to bring their creative visions to life in an atmosphere of livable, functional and stylish interior design.


For us, quality is also convenience. Same day delivery service, free assembly and service-oriented ideals guarantee the best in customer service that drives us to move forward and to excel in our field. All these, coupled with competitive and accessible prices ensure only the best in customer experience – a trademark in all our stores. Experience all these as part and parcel of our exclusive furniture collection and make every moment at home, truly extraordinary.




We have always blazed trails in the retail furniture industry. Our reputation precedes us as the leading authority in tasteful, trendy and timeless pieces set against a tableau of excellent visual merchandising that serve as a canvas for realizing dreams, concocting images of a well-designed sanctuary for leisure and a glimpse into all kinds of interior design possibilities. These are all achieved through championing local designers and suppliers. We are a strong advocate of locally sourced, locally designed and locally produced pieces and, a collaborative spirit brought about by forging professional relationships and realizing aesthetics standards. The Private Label Collection embodies all of these.


Discover OUR HOME PRIVATE LABEL COLLECTION, where every home becomes a canvas of self-expression because every piece tells a story.

Come visit any of Our Home stores at select SM Supermalls for more options. You may also shop through or contact a personal shopper via Call to Deliver at 0917-8315260.


To bigger dreams and businesses. The Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) shared its business and marketing expertise with the MSMEs as part of its partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in mentoring entrepreneurs in the country. Joining DTI Undersecretary Ma. Cristina Roque (first row: middle in light blue) in the photo are leaders from JFC (L-R, first row) Steve Piczon, Assistance Vice President , Government Affairs; Atty. Raul Academia, Vice President and Public Affairs Head; Gisela Tiongson, President, Jollibee Group Foundation; Kenneth Lingan, President, Chowking Philippines; Bryan Tividad, JFC’s Assistant Vice President and Head of Global Procurement Services; Joanna Ignacio, MJB Meat Processing Inc.’s Procurement Head; and Marievic Bonoan, DTI’s Director for Bureau of Market Development Promotions, and OTOP Office.

MANILA, Philippines. – Over 30 micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSMEs) entrepreneurs benefitted from the learning session recently organized by the Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) and its social development arm Jollibee Group Foundation (JGF) in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). The first learning session, which supports the Republic Act 9501, centers on capacity building and knowledge sharing that aims to enhance MSMEs’ business and marketing skills to enable them to scale their businesses.

DTI Undersecretary Ma. Cristina Roque was present during the learning session entitled “Joy in Learning: MSME Meet and Learn,” which discussed the company’s Farmer Entrepreneurship Program under JGF and the Company’s practices in conducting Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) engagements.

“I began my entrepreneurial journey 30 years ago with a mere capital of P6,000, a prayer, and a dream.  Once in my lifetime, someone has opened the door for me, and I realized that I, too, should open the door for others. I hope that through these learning sessions, the MSMEs will have a different mindset and open their eyes to the possibilities. Remember, not so long ago, Jollibee was an MSME, too,” said Usec. Roque.

DTI recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the JFC and JGF to help MSMEs grow through capacity building and knowledge sharing. The partnership supports Republic Act 9501, also known as the Magna Carta for MSMEs, which aims to promote MSME growth by expanding entrepreneurship training programs, fostering linkages between large and small enterprises, and encouraging private sector engagements.

We are truly grateful for the support of DTI in our goal of enriching the lives of MSMEs in the country. By sharing our expertise and experiences, we hope to inspire and empower these entrepreneurs to dream bigger and succeed in their businesses,” said JFC President and Chief Executive Officer Ernesto Tanmantiong.

FEP engagement

JGF’s President Gisela Tiongson opened the learning session by discussing how institutional markets like JFC established relationships with MSMEs and highlighting the Foundation’s experience in linking smallholder farmers as suppliers to the Company.

Launched in 2008, the Farmer Entrepreneurship Program (FEP) organizes and transforms small-scale farmers into agro-entrepreneurs. With the help of its partners and stakeholders from various sectors across the country, the Foundation has helped farmers sharpen their technical and business acumen and link them with institutional markets such as the JFC for increased and steady income.


“Through the shared knowledge and hard work of our teams, partners, and stakeholders, FEP farmers could innovate their practices, understand the importance of calculated risks, and aim for bigger goals for themselves and their businesses. Apart from capacitating them as agro-entrepreneurs, the opportunity empowers them to have a sustainable livelihood and uplift their lives and communities,” Tiongson said.


Stakeholder engagement

Aside from the farmers, the session also allowed the MSMEs to discover the different options and considerations for business development for B2B and B2C engagements.

JFC’s Assistant Vice President and Head of Global Procurement Services Bryan Tividad provided an overview of JFC’s Procurement Value Matrix, which expounds buyers’ decision points. The session also allowed the attendees to understand the key criteria of institutional markets before onboarding suppliers.


“While it may seem daunting, we wanted to give our MSMEs inspiration that it is doable and that there are B2B opportunities for them. We hope that through this session, they can learn the expectations and validations that companies like the JFC require from their suppliers. How they can prepare their businesses for effective and successful B2B transactions,” Tividad added.


Cited as an example is MJB Meat Processing Inc., one of the JFC’s longtime suppliers since 2008. One thing that Joanna Ignacio, the Procurement Head of MJB Meat Processing Inc., did not expect is that their once small family business, with the family members being the employees themselves, would eventually venture into supplying an institutional partner like the JFC.

Being part of their family business meant growing with the company and learning along the way. According to Ignacio, one thing that inspired them to really work hard is how their parents triumphed over all the challenges with a positive mindset.

They always told us: ‘You should be ready to take on all the challenges coming your way.’ And I’m happy that we took that advice to heart because that led us to where our company is today,” she said.


Customer Focus. Chowking President Kenneth Lingan tackled the ins-and-outs of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) while underscoring customer focus as its core value.


MJB produces processed meat products such as bacon, ham, and longanisa. As a trusted supplier, MJB understands the Company’s customer values and performs against high standards, establishing its capability and credibility.


“JFC has guided and helped us overcome the initial hesitations and challenges of scaling our business. With constant and open communication regarding expectations and capacity, we learned how to be flexible and reliable enough to meet their requirements, particularly on food safety compliance–which also benefits our retail brand today,” Joanna Ignacio, Procurement Head of MJB Meat Processing Inc. said.


Meanwhile, Chowking President Kenneth Lingan tackled the ins and outs of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) while underscoring customer focus as its core value.


Onboarding suppliers. JFC’s Assistant Vice President and Head of Global Procurement Bryan Tividad provided an overview of the company’s Procurement Value Matrix, which expounds buyers’ decision points. This allowed the attendees to understand the key criteria of institutional markets before onboarding suppliers.


According to him, winning the hearts of customers helps build the consumer’s relationship with the brand. Sharing how they put customer focus into action in Chowking, Lingan highlighted that they identify their target market, establish a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and execute the Marketing Mix Strategy, which focuses on Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, or 4Ps.

JFC is looking forward to more collaborations with DTI as it continues to play an active role in uplifting the lives of more Filipinos, including MSMEs.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024


  • Snacking With Pride this June for Pride Month

  • Company Showcases Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Manila, Philippines – Guided by its purpose, snacks Company Mondelēz International in the Philippines strives to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for its colleagues, culture and communities. In celebration of Pride Month this June 2024, the Company reaffirms its commitment to its value of doing what’s right by leading various celebrations to express support to the LGBTQIA+ community, particularly on workplace inclusion.


Engaging in Dialogue

In collaboration with the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc. (AMCHAM), Mondelēz International took part in a panel discussion on Pride Month. The event sought to address the different challenges and opportunities in promoting allyship within workplaces.


Shine Rodriguez, Talent Acquisition Lead for Southeast Asia at Mondelēz International, represented the company and was joined by a diverse group of advocates as they shared experiences and insights on fostering a culture of belonging, highlighting the importance of sustaining allyship for LGBTQIA+ colleges during and beyond Pride Month.

As we celebrate Pride Month, it is crucial to recognize that true allyship is about taking consistent and meaningful actions that foster an inclusive and supportive environment for our LGBTQIA+ colleagues,” said Rodriguez. “At Mondelēz International, we strive to create a workplace where everyone feels a sense of empowerment to bring their authentic selves every day.”


Promotion of Allyship

Continuing its advocacy, Mondelēz International is also sponsoring the European Chamber of the Philippines (ECCP) event on June 27, 2024, on “Empowering Inclusion Through Gender Diversity and Allyship.” The event will cover inclusive business practices, the complexities of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics (SOGIESC), and practical steps towards effective allyship –further strengthening Mondelēz International’s alliance with the LGBTQIA+ community.


Celebrating Pride Internally

Apart from external events, the Company also celebrated Pride Month with its employees by launching its 2024 Pride Video, which talks about allyship. The video featured heartfelt messages of allyship from various colleagues as they promoted DEI. In addition, the Company is committed to expressing its support for the LGBTQIA+ community through other policies for its workplace such as its introduction of a gender-neutral restroom; a workplace policy that outlines the right to a preferred name, the right to dress to reflect identity, and the right to safe spaces; a no harassment policy; and partnering with LGBTQIA+ and women led suppliers to promote inclusive business growth.

Our commitment to fostering a bias-free workplace is unwavering,” said Rodriguez. “We believe that a culture of acceptance and belonging not only enhances our workplace but also drives innovation and success. Together, we are building a future where everyone feels valued and empowered.”

 After its exciting VivaTech debut, fans have been wondering if the HONOR 200 Series is coming soon in PH. 

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Manila, Philippines, June 19, 2024 – Leading smart devices provider, HONOR, is still on a high after its successful debut of HONOR 200 Series during VivaTech 2024, one of Europe’s largest tech and innovation showcases. The new HONOR 200 Series has a very promising specs that will redefine the Ai technology. 
“HONOR 200 Series is really a DSLR killer and HONOR fans across the nation should really watch out whether this will arrive in the Philippines or not. Ai is the name of the game right now and we are confident that we have an edge in this in this category,” HONOR Philippines Vice President Stephen Cheng said. 
HONOR 200 Series seen in Paris Launch 
The much-awaited HONOR 200 Series was already launched in Paris on June 12. Inspired from Studio Harcourt’s legendary portrait photography techniques, the HONOR 200 Series uses AI to replicate the studio’s iconic lighting and shadow effects, ensuring studio-quality portraits with every shot. 
For more exciting announcements, head on to HONOR Philippines’ social media platforms: Facebook (, Instagram ( and TikTok Shop: ( To check out HONOR’s complete list of retail stores, go to


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