AXE releases 3 new Fragrances Proven to be Finer Than Perfumes

AXE has been around for more than 40 years, and since 1983, the innovative fusion of an eau de toilette and deodorant has proven to be a success for men worldwide. AXE once again shakes up the fragrance game by introducing a new collection that offers the essence of luxury for the man who wants to smell fresh, bold, and finer than fine.

Here’s the data to back it up. In a blind test against some well-known high-end fragrances, 8 in 10 men agreed they would replace their current cologne with AXE’s latest innovation—the Fine Fragrance Collection. Formulated by the best “noses” in the fragrance business right now, it’s no wonder AXE’s new scents got that many positive reviews and continues to get more by the day. 

Who are the “noses” in the fragrance industry? These are the only the best of the best who craft fragrances for some of the biggest luxury brands in existence today. Fragrance houses Givaudan and Firmenich and iconic perfumer Ann Gottlieb have both thrown their hats into the AXE ring and have created unforgettable scents using high-quality ingredients, but at price points for the everyday man to enjoy little luxuries in life without breaking the bank.


With its venture out into the world of fine fragrances, AXE stays authentic to its core—a body spray that is the perfect hybrid between a Fine Fragrance and a deodorant, evoking elegance and luxury with every spritz.


With the introduction of the Fine Fragrance Collection, not only are the scents created with high-quality ingredients, but AXE has also upped the ante when it comes to neutralizing odor. With Zinc Zap technology, it is designed to keep you feeling fresh and protected for 72 hours, guaranteed. That’s three days of smelling as fine as you can be.


And when you smell as good as these fine fragrances could be, you won’t mind. Choose from this range of scents, all in a league of their own, each evoking a different, confident vibe–Aqua Bergamot, Blue Lavender, and Emerald Sage.


Aqua Bergamot

Crisp and sparkling like crystal blue waters, Aqua Bergamot is as bright, light, and cool as its name. With essential oils of Bergamot, Sage, and Juniper, this is the scent if you’re an island bro. Its earthy sandalwood and spicy nutmeg give this scent a remarkable “land and sea” harmony, lending modernity to this classic scent.


Blue Lavender

Calm and collected, lavender and mint with amber notes mix to send a smooth, rich, and peaceful aroma. Think of this scent as a striking balance of sweetness and light, a bite of Italian gelato on a warm summer’s day. It is a refreshing scent for the summer but with the headiness of warmth from the vanilla and tonka bean notes.


Emerald Sage

Love the outdoors? Emerald Sage may be the scent that harkens to nature’s call. Infused with Geranium, Cedarwood, and Indonesian Patchouli, this scent is the most worldly of the three. Its top notes are Moroccan spearmint, French lavender, and Canadian Fir Balsam, with herbs and spices like Indian cardamom and the enduring scent of Virginian Cedarwood, among many others. All these ingredients are hailing around the globe, bottled, and created for you.


AXE continues to change the scent game with its Fine Fragrance Collection. Discover your new signature scent now.

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