Thursday, March 29, 2018

- It’s the vitamins for your skin you never knew you needed.
- It is the only SKIN SUPPLEMENT that has a lot of health benefits while at the same time serves as antioxidant and whitening.
o It can help regulate bowel movement. (aids in constipation)
o Helps give you a better sleep.
o Helps in giving you a toned body because it can help burn fats. (resveratrol)
o It protect your cells from being damage due to sun exposure. (Grapeseed).
o It interferes with tyrosine in releasing dark pigment in your skin. (L-cystein)

- It contains seven (7) (mostly organic) ingredients to help your skin achieve its full potential,
leaving your skin healthy, vibrant and glowing.
- It’s made in tablet form to avoid the risk of residues and for faster absorption.
- Its active ingredient is a converted form of Glutathione for faster results.
- It is made in Japan.
- One tablet is 250mg, and must be taken 3 tablets a day.
- Must be taken after meal, and preferably after breakfast.
- Results can be seen after 2 weeks to a month of use depending on your skin’s way of reacting.

What are the Benefits and Contraindications?

1. L-CYSTEIN - provides function for melanin. ( this is the converted form of Glutathione)
L-cystein supplements must not be taken in combination with intake of cyclophosphamide,
prednisone, azathioprine, isosorbide, and nitroglycerin and in diagnosed cystinuria.
2. HITHIONE GLUTATHIONE – Antioxidant and skin lightening that reduces biological oxidation.
3. VITAMIN C – Most potent antioxidant that protects the body from immune system deficiencies,cardiovascular disease and acts as skin whitening.
4. GRAPESEED EXTRACT- Abundant in Vitamin C which makes skin resilient and regulates/activates metabolism function of the skin. It also reduces inflammation, stabilizes collagen and elastin and
acts as natural antihistamine in the protection and healing of connective tissue.
5. Resveratrol- has strong anti-oxidant effect as anti-aging.
Must not be combined with Warfarin, Heparin, antiplatelet drugs such as clopidogrel,
6. Polygonatum Odoratum – Powerful anti-oxidant effects as whitening
7. Saxifraga Stonolifera – contains arbutin which is well known for its melanin degradation action.
Arbutin as whitening effectively reduces existing pigmentation


- Are products that are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
- It is not a substitute for treatment for specific medical conditions.
- Often referred to as “Mother of all anti-oxidants”
- Protects against chronic oxidative stress that can cause cancer, neurodegeneration and range of
other diseases.
- Replenishing glutathione levels can slow the aging process.


1. Crystal white is currently in need of an ambassador and ambassadress for the brand. He & She should epitomize the beauty that this product may bring. Not only this improves the
physical appearance but also helps in the improvement of emotional, and personal
wellbeing of oneself.
2. Crystal white is looking for distributors nationwide. Minimum order required is 10pcs for
P1,450.00 each. A dealer form should be accomplished to qualify.
3. SRP of Crystal White in the market is P1,950.00
4. The areas of distribution are all Dermcare and Belle La Peau branches and will soon launchin some e commerce sites such as BeautyMNL, and Shopee.
5. Crystal White will soon launch its Crystal White Cream and Crystal White Glutathione soapto complete the line.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

“You are defined by three things: your passion, your words and your loyalty. In business, I always believe that a man is as good as his words. Business is not about scheming or going under the table, but rather, strategizing and being successful through merits and keeping your promises. Loyalty and trust are earned through time and lost in a minute.  Business is an opportunity to create relationships wherein all stakeholders are happy, in the ideal world. When faced with inevitable challenges, strive to stay positive, optimistic and endure. Failures create opportunities for us to become better versions of ourselves. Everything is about having setting a goal and achieving it, if circumstances do not lead you closer then it, then it only derails you. Always have a grateful heart and a purpose. These are the principles that I try to live by in business as well as in life.

As said so eloquently by the successful Executive Vice President of Filcredit Finance & Capital Development Corporation, Baldwin Cham Velasco, who has been with the company since May 2012.  In just a span of 6 years, Velasco now manages a portfolio close to PHP500 million and manages all aspects of the financing company.

“I ensure the maximum recovery and collections of all regular, remedial, delinquent and bad accounts through negotiations, compromise, amicable settle and legal remedies.  I make sure to exhaust all means necessary to collect through amicable settlements while maintaining good relations and proper documentation for the maximum security of Filcredit,” said Velasco.

Filcredit Finance and Capital Development Corporation (Filcredit) is a finance company that has been offering financial products and services since 1990. Filcredit provides a reliable source of working capital financing to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  The company continues to further reinvent itself and is now diversifying their products, including micro financing in its financial offerings.  Composed of a team of highly-skilled professionals, Filcredit’s goal is to help companies better manage their cash flow so they can focus more on production, sales, business development, and of course, increase their bottom line.

As with any financial company, Velasco admits that constant creativity and resourcefulness are very important aspects which are needed to successfully manage the company’s treasury and renegotiate with the company’s non-cooperative accounts and convert them into cooperative compliant ones.

“I lead a very lean organization while ensuring to manage the treasury of the company the best way I know how.  I create various business solutions and remedies for various SMEs to ensure their continuous survival and further grow their business through financial partnering.  I am very passionate of this and I believe that in business, as well as in life, there should always be a win-win solution, regardless of the situation,” added Velasco.

And to always achieve a win-win solution for both parties, Velasco says that it is crucial for people to always maintain good professional relationships with everyone around them, most importantly their banks and other financial institutions they are in business with.  This way, their line of credit will always remain to be a viable option, should the need arises.

Velasco is in the business of managing relationships and as with this kind of business, relationship, being the operative word, is all about honesty, transparency, and trust.  These three key traits comprise the secret to his success and continue to be the driving force to his management style.

“I truly believe that my success really stems from these three innate qualities – being honest, transparent, and being trustworthy.  I always try to incorporate these in the work environment that I am in and manifest itself in how I work with people and vice versa. By championing these traits, whether it be in the workplace or with my clients, I find that when the trust has been established, the sense of security is increased and people start feeling more empowered, thus leading to more productivity and a better outlook on life.  Yes, over time, these priorities may change but what should never change, is my personal commitment to be as open, honest and be as transparent as possible, with the people I work with, and this I feel has made all the difference,” said Velasco.

As an aspiring philanthropist, It is Baldwin’s passion to also help the gay community and is a donor at the Sustained Health Initiatives of the Philippines, focusing on empowering HIV-positive occasional or habitual drug users who want to change by providing them with medications, assistance, counseling and other interventions that would help them have better lives.

Baldwin Cham Velasco took up Master of Arts in Psychology, Major in Industrial Organization, as well as Bachelor of Arts in Management Economics at Ateneo de Manila University.  His works has been published including his research on LGBT Workplace Discrimination; provided research on Social Entrepreneurship entitled, “Pathways” and contributed content for the book, “For the People, With the People:  Developing Social Enterprises in the Philippines”, which won the Cardinal Sin Catholic Best Book in Ministry during the Catholic Mass Media Awards in 2010.  He was also the presenter for the Psychological Association of the Philippines for the research that he did on Social Entrepreneurship, Pathways in 2009.

It was in 1980 when Chinese cuisine in Manila changed forever- when the dreams of entrepreneur and visionary Joseph Henry Ng reached its peak with the opening of Jade Garden. The first restaurant was particularly located at the former Automat, one of the most popular dining places during that time, also a masterpiece of Joseph Henry Ng.

It was as if diners were transported to Hong Kong, the country of origin of Jade Garden.

The best chef on Cantonese cuisine was flown to Manila, tapestries, china, and silver were imported from Hong Kong, chandeliers were raised, and carpets were rolled out for the opening of the most pompous Chinese restaurant in the country.

For the first time, eating Chinese cuisine in the city was like dining in the presence of an emperor – suckling pigs with electronic glowing eyes, chicken wrapped in hardened “mud”, and the Peking duck that was served three ways were the main courses, of course, it was accompanied by the indulgent shark’s fin soup and succulent abalones. The interiors were state-of-the-art, bar none, with crystal chandeliers reflecting light in soft hues around the hall, the silverware gleaming, and chinaware pristinely white.

Opening Jade Garden in the Philippines was the result of years of preparation, planning, and practice until everything was perfect. “We pulled out all the stops when we opened Jade Garden in 1980. The service, the linens, the interiors, and the dishes – all were impeccable. There was no room for mistake,” said Peter Ng, the second-generation owner of Jade Garden who also runs the family-owned Makati Supermart group of malls and supermarkets.

It has been 25years since Jade Garden first opened its doors in Makati City’s then premier commercial district, the Makati Commercial Center.

But the opulence that Jade Garden serves has stood the test of time. The restaurant, which was opened by the inimitable First Lady Imelda Marcos, was the brainchild of some of the best minds in business and restaurant operations on this side of the planet.

Joseph Henry Ng was introduced to Mr. S.T. Wu, Chairman, of the Maxim’s Caterers, Ltd. Hong Kong, one of the largest restaurant chains in Hong Kong. The introduction was made by industrialist and esteemed Washington Sycip. Manila’s need for a fine dining Chinese restaurant that could rival those in Hong Kong was realized during that same meeting.

“From the conceptualization, we have always wanted to raise the bar in Chinese dining in the country. When Jade Garden opened, there was no other restaurant who served the way we did. A number of our staff were sent and trained in Hong Kong – they had to master how to change plates; how the suckling pig was sliced and served; the way to cut the Peking duck; and even how to change the table cloth in a swift but neat manner,” Ng added.

Today, dining at Jade Garden is like traveling back in time, when everything was glorious and opulence was the menu.

The façade of the original Jade Garden restaurant in Makati was a symbol of unparalleled dining – reminiscent of the opulence of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The present-day Jade Garden may have a new façade and updated interiors, but it still offers the best dining experience – a cuisine of elegance and prosperity.

Sculptor Pete Jimenez with Dino Santos of KTM Philippines behind a KTM-inspired sculpture.

KTM Philippines presented the country’s motorcycle architectural landscape through various art pieces during the recent Art Fair Philippines 2018 at The Link, Ayala Center, Makati City. Maker of country’s high-performance and ready-to-race motorcycles, KTM stood as one of the prominent exhibitors during the four-day event.

KTM commissioned celebrated sculptor Pete Jimenez, who “transforms a hard intractable material like iron into sculptural statements of wit and whimsy, mirth and merriment” and who has had over 16 solo exhibitions, to use KTM motorcycles as the inspiration for his pieces. Jimenez is among the few Filipino sculptors who have consistently explored the use of scrap iron as a medium.

The KTM inspired collaboration resulted in an iconic orange frame of KTM bikes, pounded to form a heart, with motorcycle parts encased within, which the artist dubbed as “Racing Heart”. The striking artwork is Jimenez’s visual gem of a pun, showcasing wit and artistic skill.

The extraordinary participation of a motorcycle brand in the art fair was described as re-imaginations of contemporary motorcycle architecture by rendering and defining the “melding point” of science, art, machine, humanity and technology. The platform exhibited the best in modern and contemporary Philippine visual art.

The Philippines will host the 2018 Challenge Cup of Asia from April 3-8, 2018 at the SM Skating Mall of Asia in Pasay City. This is the first time that the country will sponsor the annual international ice hockey tournament that is sanctioned by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

“We are very proud and excited to host, for the first time, the IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia which has been held in different countries since it was founded in 2008,” said Chris Sy, Federation of Ice Hockey Philippines president.

The 2018 Challenge Cup also marks the first time that the Philippines will compete in the men’s top division of the annual tournament among some of the best ice hockey teams in the region.

Riding on the momentum of its gold medal victory in the first-ever ice hockey event of the 2017 Southeast Asian Games, the Philippine Ice Hockey Team, backed by the SM Group, hopes to make a podium finish in the 5-nation Challenge Cup of Asia as it plays against Thailand on April 3, Kuwait on April 5, Mongolia on April 6, and Singapore on April 8. All games of the Philippine team are scheduled at 7PM.

Other Challenge Cup of Asia games will feature Singapore vs Mongolia on April 3 (3:30PM), Mongolia vs Kuwait on April 4 (7PM), Thailand vs Singapore on April 5 (3:3PM), Mongolia vs Thailand on April 7 (3:30PM), Kuwait vs Singapore on April 7 (7PM), and Kuwait vs Thailand on Aril 8 (3:30PM).

During the Challenge Cup, the Olympic-size ice skating rink at the SM Skating Mall of Asia will be the battleground of the competing ice hockey teams. It is equipped with complete facilities such as a digital scoreboard, players’ boxes, scorekeeper and penalty boxes, locker rooms, and a 200-seater stands located around the rink.

“We are honored to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to host the first official IIHF event in the country. This shows how the Philippines can truly be at par with its Asian neighbors not only in terms of the quality of its sports programs and athletes, but also in the quality of its sports facilities,” said Herman Medina-Cue, COO of SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc., the only company in the Philippines to carry Olympic size ice rinks.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The country’s largest fast-food chain has opened its first-ever European branch in Milan, Italy where an estimated 170,000 Filipinos live.

Located in Piazza Diaz 7, Milan, the Jollibee branch is just a stone’s throw from Duomo, Milan Cathedral.

In the early hours of its opening day, customers—families, young people, members of the Filipino community, and even locals—were already seen lining up in front of the Jollibee store just to have a taste of its world-famous Chickenjoy.

Among those who patiently waited for Jollibee’s doors to open was Tommy Flores Jr. who believed that the experience was all worth it. “Naghintay kami ng four hours sa labas pero sulit,” he shared in his Facebook post, while the Aquilon, Flores, and Mendoza families unanimously exclaimed, “Kahit mahaba ang pila, sobrang sulit ‘yung pagpunta namin! It tastes just like the Chickenjoy sa Pinas!”

The queue of eager and ecstatic customers outside of the outlet was so long that it poured out of the restaurant, and into the crowd on the street outside.

“Getting a foothold in Milan is a fundamental step for Jollibee, as well as a launch pad for the expansion of the brand to the rest of Europe,” said Jollibee Foods Corporation Chief Executive Officer Ernesto Tanmantiong.

“This newest venture sets off our journey that will lead to opening more stores around the continent – an ambitious goal, which we will achieve by consistently offering a unique dining experience with our delicious food and warm service that brings joy to all,” added Tanmantiong.

The opening of the Jollibee branch in Milan followed the signing of a joint venture between Jollibee Foods Corporation and Singapore Blackbird Holdings to export the fastfood chain to Europe.

“We want to bring Filipinos ‘a taste of home’, and at the same time share with Italians – who are famous for their gastronomic heritage – both the unique culinary experience that our crispy Chickenjoy offers and a series of common values: taste, conviviality, love of tradition and the joy of being together,” Tanmantiong said.

Jollibee believes that delicious food knows no barriers, race, language or culture. With around 3,800 stores globally, of which more than 1,200 are Jollibee brand stores, and now with the successful opening of our first-ever store in Europe – the brand looks forward to delight more and more customers by bringing Jollibee’s unique brand of joy to wherever they may be across the globe.

At its first European store, Jollibee’s menu offers the crispylicious and juicylicious Chickenjoy that is crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside, langhap-sarap Yumburger, and special items such as Chicken Tenders and Chicken Burgers that cater to both Filipino and Italian tastes.

How many times have we locked the doors at home before we leave home or before going to bed? There must be more than one type of security that we have installed to make sure everything's safe. After all, it's not just our possessions that we have to protect but our lives as well. 

When it comes to security, it all goes down to the quality of our locks. It's a common notion that spending on expensive ones always equates to better products. That is until I personally heard a story of how tough and effective Kwikset locks are from a friend who had one installed on his place of business.  Recently, I attended Roadshow Manila 2018 on the 15th of March at Blue Leaf Filipinas where Kwikset was featured.

At the event, Dave Albert, Vice President and Managing Director of APAC Spectrum Brands  discussed the company, its history, and commitment to providing innovative security features. Everyone was surprised to know that 250,000 door locks are manufactured per day.

Meanwhile, International Brand Manager Kevin Manager talked about the company's unwavering commitment to meeting homeowners’ needs which lead to the development of Kwikset's patented Smart Key Security™ deadbolts--key-less entry combination locks,  and Kevo™, door hardware with Microban® antimicrobial product protection. The history of Kwikset goes back to 1946 when Adolf Schoepe and Karl Rhinehart pioneered a tubular lock they named Kwikset. 

Part of Roadshow Manila are sets of demonstration to show features and innovations of Kwikset. We were shown how locks and door knobs were designed, were demonstrated how to pick locks and how impossible Kwikset locks can be opened, how their materials can withstand corrosion, and how tough their products are considering that hammering into them is no big deal. One last demo was about using an electric chainsaw to destroy their product. It was like a circus show as everyone was in disbelief.

Ammonia was used to see how Kwikset and other brands reacted to it. In this photo, the other brand darkened in a span of only five minutes. 

After hammering and sawing this Kwikset, it still survived

I personally tried lock picking a different brand which feels really cool until you come to a point when you realize your house can easily be intruded by anybody using simple tools.

At the end of it all, I was convinced by Kwikset and wouldn't be blinded by other brands. For more info about their products visit

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Global smartphone brand Vivo has revealed its all-new sleek and stylish V9 flagship unit at the City of Dreams Manila in a summer-themed unveiling that was attended by over 200 members of the press and other guests.
Vivo welcomed its guests late Thursday afternoon at the Wave, a contemporary poolside deck, restaurant, and bar so they can experience the V9 and take selfies and photos with the sunset as their backdrop. Vivo then picked one lucky and creative photo posted on Instagram to win a V9 unit.
Vivo executives led by Brand Director Annie Lim answered some of the questions of the media during the V9 press launch.
The program continued at the City of Dreams Grand Ballroom with Myx VJ Ai dela Cruz as the host. They were formally welcomed by Vivo Brand Director Annie Lim who recapped the smartphone company’s feats in the Philippines. Since it entered the Philippine market in 2016, Vivo has been steadily rising to become the country’s top three brand with over 5,200 stores and 1.5 million users nationwide.
Vivo’s Jomari Morales followed Lim’s remarks by presenting all the goods on the V9. She highlighted the Vivo V9’s 90% screen-to-body ratio, the 24-megapixel selfie camera and 16MP+5MP dual read camera, and the AI-powered photography for a “perfect view” and a “perfect shot.”
Morales also presented the Vivo V9’s improved game mode that would enable users to take calls or open other apps without pausing the gaming applications or play without any interruptions.
After her presentation, Vivo’s Junior Brand Manager Christian Jocson revealed that anyone can enjoy a V9 for a “perfect” price of Php17,990 with pre-orders beginning on March 26 until April 2.
Lim, Morales, Jocson, and Xian Gana from Vivo then answered the media’s questions during the Q&A. Their exchanges were focused on the Vivo’s plans in the Philippines and the V9’s capabilities.
Vivo Brand Director Annie Lim acknowledged the smartphone brand’s partners, Ayala Malls and SM Supermalls, during the launch of the V9.
Vivo partners, Ayala Malls and SM Supermalls, were also recognized during the event during the ceremonial exchange of tokens. Lim handed the malls’ representatives with a Little V doll.
Fresh faces of Vivo
Vivo also welcomed its newest endorsers, up-and-coming actors Edward Barber and Ivan Dorschner.
Barber is the onscreen partner of young actress Maymay Entrata who also joined the event. Entrata was the first who joined Vivo in September 2017 during the launch of the V7+. His endorsement deal with Vivo is something MayWard fans have been patiently waiting for since the pair already worked together for the smartphone brand during their first Making Mega shoot in Germany last year.
Dorschner, meanwhile, charmed the press with his good looks and charisma. He was one of Kuya’s guests in Pinoy Big Brother in 2010. Since then, he became one of GMA Network’s top leading men after starring alongside young actress and fellow Vivo endorser Barbie Forteza in the primetime series “Meant To Be.”
Aside from the launch of the new flagship smartphone V9,Vivo also introduced its newest endorsers, Ivan Dorschner and Edward Barber.
Barber, Entrata, and Dorschner also picked three lucky winners of the Vivo V9 during the raffle. They also joined the Vivo executives for a toast for the V9. Also with them onstage were other Vivo endorsers young pop soul singer Sassa Dagdag, acoustic singer-songwriter TJ Monterde, and balladeer Jason James Dy who closed the night with their performances.
About Vivo
A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for young people. We now have over two hundred million users and are one of the preferred brands of young people around the world. As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle.
For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (,
Instagram (, 
and Twitter ( accounts.

Bread is a versatile food, it complements any meal from breakfast, lunch or dinner. In our childhood days we always purchase bread in street corner bakeries where every bread are displayed in their store front. One of the most popular bread that I love until now is the pandesal as you can dip it in your hot chocolate or coffee, cut it in half and pair with Spanish sardines or eat it with pancit canton. 

One of the most important quality that I am looking for in a bread is freshness. Nobody wants their bread soggy or too hard to eat. Growing up in this busy metro taught me that I can only enjoy these fresh off the oven bread at a certain time and due to my work schedule I often find myself missing 

Well if you are like me who does not have the luxury to go out in mid afternoon or you schedule is too early in the morning,you don't have to worry because Studio Bake opened their store last March 15, 2018 at Upper Ground expansion Wing of Festival Mall. Studio Bake started as a family business and has been producing quality and fresh bread for twenty years. 

 According to Ms. Bea Escudero, Communication director "We at Studio Bake love it when our customer's walk out of the store with big bags of bread and big smiles. We are committed to bringing them the best service and the freshest, most delicious bread that is easy on the budget and can be enjoy daily". 

When you enter their store you will be welcomed by their gallery that showcases sweet to artisanal kneaded, rolled and baked variety of breads. You can see the craftsmanship and feel the passion of the bakers in every bread that you bite into. The breads are not only freshly made, it is also light on your wallet. Studio bakes staff will assist you with a smile and you can also ask them for recommendations. 

That's not all, a 30% off discount was offered on their opening from 6pm to 9pm .Since patrons and bread lovers flock on this discount, Studio Bake made it a 50% off discount from 6pm to 9pm daily.

If you're from the South and if you're searching for the not-so-ordinary, high quality, bread that's freshly baked daily, Studio Bake's the right place for you. Visit their facebook page for updates

Saturday, March 24, 2018

KTM Philippines partners with Ibero Asistencia. KTM Philippines has officially partnered
with Ibero Asistencia, pioneering company for global roadside and travel assistance. With the
partnership, KTM motorcycle riders can now enjoy benefits that include 24/7 hotline to request
towing, removal and recovery of motorcycle in case of accident, delivery of emergency fuel or spare
key, key protection cover, accident coordination or arrangement for hospital admission, ambulance
coordination assistance, traffic advisory or directory assistance and emergency message relay.

Lodging or travelling expenses of the client will be covered while his/her motorcycle is immobilized.
Present during the contract signing were (L-R) Ibero Asistencia head of sales for automotive
Romualdo Manzarate, Adventure Cycle Philippines Inc. head of marketing Ana Lumban, Ibero
Asistencia Philippines general manager Antonio Toledano, Adventure Cycle Philippines Inc. VP and
head of after sales Carl Rene Decloedt, Adventure Cycle Philippines Inc. president and COO Andre
Angelo Santos and Adventure Cycle Philippines Inc. dealer marketing officer Abi Paras

Friday, March 23, 2018

         Gone are the days when the "male chauvinist" society had women as far inferior as men—very dependent and submissive to whatever the latter commanded. Women today are not just regarded as homemakers, but nation-builders as well. Beyond the confines of their houses, they, too, can make a big difference––be it in the economic, social or political arena. 

         From being a household queen to boardroom’s rockstar, women run on very hectic and active schedules everyday. So imagine the strength they have to withstand the daily grinds, not to mention the stress and pressure they have to endure just to fulfill the duties bestowed upon them.
Nevertheless, they’re no “Wonder Woman” at all, nor our very own heroine “Darna” so as not to feel exhausted and tired from chores or work. They’re also humans, who need to pause for a break from being the jack-of-all-trades. 

         This March—declared as International Women’s Month—is the best time to celebrate their power and influence with the gift of beauty and wellness that they truly deserve. What a better way to have it than a rosy, bouncy and shiny hair to begin with.

         Because it is the mane that a person is mainly looked upon, it’s a conscious effort for everyone, especially women, to make it pleasant to gaze at. So a regular bottled shampoo and conditioner, plus treatment are, more often than not, the solutions to turn to, regardless of the bad effects they may cause.

         Some of the harmful chemicals they contain are too much to handle, especially by as fragile as a hair follicle. Their main damage being mane breakage is hard to manage. Tricky it is to treat the resulting tress that’s less weak and elastic. Though negligible, other repercussions—allergic reaction and scalp irritation—also need keen attention and urgent solution. 

         Where else do women usually turn to for remedy than a beauty salon. After a pampering sesh, they may opt to avail any of their formulated solution for upkeep. For optimum results, it’s best to combine it with NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack to promote robust locks and scalp.

        NOVUHAIR is the only tress growth product in the market containing 19 natural herbs, essential oils and co-factor nutrients working synergistically to help remedy mane problems from growth to vanishing. It deeply penetrates to help rejuvenate, nourish, maintain moisture in the scalp and hair, and improve the overall appearance of the tress. Lastly, it’s an effective and safe solution to arrest hair loss. 

        So come and celebrate womanhood at your favorite salon anytime this month. Much better if you can make it regularly to bond with your sisters or amigas over a hair spa or treatment. After all, your crowning glory deserves a second look.

Feel more empowered as a woman - order NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack online, get one (1) box of NOVUSKIN LIFT with 30 anti-aging tablets worth P2,970 for FREE at  
For inquiries, call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575, visit NOVUHAIR Facebook Page (Novuhair Official) or website at  

Make your annual Easter celebration a holiday to remember as you gather your family for a fun-tastic Easter escape with The Discovery Leisure Company. Whether you long for a chic city break or a balmy beach getaway, the homegrown hotel group has a wide selection of offers ranging from dining, spa, to accommodations for the whole family to enjoy.

Discovery Primea Makati
Indulge in a lavish long vacation in Discovery Primea Makati with special nightly rates starting at P8,400++ for a Business Flat, P9,200++ for a Business Suite, P12,200++ for an Executive Suite and P14,200++ for a Primea Suite.

My Discovery Elite Members will be rewarded with an additional 5% discount. Guests can look forward to daily gourmet breakfast at Tapenade, shopping credits in Hamleys worth P1,200 per stay, access to the SSI Easter Egg Hunt for two (2) children per stay to be held in Central Square BGC on Sunday, April 1, 2018, use of the infinity pool and fitness center, complimentary use of Handy smartphone, and complimentary high-speed internet access. Book until April 9 with stay dates from March 23 to April 9 using the promo code EASTER.

Discovery Suites Manila
Your ideal getaway is within reach at Discovery Suites Manila in Ortigas, offering a spacious One-Bedroom Suite at P5,000 nett. Guests can also opt for a 3-night stay for only P14,200 nett.

Every stay will allow guests to have breakfast buffet for two, Easter Kids’ Breakfast Buffet available from March 30 to April 1 (standard kids’ breakfast rates apply), access to Easter activities for kids from March 29 to April 1, 4PM to 5PM, access to swimming pool, fitness center and children’s playroom, and access for two kids to the Golden Easter Hunt on April 1 (available for 3-night package only). My Discovery Elite Members will get an additional 5% discount. Exciting goodies and treats await the kids this Holy Week, courtesy of La Filipina, Pascual Creamy Delight, Jelly Vit, Potchi, Frutos, Champi, and TopTop.

Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay
Easter is definitely in full bloom at Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay, where families can bond over Easter Egg Hunt at the Garden and Movie Under the Stars on March 31 at 5PM and 6PM, respectively and an Easter Brunch Buffet at Restaurant Verbena from 11AM to 2PM on April 1.

Discovery Shores Boracay
Time to shout Hop Hop Hooray at Discovery Shores Boracay with exciting activities prepared especially for the kids and kids-at-heart. Welcome the day with an Easter Sunday Mass at the Lounge at 11AM. Then, join the beachfrontfestivities including an Easter Egg Hunt at 3pm, replete with a magician and butler parade with Bogart the Beach Bear. Guests can also unwind with relaxing spa treatments at 15% off (good for one person) on any of the following packages: Beauty and Bliss, P2,903 nett, Body & Sole, P2,550 nett, Salt of the Earth, P3,400 nett all valid from March 26 to April 1.

Club Paradise Palawan
At Club Paradise Palawan in Coron, delight in outdoor games for kids at the beachfront on April 1 from 9-10AM, Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Egg Painting activities at the Clubhouse from 4-5PM, and movie-watching at 9PM. Guests can also savor an Easter Dinner Buffet for P1,407 nett.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hop into the Easter fun with your family, made even more special and exciting only with The Discovery Leisure Company. For more details on our Easter deals, visit

One Run. One Heartbeat.

The Philippine Heart Association (PHA) in cooperation with Allianz will be holding the PHA Heart Run powered by Allianz on May 13, 2018, Sunday, at the SM by the Bay in Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

Race legs for the run include a 5Km, 10km and 21Km run. There is also a 1KM Walk for the Heart to be joined in by survivors of heart diseases and their families.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are claiming more Filipino lives than ever before. To help increase awareness of the prevention and primary care of CVDs, be a heart warrior and join the PHA Heart Run powered by Allianz.

PHA Heart Run Powered by Allianz

May 13, 2018

SM By the bay, MOA

1K (walk) |5K|10K|21K

Organizer: Pep Squad Events and Marketing Services, Inc.

Registration Fees:

1K – P800

- Inclusive of Advocacy Shirt

5K – P650

– Inclusive of Race Bib w/ RFID Shoetag, Race Shirt, and Festival Activities

10K -P750

– Inclusive of Race Bib w/ RFID Shoetag, Race Shirt, and Festival Activities

21K – P1200

– Inclusive of Race Bib w/ RFID Shoetag, Race Shirt, Finisher Shirt, Finisher Medal, and Festival Activities

Registration Venues:

1. Online –

2. In-store:

– Chris Sports in SM City North EDSA< SM Megamall, Glorietta 3, Uptown Place Mall, and SM Mall of Asia Advocacy Shirt for 1K Participants

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The 40 gorgeous, fit and sexy finalists were presented to the media during the VIP Night at Maybank Performing Arts Theatre in Taguig City.

The Superbods male and female finalists are Jules Aquino, Angelo Cacciatore, Elcid Camacho, Tony De Oteyza, Denver Hernandez, Farzam Nazirian, Luiji Panoso, Sandro Roman, Tommy Tiangco, Anthony Wahl, Christine Balaguer, Faith Garcia, Weizel Gulfan, Maureen Montagne, Mariah Nilo, Queenie Rehman, Joanna Toledo, Amanda Villanueva, Kim Ross Williams, and Bella Ysmael.

The Superbods Ageless male and female finalists are Albert Adrales, Manny Apilado, Marc Dungo, Rob Geronimo, Grech Go, Johann Ludovica, Manu Reyes, Jerome Salvado, Ari Simangan, Jude Yap, Glenda Bayona, Elisse Camarillo, Anna Cope, Maricel Cruz, Mica Fuentes, Michelle Garcia, Lois Hunter, Angel Jones, Margaret Chua Lao, and Romela Nacar.

Hosted by Raymond Gutierrez and Gelli Victor, the VIP Night Presentation featured the breathtaking finalist reveal, self-introductions, a hot runway presentation, the Superbods Ageless 2018 journey video that gave a behind-the-scene look at the search process, and the sensational mini fashion show presented by Zalora, with the fit and fab men and women finalists strutting their stuff and showing everyone what they got! Capping off the night was a rousing finale number headlined by Ina Raymundo and Gerald Anderson.

The finalists will participate in an exciting lineup of activities throughout the summer. The Ultimate Challenge at the Inflatable Island in Subic will put the finalists’ mental and physical abilities to the test. Sam YG and Amanda Fernandez will host the event. The Superbods Weekend will include a Zalora fashion show on April 7 featuring the finalists, the fun Underpants Run in the morning of April 8 at Filinvest City in Alabang, Muntinlupa, and the Electric Spinning Party in the afternoon at BGC Amphitheater.

On April 12, 2018, the much-awaited Finals Night will be held at the Cove, Okada Manila. The four winners of Century Tuna Superbods 2018 will each receive P500,000 in cash. They will also each receive an appliance showcase worth P250,000 from Indesit, Mabe, and Philips; an editorial campaign contract from Zalora; a training contract from Star Magic; a 1-year unlimited elite membership at Gold’s Gym; a May 2018 Mega Magazine supplement feature; P5,000 worth of Vansydical Sportswear; and a special prize from Cove.

One lucky Superbods finalist will take home a brand-new Chevrolet Trax! The winner will be selected based on the transformation videos of each candidate's journey towards becoming a Superbod.

Special awards will also be given: Superbod Beachbod, Superbod of the Night (Best in Runway), Superbods Challenge winners, People’s Choice, Photogenic Award and Best in Congeniality.

Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 is made possible with the support of Cove Manila, the official venue partner of Century Tuna Superbods Ageless Finals Night.

Major sponsors are Indesit, Mabe and Philips Domestic Appliances. Minor sponsors are Tanduay Distillers, Inc., Zalora, Chevrolet, Gold’s Gym and Star Magic.

Participating sponsors are Shakey’s, Quorn, Gardenia, Vansydical, Sir George Salon and Fudgy Bar 100-Calorie Pack.

For more details and updates on events, visit Century Tuna Superbods on Facebook:


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