Make your money work as hard as you do

Earning money is no easy task, that’s why we take every chance we get to maximize our hard-earned cash and make it work just as hard as we do.

Many people may be unfamiliar with the term “financial planning”, but it’s really just a matter of putting your money where it counts. Life comes with its occasional uncertainties and it’s better that you're prepared to handle those when they come up so you don't dig into your savings in an emergency.

There are many ways to secure your money nowadays and it’s just a matter of choosing the right one that’s also easy to understand.

If you’re starting to think about making your money work harder for you, you may want to start investing in an insurance plan that safeguards you, your wealth, and your future at a budget-friendly premium.

For beginners in insurance, Life Ready Plus is a great starting policy. It's BPI-Philam's unit-linked product in the Wellness Series for any Filipino looking to get started in securing the future. With it, you'll get a two-in-one protection and wellness solution at an affordable Php 2,100 a month.

Multiplying your money’s value

When talking about value for money, a unit-linked plan like Life Ready Plus is your best bet.

For one, it provides you complete life protection coverage as much as 30 times the annual premium, which can help you and your loved ones in the future during a time of need. You also get the option to add in riders--or additional benefits--to your policy to customize your coverage against life's uncertainties like accidents, hospitalization, or critical illness.

The policy runs for an appropriate term, meaning you have it as long as you need it. The premium's set at a really affordable price too so that in the coming years, as your needs for protection and coverage change, you can easily personalize your policy as your need dictates.

Aside from funding your life insurance, it also allots a portion of your premium into investments so you'll have wealth being built steadily the longer you keep the policy. This way, you get to grow your money without even having to think about how to do it.

You don't have to figure it all out on your own either—BPI-Philam's financial experts are ready to assist you in any BPI and BPI Family Savings Bank branch in the country.

Better health at no extra cost

Another great thing about Life Ready Plus being in the Wellness Series is now, it's integrated with Philam Vitality--a rewards-based wellness program designed to give you perks for being healthy. You can also get an upfront additional coverage of 20% in your insurance plan through the program.

First, you take a health and fitness assessment to determine your Philam Vitality age, or the difference between your actual age from your bodily age--the closer they are, the healthier you are. The program then evaluates your wellness route to help you bridge the gap between the two ages.

From there, you're on your way! As you take steps toward being more active and reach certain goals, your Vitality Status gets higher.

The higher your status, the more benefits you'll have. Getting discounts to medical services, gym gear, memberships, and lifestyle services are all part of the total wellness package of improving both your financial and bodily health. You even get to receive up to 20% additional coverage in your policy in the succeeding years with no additional fee! All that just for being healthy.

Take charge and worry no more about your finances or your future. Being smart about your money doesn't have to be a one-man job, BPI-Philam's got a great team of trusty financial helpers on-site or online ready to help you out!

Want to know more about Life Ready Plus or any of BPI-Philam's products under the Wellness Series? Go to and click on any of the e-brochures. Don't forget to like and follow to get firsthand updates on their products and services so you won't miss out!

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