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The race to find the perfect Mother’s day gift is officially on. And in an attempt to unearth the best presents, SM Supermalls rounded up not just the gifts but also creative ways to show your appreciation to your mom or the mom figures in your life.


FOR THE MOM WHO SAYS ALL-SHE-WANTS-IS-HANDMADE-CARD. There is nothing more heartfelt than something personally made but you could add a cherry on top by putting flowers and sweet treats to the equation. Make your mom smile by giving fresh and custom made flowers from SM Mall’s Supermom’s fair. Don’t forget to pair it with sweet treats and wine from SM Hypermarket and SM Supermarket.


FOR THE MOM WHO IS EXPECTING. Mother’s day isn’t just for the mamas whose children have already been born. May 8 is also a special day for mothers-to-be. Show the expecting mom your love and support by spending with her some quality time shopping for her babies’ needs and essentials at Baby Company in The SM Store. Found here are top brands’ collections of toys for babies, huge variety of apparel, and new born essentials to make sure expecting mom is more than ready as she counts the days to welcome the newest member of the family.


FOR THE MOM ON THE GO. Moms are the most complicated people mainly because their responsibilities range from A to Z and raising children is difficult even for the strongest of moms. Treating your mom-on-the-go to a wellness and spa day will definitely give her the boost and recharge she needs for 2022.  A gift certificate to her favorite nail salon or wellness spa will do the trick. Check out the official FB account of SM City Novaliches, SM City Valenzuela, SM Center Sangandaan, and SM City Grand Central for more deals and promos.


FOR THE MOM WHO NEEDS COMFORT. Being a mom requires untold amount of strength and to some moms, the coming festivity may cause sadness and loneliness. You can show them your love, concern, and support by sending a basket filled with comfort food and nibbles or self-care therapeutic spa treatment from the Bodyshop. Gift of memory would also be comforting. This may be as simple as an angel figurine or one-of-kind personalize pendant that gives every mom a memory close to their heart.


FOR THE MOM WITH GREEN THUMB. To many moms, time in their garden can be their favorite hobby. Luckily, SM houses green hubs for shoppers looking for the best succulents, indoor and outdoor plants as well as gardening essentials. Moms will surely love SM’s green hub as it is a one stop shop for everyone’s gardening needs from potting soils, plant ties, organic compost, fertilizers, and decorative pots.


FOR FUR MOMS. Because pets are family. Mother’s day is for fur moms too. If you are a fur mom or are married to one or knows one, celebrating the occasion does not have to be boring. Indulge in fun and exciting activities together at SM Paw Parks to experience PAWSome adventure. Capped the day with PAWSome treats for your fur babies at Pet Express.


FOR THE MOM WHO PREFERS GIFT CARDS. If you have waited until the last minute or just felt overwhelmed on what to gift the love of your life for Mother’s Day, consider a gift card. With a gift card, she can make her own choice of what she wants. Check out SM Gift Card as it can be used to shop not only at The SM Store and SM Markets, but also at different outlets that accept SMAC Cards.

FOR THE MOM WHO HAS EVERYTHING. If she is the kind of lady who already has everything, your gift of time will surely be appreciated. Pick your mom’s favorite restaurant at the mall, make reservation for the whole family and surprise her with delightful fare, beverages, and treats. Families can also have fun time at SM’s dining pods where guests can safely savor and dine in while ensuring safe social interaction. These Instagram worthy spots will surely create moments of connection and lasting memories. 

The Under the Sea at SM City Marilao, and Spring garden at SM City Baliwag are some of the ideal spots for indoor dining. Guests may also check out the newest skylight park in SM City Grand Central and the three-level al fresco at SM City San Jose Del Monte. Follow the official IG account of SM City Marilao, SM City Baliwag, SM Center Pulilan and SM City San Jose Del Monte for more Mother’s day specials.


So on May 8, treat your mom like a queen and celebrate Mother’s Day at your favorite SM Bulacan malls in Marilao, Pulilan, Baliwag, and San Jose Del Monte. Don’t forget to check out the unique mall happenings at SM Malls in Novaliches, Valenzuela, Sangandaan and Grand Central in Caloocan.

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Payday nanaman, TIPID shopping time!

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Up to 85% OFF sa Super Payday Sale ng SM Malls Online mula today, April 28 hanggang May 1! Mula damit/sapatos, gadgets, essentials at pagkain super daming naka-sale!

Aside from the 85% discount, ito pa tipid : 1. May EXTRA P150 OFF w/ code SUPERPAYDAY, min. Spend P400 2. Multiple stores - One delivery fee! 3. Cravings? Meron din 50% OFF when you order from your favorite 2 or more restaurant sa SM Malls Online App from 2pm-6pm, use code PAYDAY2orMORE

Laking tipid db? Sure ka pang legit! ang products! 
  Download at Install na :

Last April 24, Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, together with its logistics arm Shopee Xpress, teamed up with NORVIC Drugs Corporation and NutriAsia to collect and deliver sanitation kits and refreshments to Visayans affected by Typhoon Agaton. These donations were repacked and distributed by

Shopee Xpress volunteers in the area.

For those looking to help victims affected by Typhoon Agaton, Shopee invites users to donate through its partner charities found on the app.

AKARI remains steadfast in its commitment to provide innovative, value-driven, and high-quality air coolers and rechargeable fan products to millions of households in the Philippines.

A great option to beat the summer heat, AKARI AIR COOLER is the leading partner of choice to cool your living space without having to break the bank. If you’re looking for a mobile, eco-friendly alternative to air conditioners, then look no further: this top-notch brand ensures optimum cooling performance with its ergonomic design and technology.

Unlike the bulky and wide built coolers in the market, AKARI AIR COOLER has modern and compact structure with air purifying features that get rid of allergy-inducing agents and impurities inside your home. Its honeycomb filters have a great capacity to retain more water and cool the air more quickly. Best of all, it lasts longer, and requires less maintenance.

AKARI AIR COOLER also makes use of ionizers to help make the air quality better. Aiding in trapping contaminants in an indoor environment, ionizers eliminate pollutant particles that contribute to health complications such as asthma, chemical sensitivities, and breathing problems. In addition, it helps promote relaxation and improve sleep.

Aside from providing high-performance, portable air coolers, AKARI gives consumers an opportunity to make informed purchase based on convenience, efficiency, and overall appeal. It has a comprehensive range of air coolers that brings enough wind strength to sustain long, uninterrupted cooling.

One of its models, ARFC-12C is a rechargeable air cooler that can be very useful during power interruption. If cooling performance, portability, and power efficiency are three things that you look forward to in an air cooler, this is the best pick for you.

Whether you’re looking for a thoughtfully designed air cooler with the best features in terms of form and functionality, or a pocket-friendly option that’s enough to cool you down in a variety of situations, AKARI has it all covered for you. Stay cool anytime, anywhere with AKARI.

Expect more products to be launched soon as AKARI aims to bring cost-effective products goods with the right style and functionality in every Filipino Home. Visit AKARI’s official website to purchase its latest selection of home, space, and office items.

Ken Hu, Huawei's Rotating Chairman, speaking at HAS 2022

[Shenzhen, China, April 26, 2022] Huawei plans to boost investment in innovation to build new products, to enhance and accelerate new technologies. The company held its 19th annual Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen from April 26 to 27.

For more than 30 years, Huawei have been innovating nonstop to create value for our customers and society. Innovation has become a core part of Huawei's DNA. Despite considerable operational challenges over the past few years, we have continued to steadily increase our investment in R&D. For nearly a decade, our strategy has been to re-invest at least 10% of our annual revenue back into R&D. Last year, we invested 22%. Huawei's Rotating Chairman Ken Hu said during the event.

Hu went on to discuss the specific initiatives that Huawei is working on to realize its vision for the future. "We are currently focusing on three areas: strengthening our approach to innovation, equipping all industries with the tools and knowledge they need to go digital, and helping build a low-carbon world."

According to him, Huawei sees two major trends: all industries are going digital, and the world is setting its sights on low-carbon development. “Needless to say, no organizations these days are asking themselves whether or not they ought to go digital. They're more concerned about how to go digital and how to do it well.” Said Hu.

In Huawei’ view, the ICT and finance industries were first-movers, so their transformation goes deep – all the way down to their core production systems. Industries like electric power, fuel, and manufacturing are using digital technology to solve production challenges, whereas the digital journey of industries like real-estate, construction, and agriculture has only just begun. Because these industries are at different stages of the transformation process, they naturally have different concerns.

For the past 10 years, we've been going through our own digital transformation. We've gained a lot of valuable experience along the way, Hu said.

Moving forward, Huawei is taking active steps to boost its business resilience and ensure steady development. "We have to keep the ball rolling through nonstop innovation, creating value for customers and society," said Ken Hu. "We look forward to working more closely with our customers and partners to build a greener intelligent world."

Wednesday, April 27, 2022



[Shenzhen, China, April 26, 2022] Huawei kicked off its 19th annual Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen. Huawei's Rotating Chairman Ken Hu said that the company will continue to boost investment in innovation to build new products and enhance and accelerate new technologies.

"At Huawei, when we talk about innovation, the first thing we think is people. We hope to attract world-class talent with world-class challenges, and work together to push the limits of science and technology," said Hu, referring to the Top Minds recruitment program that the company launched on its website.

Huawei's Rotating Chairman Ken Hu

"We don't care where you’re from, where you graduated, or what you studied,” he continued. “As long as you have a dream for the future and believe you can make it happen, we want you to come and join us. We provide world-class challenges, a powerful platform, and all the resources you need to explore the unknown."

Moving forward, Huawei is taking active steps to boost its business resilience and ensure steady development. "We have to keep the ball rolling through nonstop innovation, creating value for customers and society," said Ken Hu. "We look forward to working more closely with our customers and partners to build a greener intelligent world."

Dr. Zhou Hong, President of Huawei's Institute of Strategic Research, said that "everything we imagine today is very likely to be too conservative – too little – for tomorrow. We have to meet the future with bold hypotheses and a bold vision, and throw caution to the wind as we push to break through bottlenecks in theory and technology. This is the only way forward." He outlined ten challenges that Huawei hopes to address moving forward.

Two scientific questions:

  • How do machines perceive the world, and can we build models that teach machines how to understand the world?

  • How can we better understand the physiological mechanisms of the human body, including how the eight systems of the body work, as well as human intent and intelligence?

Eight tech challenges:

  • New sensing and control capabilities, e.g., brain-computer interfaces, muscle-computer interfaces, 3D displays, virtual touch, virtual smell, and virtual taste

  • Real-time, unobtrusive blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart monitoring, and strong AI-assisted discoveries in chemical pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and vaccines

  • Application-centric, efficient, automated, and intelligent software for greater value and better experience

  • Reaching and circumventing Shannon's limit to enable efficient, high-performance connectivity both regionally and globally

  • Adaptive and efficient computing models, non-Von Neumann architectures, unconventional components, and explainable and debuggable AI

  • Inventing new molecules, catalysts, and components with intelligent computing

  • Developing new processes that surpass CMOS, cost less, and are more efficient

  • Safe, efficient energy conversion and storage, as well as on-demand services

Huawei said, most Asia Pacific countries have very clear and forward-looking digital strategies. As the Asia Pacific region goes digital, a skilled ICT workforce will be critical. The region has a unique advantage in this area because it has a younger population than the US or Europe. Accelerating the development of ICT talent in the region will require concerted efforts from governments, businesses, and people from all walks of life.

In the Philippines, Huawei also had several programs for cultivating the local ICT talents, such as ICT Academy, Seeds for the Future, covered the Philippines for years, benefited over 9000 ICT students, according to Daniel Guo, the Vice President of Huawei Philippines.

Get ready to power up your game as the global smart device brand OPPO prepares to officially launch the newest and the most powerful addition to its A-Series line in the Philippines.

Built with a durable yet stylish design equipped with a long-lasting battery, powerful hardware, and software for superior performance, the Designed to be Powerful OPPO A96 promises to deliver a versatile and powerful smartphone for your daily grind.

"Time and time again, the A-Series has been the go-to smartphone of mobile gamers, which is why OPPO levels up this line to continue providing everyone with a device they deserve. For years, we have been committed to delivering true value-for-money smartphones with uncompromised and superior performance for gaming and even productivity of Filipinos. As it is designed to be powerful, we hope the OPPO A96 would be a testament to our commitment," said Chiqui Tapawan, Head of Marketing Communications of OPPO Philippines.

The Most Powerful A-Series to Date

With the OPPO A96, OPPO gears up to quench the thirst of mobile gamers for bigger storage, powerful battery, and a faster and reliable smartphone, powering up their gaming experience to the next level.

Packed with a battery capacity of 5000mAh and 33W SUPERVOOCTM flash charging, the #DesignedToBePowerful device is powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 680 4G Mobile Platform with 8GB + 256GB large memory and storage for a superior and smooth gameplay experience.

OPPO A96 also leverages ColorOS 11.1 for efficient and effortless performance. With 1080x2412 FHD resolution, it supports a 6.59-inch Color-Rich Punch-Hole Display with a 90Hz refresh rate to provide an immersive viewing experience.

Besides its powerful features that enable superior performance, OPPO A96 is integrated with a 16MP Front Camera and rear dual camera setup, consisting of a 50MP Main Camera and 2MP Bokeh Camera. It comes with the OPPO Glow Design for a trendy look that is scratch and fingerprint-resistant and is available in two eye-catching colors: Starry Black and Pearl Pink.

OPPO is set to launch the #DesignedToBePowerful OPPO A96 on May 4, 2022, in the Philippines.

To know more about the OPPO A96, visit the OPPO Philippines’ official website at or its official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.

Reveal, a blockchain platform that offers complete security solutions for digital assets announced another round of IDO, allowing the general public and crypto community to support the project and reap the resulting benefits. Their next IDO or REV3AL Round 2 will take place this 4th of May, 2022 on spacePad - the launchpad of Coinswap Space.

In the digital era, everything is becoming more unique and easier to copy. Digital media are extremely simple to reproduce and spread due to their nature. Owners of digital assets who are not on the blockchain currently have no way to verify their legitimacy, and even NFT collectors cannot do so without auditing the blockchain. For most users, this is a huge stumbling block. Furthermore, digital assets do not have multi-factor authentication. There are several ways to safeguard what users and creators have, but only one puts them in charge of their ownership. And the technology offered by Rev3al is the best security solution for digital asset protection!

Rev3al is a blockchain platform with innovative digital copyright protection & anti-counterfeit technology that aims to safeguard artists, creators, and intellectual property owners throughout the digital spectrum and into the physical world. It has a patent-pending complete security solution for digital assets, including new image-based encryption and multi-layered digital security features. Likewise, the Rev3al technology is considered the world's first NFT ownership authentication tool with self-verifying effects.

Rev3al Technology employs Hedera blockchain technology to establish a scalable, spendable global utility with an authentication and verification procedure utilizing $RVL, the company's native token. The $RVL token built on Hedera Hashgraph has a total supply of 1 billion tokens and an initial market capitalization of 25 million dollars.

"We're excited to bring the Rev3al project to life," says Mr. Mo Kumarsi, Rev3al's Corporate Global Officer. "We believe that by using the latest technology we can provide a complete solution for digital asset protection of artists, creators, and intellectual property owners throughout the digital spectrum.” He also says “We are actively developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which should be ready in the next months. By the end of 2023, we will have a Commercially Viable Product (CVP) that will be licensed as part of the API that will be used by a wide variety of digital platforms, ranging from NFT Marketplaces to the Metaverse.”

Rev3al's team of professionals has substantial experience in systems architecture, anti-counterfeiting, arts, media, cyber security, licensing, publishing, and encryption to assure the smooth operation of the Rev3al technology, allowing them to revolutionize the face of digital media and IP protection. These professionals consist of Mo Kumarsi as Corporate Global Officer, Cary Quinn as Chief Technology Officer, Adam Unger as Corporate Operations Officer, Adam Russell as Corporate Revenue Officer, Naveen Kumar as Director of Blockchain Development, and Mohit Siroh as Director of Blockchain Technology. Rev3al also has a team of capable advisors, including Alan Smithson, Co-Founder & CMO – Metaverse, Mario Nawfal, CEO of NFT Technologies, Alex Russman, Director of Business Development for HBAR Foundation, Karnika E. Yashwant, Co-founder - Forward Protocol, Liam Robertson, CEO Alphabit Digital Currency Fund, among others. NFT Technologies, Alphabit, Hedera Hashgraph, Launchpool, and IBC are among Rev3al's investors, while Bitdragon, Metaverse, Forward, and Evolution are strategic partners.

To know more and get the latest updates from Rev3al, join or follow our social media accounts:

  • Website:
  • Twitter:
  • Telegram:
  • Medium:

The Rev3al community is strong and growing, so it is time to invest now. We can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us.

About Coinswap Space: CoinSwap Space is a DEX and DeFi suite for the BNB Chain. Built as an automatic market maker, it grants users the opportunity to provide capital to liquidity pools, yield farms, and stake its native CSS token.

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SM Supermalls has partnered with none other than Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and is the official venue for the Season 9 Playoffs watch party happening on April 28 to May 1, 2022.

In partnership with SM Cinema, SM Cyberzone, and Smart Communications, Inc., enjoy an immersive viewing experience as you cheer for your favorite teams while watching the matches on the big screen! Select SM Supermalls would include SM City San Lazaro, SM City Sta. Mesa and SM City Bicutan who will be having their viewing parties on April 28-29, and SM City Taytay, SM City Masinag, SM City Manila, SM City BF Paranaque and SM City Sucat on April 30-May 1, or until the Grand Finals. Tickets are sold at only Php170, inclusive of a tub of popcorn and exclusive freebies from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Fans may purchase tickets from SM Cinema’s official website, SM Cinema ticket booths, or via the SM Cinema app.

The MLBB Professional League Watch Party is part of SM Supermalls’ 𝗦𝘂𝗽𝗲𝗿 𝗙𝘂𝗻 𝗠𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗮 Campaign –your ultimate hub for aweSM new experiences dedicated for the avid online gamer, music lover, sports enthusiast, and certified social media techie!


Get ready to mark your calendars on April 29, 30, and May 01 as SM City San Jose del Monte is celebrating its 6th year anniversary by bringing back the much-awaited and hottest 3-DAY SALE!

 The mall-wide sale offers awesome deals and great bargains that is up to 70% OFF. With over 200 stores, shoppers can surely enjoy various treats from clothing lines and accessories, to home decorations, smart gadgets and appliances, beauty and wellness, food and necessities, and many more.


Grab the chance to update your summer wardrobe and find the biggest discounts from The SM Store and Surplus. And don’t forget to check out what SM Appliance Center and Ace Hardware have to offer to complete your summer lifestyle.


Shoppers can also get the chance to enjoy the special markdowns for sports apparel at Sports Central, health and beauty at Watsons and Miniso, and lots of bargains from SM Supermarket.


Shopping can give you the chance to win the brand new Suzuki S-Presso Special Edition MT. Your receipt with minimum purchase of P1,000.00 can already give you one raffle entry. Saturday and Sunday purchases will give you double entries.


And because we are still in the middle of a pandemic, mall-goers are expected to strictly follow health protocols; properly wearing of face masks and observing physical distancing, and are encouraged to bring their own handy alcohol and sanitizers.


Mark your calendars and celebrate with SM City San Jose del Monte! It's SM 3-Day Sale on April 29, April 30, and May 01.


For more mall updates, follow SM City San Jose del Monte’s official Facebook page at, official Instagram page at, and official Tiktok account at


Tuesday, April 19, 2022


Hamilo Coast through its developer, SM Prime’s Costa Del Hamilo, Inc. safeguards a 20-hectare mangrove forest


Upgrading your home with the latest appliances and gadgets can come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, Shopee is giving Pinoy techies a treat with its first Tech Showroom sale from April 20-23, where huge discounts from a wide assortment of electronics brands await. Even bigger rewards are in store for shoppers, with exciting vouchers to be given away by bestselling brands such as realme, Philips, GameXtreme, DJI, Deerma, and many more!

Win up to ₱135,000 worth of brand vouchers


Shopee’s Tech Showroom shoppers will stand a chance to win vouchers from well-loved tech brands realme, Philips Official Store, GameXtreme, DJI, Deerma, Mcdodo Philippines, Dreame, Globe, Tecno Mobile, PerySmith, MSI, and VEGER.

From April 20-23, 2022, users who purchase electronics products using any of the Tech Showroom vouchers will get one raffle entry. These vouchers are available on the Tech Showroom microsite on Shopee and can be claimed daily. Make sure to apply your claimed voucher when you complete your purchase. Only those who have utilized the vouchers, and successfully paid and received their orders on or before May 5, 2022 will be eligible for the giveaway.

Twelve lucky winners will be randomly selected and will be notified of their prize on May 6, 2022. Winners will be informed via the Shopee App the brand voucher they won, along with instructions on how to claim their prize from Shopee Philippines - so make sure your Push Notifications are enabled! 

Discounts up to 90% off on top tech products

Aside from the exciting prizes up for grabs, users can also expect huge discounts from their favorite electronics brands throughout the sale. Check out Tech Showroom on the Shopee app daily from April 20-23 to score exciting deals from the following brands:

  • April 20: up to 63% off at realme Official Store, Philips Official Store, GameXtreme

  • April 21: up to 80% off at Mcdodo Philippines, Deerma Official Store, DJI Official Store

  • April 22: up to 67% off at VEGER Flagship Store, PerySmith Official Store, MSI Flagship Store

  • April 23: up to 25% off at Tecno Mobile Official Store, Dreame, Globe Official Store

Shopee’s Tech Showroom sale is perfect for shoppers seeking smart ways to upgrade their spaces, with deals that cater to every budget and for every room in their home. Make working from home more efficient while enjoying big savings up to 90% off on home gadgets such as monitors, keyboards, and charging cables when you shop on April 21. Enjoy more immersive movie nights with a new TV, a top-quality soundbar, or a powerful WiFi router at deals up to 68% off on April 22. Finally, if you’ve been looking to make meal prepping faster, easier, and more efficient, then you’re in for a treat with discounts up to 60% off on kitchen appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee machines on April 23. 

Check out these awesome tech deals with ShopeePay for exclusive perks and savings such as daily free shipping and cashback vouchers. With ShopeePay, look forward to contactless payments and deals when you buy load, pay bills, and send money. Get up to 10% off on load across all networks and up to 25% cashback on your monthly bills from over 60 billers. With ShopeePay’s send money feature, you can enjoy instant transfers to over 40 banks and e-wallets via InstaPay or to any Shopee user for free and with no hidden fees. Test your luck and join the “Shopee Milyonaryo'' raffle draw by sending money from your ShopeePay wallet (at least P50) to any bank, e-wallet or Shopee user until April 22 and get the chance to win P1,000,000 via ShopeePay. 

For more information, visit:

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Easter Sunday is about celebrating hope and rebirth. And for this special weekend, Lumina Homes is inviting everyone for the Grand Open House of Lumina Pandi, Lumina Tanza, Lumina Iloilo, and Lumina Tagum on April 17.

Dubbed “Hop, Hop, Hooray!”, the event will feature the residents’ much-awaited Egg-stravagant Easter Egg Decorating Contest and highlight specific home enhancements in the four Lumina sites. 

The simultaneous events will begin at 9 a.m., starting with registration and gathering of decorated giant Easter eggs from homeowners and sellers.

At 10 a.m., all the decorated Easter eggs will be displayed as the live voting commences until the announcement of winners at 10:30 a.m. This then signals the presentation and discussion about the new house enhancements of Lumina Homes:


For Luzon - Baliuag, Pandi

Angelique Townhouse Inner and End Units:

  • Ceiling

  • Room Partition


For Luzon - Tanza 

Adriana End Unit Enhancements:

• Front Fence

• Side Fence

• Rear Fence

• Rear Concreting

• Front Concreting

• Side Grassing


Adriana Inner Unit Enhancements:

• Front Fence

• Rear Fence

• Rear Concreting

• Front Concreting


For Visayas - Iloilo

Angeli Townhouse Enhancements:

• Ground Floor Tiles

• 2nd Floor Vinyl


For Mindanao - Tagum

Angeli Townhouse Enhancements:

• Ground Floor Tiles

• 2nd Floor Vinyl

• Ceiling

• Room Partition

• Interior Painting (Ceiling and Wall)


The Open house will continue until 5 p.m.   


How to join the Easter Egg Decorating Contest

The competition is open to sellers and homeowners of Lumina Homes. Participants should contact Lumina’s Marketing Department and only who confirm their participation will be allowed to submit their entries.

Contact the Sales and Marketing Department to confirm your participation.

• Lumina Pandi: (0999) 887 3146 / (0917) 831 8339

• Lumina Tanza: (0920) 371 8367 / (0999) 492 5545

• Lumina Iloilo: (0998) 960 7094

• Lumina Tagum: (0917) 849 3315 / (0999) 222 6040

• Lumina Butuan: (0998) 960 7103 / (0917) 512 0512

Create and decorate your giant Easter egg. Minimum height of 3ft.

Each participant should create and decorate a giant easter egg and bring it on-site on Easter Sunday for live display and voting.


The 1st-prize shall take home P3,000; P2,000 for 2nd place; and P1,000 for 3rd place!  

For more information, follow @luminahomesofficial or visit



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