Wednesday, February 21, 2024

realme Philippines also debuts latest model to the Number series

Following the global launch of the realme 12 Pro Series 5G in January that stirred up anticipation from the Squad, realme Philippines finally hinted the arrival of the realme 12 Series 5G in the country via post on its official Facebook page. The renowned smartphone manufacturer once again raises the bar even after the back-to-back sold out performances of the realme Note 50 (4GB+64GB) and successful launch of the realme C67.

While realme Philippines has yet to confirm which variant of the Pro Series it will be bringing to the Philippine market, the smartphone brand confirms local launch of the new model realme 12+ 5G as part of the realme 12 Series 5G. This new model, with the addition of the "+" symbol, signifies realme's commitment to providing ultimate value within the mid-range smartphone segment.

The realme 12+ 5G promises outstanding photography performance. To deliver elevated imaging, realme partnered with Oscar-winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda to develop three image enhancement filters inspired by his award-winning films.

In line with the brand’s tradition of highlighting exceptional design in its smartphones, the realme 12+ 5G incorporates design elements from the luxury watch world, redefining the smartphone design language.

Mark your calendars and catch more details about the realme 12 Series 5G on the realme’s official Facebook page on February 29.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

PhilEnergy emerges as a stand-alone event from March 20 to 22.

Pasay City, Philippines—One of the most anticipated and well-attended B2B trade events is set to mount its fourth edition in March. PhilEnergy is set to gather local and international energy leaders, brands, organizations, and businesses in a three-day trade show that will further promote the revitalized energy sector in the country.

PhilEnergy was then before a co-located event of Informa Markets’ WATER PHILIPPINES. It was then announced that the energy trade show will be a stand-alone event this year because of the potential of the industry. Thus, PhilEnergy 2024 will also serve as its launch event and will be an “ultimate platform for industry players to explore cutting-edge energy technologies and products.”

This event is expected to welcome more than 4,000 trade visitors from the energy field and industry on top of over a hundred of participating energy and related companies not just from the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region but also from across the globe.

“PhilEnergy is the country’s most comprehensive energy trade event,” said Rungphech ‘Rose’ Chitanuwat, Country General Manager of Informa Markets in the Philippines, the organizer of the PhilEnergy.

“It is a significant trade show as it is a collaborative effort aimed at further propelling the clean energy revolution towards a sustainable and net-zero future. PhilEnergy promotes the development of innovative renewable solutions that are shaping the crucial energy industry,” she added.

Ultimate renewable energy platform

Aside from the exhibition, which will showcase the latest products and innovations in the industry, PhilEnergy 2024 will also mount a series of seminars, workshops, and conferences to be facilitated by partner organizations. These include Smart Grid Technologies by MERALCO, Developing Future Energy Systems in PH by the Asia-Pacific Urban Energy Association, Power System Stability and Control by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, and Power System Planning and Optimization by the National Transmission Corporation.

“PhilEnergy indicates a transformative moment in the Philippines' energy landscape and serves as a catalyst to support the energy transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon future. We are excited to participate in and contribute to this year's edition of PhilEnergy, which will help shape the future of energy in the Philippines and ASEAN.” said Peter Lundberg, Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association.

PhilEnergy is also the venue for the Society of Philippine Electrotechnical Constructors and Suppliers Inc.’s industry forum ‘Accelerating Renewable Energy Transition’ and the PCAB Licensing Workshop (paid seminar). Full on-site conference by the Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance Inc. ‘First Fuel Energy Efficiency Day 2024’ set of Day 1 will have invited honorable ambassadors (the UK, Sweden, and Denmark) and major PH business leaders (including Ayala Corporation’s Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, JG Summit Holdings’ Lance Gokongwei, and SM Prime Holdings’ Henry Sy) as speakers.

Some of the participating companies for PhilEnergy Expo are AsiaPhil Inc., Daikin Philippines, Lead Core Technology System Incorporation, Prisma Electrical Controls Corporation, Schneider Electric Philippines, Yokogawa Philippines, and to name a few.

PH efforts to boost industry

PhilEnergy 2024 is expanding the focus of its main energy profiles to five (from just two when it was still RE EE Philippines). Those are Renewable Energy (RE), Energy Efficiency (EE), Electric and Power (E&P), Electric Vehicle (EV), and Energy Storage (ES). This move aligns with the current expansion of the renewable energy sector and with the Philippine government’s push to establish secure, sustainable, and resilient energy strategies.

During the Asia Zero Emission Community (AZEC) leaders’ meeting held in Japan in December 2023, President Ferdinand ‘Bong Bong’ Marcos Jr revealed the national government’s goal to increase the renewable energy share in the country’s power generation mix to 35 percent by the year 2030 and to 50% by 2040. He also cited the ongoing policies aimed at promoting renewable energy, including tax incentives and the lifting of foreign ownership limits for renewable energy facilities and businesses.


The Philippines has also just recently granted ‘green lane processing’ for up to ₱244 billion worth of renewable energy investments. The Board of Investments has approved the seven projects that will be fast-tracked to speed up the roll out and implementation of the initiatives.

PhilEnergy 2024 will be held from March 20 to 22, 2024 at the 2nd floor of SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Gates will open from 9:30 a.m.


For visitor inquiries, contact Informa Markets representative: Danah F. Castillo through or +63 2 8581 1921.

About Informa Markets

Informa Markets creates platforms for industries and specialist markets to trade, innovate and grow. We provide marketplace participants around the globe with opportunities to engage, experience and do business through face-to-face exhibitions, targeted digital services and actionable data solutions. We connect buyers and sellers across more than a dozen global verticals, including Pharmaceuticals, Food, Medical Technology and Infrastructure. As the world's leading market-making company, we bring a diverse range of specialist markets to life, unlocking opportunities and helping them to thrive 365 days of the year. For more information, please visit

From left: Chinabank Chief Finance Officer Patrick Cheng, President & CEO Romy Uyan, Michelle Dee, Sparkle GMA Artist Center Vice President Joy Romina Marcelo, and Miss Universe Philippines
Creative Director Jonas Gafud.

Chinabank has signed up its first ever brand ambassador, the reigning Miss Universe Philippines Michelle Marquez Dee. The collaboration was formalized on February 14, 2024 at the Chinabank head office in Makati City.

The beauty queen, actress, host, athlete, and model is a fitting and inspiring representative for Chinabank. Michelle, who has won the hearts and minds of Filipinos and the world with her charisma, authenticity, and sense of purpose, is redefining contemporary Filipino culture on a global stage. Her lifelong autism acceptance and inclusivity advocacy has led her to a degree in BS Psychology and to use her platform and her work with the Autism Society of the Philippines to create awareness about the condition. With Michelle on board, Chinabank is strengthening its brand presence and building a profound connection with the new generation of dynamic and forward-thinking banking customers.

“This engagement with Michelle Dee signifies the beginning of many things to come. For us, Michelle is family. But beyond her obvious lineage to the bank's co-founders, we firmly believe that Michelle has the qualities to aptly represent a bank with a storied history and an unwavering commitment to building an inclusive and sustainable future for every Filipino,” Chinabank President & CEO Romeo D. Uyan Jr. said during the contract signing.

Michelle expressed her happiness and excitement for her new role, noting that she and Chinabank are a good fit as they share the same high regard for building trust, making an impact, and bringing about change.

“Chinabank isn’t just any bank, it’s been a beacon of trust and resilience for over a century. Now that’s a lot of years of making a difference in people’s lives and making dreams come true, but it’s also the spirit of making a difference that really resonates with every Filipino heart,” she said. “I would like to keep it real. I’m here to share my stories and the incredible work Chinabank does… I can’t wait to make memories and make such ground breaking opportunities for everyone around us as well.”

Chinabank founder Dee C. Chuan was Michelle Dee’s paternal grand-uncle. Her grandfather was former Chinabank Chairman Dee K. Chiong whose leadership shaped the bank into prominence. He also led the bank’s early foray into computer technology, becoming the first bank in Southeast Asia to process deposit accounts online.

MMD with his cousin Chinabank CFO Patrick Cheng

Chinabank is the fourth largest private universal bank in the Philippines. The bank is set to launch an advertising campaign featuring Michelle as it continues to innovate and improve its products and services with a keen focus on its customers.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Your favorite weekly food market is now in Ortigas Malls. Mercato Centrale has opened its doors at Estancia, Capitol Commons and The Strip at Circulo Verde.

Best known as the country’s #1 food and lifestyle night market, Mercato Centrale is a hub for business owners to share their products with foodies everywhere. This month, shoppers at Estancia Mall and The Strip can now enjoy a wide range of dishes and refreshments all day.

Here’s the schedule for Mercato Centrale at Ortigas Malls:

● The Strip at Circulo Verde: February 8 to 29, every Thursday to Sunday from 3pm to 11pm (If you purchase a bucket of Heineken Silver, you’ll get a free 0.0 Heineken Cap)

● Estancia, Capitol Commons: February 14 to March 10, every Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 11pm

If you’re looking for somewhere to chill during your lunch break or over the weekend with your loved ones, drop by Mercato Centrale at Estancia and The Strip. Let Ortigas Malls be part of your “Larger Than Life” dining experience.


Here's your one-stop app for all your Larger Than Life experiences: Sign up for the Ortigas Community Card via the Ortigas Malls app to get first dibs on amazing deals, discounts, and perks.

For more information and updates on Ortigas Malls’ events be sure to like and visit their official Facebook pages: Greenhills Mall, Tiendesitas, and Estancia Mall.

The attractiveness of sales and low prices, coupled with the time pressure that comes with it, make everyone vulnerable to online scammers, including fake sellers.

Financial super app GCash shares the signs you should watch out for when checking an online seller and how to do a ‘legit check’ with the help of the Express Send Checkbox for Send Money transactions, a unique feature designed to help you verify the legitimacy of your Send Money transaction.

How do you spot a fake seller?

The seller has little to no account history

Be wary of sellers with minimal or no account history. Scammers frequently create new accounts to continue their fraudulent activities, even if they have been reported or blocked in the past. When making purchases through social media pages, use the page transparency feature to verify when the page was created and its previous name changes.

The seller offers ridiculously low prices

When an online seller has no other posts and reviews on their profile, it may mean that they are new to the platform or have minimal experience selling online. Legitimate sellers usually have a consistent record of posts, listings, and reviews to provide potential customers an understanding of their reputation and customer experience.

How can I do a Legit Check on an online seller?

Check the seller’s profile

Before agreeing to pay for a product, examine the seller’s profile. Do a quick search of the business or seller’s name to make sure they are not imitating a legitimate business or individual.

Assess seller reviews

Check for reviews and complaints about the business on various platforms, including the seller’s own profile, independent review sites, and social media pages. Be on the lookout for recurring complaints that may suggest potential issues.

Ask for payment-upon-delivery option

When possible, ask the seller if it’s possible for you to pay only once the item is delivered, or once you have confirmed that the item is correct.

Use GCash as your trusted payment option

When paying for your purchases, make sure to use a secure mode of payment such as GCash. When you use GCash to send money to the seller, you are reminded to do a ‘legit check’ first with the help of the Express Send Checkbox feature. The Express Send Checkbox prompts you to verify that you have reviewed the person you are sending money to and that the number of the recipient and the amount you are about to send are correct, before enabling you to proceed with the transaction.

Remember, online shopping should be a fun and enjoyable experience of rewarding yourself and your loved ones, not a cause of worry and fear. By staying vigilant against fake sellers and being proactive in doing legit checks, you can fully enjoy the fruits of your hard work and have the confidence to shop online and pay with GCash.

If you encounter phishing scams and fraudulent activities targeting your GCash account, you may report these by visiting the official GCash Help Center in the app or at, messaging Gigi on the website, and typing, “I want to report a scam.”

Sunday, February 18, 2024

P-Pop star Josh Cullen joins forces with Filipino rapper Yuridope for the official remix of “Get Right.”

Instantly hitting it off with undeniable chemistry, the duo rocked the remix with an insatiable drive to flip the beat, get the verses turned up, and deliver a performance that is equally compelling as the original.

I’ve been eyeing a remix for 'Get Right' with a local artist, and boom, Yuridope pops up,” the lead rapper and vocalist of SB19 reveals. “The dude is not just talented; he is genuine. And that verse of his? It was like he blinked and boom, and it was done. Literal na naglabada lang. (He literally washed it out).”

The remix treatment serves as a collaborative effort with multi-talented producer Cursebox, who brought a reinvigorating spin to the source material and helped Josh realize his vision. The result is an inter-genre tweak that pushes the envelope forward as far as production is concerned.

Josh recounts, “Cursebox deconstructed the beat, experimenting with sounds and rhythms to breathe new life into the track. Throughout the process, we provided feedback, ensuring the arrangement aligned with our vision. In the end, Cursebox's unique touch added depth to the song, elevating it to new heights while respecting its roots."

Serving as a gateway to bridge the gap between hip-hop enthusiasts and his captured market, the reimagining of “Get Right” provides an exciting opportunity to introduce new elements to the music while also inviting fans from different genres to experience Josh’s sound in a fresh light.

Josh adds, “This collaboration opens doors to new connections and possibilities, enriching our musical journey and expanding our reach. And with this remix, we're kicking off a larger journey, pioneering a unique sub-genre I'd like to call ‘hip-pop,’ which promises to bring even more innovation and excitement to the music scene.”

Get Right” finds the SB19 rapper and vocalist embracing his music journey while navigating the challenges of making a dent in a highly competitive industry as a solo act. The original version was written and helmed by Josh Cullen himself, with collaborators Ocho the Bullet and UK-based indie icon No Rome assisting with the production.

Josh Cullen and Yuridope’s remix of “Get Right” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Manila, Philippines, February 18, 2024 –

Leading global smartphone provider, HONOR, shines a spotlight in Pangasinan for the viral HONOR X9b 5G Ultra Tough Challenge with the Smash Test being the consumer’s favorite in testing the durability of the all-angle ultra tough smartphone.

“We are truly touched by the warm patronage and unwavering support shown to us by the vibrant community of HONOR fans in Pangasinan and provide them with the opportunity to experience the remarkable durability of the HONOR X9b 5G through our viral smash test as it continously excel across both our offline and online platforms,” said HONOR Philippines Vice President Stephen Cheng.

The HONOR celebration at Guanzon Festival 2024 held in Calasiao, Pangasinan is a resounding success packed with HONOR gifts and prizes. The All-Angle Ultra-Tough HONOR X9b 5G is still available at an affordable price of Php 16,999.

With the cutting-edge HONOR Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop Display at its core, the HONOR X9b 5G earns accreditation from SGS's Five Star Overall Drop Resistance. Its shock absorption capacity is bolstered by up to 1.2 times, ensuring unparalleled durability and stability, ideal for the demands of modern, on-the-go smartphone users.

Moreover, the HONOR X9b 5G boasts a triple camera system, comprising a 108MP Ultra-Clear Camera, a 5MP Ultra-Wide Camera, and a 2MP Macro Camera. The 108MP Ultra-Clear Camera features a sizable 1/1.67-inch sensor and a wide f/1.75 aperture, enabling it to capture more light and deliver images with striking clarity. Additionally, the camera offers superior optical quality with 3X zoom and an exceptional motion capture engine, guaranteeing that the HONOR X9b 5G produces crisp snapshots with captivating detail.

Priced at Php 16,999, the HONOR X9b 5G is readily available on Lazada (,

Shopee (, TikTok Shop ( and HONOR Experience or Partner stores.

To know more about the complete features of HONOR X9b 5G, you may visit: and head on to HONOR Philippines’ social media platforms for exciting announcements: Facebook (, Instagram ( and TikTok Shop: ( To check out HONOR’s complete list of retail stores, go to


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