Wednesday, May 31, 2023

From vibrant reds and oranges to soothing blues and purples, the balloons create a kaleidoscope of color that captures the attention of shoppers at SM City Valenzuela.

SM Supermalls is often synonymous with fashion, retail therapy, and gastronomic delights. As last hurrah for the summer season, shoppers were in for an unexpected treat as SM City Valenzuela and SM Center Pulilan recently hosted the first Hot Air Balloon Summer Fest.

SM City Valenzuela added an extra dose of magic and adventure to summer season with its first-ever hot air balloon summer fest. This captivating spectacle was a feast for the eyes that capture the hearts and imaginations of visitors of all ages. With colorful balloons adorning the mall’s atrium, this grand showcase become the talk of the town, offering a unique experience that transcends the boundaries of ordinary shopping.

Featuring a kaleidoscope of colors, the hot air balloons transformed the mall’s skyline into a canvas of art and wonder. Shoppers were greeted by an explosion of colors, with giant hot air balloons suspended from the ceiling. Each balloon was meticulously crafted, showcasing an array of hues and patterns that dazzled the eyes. From vibrant reds and oranges to soothing blues and purples, the balloons created a kaleidoscope of colors that danced in the air. This unique event not only celebrated the vibrant spirit of summer but also transported shoppers to an exhilarating and breathtaking spectacle.

Painting a breathtaking canvas against the backdrop of SM Center Pulilan’s picturesque mallscapes, this awe-inspiring sight leave spectators captivated as they marvel at the kaleidoscope of colors and shapes floating above them.

The Hot Air Summer Balloon Festival in both malls is not just a visual feast but also an immersive experience. Shoppers had the rare opportunity to interact with the hot air balloon pilots, who gladly shared their stories and expertise, offering a glimpse into the world of ballooning and the science behind these magnificent flying machines. To enhance the immersive experience, a gentle breeze blows throughout the mall, simulating the sensation of being carried aloft on a summer’s zephyr. Soft, ethereal music also fills the air, evoking a sense of serenity and wanderlust.

Shoppers witness a spectacle of colors as hot air balloons gracefully ascend into the mall atrium at SM Center Pulilan.

SM’s Hot Air Balloon Summer Festival is more than just a spectacle; it is also a testament to the mall’s commitment to provide unique and memorable experiences for all shoppers. Through their innovative and captivating exhibits, SM continues to redefine the boundaries of shopping malls, transforming them into immersive experiences that awaken the senses and ignite the imagination.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The great bdo travel sale

The highly anticipated travel sale event of BDO, The Great BDO Travel Sale will be returning to SMX Convention Center Aura, SM Aura Premier on June 2 to 4, 2023 with an extensive line-up of travel partners to choose from.

BDO Debit and Credit Cardholders can book exclusive fares to local and international destinations from 25 airline and travel agency and cruise partners. Offer is available during the event at the SMX Convention Center Aura, SM Aura Premier, and online via with travel period extending until May 31, 2024, unless otherwise specified.

Apart from exclusive airline rates being offered by airline partners, travel and cruise packages are also available. BDO Credit Cardholders can also take advantage of FLY NOW, PAY LATER at 0% interest on 3 months term and pay 3 months later from select travel partners.

“The Filipinos’ appetite for traveling shows no sign of slowing. Whether it be a weekend getaway at the beach, a quick escapade in Singapore or Bangkok to watch a concert, a US tour to visit family, or a European cruise to celebrate a special milestone, we won’t pass up an opportunity to travel again and spend quality time with the people we love,” says Ma. Nannette R. Regala, BDO Senior Vice President and Consumer Banking Group Marketing Head. “With this in mind, we wanted to give our valued cardholders more travel options, flexible payment terms, and of course, a cost-efficient means to travel.”

BDO Cardholders may book from the following travel partners available on ground, online, or both. The on ground event opens from 10:00AM to 8:00PM.

On top of discounts on airfare and travel packages, BDO Cardholders can also take advantage of exclusive deals on other travel-related services such as hotel stays, travel insurance, and more. Plus, BDO Credit Cardholders can get up to P10,000 cashback when they spend anywhere and meet the minimum accumulated spend of P30,000 from June 1 to July 31, 2023. For cumulative spend, a minimum of P1,000 per transaction is required.

Don’t miss The Great BDO Travel Sale. For more details, visit and search for The Great BDO Travel Sale. Terms & Conditions apply.

Loving multi generation Asian family with tulips and gift box hugging with closed eyes, celebrating Mother's Day at home. Senior woman with her daughter and granddaughter spending holiday together

As the saying goes, “A mother is one who can take the place of others but whose place no one else can take.”

More versatile than any famous Hollywood or K-drama celebrity, moms can play any role in their children’s lives — from teacher and doctor, to cook and driver. They spend most of their lives caring for their children, often putting their own needs and wants last, even when their kids are no longer kids.

This Mothers’ Day, why not give your mom the gift of health? It’s a good way to shower your mother with love and attention while ensuring her well-being. It’s a good way to shower your mother with love and attention while ensuring her well-being.

Here are five lasting gifts that will surely last longer than Mother’s Day: 

Cook a healthy meal.

Food is a love language in Filipino households. When you were young, your mom most likely packed your school lunch or cut and peeled fruits for you while you watch your favorite cartoon shows.

Cooking your mom’s favorite meals is an act of love she will appreciate. She’ll recognize it as your way of saying “thanks” for all the times she cooked for you and remembered your favorite dishes. Plus, the great thing about prepping food yourself is knowing what ingredients go into it. This is especially helpful if your mother has to observe dietary restrictions. The meal doesn’t have to be elaborate or fancy. Focus on making nutrient-rich, heart-healthy dishes, from the heart.

Take her for a routine check-up.

Regular health checks are vital for older adults. These ensure your mother’s health is in good form as she ages. Accompany your mom to her doctor’s appointment especially if she’s already in her golden years and need help moving around and getting to and from the hospital.

This gift doesn’t have to be limited to Mother’s Day, of course. You can turn it into an annual or bi-annual routine and even make a day out of it. After her appointment, you can take your mom out for a nice meal or a massage.

Make it a spa day.

A spa day makes a great Mother’s Day gift. A deep-tissue massage can do wonders for your mom’s physical and mental health. It improves blood circulation and reduces muscle tension and stiffness and joint inflammation. Combined with a facial treatment and a cup of herbal tea, a spa day will help your mother relieve stress, alleviate body pains, and get a good night’s sleep.

Going to the spa together is the perfect opportunity to bond with your mother as well. You can chat and catch up while enjoying a relaxing massage.

Sneak some sweat in!

Physical activity is another key component to aging well. Encourage your mom to stay active by doing some light exercises with her. Exercising together can make the experience much more fun for her, which can inspire her to do it regularly on her own.

You can take her out for a walk in the park or do some yoga flows together. If your mother is athletic, then a round of badminton or bowling would be more up her alley.

Another excellent Mother’s Day gift idea is paid classes. You can get your mom class passes for Zumba, yoga, tennis, or whatever form of physical activity she prefers to encourage her to stay active.

Get her a health protection plan.

Selfless as they are, parents tend to focus on their children first and prioritize their own health last. If this is the case with your mom, then a health insurance would make the perfect gift. Having health coverage gives both you and your mother peace of mind in case of unexpected sickness or serious medical problems. Some policies also come with cash benefits, which your mom can use to pay medical expenses, pay off debts, or for anything else she needs extra funds for.

If you’re in the market for a health insurance policy specifically designed for older adults check out Sun Grepa Senior Care which is offered by Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc., a major life insurance company in the country. It addresses the life and health protection needs of senior adults by providing financial security for medical issues that commonly happen in later years. Sun Grepa Senior Care protects your mother’s hard-earned savings even after retirement so she can embark on new life adventures worry-free. Visit to learn more.

On Mother’s Day, carve some time out of your busy schedule to shower your mom with the love she deserves. Consider giving her the gift of health, so you can inspire her to take care of herself the way she does for others.

Infinix recently launched the NOTE 30 Series, which includes the ultra-fast Infinix NOTE 30 5G. The device is geared towards users looking for a sensational gaming experience for an affordable price, but it can also suit your fast-paced lifestyle.

MANILA, Philippines — Life can often feel like a video game. You need to get through a series of tasks to accomplish your “quests” for the day. Sometimes you also receive rewards for your work.

Whether you’re dealing with the daily grind or actually playing mobile games, you’ll need a fast and reliable device that can handle your real-life quests.

Look no further as Infinix recently launched their NOTE Series, which includes the ultra-fast Infinix NOTE 30 5G. The device is geared towards users looking for a sensational gaming experience for an affordable price, but it can also suit your fast-paced lifestyle.

Here’s how you can get things done with the Infinix NOTE 30 5G:

1. Smooth browsing and gaming performance

Powered by the 5G Dimensity 6080 5G Processor with Android and up to 16GB extended RAM 8+8, accessing apps and browsing social media will be a breeze. You don’t have to worry about the Infinix NOTE 30 5G slowing down when multiple apps are open. This powerful processor also ensures that mobile games run smoothly, no matter how intense matches can be.

Also equipped with a massive 256GB storage, the device can handle big files for media and game updates, so you won’t have to worry about space for your favorite apps. This comes in handy when you have to take photos and videos with the phone’s 108MP Master Triple Camera.

2. Fast-charging for longer use

Avid gamers require battery power to focus on their matches for longer hours, and the Infinix NOTE 30 Series delivers with its 5,000mAh battery. The NOTE 30 5G features a 45W Thunder Charge that rapidly charges the device. This feature is also great if you need to answer calls and emails from your phone the whole day.

Additionally, the Infinix NOTE 30 5G’s Battery Bypass mode ensures that the phone maintains its average temperature while charging. This keeps the phone cool while you’re playing games or browsing online while plugged in.
3. Immersive mobile entertainment

If you’re spending hours looking at your phone screen, the Infinix NOTE 30 5G has a 6.78” FHD+Eye-care Display that delivers smooth visuals without straining your eyes. Its 120Hz refresh rate ensures you won’t experience lag on any app, especially mobile games. The device is also built with dual speakers with sound by JBL and Hi-Res, so you can fully immerse yourself while streaming videos and playing.

Get your hands on the NOTE 30 Series

With these ultra-fast specs and features, the Infinix NOTE 30 Series will surely help you win, both in games and in life. It will be exclusively launched on May 31 at Lazada, where buyers can get special first sale freebies, like the W1 Smart Watch, Air 1 Pro Earphones, and a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin.

Infinix NOTE 30 5G

Infinix NOTE 30 (4G version)

Monday, May 29, 2023

A new set of college graduates are set to join the workforce in the coming months, and as they begin earning their own money, it’s important to help build their financial portfolio on a bright note.

This is among the inspirations behind Sun Life’s continued effort to promote its digital life insurance products through GCash, the country’s leading mobile wallet.

“Insurance is often overlooked by those who are starting to build their financial portfolio, but in reality, it’s better to start securing insurance products at a young age. It will not only help build smart financial habits, but also enable them to be on track with their financial goals,” says Alex Narciso, President of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. “Our tie-up with GCash contributes to this goal because together, we can offer insurance that’s both affordable and accessible.”

Through the Sun Life and GCash tie-up, first time insurance buyers who would like to try the benefits of being insured without having to shell out huge amounts of cash for premiums may avail of Sun Life’s “Digital, Easy, Affordable, Life insurance” (D.E.A.L.) products through GCash’s GLife and GInsure.

Sun Life’s D.E.A.L. insurance products include Life Armor, a life insurance product; Personal Accident Armor, a personal accident insurance; and Byahero Protect, a personal accident insurance with hospital income benefit and burial benefit for accidents due to land travel.

“With Sun Life’s D.E.A.L., we earnestly hope to help the younger generation invest in becoming more financially prepared for the future because it is our firm belief that their financial security is the steadfast foundation of nation building for the Filipino people,” Narciso concluded.

Want to know how to be financially secured affordably? Check out Sun Life’s DEAL insurance products by visiting

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Vikings, Tong Yang strengthen partnership with PCPPI. The multi-awarded restaurants recently renewed ties with PCPPI in a ceremonial contract signing in Makati City. Present during the event were (from left to right) PCPPI National Key Accounts – Food Service Director Alex Catindig, Vikings Operation Director Mia Bernardo, PCPPI Area Commercial Head Red Israel, Vikings Group President Jackson Go, PCPPI Region Commercial Head Mayette Guro, Vikings Group Sr. Supply Chain Manager Luzvie Sityar-Villanueva, PCPPI Customer Development Manager Joel Javier, and Vikings Operation Director Hazel Rodriguez.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant, the Philippines’ largest buffet-style dining destination, Tong Yang, the premium unlimited grill and shabu-shabu restaurant, recently renewed its long-term partnership with Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc.

Under the agreement, the two restaurants will exclusively serve PCPPI’s beverage brands in all branches for the next three years. These include Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mug, 7-Up, and Lipton Iced Tea.

With this, more foodies can pair their favorites from Vikings and Tong Yang’s wide array of culinary specialties with PCPPI’s drinks nationwide.

“PCPPI is honored to continue to collaborate closely with Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant and Tong Yang as they take more Filipinos on memorable journeys around the world through delicious food. We look forward to supporting the Vikings team as they further their mission in delivering memorable gastronomic experiences,” saidPCPPI Head of National Key Accounts Red Israel.

Vikings has redefined the standards of dining class and style with its renowned status of being the largest buffet restaurant in the Philippines. Tong Yang elevates the grill and hotpot dining experience with its outstanding selection of unlimited fresh seafood, meat, and vegetables. Other dining destinations under the Vikings Group include Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot, Niu by Vikings, Putien, and Mey-Lin.

The Philippines has made greater strides toward eco-mobility in the past two years. The growth of bike ownership allowed more Pinoys to go out and use a bike, which prompted SM Supermalls to build more bike-friendly spaces.

In celebration of World Bike Day, SM Supermalls together with its Corporate Social Responsibility arm, SM Cares, invites cyclists of all ages to join the 2023 Bike Fest from June 3 to 30.

Celebrating World Bike Day

Calling all cyclists! On June 3, as we celebrate World Bike Day at SM Mall of Asia, SM City Fairview, SM City Marikina, SM City Clark, SM City Sta. Rosa, SM Seaside City Cebu, and SM Lanang Premier join us in our community fun bike ride around the mall complex as part of our advocacy of creating bike-friendly communities across the country.

A Kiddie Bike Clinic will also take place at SM Mall of Asia, SM City Fairview, and SM City Marikina. Where kids, aged 8 to 12, can learn and practice bike handling skills in a fun, safe, and encouraging atmosphere. Kids will also learn about the value of bicycle safety during the workshop.

Drive to the Best Deals and #AweSM Green Finds

From June 20 to 30, bike aficionados are in for a treat as various promos and deals are available online via the SM Deals and SM Malls Online apps, and on-ground in select malls. Tons of cool cycling gear, accessories, and merchandise will be up for grabs so mark your calendars for this 10-day bicycle galore! On June 27, bikers get free weekend treats!

As advocates of a cleaner and sustainable environment, SM has you covered with our Green Finds. Through the Green Finds badge, customers can easily find eco-friendly and sustainable products. Alongside SM retail affiliate brands, SM Green Finds offer products made from natural ingredients that are resourcefully made, promote local artisans, and support community livelihood. Check out our pop-up shops at the SM Mall of Asia, SM Aura, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Makati, SM City Marikina, SM City Bacolod, SM City Legazpi, and SM Lanang.

SM Cares is the corporate social responsibility arm of SM Prime Holdings, responsible for initiatives that promote sustainability and the development of the community. SM Cares’ advocacies include programs for Women and Breastfeeding Mothers, Persons with Disabilities, Senior Citizens, and Children and Youth, as well as the Bike-Friendly SM initiative, in addition to its Programs on the Environment.

To learn more about our initiatives, visit and or check out @smsupermalls and @officialsmcares on social media.


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