Beat for Life: BingoPlus Foundation celebrates World Blood Donor Day with Philippine Red Cross through blood donation drive

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DigiPlus employees undergo medical screenings right before the actual blood donation to ensure donors’ safety and well-being are in place

Nearly 120 employees of leading digital entertainment company, DigiPlus Interactive Corp., volunteered as blood donors last June 10 in advance celebration of World Blood Donor Day.

As a fun twist to the blood-letting activity organized by the Philippine Red Cross and BingoPlus Foundation, the event was partnered with an employee engagement activity celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival – a traditional Asian holiday – coinciding on the same date.

June20202420PR20 20Blood20Donation20Drive201

DigiPlus Interactive and BingoPlus Foundation President, Andy Tsui; DigiPlus Interactive Vice President for Investor Relations, Corporate Communications and Sustainability and BingoPlus Foundation Chief Operating Officer, Celeste Jovenir; and BingoPlus Foundation Executive Director, Angela Camins-Wieneke, grace the 2024 Blood Donation Drive

June20202420PR20 20Blood20Donation20Drive
The BingoPlus Foundation teams up with the Philippine Red Cross for the 2024 Blood Donation Drive and hopes to build more partnerships with them that align to other advocacies of the Foundation


“Our Human Resources department matched the blood donation drive with the Dragon Boat Festival to encourage employee engagement and make the activity more fun and significant. Just as dragon boat paddlers synchronize their movements to a drumbeat during the Festival, this blood donation drive signifies how volunteers can also make an impact when they move to one beat and purpose,” said Andy Tsui, Digiplus President and Bingoplus Foundation Chairman.

In the past year, BingoPlus Foundation implemented ten blood donation drives in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross to help address blood shortage in the country. This Blood Donation Activity is part of its advocacy on health and wellness, which aims to enable accessible healthcare for the communities it serves.


DigiPlus employees line up for medical screenings and the actual blood donation – an estimated 10% increase of employee volunteers from last year’s activity

Moving forward, the Foundation is keen to sustain its partnership with the Philippine Red Cross and help save more lives through blood donation drives and emergency response efforts.

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