Unlock the Joys of Learning with REX’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) Christmas Promos!

Running out of gift ideas? Worry no more! We’ve got you covered. For your peppy young ones, Rex Education has prepared a delightful array of surprises, especially for this holiday season.

Let every child explore and wonder. Let the fun in learning begin!

Little Explorers Giveaway Promo

Buy any ‘Little Explorers’ and ‘Hello Animals’ regular-priced items worth PHP 350.00 and up, and receive a pencil case for free! This awesome deal is here for a limited time only. So, stock up on your Little Explorers and Hello Animals books now! The adventure of learning awaits your little ones, and so does a free pencil case!

Little Explorers Color Crafts Bundle Promo

Immerse your little ones in vibrant fun with REX's Little Explorers Color Crafts Bundle! When you purchase any two Little Explorers coloring books worth at least PHP 500.00, receive a set of REX's colored pencils for free! This bundle guarantees hours of creative exploration, making it the perfect gift to unleash your child's artistry and imagination. Remember—bundles are available for ages 3+ and ages 4+. Take advantage of this opportunity and add a splash of color to your child's world this Christmas!

Little Explorers Creative Scribbles Bundles

Get ready for a blast of fun with REX's Creative Scribbles Bundles! Each bundle, now with a fantastic 15% discount, comes with four books designed to inspire your little artists to express themselves freely. With four different sets to choose from, these bundles are the perfect spark for their creativity. From simple scribbles to extraordinary art, watch as your child beams with a sense of accomplishment and self-expression. Time's ticking! Hurry up and snag these limited-time bundles!

Hello Animals Science Wonder Bundles

Embark on a thrilling adventure with REX's Hello Animals Science Wonder Bundles, each book is now at an amazing 20% off! Uncover the wonders of the animal kingdom and learn interesting facts alongside your child. These bundles are educational and quite fun to read. Keep your little explorers curious and fuel their sense of wonderment with these bundles. Buy ‘Hello Animals’ nowand let the learning adventure begin!

Little Explorers Learning Bundles

Give the ultimate gift of knowledge with REX's comprehensive learning bundles! With four sets and a superb deal of 20% discount each, these bundles cover a wide range of subjects—from the fundamentals of math and language arts to the wonders of science. Each bundle is thoughtfully curated to make learning a joyous and engaging experience, setting the stage for a bright future. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Let the joys of learning last a lifetime.

Always and especially this Christmas, cherish every moment with your early learners. They’re only young once, so let’s make the most of it and introduce them early to the magic, fun, and joy of learning.

For us at REX, this is how we believe we can help and be part of your incomparable tender moments and heartwarming experiences with your loved ones. Let REX help you with the gift of knowledge through our ‘Little Explorers’ and ‘Hello Animals’ books.

Visit your nearest REX Book Store branch or explore our online platforms to unwrap these Christmas bundles and promos.
Lazada store: https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/rex-book-store/
Shopee: https://shopee.ph/rexbookstore

Let REX be your partner in gifting knowledge to every child. Happy holidays, happy giving, and happy learning!

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