Chase Your Blues Away and Be Entertained With These Exciting Games

I'm bored. That is why I look for activities that excite my intellect. As I become older, I feel the desire for new things that will test my brain with easy or difficult forms of enjoyment. When I was younger, I used to teach and challenge my brother or my friends to a game of Chess because it's an effective way to kill time or make use of it efficiently. 

For me, there is nothing better than the said game but playing it online simply isn't the same as playing with another person. That holds true for me until the arrival of Tetris. However, sticking to one game isn't as satisfying as trying different ones. It's the challenge of conquering a new game all the time that makes me feel that I'm getting better rather than winning at the same game.

The internet gives us much more than we need. Browser-based games don't even require a fast connection and would allow us to play games by ourselves. While playing with others can help to develop teamwork and camaraderie, playing solo can help us develop concentration and improve our problem-solving skills.

A particular one that I recently play is BBQ Roast. The instructions include: 

  • Move groups of like vegetables together into sets of 3 or more on a single stick to merge them into the next higher vegetable.
  • Each skewer can hold 6 vegetables. Do not let any of the vegetables reach past the end of the rack or you will lose the level.
  • Play through all 6 stages. On each stage, you need to merge to a higher number goal, with a goal of 9 in the final stage.

Believe me, I tried my best and I still keep trying but I guess my best wasn't good enough, as the song goes. The game is accompanied by a piece of relaxing background music which I find helpful because I tend to be rushing my actions. I realized that I make better decisions in the game when I am taking my time. I actually felt a little bit of tiredness in a short span of time because I didn't want to give up until I finished it.

Oh well, I think I need to be more calm than I am if I ever need to finish this one. Like all games that I play, I sometimes can't stop thinking about them if I reach the final stage so I constantly devise strategies. 

Another one that's worth mentioning is Hidden food. It reminds me of a cartoon show "Where's Wally" where it's almost impossible to find the guy wearing a red-striped long-sleeved sweater with the same pattern on his beanie. It's oddly satisfying to find something lost. It's as if I'm tracking a missing sock. 

The time limit makes the game challenging. It wouldn't help if you move your eyes fast. The key is to focus and look for the items carefully. It stresses me when the time is about to finish. But I feel relieved when I do find the food I've been looking for. It has more levels than the previous game and is harder too. I can't seem to get past level 12 at the moment.

The third one on my list is Twin the Bin. The goal is simple, catch the assigned items using a blue trash can by hitting the arrows left or right. It's simple but sometimes, it's this kind of thing that I look for when I'm too tired and can't handle another problem. Also, the feeling of segregating trash is a household chore I enjoy doing for some reason. 

As seen in this pic, the task is to collect plastic only. And otherwise, catching paper products or glass will deduct 10 points from your score. So far, the highest one I got was 750. Not bad.

These games can be found here  The first two games are under Other Games while the third one is under Environmental Games. What keeps me coming back to the site is the absence of ads. That means I have an uninterrupted play and I can start with them without waiting for the videos to finish. Have you tried my recommendations too? Leave a message in the comments section. Also, what's your most favorite game of all time? I'd love to hear it.

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