Teen rapper Alex Bruce debuts feisty alter-ego in her new single “Betty Bruce”

Teen hip-hop sensation Alex Bruce unlocks a new alter-ego in the form of her new single, “Betty Bruce”—out today via Sony Music Entertainment.

Reasserting her position as a feisty young rapper celebrating the importance of self-worth and womanhood, Bruce delivers confident verses over ominous beats and cutting, high-octane production.

The rising young talent claims that Betty Boop, a strong cartoon character well-known for her independent and free-thinking outlook on life, served as the inspiration for her newly created persona. Like the iconic character that her alter-ego is based on, ‘Betty Bruce’ doesn’t care about what others think: she is a woman of power and integrity, and she takes control of her own decisions, no matter how others try to box her into a specific category.

“Inspired by the iconic character Betty Boop, I envisioned ‘Betty Bruce’ as a persona that embodies the sassier, classier side of my personality,” the Yakap artist shares. “While Alex Bruce is my given name, Betty Bruce represents the vibrant, confident, and larger-than-life aspects of who I am as an artist. I am most definitely aware I’m already pretty, classy, and sassy as Alex Bruce, but the girls that get it, get it. Through ‘Betty Bruce,’ I wanted to explore a different dimension of my creativity, allowing this alter ego to take center stage. The song celebrates self-expression and showcases the liberation I feel when embracing my alter ego. It’s a testament to the power of embracing different facets of our personalities and letting them shine.”

While “Betty Bruce” serves as her alter-ego, the way Nicki Minaj jumps into ‘Roman Zolanski’ in her aggressive and manic state and Megan Thee Stallion embraces ‘Tina Snow’ to showcase her lady-pimp persona, Bruce’s new source of creative energy represents certain aspects of her being.

She adds, “The exploration of different personas can be a potent tool for my self-expression and artistic growth. It allows for the development of multidimensional artistry, fostering a deeper connection with myself and potentially resonating with others who can relate to the complexities of their identity and self-discovery.”

The release of the track comes with a music video helmed by Prod Axia, the same team behind the music videos of artists such as YARA and KAIA. On the MV, Bruce wears a ‘baddie’ character with a ‘50s vaudeville star vibe, while showcasing her chops in an elaborate dance routine. The MV also features a more intricate choreography by Filipino dance crew A-Team with Bruce as the lead star, effortlessly bringing into the fold a new, sassy demeanor that’s completely different from her previous efforts.

Alex Bruce’s “Betty Bruce” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. The music video will drop on May 15, 2023 (Monday) at 6pm.

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