New Jollibee Chickenjoy TVC gives us a glimpse into the lives of Muhlach family

Aga Muhlach & family share how their love for each other and their favorite Chickenjoy bring them closer.

Kids grow up so fast—and it’s only natural for parents, even celebrities like Aga and Charlene Muhlach, to miss them and pine for the good old days when they were younger. In the latest Jollibee Chickenjoy TV commercial, the couple proudly reminisce how Atasha and Andres have grown up to become loving and family-oriented.

Aga Muhlach & family share how their love for each other and their favorite Chickenjoy bring them closer.
“It was different when the kids were younger,” shared Aga. “It used to just be play time with Charlene and me. Now that they’re teens, they have their own world: their friends, their hobbies, and other activities.”
“The struggle for parents like us is letting go of the children as they become teenagers and adults,” Charlene agreed.
In the latest TV ad, the couple deals with this bittersweet moment in their lives by showing how they have taught their kids to always put family first. The story ends with a heartwarming surprise from the twins: Atasha and Andres rush back home from a game night with friends to spend precious bonding time with their parents and share a bucket of their favorite crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy.

Family first

The story of this new commercial featuring the Muhlach family is very much like their day-to-day lives. Aga and Charlene take pride in teaching—by example—their children that family always comes first. Both of them had high-profile showbiz careers they put on hold to be able to dedicate more time to their twins.
“We chose to be busier with our personal lives than our professional ones and we made a conscious effort to give our children a private life so they can make great memories with us and grow up as normally as possible,” the couple said.
Aga Muhlach & family share how their love for each other and their favorite Chickenjoy bring them closer.
This choice—a ‘sacrifice’ to some—paid off as Atasha and Andres continue to enjoy a close, loving relationship with their parents. The twins have certainly grown up to be independent and grounded.
“Our parents instilled in us the values of humility, respect, honesty, kindness, and forgiveness,” Atasha shared. “They also taught us that happiness does not come from material things but with the life that we get to experience.”
“They also encouraged us to play outside to learn new things and create new memories. We only got our own phones last year, so we know the value of putting our phones away and actually talking and interacting with those around us,” Andres added.
“Our favorite family activities are playing basketball or staying at home to watch a movie and ordering Jollibee!” the twins shared.
“We’ve raised them to put family first no matter what,” Charlene said. “I think we’re like every Filipino family with love for family as the core value.”

The joy of family with Jollibee

“It’s really fitting for us to represent Jollibee, not only because we have so much fun shooting the commercials together, but also because it’s the kind of brand that encourages us to continuously strengthen our bond and connection,” Charlene said. “Our bonding moments become extra special when it includes something we love, like our favorite Chickenjoy. Jollibee has truly become part of our home and family.”
Aga Muhlach & family share how their love for each other and their favorite Chickenjoy bring them closer.
“Part talaga!” Aga agreed. “We say this not because we’re Jollibee endorsers, but I grew up with Jollibee. I started with Jollibee when I was 21, when they only had 20 stores and the bosses would just eat dinner and lunch with me. It was like that as they grew and then I got married and had kids.”
Apart from Jollibee commercials, the couple shared that birthday parties, camping trips, and other milestones were spent with their favorite Chickenjoy and the Jollibee mascot.
“Because of Jollibee, our twins had and continue to have so many wonderful memories,” Charlene said.
“We at Jollibee are happy and grateful that the Muhlachs have shared so much of their family life with us. Our latest commercials that feature them are all inspired by their real-life family dynamics. We hope that the Muhlach family’s story will inspire others to value the importance of family bonding and take time to create special moments with their loved ones,” concluded Cathleen Capati, Jollibee Marketing Director for Flagship Products.
Celebrate the joy of family with the one and only crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy, available in all Jollibee stores nationwide for dine-in, delivery, take-out, and drive-thru transactions. For more information on your family’s favorite Jolly treats and upcoming promos, like Jollibee Philippines on Facebook and follow @Jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.

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