The Importance of Branding

One of the things we consider in choosing a product or service is the recall. This is where Branding comes into mind. It encompasses everything from your logo, the way customers are treated by your staff, the way their phone call is answered, your website, and even their social media experience.

Branding is a primary need. Branding is absolutely necessary. 

Branding is the entirety of how customers perceive you. A great brand is not made up overnight, but rather consists of a strategy that is well-thought-of. Startups make a huge mistake in rushing about their brand and disregard its impact.

Why is Branding important? Here are some reasons:

1. Branding establishes trust
The importance of gaining credibility is undeniably vital. Customers connect with your company at an emotional level. The best brands are exceptionally creative in advertising that it helps them break the wall of indifference and create the need for their product or service. A good review from other people can also add up to it. People love spreading news about the brands they love. As they say, word-of-mouth is the best kind of promotion.

2.A strong brand motivates employees
When employees understand what your mission is, they feel more motivated and take pride in their work. It gives them more reason to work better at their craft.

3.Branding makes you stand out from the rest of the pack.
In this day and age, your competition is no longer just in the local scene but a global one. With hundreds or thousands if not millions of organizations all over the world, how will you be distinguished?

4.Good brands do better in tough times.
Despite of economic challenges, brands will thrive in the years ahead and will outlive product life cycle. People do not simply buy products, they buy the brand. 

5.Your brand will get you recognized.
Familiarity makes it easier for people to get more at ease with your company and what it offers as long as your branding is consistent. 

One factor that composes your brand is your logo. What makes it great has a lot do with simplicity. It should be easy to recognize and so simple that it should take only one look and your viewers should be able to get the idea instantly. Nowadays, building a logo for your brand is less expensive and the wise brands do not take new tools for granted.  

Recently, I've been taking a look around for a great tool that can help me with creating a professional-looking logo for my new entertainment website (that still has no name yet). Since I have no idea where to start, I felt that Logojoy is what I've been looking for.  

It started with picking five logos from existing logo designs then came the selection of three colors. You may Google the colors associated with your product or service to get a better idea of what you need..After that is choosing five different icons from their image bank which you can browse after entering keywords. 

Logos are generated under twenty seconds. It's that fast and easy! Logojoy understands the importance of customization, thus the fonts and colors of the finished designs can still be changed and you can even add a slogan. It even comes with mock up items to get a better view of how it looks. 

If you need a little touch up or feel like getting professional assistance from their pros, more options are in store.

Choose from packages that will suit your needs: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise.

Have fun designing! Click here to create your own.

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