Look LPG Industry Association buys back illegally refilled LPG cylinders

In an effort to protect consumers against dangerous and unauthorized LPG tanks, the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry Association (LPGIA) is now conducting a buy-bank campaign of illegally refilled LPG tanks to ensure that they will no longer be circulated in the market. 

The LPGIA explains that while law enforcement agents can confiscate the illegally-filled LPG tanks, the association is implementing the buy-back initiative program to alleviate the financial implications for retailers who have been misled by the refillers, allowing them to partially recover the amount paid for the tank. 

The association emphasizes they will be relentless in their campaign to eliminate fake and dangerous LPG tanks. The LPGIA warns consumers to be careful of retailers selling “fake” LPG products which are illegally refilled and carry brands of prominent LPG companies. Consumers can identify an illegal LPG retailer by asking for the Standard Compliance Certificate issued by the Department of Energy. The certificate must be prominently displayed by the retailer at a strategic and appropriate location so it can easily be seen by the customers or the public.  Failure to do so would indicate that the retailer is selling illegally refilled products

LPG tanks must be well-maintained, meaning good condition – not rusty, free of dents and holes, and carry the mandatory markings such as the Bureau of Philippine 

LPG Industry Association buys back…

Standards (BPS), embossed tank weight, and the brand of the company. The cylinder date should not exceed the requalification date painted on the body, which indicates that the cylinder should no longer be used and should be returned to the appropriate distributors and retailers.

With consumer safety as a top priority, the LPGIA encourages everyone verify the authenticity of their LPG tanks. To verify, contact your LPG brand’s customer hotline.

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