RGC Group more than ready for CARS Program and PUV Modernization

At the First Philippine Auto Parts Expo, which was recently held at the Philippine Trade Training Center, local automotive parts manufacturers gathered to showcase their products and capabilities to boost the production in their industry. Several modernized jeepney prototypes were also featured in the event, which made manufacturers more enthusiastic about the future of their business. With the government’s Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS) Program and PUV Modernization on its way, the automotive parts manufacturing industry in the Philippines is expected to gain more traction in its production in the years to come.

The Robert G. Cheng (RGC) Group of Companies, the company behind Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Robert AIPMC) and the country’s leading foam manufacturer, Uratex, was one of the exhibitors for the event. “Presently we are already supplying parts for Mitsubishi and Toyota, and now with the Modernization Program, we can see that we could provide more for the automotive industry”, RGC Group Executive Vice President, Mr. Eddie Gallor expressed his excitement. “We are also glad that we now have the help of the government in boosting our local manufacturing industry.”

On top of that, RGC Group will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary next year and Mr. Eddie Gallor has been with the company since day one. “We expect to be get very busy once these programs are on full effect, and that is another thing to celebrate next year”, Gallor said. “We have worked hard these past decades in keeping up with the times by continuously investing on technologies that improve the quality of our products. This gave us the accreditation for the CARS Program and the capacity to do more. We are still operating only at a fraction of the utilization of our investments, and we expect that in the years to come, we could run at our full potential.”
“We also target to develop further our textile company, so that we could add more parts that are supplied locally,” Gallor adds. He explained that the demand for cars has been there, but most units come from overseas. “If automotive production is done here with parts supplied by local manufacturers, it will be a great boost for the manufacturing industry, which is also good for the economy,” Gallor explains. “This also means that we could provide more job opportunities for more Filipinos.”
“If the CARS and PUV Modernization Programs continues to progress as the years pass, we are more than ready to meet the demands”, Gallor emphasizes. “I have been in the industry for more than 40 years and we have been prepared many years back. We are ready to be more productive when needed. With all the new equipment and technologies we have invested on these past years, I am sure that we can do so much more.”
Some of the executives for the First Philippine Auto Parts Expo with RGC Group of Companies executives at the RGC booth (From left) Governor of Board of Investment, Gov. Henry Co; RGC Group Executive Vice President, Mr. Eddie Gallor; Secretary Ramon Lopez, Department of Trade and Industry; RGC Group Director for Automotive Operations, Mr. Edwin Gallor; and Philippine Parts Maker Association, Inc. President, Mr. Ferdinand Raquelsantos


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