F*ART Fashion Art celebrates 10 fabulous years!

Happy and Viva are the two names you will remember when thinking of F*ART. Not so fast! I'm talking about Fashion Art! This unique, trendy and funky gallery is composed of three stories wherein  clothes and accessories can be found on the ground floor, the walls on the right of the stairs are filled with framed cool magazine covers, on the 2nd floor are more dresses by Happy Andrada (an international muti-awarded fashion designer and co-owner of F*ART), and finally the top floor is where parties and programs are held.

Speaking of parties, F*ART held one for its 10th anniversary yesterday, June 10th graced by friends of the owners, artists, comedians, fashionistas, bloggers, and their friends from the media. We enjoyed sweet treats by Viva-Adrada-O'Flynn, a multi-awarded pastry chef now based in the UK and co-owner of F*ART.

Instagram-worthy food presentation was witnessed. It was mesmerizing, nobody dared to touch it at first. It was a work of art by Aperitif. Different kinds of cheese, savory meat, fruits, pastries, veggies, nuts, and other delish food was there on the cart.

The crowd was entertained by performances of Aia de Leon, Toto Sorioso, Lakbay Lahi, Mat Rabena, Kooky Tuason, Marty Tengco, Marvin Abiabi, Jeff Paguan, Mike Unson, Ryan Reyes, Grace Bondad Nicolas, Happy Andrada and Viva Andrada O'Flynn.

Selfies on the gallery is a given, considering the beautiful interiors, decors and clothes. We also had our photos taken with jif videos by Pose and print photo booth.

F*ART is where Pinoy fashion designers, artists and fashionistas can all showcase their talents and freshest collection, and mingle. There is no limit to the possibilities. There's a guaranteed find for everybody; Customize the clothes and accessories you want and need. The gallery offers fabulous, hip creations. The best part is you get to support local talent when you patronize their products.

Everybody went home with freebies! Congratulations again for 10 years of F*ART! Fashion and Art, that is!

F*ART Fashion Art is located at J Erestian Corner K 1st Streets, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila.

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