What can you get for P1000 in Tutuban?

If you're a wise spender, you know the right place to shop is Divisoria and when you're looking for a more convenient, air-conditioned mall in the area, Tutuban Center mall is the place to go. I have been there only a few times because I was discouraged by the distance from my place which is Novaliches. It was also due to the fact that I find it uncomfortable shopping in that area. 

What encouraged me to do my shopping in Tutuban? It's because the mall is renovated, cheap prices which you can still bargain, I found out it's easy to access by LRT, and most importantly is the P1000 back-to-school challenge that I signed up for. Who wouldn't want free shopping money? :)

We arrived at around 10:30am, had breakfast, were given the tasks and off we go! The mechanics are simple. 

  1. Find back-to-school items
  2. Buy at least 1 rainy day item
  3. Look for OOTD-worthy pieces
  4. Search for super sulit buys
Looking for superhero costumes?

Shopping is tiring but it can be easier and more enjoyable. Here are tips when shopping:
  • Make sure you have a list of things you need to buy. Since I am going to back to school this June, I made sure that I will buy only the things I need and not want.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, especially shoes coz you'll be doing a lot of walking. 
  • Have a shopping buddy. You may scout the place before buying anything. Tutuban Center mall is huge so splitting up to look for the things to buy is easier. 
  • Ask for directions. It's free and it will save you time.
  • Haggle. With the P1000 I got, I can stretch its value if I know how to bargain.

Cellphone accessories can also be found here

For the first hour, I scouted the place so I'll know where to get the cheap items. Lunch was at Classic Savory. Childhood memories came back as soon as I took my first bite 

credits: heyitschel.com
Half-day shopping is not just enough when you find lots of cheap items. It was 3pm and I got to spend all of the money given for the tasks. 

Goofing around with my buddies

For the back to school item, I got a stack of pencils from a Caritas shop for only P20. I figured buying from them can double the value for my money. Also, I purchased a pair of full-metal scissors, the kind of scissors that will never break and it was for P50 at a school supplies store. For the rainy day item, I got myself an umbrella worth P70 from the store Orignamura. Good job with the store name! And you know what, they're like SM coz they got it (almost) all for you!

I spent most of my time looking for OOTD items and found them at Rufino at the ground and second level. Ukay-ukay (surplus) is the place-to-be if you need trendy but cheap clothes. I scored a plaid long-sleeved shirt, a striped light colored long-sleeved shirt and a white polo shirt with Green stripes (P55+P55+155). 

Last is the sulit buys and I made sure to buy what I can really use for next semester since I'm planning to take up a course related to film. I bought a tripod for P550 which I bargained for P500. Oh and there was a P20 original and sealed DVD from the Caritas shop. Lastly, I returned to Orignamura for the multi-jack thingamajig which costs P75.  That's the jack you use to charge multiple devices at once.

P20+P50+P70+P55+P55+P155+P500+P20+P75 = P1000

Here are some of the looks I came up with using what I bought.

The Plaid long sleeved shirt can be worn with jeans or slacks. Pairing it with a black or brown belt and leather bag completes the attire. 

The White polo shirt I got from the surplus store is perfect for casual wear. Layering it with a any colored jacket will do. The green strapped Lacoste watch accentuates the green stripes of the shirt and an old-fashioned or modern cap can be a great addition.

The same White short-sleeved polo shirt with green stripes paired with jeans is suitable for everyday campus wear. Adding the colorful interchangeable aluminum time piece from Your Own Time satisfies the visual senses

Light colored long sleeved polo shirt is great for presentations or semi-formal days. To jazz it up, I paired it with my pink or violet necktie. Black leather belt, black leather shoes and silver metal Swatch plus a funky pair of eye glasses goes for a serious tone.

Directions for going to Tutuban Center Mall:

From LRT 2 Recto station or Taft Avenue, Avenida and Recto, ride a jeepney that can take you straight to Divisoria for a minimum fare. Get off at Tutuban Center Mall. Bonifacio monument is the landmark.

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