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Barbecuing is not only popular in the United States but also here in the Philippines. We make all kinds of excuses just to celebrate and grill meat and fish. Beach outings are never complete without it. We embrace the culture of grilling and adapt to new technology to make our cooking better. The variety of Weber grills are here to help us with our cookout.
The birth of the world’s first kettle grill was the first stepping stone that started Weber’s journey to success. Weber grill’s humble beginnings can be traced back to 1952 in USA, the land where the tradition of barbecuing flourishes. At first, only a few heads have turned for the new invention; but over time, the Weber Grill have crossed borders and conquered the world. The rest is history. George Stephen was a young family man living in Palatine, Illinois. During the day, George works in a marine buoy factory, Weber Bros. Metal Works, but what he really loves to do was grilling at home. Nothing more makes him tick than finding new and exciting ways to share and celebrate barbecue experiences for his family and friends. Having mastered all the ways, tips and tricks with the ordinary grill, along with the unhelpful irrepressible flare-ups, George was left with no choice. He knew that the only answer is to have his own invention. While at work, George split up one of the ocean buoys into two and thus, the first kettle grill was born. George Stephen’s unfamiliar invention of barbecuing with a lid led the masses to surprise and amusement. However, as soon as they tasted the food from the new grill, they were extremely satisfied. George Stephen had just given the world his gift, a new-to-the-world innovation which forever transformed how barbecuing was made.


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If you love to grill back-to-basics style, go with the original and classic Weber charcoal grill and cook just about anything over an open fire. Best Features: Porcelain-enameled lid and base, which retains heat better and doesn’t rust No-rust aluminum vent in the lid to ensure the right air supply and flow The large kettle grills come with the patented One-Touch® cleaning system, making it easy to remove the cold ashes
Available Variety:  Portable Grills  Compact Kettle™ Series  Original Kettle™ Series  Performer® Series


If you are one master griller up for everyday barbecuing, bring home the fast and functional Weber gas grill, which heats up faster than your average kitchen oven and offers multipurpose features. Best Features: Built-in Flavorizer® Bars to achieve the ultimate barbecue taste, distribute the heat and protect the burners from fat Infinitely adjustable burners to ensure total control over the temperature Elegant and classic design, which looks great in garden or veranda
Available Variety:  Spirit ® Series  Weber Spirit Liquid Propane Gas Grill  Genesis® Series Summit® Series
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If you’re a beginner who loves exploring the latest technology, grab the chic and innovative Weber Q® grill, and enjoy a smooth grilling experience with your friends anywhere – on the patio, or even on the beach! Best Features: The lid and base are made of cast aluminum, making the grill heatproof and portable A two-part cast-iron grate, which optimally distributes the heat – and is also porcelain enameled, increasing durability and ease of-use Built-in Flavorizer® Bars in the grate to ensure the perfect barbecue taste, distribute the heat and protect the burners from fat
Available Variety:  1000 Series  2000 Series  3000 Series


If you’re a hardcore BBQ lover-and- PORTABLE GRILLS traveler, get a Weber Portable grill and you’ll never have to leave a grill behind. Be that guy who will make all the outings and trips an amazing experience! Best Features: Porcelain-enameled bowl/base and lid, which retains heat better and doesn’t rust Handy and convenient design Available in 14” and 18” sizes

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Available Variety:  Smoky Joe™ Series  Jumbo Joe™ Series  Go-Anywhere Series

The art of grilling has always been a far-fetched goal for us Pinoys who love “inihaw” foods. This 2017, Filipino grillers and self-proclaimed food scientists can now rejoice, as True Value will be the premium dealer for the much awaited household brand for barbecue grills, Weber. The global innovation brand will finally re-enter the Philippine market to grace every home with its latest state-of-the-art grilling equipment. Ready your aprons and keep those spatulas on hand, as the country is up for a grilling revolution coming its way!

What’s Grillin’ Good-lookin? Grilling has been a common and widely used practice in the US, whenever there is a gathering coming up or when they just simply crave mouthwatering grilled steaks. However, one does not simply forget Filipinos’ love for grilled foods – from simple barbecues, kebabs in parties and family outings to gigantic broiled burgers and sizzling steaks in malls. But what if we told you that you can finally do the grilling at your own home?

Something’s Cookin’ at True Value Every outdoor cooking lover is always on the hunt for the perfect, quality grill. Well, all the waiting and searching are finally over as the US power brand is now exclusively available at True Value stores. Now, you can visit True Value to see an extensive collection of high quality Weber grills, tools and accessories to maximize and revolutionize your very own grilling experience – at the convenience of your home. While our taste buds can never resist the goodness that comes from the hot grill, Filipinos have not yet considered the wonder of grilling – which is perhaps due to insufficient quality grills and paraphernalia in the market. Thus, the launch of the Weber grills is certainly a treat for all those who love cooking, introducing another exciting food prep method that they can personally try at their homes. What separates Weber grills from the rest is that it offers simple yet effective grilling solutions and systems that makes a beginner, one good griller. This will definitely cause a stir in our lifestyle and spark a new trend in the Food retail industry. Now head over to True Value and see the newest and latest Weber grills from the US; you’ll surely discover one that fits your home, lifestyle and needs. Various grilling basics ranging from barbecue tools, cookware, and grill accessories to smoking accessories and cleaning paraphernalia are also widely available in True Value stores, so be sure to make a visit and complete all the essentials for the ultimate grilling experience! Get your Weber now!

About Weber – Much More Than A Grill

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It all began with a passionate barbecue enthusiast named George Stephen, who invented the world’s first kettle grill in 1952 – a grill that ended up changing the barbecue culture throughout the world. He did not do it in order to enrapture the whole world – he simply wanted to find a way to barbecue better steak for his family and friends. And he succeeded! That is now over 60 years ago.
“We are not metal benders – we are in the entertainment business”. That brief sentence sums up Weber. For us, a grill is much more than a grill – it is a focal point for unforgettable experiences. This was the philosophy George Stephen founded Weber on… it is the philosophy that has revolutionized the world of barbecuing… and it is the philosophy that still permeates Weber today.

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 True Value is is known for its broad and diversified variety of merchandise in the home improvement line, lawn and garden tools, automotive supplies, electrical materials, hand and power tools, building materials, decorating accessories, lawn and garden furnitureand accessories, bathroom fixtures, paint and sundries, odorless and lead free True Value paints.committed to servicing the public by establishing outlets carrying a wide variety of high quality imported hardware and houseware items.

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