All the Fun There is at Kidzoona and Ambika Kid’z Fun Box in SM Bulacan Malls

“Role Play Town” is a great spot where kids may explore their dream careers. Go bring your kids and have fun at their branches in SM City Baliwag and SM City Marilao.

There’s no greater joy than to see kids have fun and socialize with other kids. Much more, parents having the time of their lives while playing with their little ones is beyond priceless. The good news is, Bulakenyos need not go far to experience all of these thrills, as SM malls in Marilao, Baliwag, and Pulilan are home to Kidzoona and Ambika Kid’z Fun Box, the best playhouses there are in the province.

Known as a “unique edutainment center for children," Kidzoona in SM City Baliwag and SM City Marilao is more than just a playground. Here, children may naturally develop their communication skills while honing their creativity, development, and learning through different areas of the playhouse. There’s “Role Play Town,” where kids may explore with their dream careers at role play stations including hospital, pet world, beauty parlor, among others. While building blocks and toy corner improve motor skills, problem solving and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, kids develop strength, balance, coordination, agility and speed on the various at the various playground equipment such as the air track, cyber wheel, giant ball pit with slides, and a lot more.

Learn through play at various corners of SM City Baliwag’s Kidzoona.

Let kids do their own pizza and other fun stuff at Kidzoona in SM City Baliwag. You can also experience the same thrill at their other branch in SM City Marilao.

Kidzoona not only provides play for kids but also caters birthday parties and other kiddie events. To avail, simply inquire to the nearest Kidzoona branch at the ground level of SM City Baliwag and the 2nd level of SM City Marilao.

There’s a lot of options when it comes to fun, as Ambika Kid’z Fun Box offers the same level of learning through play at the second level of SM Center Pulilan and at the ground level of SM City Baliwag.

Fun toys that are tools for learning are some of the best offerings of Ambika Kid’z Funbox in SM Center Pulilan. Also, visit their other branch at SM City Baliwag.

Playground equipment designed not just for fun but for development and learning are some of the best features at Ambika Kid’z Funbox. These and more are found at their branches in SM Center Pulilan and SM City Baliwag.

Go spend time with your kids and plan your next family day only at the best playhouses there are at SM Bulacan malls. Follow the social media pages of SM City Marilao, SM City Baliwag, and SM Center Pulilan for updates.

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