The Modern-Day Heroes on Two Wheels

Tanauan, Batangas—August ,30 2020— Who says that only heroes with capes are superheroes? And who could imagine that every day, we can see heroes around us? And who would think that this pandemic will turn the negative into something good and positive? 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the country’s economy into a complete halt, affecting the lives of Filipinos. However, it is during these trying times that hero within us tend to show. 

Lockdowns and quarantines in the country may have limited mobility and the community’s ability to help one another, but it did not stop some riders to lend a helping hand to those who are most affected by the pandemic.  

Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the No. 1 motorcycle manufacturer in the country, pays respect to the initiatives of these unsung heroes on two wheels, who continue to go above and beyond to help their fellow Filipinos during a time of struggle.  

The Man of Togetherness 
In the Municipality of Kabacan, North Cotabato, a small community in Barangay Kilagasan, has one man who supported them during this crisis. Mark Rollon, an accounts developer, a member of I RIDE SOLO PH, and an owner of The New XRM125, organized a poster-making contest for the community to help people still have a sense of togetherness. 

Last July 24, Rollon organized and donated materials for the poster-making contest, so parents in the community can express their hardships. The contest also gave away facemasks to the families in the community to stay safe and abide by the quarantine guidelines.  

The Humanitarian Rider 

Hush Aguelo, a proud owner of The New CLICK150i and founder of a humanitarian group of motorcycle riders named “Cebu Tabang Express.” He created this group to call upon volunteer riders to give free delivery services for the less-fortunate people in Cebu. 

“We aim to deliver groceries, parcels, and even buy medicine for seniors, minors, pregnant, disabled, people without access to the internet and delivery services, and people without quarantine passes. We’re a free delivery courier delivering essentials,” Aguelo said. 

Thanks to The New CLICK150i, he can perform his humanitarian duties, despite the challenges of the pandemic. And, with the help of the volunteers and the group’s beneficiaries, they continue to face the pandemic with their heads held high. 

The Mommy Volunteer 
Delivery couriers are not the only heroes on two wheels. Jessa Cayago, a teacher, volunteer, and single mother, who uses The All-New Genio to bravely face the dangers of the global health pandemic to help not only her baby but also the youth of tomorrow.  

Last July 26, she was on her way to Laguna Bay with the Laguna Genio Riders for a charity ride, when they came across a group of starving street children before arriving at their destination. They decided to prepare food and come back for them. 

“Thank God, they were still out there. We came back to the place where we saw the street children, and there we gave them all the food we prepared. It really touched our hearts to see the smile on their face. We usually count the blessings we receive but should also make our blessings count,” Cayago said. 

Leaders of Tomorrow 

COVID-19 changed many people's lives, including children who were heavily impacted by this pandemic. Jerson Zuniga, President of the XRM Biker's Club (XBC) Iligan Chapter, and other club members took it upon themselves to help the future of this country survive and move forward from this crisis. 

Members of XBC Iligan Chapter donated boxes of bond papers to help teachers ease expenses in making and printing learning modules for their students, last August 23. 

They also did another outreach activity to help a family of orphans, which included a pregnant sister. The bikers brought supplies such as food, clothes, and other essentials to provide their basic needs during these trying times. 

"Our aim is to share as much as we can, even if it is small shares, to help the teachers make the modules the students will use for remote learning. We also shared with the orphans so that they have food and clothing. No matter how small the sacrifice, if many will share, all will have enough," Zuniga said. 

These people show that there is still good in this pandemic. Seeing fulfillment of one’s dream and desires to be good is as important to be a human. Same with the “ONE DREAM” Campaign of HPI, which helps fulfill the dreams of Filipinos through the joy of mobility with Honda motorcycles. 

The All-New GenioThe New CLICK150iand TheNew XRM125 are only three of HPI’s top of the line Models that can let Filipinos experience the joy of mobility and the ability to help each other during these difficult times. 

There is a lot more to explore from Honda and its wide array of motorcycles. For more details about Honda products and promos, visit our website and follow our Facebook page, Honda Philippines, Inc and Instagram, @hondaph_mc. You can also contact us through our landline number, (02)-8581-6700 to 6799 and mobile number, 0917-884-6632. 

Want to learn the basics and master riding a motorcycle? Stay tuned for our next article on the best way to learn riding a motorcycle. 

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