‘Consumers don’t just want healthy, they want healthier’, Amway Philippines reveals changes in consumer demands due to pandemic

The current pandemic has caused increasingly health conscious consumers to reevaluate their lifestyle and demands, and these changes were noted by direct selling industry leader Amway Philippines as they monitored the sales of their health supplements.

“Even before the lockdown, there was already a surge in demand for immunity-related products such as our Nutrilite health supplements, especially our own vitamin C, Acerola C, and B Vitamins,” recalls Leni Olmedo, Country Manager of Amway Philippines. “Though there is no specific supplement that’s been found to prevent catching illnesses, consumers continue to take these to support their balanced diet in hopes of being less vulnerable.”

As per Euromonitor, Amway’s plant-based health supplement line Nutrilite is the only global vitamin and dietary supplement brand that grows, harvests, and processes plants on their own certified organic farms. “We monitor the entire process from seed to supplement and this level of traceability is what drives customer trust and confidence in our products,” Olmedo reveals.

Organic has a healthy connotation to consumers since pesticide- and chemical-free are considered to be safe and more nutritious. Recent research by Ecovia Intelligence show that organic and sustainable food retailers all over the globe are also experiencing significant increases in sales amidst the health crisis, and that the demand for these products is expected to remain strong post-COVID-19.

“Many will keep to these healthy eating habits to help protect themselves, so this amplified awareness and these demands on health and wellness will surely continue to be relevant in the future,” Olmedo adds.

The country manager further shares that this crisis has taught them that consumers prefer brands that are purpose-driven, and that they form strong relationships with companies that they can trust. “Our traceable process ensures consumers that what we offer is pure, safe, and effective, so we are able to secure the loyalty of our local customer base especially during the pandemic wherein health is a major concern.”

She concludes, “During these uncertain times, Filipinos will remember brands that are able to service them well and meaningfully.”

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