The Realme Fitness band Has Arrived and is Available on Shopee

Fitness trackers or more populary known as fitness bands are on the spotlight these days. That is mainly due to the rising cases of heart diseases and obesity. More and more people are getting into physical activity everyday. Even the busiest people are squeezing errands and short walks into their hectic schedules. And guess what, it doesn't take an expensive gadget to help you on your way to a fitter body.

The arrival of the Realme Fitness band couldn't be more fitting. As a watch user, I can say that the feel of a fitness band is definitely better. Heavy watches are such a hassle. During a hot weather, a fitness band will less likely make your wrist perspire. Wearing one makes you feel like you're not wearing anything on your wrists at all. Luckily, this device is available in Shopee! Cashless transaction is now possible via Shopee Pay as well as cash on delivery option when ordering an item.

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The RealMe Fitness band's 2.4cm (0.96) large color screen can display an astonishing range of 65,000++ colors. It features a touch-button and its screen is easy and intuitive to operate. Five unique Dial Faces are built-in the band for personalization. One simply needs to change it using the realme Link app.

To cater do different activities, the realme band supports 9 sports modes for every possible sport you're involved in and can store 3 at a time. Choose from Yoga, Run, Spinning, Cricket, Walk, Fitness, Hiking, Climbing, and Bike. In addition, the protection that comes standard with fitness bands is also included in the Realme band. Never worry about dirt, dust, sand, and occasional dips in the water due to its IP68 rating.

A real-time high precision PPG ( (Photoplethysmography) optical heart rate sensor is equipped to the band for measuring heart rate every 5 minutes. If worn while sleeping, the Realme band can track one's movement and heart rate to analyze sleep quality to monitor and record your sleep pattern.

Just like your mom who constantly reminds you not to be idle, this device will remind you to move or take a walk and even drink water for hydration. Do you want to hear something cool? A built-in 3-axis accelerometer sensor lits up the display once movement is detected on your wrist, specifically when you lift it up.

If it's connected to your phone, you can enable smart notifications from your smartphone and you wil no longer have to unlock it unnecessarily. One more cool feature that I really appreciate is the fact that this band can be directly charged to a USB port without the use of charging cables.

It's minimalist design will surely appeal to different ages, young and old alike while its weight of 20g and being ergonomic in design means it can fit most wrists comfortably. An extra feature that most users will love is the ability to unlock your phone by just getting your band close to your phone, and it will automatically it.

There's no better time to get fit (and buy) a Realme Fitness band. Check out the Realme official Shopee store here:

If you're not yet on Shopee, then download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play now!

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