Slow internet - when you can't work and you can't play

Everyone hates slow internet connection - it's a pain to watch video-on-demand services, listen to music, download files from Dropbox, and chat on Messenger, Hangouts, and Skype. Add to that multiplayer and eSport games (on PC, mobile, and console) that require stable connection to be playable, and websites that take forever to load. SMEs, corporations, and those in the enterprise sector hate this even more: unreliable and slow internet connectivity leads to missed opportunities, takes a toll on revenue, and pulls down productivity.

But there is an alternative to hate. No one loves traditional, costly DSL plans with poor customer service, inconsistent speeds, and data capping. That’s why Converge ICT is a welcome game-changer: it rose in mindshare, from last year’s barely-known, and became today’s serious option if you want internet connectivity. Converge ICT disrupts the ISP landscape by providing value-for-money, reliable, solid end to end pure fiber optic-based internet for home, office, SME, and enterprise needs.

Consumers want value-for-money, fast internet connection
The consumer landscape is changing: video-on-demand services are now widely used, multiplayer games (popularized by eSports) are gaining traction, video calls among family and friends are the new normal, and more freelancers and employees now require fast, reliable internet connectivity to be able to work at home. And then there are social media apps, which allow people to "share more" (message and call each other and comment on posts) are elbowing out text messaging.

Converge ICT has the plans that fit your needs

The Converge ICT high-speed plans like Fiber X 1500, with up to 25 Mbps connectivity (for more than 10 devices), or the Fiber X 2500 plan, with up to 50 Mbps (to connect more than 20 devices at home) guarantee exceptional internet connectivity. You binge watch on your favorite streaming services without lags that ruin the mood. And this comes with unlimited bandwidth or no data caps: browse, stream, upload, download, or game on as you like. This last feature is the definitive offer that made Converge ICT an industry disruption - enough that competitors offered their own "unli" offers but a high cost.

Pure Fiber Optic-Based Internet for the needs of businesses

Converge ITC's mantra of "our customers deserve better" extends to what they can offer the enterprise sector. Expensive, lagging, unreliable, non-secure internet connectivity can be a barrier to do doing business. Converge has carefully crafted its pure fiber optic-based internet connectivity packages for the varying needs of businesses. The outcome, when you partner with Converge, is increased productivity, savings in time and money, and maximization of output.
Converge Enterprise offers the following:

Direct Access Internet. This provides a premium and dedicated connection to the global public internet backbone delivered via multiple route and diverse fiber optic submarine cable. With this you can build your critical and real-time applications.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching allows you to combine video, data application and voice without the complexities with secure “one-to-many-point” network connection (whether to your branches, business partners or suppliers).

International Private Line is a cost-effective and secure point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity solution.

Converge Colocation provides a reliable data center environment to store your data and applications. Runs on a resilient pure fiber network that ensures consistent and uninterrupted service, and guaranteed security.

Converge Fast is a robust connectivity solution wherein the delivery of private information over a shared network is secured, reactive, and adaptive.

Carrier Ethernet lets you easily connect with your satellite offices across the Metro in a cost-efficient intranet that supports all your bandwidth-consuming business applications.

Converge Enterprise offers secure and dynamic pure fiber solutions for Enterprise needs. This is a clear opportunity to partner with the leader in ISP disruption and an emerging contender in the internet connectivity service sector.

Remember, nothing should prevent you from enjoying and benefiting from what the hyper-connected, searchable, sharable, immersive internet can provide. Converge ICT is here for your needs - whether it's for entertainment or for the enterprise.

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