Fiery Style Curbs Your Craving for Tex-Mex Cuisine


After watching a great movie last week, a couple of friends and I tried this Tex-Mex resto in Resorts World. Tex-Mex is a fusion of Mexican and American cuisines, deriving from the culinary creations of Tejanos or more popularly known as the Spanish settlers in Texas. Best nachos in town they say. The name packs a lot of heat.. Fiery style Southwestern Flaming Grill. Apparently, it's their fourth branch, the first one is located at the Mall of Asia.


I must say the ambiance sets the right mood for conversations over a hearty meal. Rustic theme can be observed throughout the place from its chairs, tables, ceiling, and down to its floor accompanied by dimmed lights that makes it relaxing. On one side is a brick wall and Western style wheel chandeliers which hang from above giving you a feel of the old west.

The scent of food from other diners got my attention, teased my olfactory senses and my grumbling tummy. Their staff were attentive and immediately showed us to our tables with a smile on their faces. They were dressed in character donning hats and Mexican attire. Too bad, the band was not playing the time we arrived since they play on schedule and particularly at dinner time. I heard Ben & Ben was set to perform that week along with other popular acts.


I preferred to start off with their Flaming Taco Good salad presented in a crispy Tortilla basket mixed with Onions, Cucumber, Peppers, and on top are Corn, Avocado and Tomato.and since I couldn't wait any longer, I decided to take on the most talked about item on their menu.

I'm not a fan of nachos but the Fiery's Nachos might just change my mind. The way the food was presented builds excitement as it is concealed with a hollow cylindrical metal cover. Talk about presentations! As the cover is raised up, a tower of nachos smothered with cheese sauce on top and generously dressed with guacamole, mayonnaise, Jalapenos (my favorite!), sour cream, and tomato salsa IN EACH LAYER and all that ingredients that makes you salivate, was revealed in front of us hungry visitors. Sure enough their nachos was a hit thanks to the crispy shells and fresh ingredients not to forget the big servings. The best part is, you decide on the choices of fillings.

We ordered their the Rump steak too named as Steak Ala Familia. Forget everything on their menu but this. It's one kilo of steak partnered with their signature gravy. It was a unanimous positive reaction. A single bite is all it takes for you to savour and appreciate this meat. Don't forget about the gravy coz the smoky flavor takes it up one notch higher. It's like a party in your mouth!

Lord of the Wings deserves its name as these twenty-four pieces of chicken wings seems as if to be served to royalty. They were delightful to look at as they're served in skewers hanging side by side from a metal rack and in different varieties: Texan-style barbecue, spicy, Bacon, and Nacho cheese. Barbecue flavor got my vote.

Fiery's Cheesy Quesadillas were great even without the four dips available. It was oozing with cheese. I thought the fillings would ruin the Fiery's Cheesy Quesadillas but they complemented the taste. Choices varies from lettuce, Guacamole, Sour cream and Salsa.

Fiery style also has Terrific Tacos which was a great appetizer. Only the crispiest tacos and freshest ingredients will do for me since I easily get disappointed if I'm not satisfied with the shell alone. It was as Mexican as it gets. Simply put, it has authentic taste. Tacos come in wheat or corn tortilla. Shredded Lettuce, Refried Beans, Mexican cheese, Salsa and Sour Cream are inside this Mexican dish.

I don't think I've ever tried Burrito and I have no idea how it should taste so I can't compare it with anything yet. So far, it wasn't my cup of tea which was contrary to my friends' opinions. Their Nachos and Steak are still at the top of my list. In it were rice, sweetcorn, beans, and peppers. Louisiana style sauce, cheese and Sour Cream should spice up the flavor. It is in itself a complete meal.

Fiery's version of Crispy Pata topped with Chicken Skin appealed to me as food that's only for the brave. The towering sight was to behold. Just looking at it seems to raise my blood pressure. I got two words for it..Sinfully. Delicious. Meanwhile, Chicken bombers are the bomb! My companions couldn't take the chili while I enjoyed it.

I saved the best for last, which is my mantra when it comes to food. Galleon Grill carried a smorgasbord of choices: BBQ Ribs, Pork Hammers, Beef Ribs, and Chicken Wings. To complete the setup, coleslaw, Fiery rice, and Texan-style BBQ sauce are all for the taking. Meat is served medium rare to preserve the juice and bring out the goodness. Cooked at the right temperature to maintain its texture and consistency, and the strong aroma would hit your nostrils to provide a preview of the awesomeness that's about to hit your taste buds.

A sweet ending it is as I devoured the Chili Chocolate Fudge which literally has Chili pepper on top. Up to this day I still wonder how that red hot piece of capsicum adds up to the whole package. I am not one who backs out when it comes to food but this time I chose not to eat it. I did not want to spoil the terrific combination of fudge and chocolate. If memory serves me right, none of us actually dared to try but I hope to get back for it.

Sadly, I can only look at the cocktails. I simply am not for alcohol. Tempting as it was, I let others sip away and enjoy its gloriousness.


Looking at their menu will tell you that their food is relatively cheap. They focus on quality which means you spend money wisely. For instance, the Rump steak is one kilo of meat. A single order is not just for a single person, although since this one is my personal choice as well as everybody else then it means a steak connoisseur will clean the plate with a swift single sweep and will ask for more. Nachos with the same amount of serving is at least Php 500 from other restos but theirs is more affordably priced.

They have just recently opened and the place had many guests that time and since word of mouth is the most effective way of advertising then it wouldn't take long before they will have more loyal patrons like me, after all it isn't the only branch in the metro and customers will be thrilled to know they're in Resort's World too. Their food were presented creatively and enticingly and that's a plus. As they say, the eyes eat before the mouth. I'll definitely go back for their Chili Chocolate Fudge and Steak.

After having a good time in Resorts World and if you're up for a Tex-Mex cuisine, Fiery Style is a recommended option for dining any time of day or night. They're open daily, located at the 2nd floor El Calle Newport mall, Resorts World in Pasay City.

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