Campaign Spotlight: Jollibee And Digit’s Latest Heartwarming Video Will Make You Want To Hug Your Kid

MANILA - The way parents raise their kids during these formative years is critical in shaping their character and values, which is why love, care, happiness, affection, respect and generosity should always come to play. Jollibee brought this truth to life by releasing a powerful ad emphasizing the importance of family bonding especially during the child’s first seven years.
The campaign was supported by no less than world-renowned parenting and character formation expert Dr. Michele Borba. The author of “UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World” affirms that parents should “develop a close, mutually respectful relationship” with their children for the latter to grow into wonderful human beings.
As a continuation of this advocacy, Jollibee shows proof of the premise from the kids themselves. In a social experiment video, kids were asked regarding what truly makes them happy. Their messages were so simple but truly eye-opening!
“We produced this video to show everyone what kids truly value, and to remind parents how quality time can positively impact their childhood more than any toy or material gift ever could,” Jollibee Marketing Director, Cathleen D. Capati said. “Being present in their formative years is very important—everyday special moments can be as simple as cheering up your son when he’s down or curling up with your daughter to watch her favorite TV show. As parents, this video is just a reminder that making our kids feel our unconditional love need not be expensive nor complicated. The simple everyday moments we spend with our kids is enough for them to feel loved, with the hope that they grow up paying that love forward”.
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