James Hardie discusses climate change with the launch of Discover

[Following the success of its Manila inauguration, Discover landed in Pampanga next to extend to local contractors fresh insight on sustainability through green building. In the photo: Mariano Chua of MEW Trading with the James Hardie Central Luzon Sales Team]

Climate change is here and it is one of the main challenges that faces our country today.
With the unpredictable environmental impacts that climate change has on a disaster-prone country like the Philippines, contractors together with architects and builders must adapt new solutions for sustainable living.

James Hardie Philippines has developed Discover - an educational series which shares the latest construction trends and building technologies with local contractors, developers and manufacturers. For its first installment, the series explored the use of more environmentally conscious yet sustainable building materials with Filipino builders and architects. 

"This first Discover event was set up to serve as a think tank where industry players and specialists can come together to impart and exchange knowledge on new building technologies and trends," said Liza Alde, James Hardie Philippines' Marketing Manager.

“This will not be the last though,” Alde adds. “We are ready to replicate Discover nationwide to better reach our architects and contractors locally. By providing our partners with access to the right information and solutions, we can help work together to address the changing needs of the market." Launched in Manila then held next in Pampanga, Discover extends to local contractors and industry players valuable knowledge on building trends and environmental responsibility they can apply in their projects.

Sustainable architecture through green building
Green building and mindful material use and re-use were the main points tackled in the discussion. Carmelito Tatlonghari of the Green Architecture Advocacy of the Philippines highlighted the impact construction materials have on the environment.

He urged builders and architects to first consider using materials that are better for the environment, cost-efficient, and durable in any project, and to utilize resources made available by green building rating systems like LEED and BERDE to assist them with their choice.

[Carmelito Tatlonghari, founding member of Green Architecture Advocacy Philippines advocates sustainability for all in Discover’s Manila event last December.]

"The health of the people and the environment should be the utmost concern of any architect and 
contractor in any building," said Tatlonghari. "Consider materials that have clean grades from green building rating systems and ready information on their lifecycle."

Meanwhile, Technical and Product Development Manager of James Hardie Philippines Net Saysay, has underlined how building materials and practices that are mindful of the environment can benefit contractors, developers and even professional architects and engineers.

Saysay explained how HardieFlex™ fiber cement boards cater to the environmental needs of the Philippine market and highlighted HardieFlex™ Eaves, as James Hardie Philippines’ newest solution for green architecture.

HardieFlex™Eaves are designed to help structures cool down naturally by allowing interior heat to escape as well as keep moisture away from the roof space. HardieFlex™ Eaves are thick and durable, and are specifically designed to better withstand material degradation that is a common result of the harsh Philippine climate and the impact of natural disasters.

Moreover, It saves contractors 10-15% of labor costs since it is highly-customizable and can be tailor-fit for various home designs removing the need of cutting and reducing product waste.

"Aside from the above, HardieFlex™Eaves is a BERDE and LEED points contributor. The product contains no Asbestos--a substance that is toxic to both people and the environment. “It is both moisture and fire resistant," Saysay said. "The product was made specifically durable for Philippine weather conditions."

With the information shared in Discovery and the launch of HardieFlex™ Eaves, James Hardie Philippines empowers Filipinos to build without compromising on quality or sustainability by providing them with better resources. 

Architects, contractors and developers are encouraged to be part of the next Discover event. Get in touch with James Hardie Philippines as there are limited slots available.
HardieFlex™ durable fiber cement boards are resistant* to impact, fire, mold and moisture damage. They also come with a 10-year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about them once they’re installed in your homes. All you have to do is to look for the green stripes and back branding on the board to know that you're getting the real HardieFlex.

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