G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes in two different flavors, Carbon and Silver. G413 Silver is a BestBuy exclusive product and can only be purchased through BestBuy. 

Mechanical gaming keyboards have been available for a long time, and have become widely popular with players in the last 10 years. With so many different choices, it can be hard for players to find the right fit with the right balance of features. At Logitech G we offer a wide range of mechanical gaming keyboards to satisfy the specific needs of all types of players. With the addition of the G413 Carbon and Silver Mechanical Gaming Keyboards, players have access to a unique combination of amazing performance and great features at an incredibly affordable price. 

Logitech G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features a minimal performance-driven design plus select functionality that players want. The Romer-G mechanical gaming switch is the only switch designed from the ground up for gaming and offers superior feel, durability and performance. The exposed aircraftgrade 5052 aluminum top case and top mounted switch configuration make for a very clean and sophisticated look. True USB passthrough and built-in cable management channels make cleaning up the desktop a breeze. Combine all these features with the crowd-pleasing customization and programmability of Logitech Gaming Software™, and players can enjoy a powerful combination of beauty and function. 

G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes in two distinct flavors, Carbon and Silver. G413 Carbon features a stealthy black anodized aluminum finish, and G413 Silver is classy and stunning with a clean, natural brushed aluminum finish. G413 Silver is a Best Buy exclusive offering, and is available at Best Buy stores and through their website.

Many people believe that their polling rate is the critical value that determines the performance of their keyboard. In reality, there are many factors that contribute to how fast a player’s inputs reach the screen. When you combine the power and performance of the Romer-G switch with the advanced processing techniques of Logitech G engineering, G413 Keyboard offers some serious performance gains over the leading competition. 

The performance of a keyboard is a combination of three elements:
Actuation speed: The speed in which the switch is physically pressed and creates an electrical contact. Keystroke signal processing: The identification, encoding and processing of the electrical signal into a USB packet. USB polling rate: The cadence in which the packet is then requested by and sent to the PC via USB. 

NOTE: The new G413 gaming keyboards have a mechanical switch response time that
is up to 10ms faster than Razer Blackwidow V2 keyboards on average. 

Up to 25% Faster Actuation 

The Romer-G mechanical switch actuates at a distance of 1.5mm. That’s up to 25% shorter and faster than the leading competitor. Low-force, 45g actuation results in nearinstant responsiveness and helps minimize fatigue over long gaming sessions. This provides a great experience for players that need performance and reliability. In the performance equation, having a fast actuation is the first step to having a fast keyboard. Every millisecond counts when you are playing for keeps, which is why we used the experience and expertise of esports professionals to help design Romer-G, the perfect switch for gaming. 

Keystroke Signal Processing 

All keyboards, regardless of mechanical switch type, have keystroke signal processing (KSP) to ensure that the intended input from the player is sent to the PC. This is because when a key is pressed, at a microscopic level the metal contacts in the mechanical switch will "chatter" or "bounce" before finally making a strong electrical connection. This "bouncing" only lasts a few milliseconds, but can result in multiple key presses being registered by the PC if not properly handled by the keyboard's internal logic. 

Not all KSP works the same and the quality of the mechanical switch factors into how quickly the keyboard can process the input commands. Because of the extremely high quality and precision of the Romer-G switch, the dual actuation contact points, and the highly optimized microcontroller unit and signal processing designed by our engineers, players using Logitech G keyboards will see their inputs on screen much faster than with other keyboards.

When comparing these speeds to actual in-game scenarios, players will actually have a competitive advantage with Logitech G keyboards. In games like CS:GO, the server takes input from the client at a metered cadence called a "tick rate". If two players input the same command at the same time, the Logitech G player will get their action to the server so much sooner that their input will actually appear a full tick before the other player. This can mean the difference between first and second place...

Reliability and Longevity 

Tested for 70 million keystrokes, Romer-G mechanical switches are up to 40% more durable than the top competitor. Dual-contact redundancy helps ensure key activation at the same point, every time. Dual actuation points also improve KSP due to having two points of actuation to sample and process. Most esports pros end up sticking with the gear they love for a long time. The durability and longevity of Romer-G keeps G413 Keyboard in the ring for much longer than keyboards with standard mechanical key switches.

Smooth Keycaps with Optional Contoured Keycaps 

Out of the box, the G413 Keyboard features standard smooth key caps designed for speed and a traditional feel. Most players are comfortable with smooth keycaps, and with G413 Keyboard we wanted to give players a familiar design for top level performance. We also include an optional set of gaming keycaps with our high-performance faceted design for those players who prefer the way they feel for gaming and want to get every edge they can.

Design and construction are a crucial element when selecting the tools for a gamer’s desktop. G413 Gaming Keyboard is made with aircraft grade aluminum for a sturdy yet elegant plank as the basis of the design. With top-mounted switches and minimal footprint, G413 offers a full size and comfortable keyboard in a sleek and attractive profile.


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