UBP Gatsby Themed Thanksgiving Party

Coming back from the New Year's celebration, I went to a Gatsby themed party of the United Bloggers Philippines group. It was facilitated by Adae Ang who attended with his hubby and daughter. It all went smooth and everyone went home with smiles on our faces. January 7th, 2018 --the skies were clear and since it's Sunday, going to the venue at Jupiter street in Makati was no hassle. 
Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/romulocafeph/ 

Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/romulocafeph/

Romulo cafe is where we're at. The place has a homey ambiance with a touch of modernity.  They served us food so great, I want to come back for more. Classy, rustic, and elegant are three words to describe the place. Since I was not able to get there on time, I arrived just in time for the activities. Before we consumed the food, we participated and had some fun interacting and catching up.

Ralph Huertas of Trendspotting came over to celebrate with us, Charmaine Pahate of Eggshell, also visited, as well as Eugene Caab and gave out some tokens.

Everybody almost looked liked the people on the framed pictures posted at Romulo Cafe. Well-- almost. Our outfits were in the same era. Those were the times when dressing up and looking prim and proper was the trend. The place was perfect for the event.

We would all like to thank Adae's Kitchen, Allianz PNB, Eggshell, Herbalife PH, Lola Deling's Traditions, Restaurant Depot, Shakedown Street Cafe and Tanduay PH and of course, Romulo Cafe for sponsoring the event. 

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