Thinning hair problem? 5 ways to deal with your hair loss dilemma

Losing lots of hair each day? Starting to have bald patches on your head? One of the most fearsome thoughts for both men and women is the prospect of thinning hair. Though hair loss occurrence is higher among men, women are not exempted from this problem. According to studies, roughly 30 percent of the adult population suffers from some degree of hair loss, which can lower one’s confidence and cause anxiety. If hair is one’s crowning glory, balding hair can be a real nightmare. But worry no more. We made a list of ways for you to cope with major or minor hair loss:

1.      Cut it short. Ask your hairstylist about what haircut will best flatter your look.  Short hairstyles can minimize the appearance of thinning hair and make baldness less apparent.
2.      Style it right. Use volume-enhancing products that will make your hair stand up from the scalp to give it a thicker appearance. Avoid using greasy hair products and putting heavy hairsprays as they will flatten and clamp your hair together, thus emphasizing your bald patches. For women, layering and locking your hair in large curls can give an illusion of volume. You may also opt to blow dry your hair for extra volume.  
3.      Try topical treatments. There are plenty of shampoos and scalp lotions that claim to help re-grow hair. Look for a good over-the-counter topical treatment available in the market and use it rigorously. Watch your diet closely and make sure you eat plenty of iron-, protein-, and zinc-rich foods.                                                                                                      4.      Look for an appropriate wig and toupee. If you want to flaunt a full-head of hair without using any topical treatments or products, invest in a good hair dress like wigs, toupees or hair extensions. With this option, you can style your hair the way you want without fear that your bald patches might be exposed. You can also pick and change your look with less hassle.
5.      Go for the long-term and permanent medical treatment.  If you want to grow your own hair naturally, and permanently, a hair transplant procedure might be the best for you. MAXiM Hair Restoration, a 12-year old American hair transplant company that has a branch in the Philippines, offers the advanced no-stitch, no linear scar technique called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) as well as the conventional hair transplant technique known as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). Both enable clients to grow back their hair via hair transplantation. It also offers a non-surgical method called Scalp Micropigmentation that produces a short buzz-cut look without the client undergoing an actual transplant.

MAXiM’s expert doctors are registered plastic surgeons who are skilled in surgery and aesthetics as well. Happy clients include professionals, international models, entertainment personalities and sports celebrities, most notably PBA Legend Alvin “The Captain” Patrimonio, who was the latest addition to the list of happy celebrities who have undergone MAXiM’s hair procedure. Balikbayans and overseas workers also choose to have hair transplants from MAXiM, which is super-specialized and focused on hair restoration and nothing else, for job and professional advancement.

MAXiM, offers complimentary hair transplant consultations in their office or via Skype. Interested parties may email their photos to MAXiM to get an estimate number of grafts and quotation.

For more information about hair restoration, go to locations/manila or call (02) 818 6000 or 813 3001 for a FREE consultation.  OFWs and those residing outside Metro Manila can avail of Skype consultations.   

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