Here’s how you can answer both your biggest New Year’s Resolutions with one solution

It’s that time of the year when everyone thinks of #Goals to make or break for the year. Before you get tempted to create a long list of to do’s and must haves for 2018, focus on must do’s. Simple resolutions can bring you a long way if they’re doable, feasible, and impactful.

On your new journey toward living better next year you may come across challenges. But with a strong and dependable partner to lend you a hand, ticking off the must do’s in your list will be an easier and more rewarding experience.

Two for one 

Research institute, StatisticBrain ranks healthy living and wiser financial decisions as the two resolutions that regularly top anyone's list, but Time Magazine says they are some of the most common ones to break throughout the year.

Regardless, the secret in successfully ticking off any item in your annual list of goals is to get help – a buddy for an extra boost to hit two targets with one swing! 

Fitness and financial plans may be a challenge to keep, but BPI-Philam offers their latest Wellness Series to help you get started and encourage you to lead a life of total wellness. This takes care of both your financial and physical health through four personalized insurance products integrated with Philam Vitality, a science-backed wellness program that rewards your healthy choices. 

Through the Wellness Series you get comprehensive life and health protection, and with Philam Vitality you get upfront 20% additional life coverage, and additional lifestyle rewards throughout your wellness journey. Philam Vitality empowers you to take consistent steps toward a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle – as you continuously do more healthy activities, your Vitality status increases and can give you additional life insurance coverage increase of up to 50%!

More rewards await you with every healthy decision you make! When you take steps to know and improve your health, you get exclusive discounts on services and exciting items like: screens from Hi Precision diagnostics and Makati Medical center, gym membership from Gold's Gym, and sports apparel from Garmin or Toby's Sports. Then, enjoy rewards like discounted air fare on your next Philippine Airlines trip, hotel room reservation at Seda or Marriot, or tickets to Enchanted Kingdom and SM Cinemas!

Which Wellness Series product is for you?

For your protection and insurance needs, choose among Life Ready Plus, Critical Care Plus, Critical Care Max, and Build Estate Plus--affordable solutions that secure your health and build your wealth. 

While each of us may generally have similar health goals, we also have specific financial needs according to which of life’s key moments we are in.

For as low as P 2,100 a month, first jobbers and young professionals can build a protection fund for the future early on with Life Ready Plus. This plan also protects them for as long as needed by providing insurance coverage up to 360x their monthly premium. 

Meanwhile, employees looking to maximize their health and life insurance to keep providing for their families, will find a fit with Critical Care Plus and Critical Care Max. Either policy gives them and their loved-ones peace of mind by providing cash benefits upon diagnosis or early stages of critical illness. It also builds a health fund that accumulates over time to support future health needs. This minimizes costly hospitalization and medical fees so they can focus on recovering and enjoying moments with their family.

Finally, people preparing for retirement and continually need protection for their assets can do so worry-free and with ease through Build Life Plus. With its life insurance benefit, estate taxes can be covered to secure their legacy, wellness, and their family’s future through health. 

Every product also offers riders you can add to the policy to add peace of mind by maximizing protection and customize your cover to make sure it fits other needs you might have.

With your top two, yearly concerns efficiently out of the way, you can focus on accomplishing the things you love doing for the rest of the year without hassle or holding back.

Make nothing but the best life choices as you enter 2018 with BPI-Philam and get ready to live better and healthier not just for the new year but for the many fulfilling years to come.

Partner up with BPI-Philam in planning for a vibrant future today by visiting  or any BPI branch across the country. Want to know more? Send us your inquiries at .

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