S.A.M’s Tools of Learning Make Learning Fun and Easy

The way Seriously Addictive Math (or S.A.M) has changed the way Filipino children appreciate math is undeniable. With their focus away from rote learning and memorization, S.A.M has helped kids learn math concepts independently- emphasizing, instead, on conceptual understanding, critical thinking and solving complex math problems.
Before enrolling in the S.A.M program, students first take a diagnostic assessment so their math skills can already be gauged. This way, kids are given a calibrated learning plan based on their abilities and the pace they will be comfortable in. Once evaluated, they start their sessions with Certified S.A.M. Trainers who have been equipped with various tools and methods needed to coach the child.

With the aim of teaching math in a fun way, the trainers engage kids using dialogue and probing questions. They also use toys and games, as well as a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach which jog up the multi-sensory skills of children. A coaching pedagogy is provided where students are trained to discover their own solutions and explain the process rather than spoon feed the answers. Later on this will make them independent and build their self-confidence when solving math problems.

To reinforce learning, the kids are given colorful and highly-illustrated worksheets for guided practice in class and independent practice at home. These “take home work”, which usually require between 15 to 30 minutes bear narrative instructions and relevant examples. The assignments are also configured using the incremental step up approach, making difficult math concepts simple and easy to understand.

Students who go through the S.A.M program, develop metacognition, heuristics, problem solving and critical thinking, all of which are important as they grow older. Encouraging kids to develop these skills at a young age allows them to be more competitive in high school and in the real world when they graduate.

Armed with these tools, the trainers of S.A.M fully understand that their role is not just to instill knowledge, but also to inculcate discipline and independent learning within the child so they may fully discover that math is a subject that isn’t hard to love, after all.

To know more about S.A.M, you may visit their website at www.seriouslyaddictivemaths.com.ph and https://www.facebook.com/SAM.SingaporeMath.Philippines or call 0977-8239910 | (02) 964 9759

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