New Generation Heroes: A film dedicated to teachers

The greatest and most noble profession in the world, without a doubt, is teaching. Good teachers are essential to our future, everyone included. We need them to become successful in whatever endeavor we pursue and they also know that the students are the future of any nation.

What we learn from them during our younger years will likely stay with us for the rest of our lives. . Their selfless dedication and value cannot be understated. What we become in life, we owe it to them

In line with World Teachers' Day, Golden Tiger Films is set to release a film entitled "New Generation Heroes" to give importance to teachers and teaching in all forms. The film is directed by advocacy director Anthony Hernandez. The movie features Aiko Melendez and veteran actress Anita Linda. Also in the film are Jao Mapa, International Fashion Designer Joyce Penas, Dexter Doria, Gloria Sevilla, Rob Sy, and Debraliz Valasote.

Exclusive to SM Cinemas, New Generation Heroes will be shown beginning on the 4th of October, 2017 and will run for a whole week. New Generation Heroes is for teachers from all walks of life.

As part of the celebration of World Teachers' Day, a discount of 30% is granted to PRC ID holders to honor the people working in the teaching industry. During the press conference, director Anthony Hernandez, Aiko Melendez and the rest of the cast answered questions regarding the movie and their roles and also exchanged views about how they relate to the story.

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