U.K. Gymnastic Champ Skip Archimedes Coming to The Philippines To Share His Secrets to Health and Wealth

The "Miracle Man" from the UK, Skip Archimedes, has helped countless number of people around the world for more than a decade. People attested that they achieved their ideal perfect life. Skip is finally coming to the Philippines to share his Supercharged Peak Performance system to revitalize their lives.

Skip Archimedes has worked with 22 leading authors, doctors and experts across the globe for the upcoming movie "Forever Young" in which he is the producer. Now he dedicates his life to help people overcome health, business and financial issues by sharing the benefits of living a life with optimum wealth, health and success.
In June, Skip will be coming to the Philippines and share his health and wealth blueprint through his 1-day intensive program in three cities – Manila, Davao and Cebu, to help participants take control of their career and business, and get more of what they want using techniques, strategies and resources, currently exclusive to his private clients.

"Research shows that people around the world are hungry for four things| Money, Success, Health, and Happiness.  You cannot have one without the other, a every action and result is interconnected, and having an abundant life starts with your health and well-being.
"I want to help people feel younger, live longer, and love doing what they love in life with purpose and passion, and how to attract more money, success and energy into their life effortlessly," he added.

Do you want to improve your mental focus, so that you can achieve your success and goals quicker? Do you want to regain a youthful body, by eliminating stress? Do you want to get your dreams unstuck, restore your health, acquire better relationships?
If so, then this is a great opportunity to unlock your full wealth potential, by taking the much needed action step to attend Skip's 1-day intensive Workshop.
During the workshop, Skip will share his proven, time tested system on how to increase your HEALTH, ENERGY and VITALITY within just a few days, on how to take control of your life, business and career to greater heights – effortlessly.

Skip's ability to motivate, inspire and educate is truly remarkable, and this is also a good opportunity to invite your friends, family members, and colleagues to join in the event, and be in the right space to feel good, confident, and energized.
Here’s the schedule of his 1-day intensive “Supercharge Your Life” event:

  1. June 10 (Saturday), Manila – SMX Convention Centre Aura, Taguig
  2. June 14 (Wednesday), Davao – SMX Convention Centre Davao
  3. June 17 (Saturday), Cebu – Cebu Trade Hall

    For more information visit www.superchargeyourlifeasia.com

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