Mirriam MacWilliams:America's Top Stock Market Expert Holds Options Trading Workshop in Manila

"Trading can transform the way you live" words spoken by the chief trainer of Wealth Mentors which was brought to Manila by Aaron Sim. 

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Mirriam MacWilliams is the former National Director of Education of the largest non-profit investment club and is also America's top stock market expert. Mirriam is a self-made millionaire who has two decades of trading experience. She has turned her $10,000 investment to $2,000,000 in the stock market in two years. Awarded as the “World’s Leading Trading Coach & Trainer” by the prestigious Brand Laureate, she has mentored over 8,000 people in Asia on how to trade profitably regardless of market directions.

Photo credits: mirriammcwilliams.com

She has been featured on televisions, radio, newspapers and magazines in Asia. These include NTV7, TV2, Channel NewsAsia, Lite FM, Radio 938, Star, The Sunday Times, The Business Times, Share Investor, The Edge and more. 

A three-day workshop will be held in Manila on May 19-21, 2017 at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas. The workshop will focus on the 3 Secrets of Successful Trading:

The first secret is Knowledge. As the saying goes "Knowledge is power". Understanding how the stock market works will be the first crucial step. It is quite possible to profit whether the market is up or down.

The second secret is Leverage, wherein you use the smallest amount of capital using Options trading. Buying an option is far safer than buying a stock. You will learn to trade in the market on both directions.

The third secret is Knowing when to avoid being in the trade. It is wise not to hold options though earnings announcement.

For more details please contact Wealth Mentors Tel: 0915 7558588 / Email: register@wealth-mentors.com or PMCM Events Management at 09178344978.and visit www.wealthcreationmentors.com

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